Fans of brutal cyberpunk aesthetics will be pleased with the latest Xbox Play Anywhere title. Available now on the Microsoft Store, Ruiner places players in a gritty future dominated by technology gone wrong.

A top-down shooter, Ruiner is set in the year 2091 in the city of Rengkok. Players take control of the protagonist as he rebels against a corporation known as HEAVEN in order to rescue his kidnapped brother with the help of a hacker friend.

Reflexes will be put to the test as players take aim at HEAVEN, the monolithic corporation behind the entertainment networks bringing people real sensations in virtual worlds. The masked hero will utilise a fantastic array of weaponry and gadgets in concert with fluid movement and tactical strikes to save his kin and discover the hidden truths of Rengkok.

Ruiner's visual style certainly creates a world that catches the eye, and its shooter combat should appeal to fans of its top-down perspective. As an Xbox Play Anywhere title, Ruiner only requires you to buy it once to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Ruiner is available now from Microsoft for $19.99.

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