The Samsung Odyssey Ark is as big as curved monitors come, vertically and horizontally

Samsung Odyssey Ark
Samsung Odyssey Ark (Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • Samsung has taken the opportunity at CES 2022 to unveil a new kind of giant curved monitor.
  • Not only is the company's new Odyssey Ark a gigantic 55-inch 16:9 screen, but it's also capable of being flipped vertically so it can tower over your head.
  • Price, release date, and what consumer sector the monitor is primarily aimed at all have yet to be disclosed by Samsung.

Tell us if you've heard this one before: What's 55 inches, can be tilted vertically, and just got announced at CES 2022?

If you answered "some piece of tech I probably didn't know about until clicking on this article," you're correct! At this year's CES, Samsung unveiled its new Odyssey Ark monitor, a curved 55-inch display that utilizes a HAS (Height Adjustable Stand) so it can be a normal horizontal screen as well as a vertical one. That's right: You can spin this thing until it's towering over you like a narrow, 4K-resolution skyscraper.

However, beyond the fact that it's 55 inches, curved, 4K, and more tilty than the average monitor, not much is known about the eye-catching Odyssey Ark. Specifically, price and release date are total unknowns, as are the nitty-gritty tech specs typically used to clarify whether a screen is targeted at gamers, creatives, editors, or professionals.

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Even without more details on the Odyssey Ark's specs, such as response time or refresh rate capabilities, the sheer size and flexibility of the thing should give you the idea that it'll be an interesting addition to a couple of setups, such as those of video editors in need of as much verticality as possible or gamers playing titles that benefit extensively from maximum horizontal and vertical real estate.

One thing's for certain: Samsung's monitor is an exciting addition to CES 2022. However, there have been no shortage of those.

Robert Carnevale

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  • There's something both very cool and really ominous about this. I imagine prison security backrooms of the future.
  • Kinda badass prison if they have this going on
  • This will be standard in the future. The Minority Report holographic interface will be the badass version.
  • This sounds like typical Samsung, going overboard with something nobody asked for, just to try and make something just because they can. I'm guessing it'll be $3,000+ or something ridiculous
  • You can't say ridiculous for this technology.
  • I'm sure lots of people asked for a 55" monitor. Sure you could just get a 55" TV but at that size, the curve will help when you are sitting close. As far as turning it portrait, I'm sure most wide curved monitors would do that if their stands supported it.
  • Isn't part of the advancement of humanity providing things that nobody asks for? How do we know we want or need something if we don't even know what it is that we need or want?