Satya Nadella to speak at the 2015 Dell World conference on Oct. 21

Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will be taking some time to travel to Austin, Texas on October 21. He will be speaking alongside Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell and others in the opening session of the company's 2015 Dell World conference.

Nadella and Dell's opening session is titled "A Future-ready World". Here's a general description of what will be discussed:

"In the opening session of Dell World 2015, Michael Dell with customers, partners and a few special guests, will showcase the incredible innovations driving technology today and the even greater opportunities that lie ahead. By putting more power in the hands of more people than ever before, we are enabling customers to transform the way organizations operate, people live and the world works."

Microsoft and Dell recently announced a partnership through which Dell will sell Microsoft's Surface tablets to business customers in October. Dell also has some upcoming Windows 10-based devices in the works, according to some leaked marketing slides. One of them, the Dell XPS 12, will be a Surface-style 2-in-1 with a 4K display that will be out in, ironically, October.

Source: Dell

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  • Hopes. All that I have from Microsoft is they repay the trust I and my family have paid in them by using and promoting Windows Phones. Amen.
  • Yes.. People don't understand this very feeling and just put labels... I get what you mean... There has always been an emotional attachment to windows phone... From introduction to Lumia ... The Nokia Sale.... So many lay offs.. All the negative press... But inspire of all this.. Some of us have not lost HOPE...
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  • He will be at Microsoft Insights Week in Brazil on September 29 as well =)
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  • Nadella actually told us about this presentation in his 7/10/2014 "Bold Ambition and Core" vision-setting memo. Mastermind!
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  • Primitive stone tools unearthed in Redmond, Seattle dig - It's believed similar tools are still used by the Windows 10 mobile devs.
  • I'm sure it'll be something like "We will continue to prioritize our apps on android and ios over windows phone" 
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