RGB hair, Godzilla headphones, and more — here are the best April Fools' pranks in tech

Razer Hair Dye
Razer Hair Dye (Image credit: Razer)

What you need to know

  • Several tech companies participated in April Fools' Day, including Razer and Surfshark.
  • Some people also fell for fake news on April Fools' Day.
  • Unfortunately, Razer's RGB hair dye that you can control from your phone is not real.

April Fools' Day is a dangerous day for news writers. We have to sift through pranks and news alike to find out what's real and what's not. While some companies are kind enough to make it obvious, like Razer announcing an RGB hair dye you can control with your phone, other pranks aren't so clear. We're rounding up the best April Fools' Day pranks and stories from the day to make things just a bit easier for you — and for us.

Razer Rapunzel Glow Up

One thing that Razer's known for is its love of RGB lighting. For April Fools' Day, Razer created a fake product page for Razer Rapunzel Chroma Hair Dye. The fake dye allows you to apply green slime to your hair to dye it into any color you want.

"The secret to Razer Rapunzel Chroma Hair Dye lies in its billions of cutting-edge nanites that bond with your hair at a molecular level—powering, lighting, and pairing with our Chroma app to bring out your hair's true potential," says the dye's fake listing.

While the Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2 and the best Razer gaming mice make it easy to add RGB to your desk, you sadly cannot use Razer to add RGB to your hair.

The full page for Razer Rapunzel is quite entertaining. The FAQ section includes advice on what to do if the nanites in the hair start taking over your consciousness and if it's safe to drink. There's also a fake ingredient list.

A quick jab from Halo

While the official Halo Twitter account didn't share any fake news or products, it did take a friendly jab at a site for falling for a fake Halo Infinite delay post.

The official Xbox Twitter account also joined in on the fun.

Tangentially related to the aforementioned Microsoft and Halo "news" is this little treat: incredibly, the Moa burger-flavored Pringles are not an April Fools' Day prank. They're an actual product that will be available for a limited time.

Surfshark '95

Usually, protecting your PC is no laughing matter, but Surfshark decided to have some April Fools' Day fun by "launching" Surfshark '95 for Windows 95. You can use just five floppy disks to install the VPN on your Windows 95 PC. If you order now, you'll also get a free mouse cleaning tool. Hard to resist.

Below the button to place an order, there's a quick note that states:

  • Recommended settings and software for visiting our site: 800x600 or higher, 16-bit color, at least 16MB of RAM. If you're having any issues, call our 24/7 support at 1-800-APRIL-FOOLS.

If you're actually on the hunt for the best Windows 10 VPN service, you probably want to go with something a bit more modern.

Kaiju headphones

With Godzilla vs. Kong in theaters and on HBO Max, people have giant monsters on the mind. Audio-Technica AU tweeted out a fake pair of Kaiju headphones for April Fools' Day. They feature 4.5m 'mega-aperture drivers,' so they should be big enough for monsters that are several stories tall.


A YouTuber by the name of Captains Workspace shared a video showcasing a fake NVIDIA RTX 4090. It uses two power plugs, has 18,000 Cuda cores, and is an absolute unit. The video jokingly says that the fictional card's starting stock of 21 units is an improvement over the RTX 3000 series.

Secretlab chair for dogs

Secretlab Titan Xxxxxs

Source: Secretlab (Image credit: Source: Secretlab)

Secretlab makes some of the best gaming chairs around, but sadly the Secretlab Titan XXXXXS gaming chair for chilfren and pets is not real. Secretlab has an adorable page listing for the tiny chair.

"Be the best parent you can be. Support your kid the right way today with a seat that's been proven to help them aim better and react faster. They'll soon be a walking highlight reel," says the listing under a section titled "Start them young. Teach your kid to carry you."

Multiple members of our newsroom would consider buying one of these if it was real, and we're sad that it's just an April Fools' Day joke. Dear Secretlab, please let us review a tiny gaming chair for our pets.

While Secretlab doesn't make a Titan XXXXXS, you can grab a Secretlab Titan XL.

Not everyone played along

While some companies joined in on the fun, others felt it wasn't appropriate. Google canceled its April Fools' Day festivities this year. Google told The Verge:

In 2020, we made the decision to pause our longstanding Google tradition of celebrating April Fools' Day, out of respect for all those fighting COVID-19. With much of the world still grappling with serious challenges, we will again pause the jokes for April Fools' Day in 2021.

Have you spotted any other good pranks? Please share them in the comments below, and we might add them to the roundup.

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