Ride a flying ostrich as Joust joins Xbox One backwards compatible list

Microsoft has added the Xbox 360 version of the classic arcade video game Joust to the list of games that can also be played on the Xbox One via its backwards compatibility feature.

The arrival of the game to the Xbox One was revealed, as usual, on the Major Nelson Twitter page. The original Joust was released in 1982 by Williams and was one of the first Xbox Live Arcade games for the Xbox 360 in 2005. Classic gamers are likely to remember Joust as one of the quirkier early arcade titles, with players riding on either a flying ostrich or a stork to battle others in the 2D platformer. The game features both offline and online multiplayer for up to two gamers.

Will you be playing Joust this weekend on your Xbox One? Please let us know in the comments!

John Callaham