Rumors claim Microsoft has a big launch event in NYC for October

There are new, but still unconfirmed, reports, that Microsoft is planning to hold a big press event sometime in October in New York City. The reports claim this is when the company will reveal numerous upcoming hardware products, including its two new Lumia flagship phones with Windows 10 Mobile, along with the Surface Pro 4 tablet, the Microsoft Band 2 fitness device and maybe more.

The rumors were first reported by WPDang, and ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley stated later that her contacts at Microsoft have heard similar things. Previously, our editor-in-chief Daniel Rubino heard through his own sources that Microsoft might hold a press event in September to reveal its rumored "TalkMan" and "CityMan" flagship smartphones, also labeled as the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in the media. The October event was to be for the Surface Pro 4 and Microsoft Band 2. It's possible that the company has made some adjustments in its plans and might have decided to launch all of their big upcoming hardware devices in one event.

WPDang also reports that Microsoft might announce a "Xbox One Mini," a slimmer version of the Xbox One game console, during the October press event. However, so far, other reports don't seem to corroborate this part of the rumors. The Verge and ZDNet speculate that Microsoft might reveal some other hardware devices that will have the Surface brand name, but again there's nothing firm on this front yet.

In any case, keep in mind that Microsoft has not confirmed any of these rumors, so take all of them with the appropriate amount of salt. The only thing the company has announced is plans to hold a Windows 10-based third-party hardware event during the IFA trade show in Berlin on September 4.

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Source: WPDang, ZDNet, The Verge

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