Nokia CP-637 flip case for the Lumia Icon and Lumia 930 hands on

Along with the Lumia 930 starting to become available, globally Nokia also has a new case for it and the Lumia Icon.

Dubbed the CP-637 the flip cover is similar to the CP-623 for the Lumia 1520. The case offers some nice reinforcement of the back, a rather large hole for the camera, and a reinforced flip cover to protect your 5-inch display. Check out our hands on video with it to get an idea of what it is like!

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Looks good at least
  • makes it way too thick and the flap will be a nuisance when you're using the phone.
  • I'd like to see how it folds backwards when talking on the phone.
  • The problem is taking pictures.  When I tried the Note 3 I got the similar case for it.  When I wanted to take pictures I'd have to hold it extending out.  You can't fold it around the back because it blocks the camera.  That was my only complaint but a rather big one.  Especially on a phone like the Icon or 930, where the camera is a big reason for having it.
  • I would get the 930 despite not having LTE... But the money x.x time to go back to my corner
    This is a good case too
  • I have destroyed three 920's in my time. I think I will be purchasing a decent case for my soon-to-be-owned 930....
  • I destroyed two 920s (shattered screens) and got a 925 after the second one.  I bought insurance on the 925 figuring I'm a clutz, and wouldn't you know, I haven't broken it.  This even after once having it slip out of my hand while I was taking it out of my pocket, where I tried to snatch it while it was falling and ended up sending it tumbling 20 feet along my driveway end over end.  The corners got dinged up, but no real damage.
  • Funny, i droppes my 920 many times. The worst one was when riding my bicycle, it slipped out of my pocket on the concrete. Only a few scratches. Nokia makes them strong I thought.
  • What are you guys, babies? Lol
  • Thanks for the review!! But is the case magnetic? I would like to see Nokia release a case that works with the display, turning it off when closed and on when opened. 
    Also it doesnt seem to support a landscape position, which greatly depreciates its value. And if the cover isnt magnetic, I wonder if this case is really worth it. Incase of a drop, it might just open up and let the screen endure the damage (I dont see the edges providing much of a support). I hope the dont price it ridiculously like the did with the CP-623. No one wants to pay over $40 for barely a piece of plastic. ~Rawliglat x  (Gmail, wpcentral)
  • Good points! Also: what about the two microphones on the back? Are they just covered by the case and and useless? What about using the case as a stand?
  • Good question! Can WPC answer? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I have it to since yesterday and no, stand is impossible
  • In the shape of the cover, there's is a quite invisible "path" that allow sound to go to these 2 holes. I haven't tried it yet with video ...
  • it looks like theres air gaps that lead to the top and bottom of the case for the microphones
  • I hope you do a mini review of the DC-50 wireless charger.  I've had one for awhile and I can't get it to charge any device more than about 1/4 of the way before it dies and needs to be recharged itself.  Nokia support stated that this is normal, but it seems a bit odd. 
  • I haven't had this issue with my DC-50. Been working great since Day 1 with my 1020 and 920. Even my brother's Nexus 5.
  • So it will charge your phone fully without being plugged in the wall?
  • Missing the hole so you can hear and speak while closed.
    Big disappointing :(
  • Any chance of doing a review of different cases for icon/930 Daniel. Was hoping to pick up a golla phone wallet again as its kept all previous phones protected but not sure where to find one that's the right size
  • But it covers up the microphones on the back?
  • It needs the flip cover as it won't support glance screen. Look so like a Samsung's.
  • Would love to see that in the US.
  • On the package, it's mentionned "for Lumia Icon / Lumia 930"
  • Where did you get it? I want it, but can't find where to buy
  • I like these but worry that they add bulk. Although they seem to offer excellent protection. Also, can you guys have a look at some screen protectors too? I tried to get one for my 920, but couldn't get a decent one. That was 18 months ago though. Since then my GF has just bought a HTC One. It came with a great case from HTC, and a screen protector from Phones 4 U. The screen protector is tempered glass (I think) and it is superb.
  • I don't like the look of it. I'm surprised Nokia put their name to it. With innovative covers coming out for galaxy and LG I think they need to get creative...
  • I really wish Nokia could try to incorporate this protection in the phone alone :/
  • As nice as that is I think an otter box is the best way to go
  • It must fold back for a call or it would be really lame. See no mention of wireless charging working, hopefully not to thick for that. I saw a similar case, higher quality probably, forget which manufacturer, but it had a hole for speaking into for closed case calling. I'd go for that one ahead of this one.
  • I wanted this for my Lumia 1520 but they advised me not to due the wireless charging. Does anyone know how much affect these kind of cases have on qi charging?
  • Most cases don't affect the sensor for Qi, but it does depend on the thickness of the case and, rarely, the material of the case.
  • I tested in on my QI plate, and it works
  • OK I'll bite: How well does calling work with this thing on? Can I answer calls via the power button, leave case closed and chat just fine or is this a flop for those purposes? Sorry, I've never had a case on my Lumia's that covered the face, and I've always used the screen to answer/hang up calls.
  • I don't think you can answer calls with the power button.. lol (never tried :P)
  • That would hid the colorful Lumia. At least for me :(
  • the case comes in the colours as the Lumia   I have a orange 930 in a green Nokia case :)
  • The large hole for the camera is probably a good idea, as I got got a silicone case for my 920 with a regular hole for the camera and flash and it makes my photos HORRENDOUS when I use flash. The 930 is such a beautiful phone, can't wait to see one personally. :)
  • I agree and it is a good call from Nokia/Microsoft. Hopefully this case will be released in different colours (green, orange, white and black) to complement the colours of the L930 similar to the CP-623 for the L1520.   At the same time, I wonder if there is a slimmer case for the L920 (hard or soft) to avoid taking photos with a faded white ring at the edges. Not that I hate the official silicone case, mind you. In fact, I liked it due to the added grip and protection it gives in case you drop it. ;)
  • Exactly! I like the protection provided by the cases but I don't mind removing them prior using the camera so my pics will look okay. ^^
  • The camera hole on the flip case, makes 930 looks like 1020 or... 830 in green??
  • As what Lipe13 pointed out, the reason for the large hole is to prevent photos ending up with a faded white ring at the edges whenever you take photos with flash. Silicone cases for the previous Lumia phones also ended up with this result and also a common problem for older Nokia phones whenever you use a hard/gel case which surrounds it's camera and flash.
  • Thanks. But... I talk about "how it looks" not "how it works" in term of functionality in this context. But, thank for the explanation:)
  • For a phone that's already really thick, I'll pass
  • why would you want to cover your "green back"?  
  • Why are cases made for 1520 so ugly! I can't find a decent one out there! And Nokia makes the shittiest cases sold at premium price!
  • I miss the old silicone cases like the 800 and 920 :(. These new cases that attach at the corners look good awful, and I wouldn't be surprised if they pop off when you drop it anyway.
  • I got the Amzer pudding case for my Icon and it works well. Doesn't come off too easy and wasn't expensive either.
  • he poorest and most horrific case I've ever seen in my entire life.
  • The reason the circle is so big, Is so you can see the color of the phone.
  • Need one for the Lumia 925
  • Nice. I love it as I dropped my 920 several times, so this is definitely a add-on when I get the 930. I wished the included the ability to add some card (banking, drivers license, credit) in the front lib. Would have complete it.
  • Looks very uninspired and old-timer. No future in sight
  • The Circle looks like Cortana!
  • OK, when is it coming to the WPCentral Store :D I wouldn't mind this case for my Icon when carrying my phone when I have to put in a jacket or my backpack.
  • The hole in the case around the camera (on last pic) reminds me somehow of the iPod control wheel! :) You think this was designed on purpose like this to tease apple (-fans)? :D
  • Looks like it covers the speaker and rear mics! My incipio and amzer pudding cases have a slit opening and 2 pin hole openings for speaker and michrophones on the back of the phone!
  • if only it was a keyboard case...
  • If you're using the case with the 930 then you don't need an external keyboard because the phone comes with WP8.1 pre-installed and the swipe keyboard of WP8.1 is awesome!
  • I actually got an incipio case when I picked up my icon (white) but I couldn't bring myself to cover such a beautiful phone. I'm constantly getting asked about it when I'm in an elevator!
  • Waiting for a Tech 21 case to come one on my 920 & its great.