Save 50% on the first six months of your HBO Max subscription

HBO Max Hero
HBO Max Hero (Image credit: HBO)

Today you have a unique chance to save on a subscription to HBO Max. You can get the ad-free monthly subscription to HBO Max on sale for just $7.49. That's 50% off what it normally goes for, and this deal is good for the first six months. Over the course of that six months you'll pay just $45 instead of $90 and get all the same content. Heck, at this price the ad-free version is actually cheaper than the version that usually costs less because it is supplemented by ad revenue. At the end of the six months the price will revert to normal, so you'll want to decide then whether or not to continue your subscription.

HBO Max is actually of the newer streaming services out there. It only launched early last year, but it has become one of the better options available (in my opinion). I mean, right away you get full access to all of HBO's shows. Great shows like The Wire or The Sopranos. Then you have brand new content like Titans or Zack Snyder's Justice League, the movie that should've been. Plus, during a time when most people aren't really going to the movie theathers most of Warner Bros.'s movies are also being released on HBO Max. That includes the new Suicide Squad and my most anticipated movie of the year, the upcoming Denis Villeneuve creation, Dune.

You get all of that for $7.49 a month. Is there even a doubt in your mind? Because I do get it. The streaming platforms have gotten out of control. What was originally meant to be a cheaper way to get access to exactly what you want has become an even more expensive way to pay for a bunch of stuff you don't need. I don't subscribe to all the services myself. I pick only the essentials, the platforms I know I'll watch. HBO Max is one of those.

John Levite
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