Riptide GP 2 splashes into the Windows 8 Store for download

If you enjoy water based high adrenaline racing game like Hydro Thunder Hurricane and Riptide GP, then you may want to check out the latest to splash into the Windows Store. Riptide GP 2 by Vector Unit is a sequel that brings in new hydro jets, riders, stunts, and much more.

The game features a “deep career mode” with over 50 races and other competitive events. Once you have finished your career, there is still more to tackle – race against your friends and upgrade your hydro jet’s maximum performance.

With ten new vehicles and twenty-five new stunts, this just might be a game worth checking out. If you have multiple Windows 8 machines, you need not worry either, Riptide GP 2 includes free cloud syncing across all of your devices.

You can check out the original game (Riptide GP) from the Windows Store by clicking here (opens in new tab), or grab the sequel, Riptide GP 2 by clicking here (opens in new tab). The sequel sells for $2.99, but a free trial is available for all users.

What are your favorite racing games on Windows 8?

Source: Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Michael Archambault
  • When will gta san andreas come out for windows phone? Android version is already out...
  • Supposed to be like next week IIRC.
  • Are you sure the Android version is out?
  • Yes, look it up... But some devices can't install it though
  • I have Riptide GP for over a month on my pc...
  • Not sure this is news anymore. Its been available for weeks. Be nice to get on my Lumia though.
  • Are the graphics any better than the first version on a Surface Pro?
  • No support for wp8.1. Sad
  • Nice