Rockstar Games launches own games store, gives away Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

What you need to know

  • Every major game developer wants its own games store nowadays.
  • Rockstar Games just announced its own store called the Rockstar Games Launcher.
  • You can manage all of your games made by the company through it.
  • You can download the Rockstar Games Launcher here.

It seems like every major publisher wants its own games store nowadays. Today, Rockstar Games announced the Rockstar Games Launcher. This download allows you to consolidate all of your titles like Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and more. You can also purchase them directly through the program.

However, unlike how the Epic Games Store launched, the Rockstar Games Launcher supports cloud saves. You even get the benefit of automatic updates for supported titles. The press release Windows Central received said that the program has support for "digital and disc-based Rockstar Games titles purchased from other digital stores" on PC.

That's not the best part about the Rockstar Games Launcher though. If you download it right now, you'll get a free digital copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PC to permanently add to your collection. For that alone, we think it's worth it because Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas may be old, but it's a classic. Are you going to give the Rockstar Games Launcher a try? Let us know.

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  • Imo this is why a closed platform is better for gaming. The PC market is going to end up imploding in on itself. Your going to end up with so many different store fronts. Nothing in one place. I think this is all a little late. And will ironically help cloud gami g in the end. As these companies can't make there own cloud gaming as they don't have any server farms to compete with Stadia and Xcloud. And PC players will get fed up extremely quickly with their games all over the place.
  • And you can't install those stores (and its games) on a WCOS.
  • Game companies have realised they keep more of their money using self-distribution, but as the other poster said below, fragmentation is not good for the actual players
  • Lol how many different games stores are there on PC now? 5-6?
  • Honestly, I'd rather buy GTA: San Andreas for the $6.99 it's currently at in the Microsoft Store rather than download this and get it for free. At least I know the Microsoft Store will still be around 2 years from now and I can also play it with an Xbox controller as well as any future PCs I buy.
  • And don't forget, xCloud is around the corner too. ps: tbh, I think xCloud (and GamePass) will help pushing indies into supporting XPA. Native solution is always more reliable then stream (you cannot stream on the plane / bullet train btw) and if you want people to play your game instead of others...
  • Oh great another one... reminds me of a long winded nursery rhyme... 99 bottles on the wall.