Rock on with the Windows Phone game Stage Dive Legends

Stage Dive Legends is a challenging Windows Phone game where you play the role of a rock star who is trying to prove he (or she) is the best crowd surfer around.

The game includes tons of customizations for your rock star, worldwide venues and simple gaming controls. Stage Dive Legends is available for low-memory Windows Phones and Windows 8 devices. In playing the game over the past few days, Stage Dive Legends comes across as a unique and fun way to pass the time gaming.

Stage Dive Legends

Your first order of business when you launch Stage Dive Legends is to create your rock star. You will begin the game with a limited number of customizations such as hair color, gender, a few hats, etc. and as you progress through game play, more options become available.

Once your player is created, the game will take you to a few tutorial levels to cover gaming mechanics. Your rock star will begin each game by jumping off the stage and surfing the crowd. You will tap the screen to have your character jump up to collect coins, run across platforms and avoid obstacles. Tap and hold the screen and your character will float briefly, extending their hang time.

Stage Dive Legends

After you finish the tutorials, your rock star and their band will begin a world tour with each stop having a set of goals to reach before being able to move on to the next tour stop.

Stage Dive Legends

Prior to each concert, you will start backstage where you can change your character's outfits, purchase upgrades and view the hall of fame (your gaming stats). Outfits include a collection of hats, hairstyles, tops, bottoms and accessories. These items will cost you a few coins that you will collect during game play. Upgrades include increasing your jumping abilities, a coin multiplier and more.

Throughout the game, across the top of the screen, you will find a gear button to access the game's settings (sound/music levels) and your revival life and coin count. Coins are earned during game play or you can get a jump on things and purchase coins through in-app purchase.

Stage Dive Legends

Game play is more challenging than one would expect. Your character needs a few steps between jumps so timing is an element of game play. There are a few bonus items scattered about such as a magnet that when collected will attract the coins, surfboard to surf the crowd and more.

Should you run into something to end the game, you will have a few seconds to use a revival heart to resume game play. Otherwise, you will have to re-start the level from scratch. You will get credit for the coins you earn but will not be able to advance to the next tour stop/level until you complete all of the goals.

Overall Impression

Stage Dive Legends is a fun game to spend a little (or a lot of) time with. Graphics are nicely drawn up, game play challenging enough to keep things interesting and there is a slight addictive quality with the game.

Stage Dive Legends

I like the goal oriented levels and if you ever lose sight of what they are, just pause game play. The goals give game play more meat on the bone by going beyond the simple "make it to the finish line" approach. The Windows 8 version is a nice option to have but personally, I like game play a little better with the Windows Phone version. The two version are identical but game play seems better suited for the small screen.

At last check, the game is rocking a 4.5 star rating in the Windows Phone Store, which is spot on for Stage Dive Legends. If you give the game a try, let us know what you think of Stage Dive Legends in the comments below.

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