AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 Charging Case from Incipio makes an appearance

For those pre-ordering an AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520, if you want to enjoy wireless charging you'll need to pick up a wireless charging case. That's the bad news.  The good news is that Incipio is now listing a wireless charging case for the Lumia 1520 on their website. The bad news part two is that the case is out of stock.

The charging case is listed as being made of rigid Plextonium (high density plastic) and has all your customary cut-outs for the 1520's buttons, ports and microphones. However, based on the pictures, it looks as though you'll have to remove the case to access the Lumia 1520's expansion card slot.

It also looks as though the Incipio case adds a bit of bulk the Lumia 1520. The recessed camera opening is described as having flash diffusing rings but also makes the case look twice as thick as the charging case for the Lumia 1020.

Incipio Wireless Charging Case

The Incipio Lumia 1520 case is running $49.99 and is only being offered in black. It's listed as "out of stock" with no availability date listed.  You can find all the details here at Incipio's website.

While disappointing that AT&T opted to remove the built in wireless charging abilities on the Lumia 1520, will those picking up the 1520 opt for a wireless charging case or be content with the old school plug-n-charge method?

Thanks, Steve, for the tip!

George Ponder

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  • Same story, different day.
  • This case sucks. Wireless charging should be built in.
  • Totally agree..
    I don't switch from my L920 just because of that..
    (But I would love a smartphone with L1020 quality câmera, same size of L920 (4.5" or 5"), qi wireless built in and at least 64GB)
  • AT&T should at least kiss us first.  I guess they don't believe in foreplay. 
  • ATT doesn't believe in lube either.
  • Thats the golden phone you just described. They need to release that. And they will, but not until they get us to pay off there Lamborghinis for the next 10 years. THEN they'll release them, around the time when 128GB will be the standard on iPhone and well still be playing Catch-up. Its ok. I have iPhone 1 to 3GS before I realized they were dragging out devices to stretch out wallets. Never the less, its a brilliant business strategy.
  • It is ok, the phone is good.  You can live without it, it is really not a deal breaker at least for me.  Iphones never have one and look how many people miss wireless charging.  It is a luxury option dude.  I just got mine yesterday and I say no problem, I love the phone.
  • Agree; screw ATT and their stupid PMA, will never support that standard after what they did to gimp the beautiful 1520; Qi FTW.  
  • This case is way too thick. I don't think its justified. Literally, if they said it was an extended battery id believe it more. Whatever, built in would def be better and more practical. They have the technology, no excuse.
  • I think John Legere should upstage AT&T by offering this fully loaded. Of course Nokia hands are tied at this point, but it would be a slick uncarrier move. Random thought.
  • I wish this would happen.
  • Well, so far, no news if any of these new ones will go to T-mobile. However, if the rumors are true about the next flagship (1820), I'll just pick that one up because of the Lyto Type Camera comes with it. :D
  • Its ugly as butt. Won't support wireless charging until there is one clear winner. Not gonna waste my money... Again
  • PMA... no thanks.
  • More like PMS.
  • Does that mean it won't work on a QI wireless charger? That sucks balls if true...
  • You'll need a PMA wireless charger station.  So none of your existing QI ones will work.
  • I can't believe that someone wouldn't make a Qi charging cover for the 1520. From everything I've read the technology is in the cover and charging pad and not the phone, unless it's built in the phone. The contacts on the back of the phone, which don't have it built in, are just to supply the charging voltage to the battery. Anyone an expert on all of this wireless charging stuff?
  • Gaaaay!
  • Still buying international version, I hate protective cases.
  • It's nice to see an effort, at least, even if I admittedly prefer Qi over PMA. I will say that I like how this one is also...well, a case, as opposed to the not fully-covering charger covers for the 925/1020.
  • I love wireless charging in my 920. But I'll be honest- not having it isn't a deal breaker, especially when my desk is a sea of cords as is. I preordered a Lumia 1520 and will charge it via a cord- no big deal.
  • I agree. People really need to stop with the fake outrage especially on a phone that's 100 dollars cheaper.
  • Not to mention With a 3400mAh Battery. I am sure all I will need to do is just plug it in once at bed time. This phone looks Amazing and I aready have it On pre order from Microsoft Store. People should stop whinning. I paid 549.00 No contract. Hell ya i will pay that all day long for all this phone has for no contract. Plus 70.00 in free App store credit. I will cant wait for it to get here...
  • It's just annoying to spend money buying wireless chargers, because you thought they would work with future Nokia devices. I don't know about you but I have several Qi chargers and multiple Nokia devices. So because ATT likes PMA I am getting screwed; 1. Have to switch carriers, and now all spare phones are now useless, might have to pay more, have to wait until all lines are out of contract, PITA. 2. Buy PMA chargers and keep the Qi ones until the phones are replaced 1 by 1. Great buying multiple 50-100 chargers is awesome! On top of that I have to buy a 50 dollar charging case! Both of these suck so I will charge this phone wired, which really isn't the end of the world. However it is stupid in my opinion and really shows that ATT does not put the customer first. They should not have removed Qi until they could replace it with PMA built in. I have broken phones before because I got a call late at night and forgot they were plugged in, thus yanking the cord hard and breaking the USB connector in the phone. If they would have left the phone alone I wouldn't have to do anything different.
  • Will thw 1520 Work with The fatboy and dc 900?
  • I don't think so, those are both Qi standard I believe. This variant of the 1520 is only compatible with PMA wireless charging tech.
  • Damn. I was wondering the same thing too.
  • Well this depends on the charging cover not the phone itself. But i am just curious about the standard shipped phone. Don't want to replace my wireless chargers
  • For Nokia's sake, I hope someone creates a PMA to Qi wireless coverter plate/cover. :)
  • PMA, huh? Is Incipio sitting on PMA board or something?
  • That case actually looks pretty nice to me. Very slim and attractive. I'm a big fan of Incipio cases anyway, though.
  • That thing isn't slim at all. Probably adds another 2mm at least. Can't imagine using a 6" phone that's thicker than a 920
  • It seems like I'm the only one around who thinks it's a smart move to offer these phones without wireless charging built in. By building all of their phones with wireless charging contacts, Nokia can play both sides of the wireless charging war. I'm sure, at some point, we'll also see a case for the 1520 that has Qi charging. That way, AT&T is happy because they get to support PMA. Nokia is happy because they can support Qi. Of course, it sucks for us as consumers because we're stuck buying more accessories :(
  • Yes you are the only one :)
  • I'll wait until a QI shell is available. Not gonna throw out all my QI chargers because AT&T is in the PMA camp.
  • This! I have a power up speaker, and don't want the charging capabilities to become useless.
  • U are the first person I found who have these speakers..i am confused b/w this and Bose... Any suggestion?? Moreover , will this work with my surface two via Bluetooth ?? Connecting via Bluetooth is primary for me.
  • I love them, and Bluetooth/nfc is great. I never tried it with my surface though. If you don't care about the wireless charging, try the PlayUp.
  • I got the PowerUp speakers as well.  Very nice stuff!
  • Please do me a favor, Please try to connnect it to your surface... If it can, I willl buy them in bit.
  • That ugly huge thing will they have after market ones on amazon
  • That's a Powermat case. Not Qi... :( Not switching to PMA. Where's the official Nokia Qi case?
  • I'm wondering if they will even make one. Since it's not needed for international, and third parties are making this... hmmm. Yuck.
  • I wonder if Nokia will even make a Qi charging cover like the 925 since it will not be a product with world-wide demand as it was with the 925.
  • No.
  • PMA, smdh...
  • Hope this is explained to customers who buy this and realize it won't work with their Qi chargers. See alot of returns
  • Any
    anyone know if we can just buy the little sticker part like my 920 has but for 1520 and open this phone up and put qi in ourself? They are the same dimensions right?
  • It would have been nice if Incipio or Otterbox offered a QI charging case.
  • Was this device supposed to have Qi or PMA charging built in before it was removed? I now have two Qi chargers and couldn't see myself investing in another technology at this point.
  • Idiotic move from Nokia, get people used to an awesome imbedded technology, then take it away by making it an accessory. I love my 920, and I never charged my phone using USB, I have 2 witless charging plates at him, and 1 at work, and 1 in my car. Now with these new phones, I have to buy a cover the enables this feature, and Nokia phones designs are so awesome that they should not be hidden behind covers.
  • +920
  • It's AT&T that is idiotic not Nokia. The international version and variants for some other carriers may still have wireless charging built-in.
  • It wasn't an idiotic move by Nokia. AT&T forced them to remove the Qi charging they included built into the phone, along with 16 gigs of built in internal storage. I agree with everything else you wrote--I have two Qi charging plates and no intention of switching from Qi unless PMA becomes the standard. It's AT&T who made the idiotic demands of Nokia.
  • I can help you out. Please read this: Nokia sucks,Att sucks and Microsoft sucks to. Now go Android!
  • Some arguments would be suck
  • Why didn't Nokia build PMA charging into the device instead of Qi charging since PMA is the new accepted standard?
  • It's not an accepted standard, just a different standard.
  • Come on people.. read! but I guess that is to much to ask some people lol, as it was AT&T that crippled the L1520 not Nokia and AT&T admitted openly it was because they support PMA. Although they haven't explained why they chewed the onboard storage in half though.
  • I genuinly feel sorry for at&t customers. I believe all non at&t phones will get built in wireless charging. Sounds to me at&t is playing foul games with their customers. I feel the case provides a solution but at the cost of the customer. Very odd. In Holland our national consumer watchdog would be all over this issue at the cost of at&t.
  • No, I don't like having to wear a case, you know? Going natural is the best way to go, especially if you've got a big Nokia!
    Why do you think all those apple sheep are sterol, they're forced to wear a case?
    But seriously, all those that are left still wanting an iphone (and fortunately that number is going down) and want it because it's thin and delicate have to cover them up, oooh, look how thin it is. What's the point? What are you talking about, with its case, it’s more than twice the thickness of my 920.
    Again I don’t like cases, att needs to have the wireless charging built in. will have to get an international version.
  • No qi, no sale. At&t can go to hell as soon as my contract expires.
  • Straight Talk, Done with AT&T
  • Done with wireless charging until there is ONE standard and it is built in in all phones... I want to use the flip cover and the flip cover only, so I will just plug in my 1520 to charge it and get back to wireless charging again when they made up their mind... btw... I have a black and a red charging pad for the lumia 920 for sale on 11/22 :)
  • I can use this as a protective case on an international model
  • Ew.   No 1520 from AT&T for me.
  • Will wait for Nokia qi case
  • Excuse my ignorance but are there any phones or devices on the PMA standard? I've yet to see one but I assume they're out there..?
  • I have yet to see any either.
  • At&t made it clear to manufacturers they are backing the PMA standard. So manufacturers have a choice of what to build into their devices. I think choosing a standard now is better than later. If PMA charging can be built into the device without the need for a charging cover I don't see a problem.
  • I won't do another conrtact with AT&T. I like the phone but I don't have to have it now. I am going to wait until the RM-938 becomes available somewhere.
  • There seems to be a Lumia 1520 disassembly video up already showing a similar back plate as the 925 with the three pins. I may use the 925 back plate accessory coil and try to add the QI wireless charging to my 1520 since it is only PMA charging right now (with accessory). Will let you know if it works. Wish me luck. Oh, and i dont care about my Warranty before anyone comments about that.
  • For sure let us know if it works!!!
  • Any success?
  • I got the 1520 about a week ago along with this case and I love it. It does add some thickness to the phone, but it's not a big deal! The case has a good build quality and it's looks compliment the phone.
  • Hey jlr249.  Can you post a photo of your 1520 in this case?  I was curious to see how they look together.   Thanks!
  • If you love your 1520 and care about damaging it, DON'T BUY THIS COVER!!! As much as I love my 1520, I cant stand that AT&T Gimped it so badly. I would love to have wireless charging, but not at the expense of making my phone vulnerable to damage. The Incipio Wireless Charging Cover is the only wireless charging option for this phone and it is the worst cover for protection, I read horror stories online about how "unprotective" this cover actually is. The best protective cover I have found is an "ebay special" 2 piece hybrid cover I think it is called the kickstand cover or something, it has a hard plastic shell and a rubber cover that stretches over it and it only costs about 9-15 bucks. But the phone in the last 3 years I have had it has had quite a number of drops and some pretty hard on the corner on the pavement and the cover kept the phone completely safe. AT&T also gimped the onboard storage space. I am sure the whole point of gimping the phone was to necessitate the need to buy add-ons from them and their partners. I can honestly say I will not be planning on buying AT&T stuff anymore, dont even get me started on their version of the Samsung 500T Tablet...