Review: Motorola H15 Bluetooth Headset

Odd shaped Bluetooth headsets are nothing new. In the last couple of years, it seems all of the manufacturers have tried one or two headsets that threw conventional designs out the window (remember the Bluetrek UFO).  While Motorola’s H15 Bluetooth Headset isn’t the weirdest kid on the block, but there are some rather distinct features that set it apart from the others.

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Sleek and slim are two adjectives that don’t really fit the H15. In fact it’s better described as short and stubby. The most distinctive feature of this headset is the microphone that flips out from behind the headset. This microphone gives the headset additional length, placing the microphone closer to your mouth. Additionally, the microphone functions as a power switch, turning the headset on when extended and off when closed. The biggest benefit of this design is that powering the headset down is quick and easy, allowing for battery power to be conserved. The H15 also supports a quick charge, allowing you to use the headset for up to an hour after only 15 minutes of charging time.

The H15 includes a desktop charger for an added bit of elegance. A variety of ear pieces (different sizes and shapes) are also included, giving you plenty of options to fit your ear.


I’ve always found Motorola’s Bluetooth Headsets to be well built, and the H15 is no exception. The hinge on the microphone is sturdy enough that I wasn’t concerned about it breaking, without adding additional bulk.

Motorola’s CrystalTalk technology makes another appearance, providing the noise reduction for the H15. CrystalTalk is designed to make use of dual microphones to digitally cancel extraneous noise and improve sound quality. I haven’t experienced any issues with sound quality, though I will say that I haven’t come across any noise reduction technology that was perfect.


Motorola puts out quality headsets, and they continue to bring it with the H15. Solid construction is a given. I have heard complaints about CrystalTalk, but I haven’t experienced any issues myself. The included accessories are plentiful; the desktop cradle adds a bit of sophistication and the ear gels give you the most comfortable fit possible. The real selling point for this headset is the innovative microphone/power switch. I for one typically forget that I’ve left my headset powered on. This problem is totally nullified with the design of the H15. A simple flick of the microphone and the headset is powered off and conserving battery life. $74.95 will get you an H15 of your very own, it doesn’t even need to be housebroken. 

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Ratings (out of 5)

Design: 3Quality: 4



Microphone/power switch is a good design featureDesktop cradle is an added bonusCrystalTalk does a solid job of noise cancellation


Bulky and fairly heavy
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