Russian navigation app, Navitel, gets updated with 3D mapping and more

Navitel is an offline navigation app that provides maps for Russia and several central and eastern European countries. It is a decent Windows Phone navigation app but limited in its map coverage (maps aren't available for major locations such as the U.S., Canada, the U.K., India, etc.)

The app provides instant routing with customizable route variables like shortest, avoid ferries, and route for car/motorcycle/pedestrian and taking traffic considerations into account. The app features extensive POI database and notification system of places with high attention like speed cams, dangerous roads, radars, etc.

The latest update bumps the app to version, and now makes it possible to download navigation maps to an external memory card. The update also adds new 3D views of maps and 3D models of objects in maps making it easier to follow your route. The POI database also gets a nifty update. The petrol stations, cinemas, restaurants, and other POI are now easier to find, as most popular brands are marked in maps and in the program menu with their logos.


Apart from this, there’s new visualization of road lanes, new settings for the speed cam service, and a faster address search and search of nearest places. Some performance tweaks and memory optimization round up this comprehensive update.

Navitel features navigation maps of Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Danmark, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

There’s a free 30-day trial, and then you’d need to buy individual maps ranging from 12-47 Euros. It’s a tad expensive, even considering that the automatic map updates are free. You can check the map bundles here, and download the app for Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Navitel

Abhishek Baxi
  • Rubbish
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  • Ivan it's you?
  • But much better than HERE in the most of the named countries. Nokia is strong in Scandinavia and tries to be in the US, and there its leadership ends.
  • Did they update Crimea as part from Russia already?
  • Classic
  • I bet they did. Perhaps you can find East Berlin as welll :(
  • Damn you! Beat me to the Crimea comment
  • Lol me too
  • Dont forget Natalia Pokloskanya
  • Natalia P?
  • It has already been there as part of Ukraine map. What's your problem, reading or geography?
  • I'm sure they meant "part of" not "part from"
  • I think it even has the other new Russia territories from Ukraine added too... I do wonder how these apps can survive when all Nokia's get the Navteq based navigation logic that gives offline navigation for most countries worldwide.
  • Crap
  • I don't like the Russians that much right now.
  • Really? Why? Cause of your mass media?
  • Because they kill people. And it's not mass media. I lived through 1991 in Lithuania and we had some similar stuff to Ukraine. So if I say it's rubbish I talk with experience.
  • You must hate a lot of peoples then.
  • I hate everyone besides banana's.
  • Russians didn't kill anyone in Ukraine. Besides, US killer a lot of people in Iraq, they attacked Serbia in 90th, etc. So why don't you hate them? Finally Russian citizens don't ever want to kill someone by themselves.
  • Are you guys not tired to use US in any argument. Yes they killed some people in different countries, but its nothing to do with Ukraine.
  • And what does the Ukraine have to do with anything? In what way is "Ukraine" an item that exempts/detaches one from logical concience? Why people bring up the US is because people obviously use "Crimea" as a justification for their (most often factually very wrong) bashing of Russia, and often even blatant Russophobia, and people bring up the US to illustrate that person's complete fakeness in their outrage and "criticism", not only to others but also to that person himself (but most don't see the mirror that is being put before them). Here's why: How is it justified to say "I hate that country because they took a part of the Ukraine without hurting anyone" (also completely ignoring that they were welcomed by the people because they are all actually Russians, and it has only been "Ukraine" for 20 years and before that Russia for over 200 (or 300?) years, over which time Russia has fought several wars against major world powers over it), acting as if they care about some "law" or morality or principle (but obviously only when it confirms what you were already thinking before), and that that is where your "sudden" animosity and the anti-Russian opinions you present comes from, while at the same time not hating the US that has legitimitely killed over a hundred thousand over just the last 20 years, while it attacked and invaded dozens of foreign countries, nothing of which brings any hate towards the US or outrage over you, even though it ticks all the same boxes (and thousands of times over, at that) that you use to explain your hate of Russia. The point is not the US, nor do I mean to say that anyone should hate the US, the point is that you can't say you hate one country for what it has done, which happens to actually be nothing, and saying you hate it just because it has done that (rolleyes), while at the same time not hating another country for much worse things it has done, that has killed tens of tens of thousands, kidnapped and locked up hundreds in a prison camp etc. etc. Imagine if Russia had done just one thing that the US has done, the fake ordered outrage all across the world media - you can already see it now and they haven't even done anything, they haven't killed anyone, let alone harmed any civilians, they haven't abducted anyone to some remote inaccessible prison camp where that person has zero rights, they haven't bombed hospitals, they haven't done anything. More people are killed and beaten up every week in Ukraine since Yanukovich fled, than have been in the entirety of the Russian takeover of Crimea. Let's face it, people are Russophobic and anti-Russian as a baseline (they already demonstrated that before the Olympic Games), they just currently have a convenient justification to spout out their make-believe "criticisms" and indulge in a collective bath of anti-Russian sentiment that reinforces and confirms their pre-existing opinion of hating and not liking Russia. But at least don't act as if it just came yesterday and is actually based on a real argument, and blow up a mouse into an elephant to hide behind as a justification for your underlying psychological problem of unwarranted hate and animosity (which you are clearly ashamed of because your concience knows it's wrong, which is why you are trying to find justifications (Crimea...Putin...Ukraine...Corruption....straw after straw) in the first place), everyone knows you're lying.
  • Russians have killed and are still killing Ukrainians in Ukraine
  • Or it could be because they've just invaded and annexed part of another country? But your right, its all the fault of the media showing us too much, if only it was all owned by the state like it is in Russia...
  • It was their own willing to join Russia. Too much? Most of us know real people, real citizens of the Ukraine and Crimea. They tell us what the situation really is. And you know only what you see in mass media.
  • Like NATO in Kosovo? Oh, wait, there was a few bombs that "accidently" were dropped from NATO bombers and killed a lot of civilians, nothing like that happend in Crimea. Shame on Russia then.
  • Oh I get it. It covers former USSR territories. Phuc*
  • haha, nice one.
  • Finland didn't belong to USSR though (if that's what you meant)
  • Putler has plans for Finland and Sweden too, anwhere where they can find 1000 russians so get used to it or don't pay for this...
  • +925
  • Have you ever been to Crimea? I had. Nobody speaks Ukrainian there.
  • In Russia it is much better than HERE maps and HERE drive.
  • Most of the world isnt in Russia and I love HERE, because with it I can "reach my destination" - announced loud and proudly in my language and not some russian.
  • Lold
  • Russia has my full support, I hope they will annex the rest of Ukraine soon. I don't want Ukraine in EU. I dont want to pay Ukrainian debts from my taxes and hundreds of thousands of illegal Ukrainian workers in Germany. Jacenyuk is a Nazi. Obama is idiot. Putin is a hero :-) and a smart man
  • Vasia it's you?
  • How much is your IQ?
  • Enough to type here few comments.
  • Yeah a real hero! In 1994 Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons in exchange for security. Russia PROMISED to respekt the Ukarine borders! Seems like heroes this days are liars and dela breakers...
  • US and GB also promised that. Its a pity, that such agreement wasnt ratified by both sides. Oh, well... Next time, please, check your facts.
  • What facts of mine was wrong? Did not Russia sign a treaty to rexpect Ukarines borders in 1994? Did Russia not break that treaty? That both US and GB did also sign this treaty does not make anything I wrote wrong.
  • Ukraine has broken the treaty - they have never gave up of nuclear weapons. A Couple weeks ago someone from nazi ukrainian government (government after fall of Januchovych) said that Ukraine still has a nuclear weapons.  Jacenyuk is like Hitler, Timoshenko Goebles, Klitchko Himmler and the Right sector party is  equivalent to SA and so. Putin has full right not to respect Nazis. Januchovych is the only legal president
  • "A Couple weeks ago someone from nazi ukrainian government said that Ukraine still has a nuclear weapons" Are you for real? You asked me to check my facts and now you just make up stuff? The only facts we have is that Russia made a promise which they have broken. You cant get away from those facts! Regarding what kind of people are controlling Ukraine (and I am sure they are not Nazis!) that is not Putins problems! What if the rest of the world suddenly said  (without any proof)  that Putin was a nazi? Should USA start bombing Moscow? Because "they have full right to not repect Nazis"? You se how crazy this can get? This kind of thinking is what starts wars! A very dangerous route! Ukraine must solve its internal problems. By itself an no involvement of other countries! Only if you have proof that they are doing crimes against humanity - then the word could intervene, thorough UN or something. But nothing that serious has happened! The only one being agressive here is Russia!
  • actually the "revolution" was initiated and driven by the Right Sector - Nazi organization very similar to  the SA Sturm Abteilung. Jacenyuk is not recognized as primeminister by all Ukrainian people. Why he can sign all international treaties without proper election or referendum . Looks like he is following interest of a few people only What is this ??
  • First - by saying "Right Sector - Nazi organization" does not make them Nazis! I'm sure they are very right wing and all, but calling them Nazis is going very far. What is a Nazi in your eyes? In my eyes Nazis are people invading other countries on the reasons to protect their own people - like Hitler did with Chekoslovakia... For the second - again what is happening in Ukraine is not anyones problems except Ukarines people! If their Prime Minister is running around naked whit Swastikas tattoed on the back is actually not Russias business. There will be an election soon in Ukraine and then the Ukraine people will chose who they want for a leader. If they choose a leader that does not dance after Putins music, to bad. Its not Russias business! "Why he can sign all international treaties without proper election or referendum . Looks like he is following interest of a few people only" Seems like the Crimea leaders can sign treaties with Russia - without proper election of the leaders... :-) Whats the difference?    
  • We don't need Ukraine too, thanks. I can't imagine how much money they gonna consume, so please deal with it if you want another Hungary or Georgia. And it was no smart annexing crimea, that'll make a big hole in our pockets, too. BTW, new Ukrainian government claimed they have nukes, so they have been breaking the 1994 agreement all the time.
  • That what Pravda told you?
  • Bing news, actually.
  • You can read discussion of real Citizens of Ukraine and Crimea if you understand. Don't you know about the war in eastern Ukraine? People better want to live in Russia that in Ukraine with a new criminal government. They do it by themselves and there is no Russian army here.
  • Russians want it not Ukrainian people.
  • There are mostly Russians populating Crimea and Ukrainian are in minority. Anyway, it would be better for all of them to separate from both R and U. Could have become a great tourist place. But wait, they have oil... that means American government will soon find a lack of democracy there and bring some troops and fleet to seed it... I don't know who's better now. Stop the Earth please, I'll step off.
  • These people are all Ukrainian. Russians live in Russia.
  • I speak about nationality, not citizenship.
  • Crimea was part of the Russia until 1954. And, oh well, it still was a part of USSR. So, until 1991, it actually was a russian turf, and almost everyone there is russian. So, yeah, 97% want to be back.
  • Sure I know, and read that. Problem is, crimeans still don't understand that our government is hardly better than that they are running away from.
  • +925
  • HERE is better. This app looks terrible, laggy, costs money, and maps, here in Ukraine, are with a lot of mismatches.
  • You can give them all the sat nav you want, the journey will still turn up on YouTube as another Russian car crash dashboard video
  • I wonder why would they need such app if they have a few cars and even less paved roads...
  • A few cars, lol. Didn't you forget beats and ushankas?
  • I wish the cold war broke out again. It was the era of the greatest prosperity on both sides. Security and stability was ensured because of thousands of nuclear weapons and millions of soldiers ready to attack. No one wanted to initiate the end of this world. And now almost everyone can do everything  - it brings chaos and terrorism and revolutions.  
  • If you did not notice cold war is still there - it has never stopped.
  • No; it did stop. Russia was totally broke from lack of money because they were too busy building nukes to try and have a stable economy. It was not a time of prosperity for normal Russians.   In fact now I re-read your post I'm thinking you're joking. You got me!
  • Lol nice propaganda you got there, fight between russia and usa will never stop
  • When Americans have been bombing Yugoslavia and some Russian soldiers were sent there to complex the situation NATO's head (I can't remember names) ordered a British general to attack them. And that British was the only smart there to say f*ck you, I'm not gonna start WW3 here, and disobey. Is this the situation you are dreaming of, hoping there will always appear someone who prevents a new global war?
  • It was made in the Czech republic, not in Russia... Navitel s.r.o. (limited) is in Prague.. BTW: Smetanovo nabrezi - central Prague, Jiraskuv most (bridge) - as well central Prague. Central Europe! Not Russia
  • you are looser.  Microsoft and Apple are also Czech companies (Microsoft, Apple Prague) ? Probably one of Navitels office is also located in Prague, but Navitel is a Russian company. And if navigation contains map of the Czech republic it doesnt mean anything
  • Yes, you are right, it is firm from Russia, but this is product of Navitel s.r.o. (LTD) what is (s.r.o.) using only there in the Czech rep. So thats what I'm talking about. And I hope that is good work of Czech guys. :)
  • I'm sure Putin is getting this update.
  • Navitel - now with invasion directions if you want to invade a friendly neighboor - like for example Ukraine...
  • I like turtles
  • In Soviet Russia, map annexes YOU!
  • New update probably show the best connection between Ukraine Russia USA England NATO and Israel ;)
  • So many smartasses here, but I wonder what's the connection between developers of pretty useful for someone application, and idiotic policy of Russian president. Don't get me wrong, I think that couple of jokes about Crimea don't hurt anyone, but this thread has too much of negative for the application itself, don't you think, guys?
  • No.
  • There's no such thing as bad publicity ;)
  • Putanus getting his update lol..
  • Glory to the Motherland!
  • I used here drive last week in vietnam, and always give me the longest route and not updated map. A lot worse than google.
  • I used this app last summer in Greece and it worked perfectly. The UI is not the most beautiful one, but I liked the 3D navigation interface more than the 3D on HERE Drive. Besides, the 30-day free trial should be enough for one vacation/trip.
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