Samsung's new QLED gaming monitors pack HDR, FreeSync 2, and speedy refresh rates

Samsung is going all out to impress gamers with a new trio of monitors. Coming in at 27, 32, and a massive, ultrawide 49 inches, each monitor packs the speedy refresh rates and low response times you'd expect from a gaming monitor, but with some added niceties that, at least on paper, should add up to a visual treat.

One of the main draws of these new monitors is that they are the first FreeSync 2 displays on the market. Announced back at CES in January, FreeSync 2 is an evolution of AMD's frame-synchronizing tech meant to prevent screen tearing amid framerate dips while gaming. The advantage of FreeSync 2 is that it is built to counteract extra latency introduced by HDR, which is becoming increasingly common on PC displays.

Speaking of HDR, it's present here as well, offering greater contrast and color gamut for games that support it. If you've seen HDR in action, it's immediately clear how much of a game changer it is for picture quality, so it's good to see it here. Throw in Samsung's quantum dot tech, and the picture quality should be pretty impressive.

Other, more gaming-related specs include 144Hz refresh rates, ensuring high framerates PCs powerful enough to push it. 1ms response times should ensure that twitchy gameplay feels good as well.

The CHG70 (2560x1440) will be available for preorder at $699 for the 32-inch model on Newegg or $599 for the 27-inch version at Samsung. Meanwhile, the much more massive 49-inch, ultrawide CHG90 (3840x1080) will be up for pre-order for $1,499 at Amazon. Note that you'll have to have an AMD graphics card that supports FreeSync to use FreeSync 2. Interestingly, Project Scorpio is expected to support FreeSync as well, so these displays could be a good match for the next Xbox as well.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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