Rope Jump, a simple Windows Phone 8 game that may drive you nuts

There isn’t much to the Windows Phone 8 game Rope Jump but it is enough to drive you crazy trying to master this game.

Rope Jump is simply a game of jump rope where timing and speed being the key to success. It may be surprising how difficult it is to get those two aspects in tune so you can any success at Rope Jump.

Again, there is not much to Rope Jump. Your main menu includes the option to jump into game play, rate the game, follow the game over on Facebook or Twitter and mute the sounds.

Jumping into the game you will be greeted with directions to tap the screen when you are ready to test your rope jumping skills. When you tap the screen, a glowing rope will appear with a skeleton. Just tap the screen when you want the skeleton to jump to avoid being hit by the rope.

The goal of Rope Jump, as you would guess, is to jump the rope for as long as you can. The longer you survive the faster the rope spins. Should the rope hit your skeleton, he is sent back to his grave and the game is over.

When you first start playing Rope Jump, don’t be shocked if the best you can do is two or three jumps before the rope takes you out. Game play can be a little on the frustrating side which may eat into the appeal of this Windows Phone game. Rope Jump lacks an online leaderboard to see how well you are doing compared to others. In the short time I have played Rope Jump, my personal best hasn’t seen double digits yet.

Overall, while there’s not much meat on the bone, Rope Jump is a decent game to have in your Windows Phone 8 gaming library for the times you want to test your reflexes or are just looking for something different to pass the time with. Still, don't get your hopes up for a gaming title that will occupy your time for hours on end.

Rope Jump is a free, ad-supported game that is available for Windows Phone 8. You can find your copy of Rope Jump here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Rope Jump

George Ponder

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  • Nice game tho
  • Has anyone noticed something strange in the screenshots of the game in the Windows Phone Store? :/
  • Wow surprised to see the navigation bar of Android. MS needs to take care of app submissions in store.
  • The fact that they used screenshots from an Android device?
  • Yea, don't want to look like an ass but that's embarassing. Lazy dev?
  • We didn't update the screenshots because we figured it didn't matter much since the game is the same but I can see your point.
  • Would try
  • *yawn* music update??
  • Yeah, waiting for that pos to update
  • It's good to know that you guys would like music. We didn't include music because we figured most users would want to listen to their own tunes.
  • Live tile notifications aren't getting updated of WP central. Help!!!
  • What a surprise: Not available in Brazil.
  • Not bad but the article isn't quite accurate. The rope does not simply accelerate with each successful jump. After the first few, it seems to have random drops and spikes in speed making the game impossibly hard.
  • You are partially correct, Joe. The rope unlocks a new speed at the 10 jump mark and the 20 jump mark. Other than that, the rope will select a speed after it has completed one cycle.  The highest record, we know of, is 145 jumps thus far.
  • That's almost as good as my high score of 4. :P
  • The timing is the trickiest part to master. This may seem obvious, but you have to jump early when the rope is moving quickly instead of waiting for the rope to be close to the character.
  • Hey, just letting you all know that the game should now be available in Brazil and Russia.