Lumia 1520 + CP-623 cover

Following the full review of the forthcoming Lumia 1520, it seems appropriate to show the CP-623 cover in more detail.

The Protective Cover for the Lumia 1520 comes in Red or Yellow and it will cost around $40. Currently, the Microsoft Store has it listed as out of stock, but presumably the case should be available this Friday. It’s not clear if AT&T Stores will offer the cover, though AT&T sometimes passes on official Nokia accessories.

As you can see in our video review, the CP-623 is an ‘ok’ accessory. The soft, felt cover protects the display when placed in your pocket or bag, and the hard shell back cover (with corner protection) shields against minor drops and banging.

The cover doesn’t latch in any way, flopping around a bit, but it can be rolled back on to itself to be used as a kickstand (as seen in our lead photo). It works but it’s a little tricky and cumbersome.

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Luckily, the cover adds very little to the size of the Lumia 1520. On the negative, this does not offer wireless charging, making it of limited appeal to those who desperately want that feature.

Do I recommend the CP-623? Yes, for basic protection. It’s decent and gets the job done. It is expensive though for $40 and we’re not exactly blown away by its design, so set your expectations low for the cover. Personally, if you’re not prone to drops and you think you can go a few weeks, you may want to wait for some other third party options to become available.

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