Make your next device the Samsung Galaxy S10e for only $10 monthly

How's your current phone doing? A bit worn out, scratched up... maybe even busted? Right now, Sprint is offering a way to get the latest Samsung Galaxy S10e in your hands for just $10 monthly. This deal is available on several different colors of the device when you sign up for an 18-month Flex lease. That means you'd be paying just $180 over the course of your lease for the 128GB model with nothing due today. The deal does require approved credit and a new line of service; you should see a credit on your bill discounting the price of your lease within two months.

You can also choose to upgrade to the 256GB capacity of this device and snag this same offer, though you'd have to pay $100 up-front and only its Flamingo Pink model is available with that capacity currently.

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Sprint is offering the Samsung Galaxy S10e for just $10 monthly with a 128GB or 256GB capacity when you add a new line of service and sign up for an 18-month Flex lease.

Samsung's Galaxy S10e features a 5.8-inch AMOLED display, 6GB of RAM, and some of the best cameras we've seen on a Samsung device to date. Over in Android Central's review, it was dubbed a "(near) complete Galaxy S10 experience in a smaller, less expensive package" and rated with four out of five stars. The site's Everything You Need To Know guide on the S10 is a great place to search for information if you have any other questions.

Before anything has a chance to go wrong with your new device, make sure to purchase a case and screen protector for it! This list of best accessories for the Galaxy S10e can help you secure the essentials quickly without having to travel to different shops or browse Amazon all night.

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