Screenshots from the unreleased Windows 10 Mobile build 10134 leak online

While we wait for Microsoft to release a new preview build of Windows 10 Mobile to Windows Insider members, a website has published some new screenshots of an unreleased version of the OS, build 101134.

The screenshots were posted up on the message board and show off a few new features, such as allowing Microsoft Edge (still called Spartan in this build) to pin sites to the Start screen. There's also an optional dark theme for both Edge and the Windows Store. Cortana now has a new onboard UI in this build. There are also a few more minor changes to wording and UI, such as renaming "Mobile+SIM" in the Settings to "Cellular".

While the PC build of Windows 10 is now set for its official launch on July 29, Microsoft has already revealed that the release of Windows 10 Mobile in a non-preview version won't happen until sometime later this year.

Source:; Via: Neowin

John Callaham
  • Weeeeee
  • Still nothing on the photos/albums app?
  • What about openvpn support?
  • Yay, there's a multitasking background!!!
  • LOL, I didn't notice that until you said that!
  • Hint please
  • Looks like its not too far off from PC version now.
  • It would be better if there was a accent colour tinted aero like effects. At least at the notification centre.
  • +1
  • That would make it similar to iOS... but yeah, I'd like that too. :P
  • That's why the accent colour tint.
  • Then suggest it to feedback. Done mine! :)
  • :D
  • That Market Place tile looks like a ten pound bag of sh*t stuffed in a four pound bag. Seriously though...the logo is to crammed in there. Hope that doesnt become the standard.
  • Its obviously not. It was the same in the technical preview for PC, but now its been fixed.
  • Clam the shit down, the update is not official.. This is a beta software and it will have some bad ui here and there.. :/
  • Yeah, I get it, little man. That is why I said I hope it doesnt become the standard...BECOME PART OF THE OFFICIAL PRODUCT. So clam the shit down.
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    Congratulations missionsparta; you bagged a clean sweep of most unfavourable traits.
  • You where 'hypocritical' very well though.
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    Try again ;)
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    "Both of you should shut your c*** suckers up" JerseySal at 16:36.
    The irony ;)
  • You figure it out, spell check Gestapo.
  • I sighed so hard I coffed up a lung.
  • coughed* ;)
  • The store tile icon is only huge in the first picture of the article. The rest of the leak images show the smaller icon on the tile. The first image was probably just a stock image they used from a previous article.
  • Thank for a much more appropriate reply than the usual flipping out and telling people to stfu from most of these hypocrites.
  • There are quite a few people around here that are VERY sensitive to any criticism of Windows 10. If you say something negative about a current build they jump all over you and tell you it's just a preview and that you shouldn't be running it if you aren't going to "deal with a few bugs". We all know that, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't criticize anything.
  • The previous build isn't good for use yet, let's that hope this one be more stable.
  • Exactly... Waiting for a build that as "DP" like stability, and refinement... Then I can live with it.
    Hopefully this next build will be acceptable for my daily device... Or even a test device..
  • We probably wont get this one. And we probably wont see another update for a while. Imo, they might as well wait until its more usable. Especially since updates are rare. No use putting out another update that's barely usable.
  • My phone app is totally broken. Now the people app is not working. I'm on 1520. Start sometimes get infinite loading
  • I had the same issue after installing w10 on my 1520. A factory reset sort it out, but you need to reinstall apps, emails etc as if this is a new device... Now it seems to work on and stable.
  • Desperately waiting for a new build...battery is horrible in current version...lumia1020
  • Same here
  • I had issues on my 1520, it turned out the double tap to wake was causing it, after I turned that off it ran a ton better, hope that helps..
  • OK.  Help the slow kid out.  Where's the setting to turn "double tap to wake" off?
  • Under "touch" settings
  • Tried it...not working for me
  • This worked for me - much better.  Thanks!
  • Same here
  • Tại sao vậy? khi nào mới có windows 10 mobile ?
  • English buddy !!!!
  • Why? You can use a translator just as well as he can. Obviously he won't get as many replies on this site, but that's up to him.
    Better to be polite - that might actually encourage him
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  • Werden wir jetzt international???
  • a whole new OS and they are going to stick with those volume controls? come on, look at the volume control in android, it just gives all the power you need to control your sound. this will be ancient-like on win10 mobile. PS: i hate android, not a fan of shitstorm.
  • Agreed. I always thought the new ones with 8.1 were a step in the right direction but still not there. Now, they're really outdated. What's wrong with swiping from the bottom for other options?
  • Serious question: What's better about android controls? Don't have an android devices but I've always been vaguely dissatisfied with the WP volume controls... Seems like they could be improved just not sure how.
  • I was hoping too for some mayor changes when win10 mobile was announced. I think we are going to be let down again buddy :(
  • It's too early to say if their going to stick with those volume controls. Don't panic yet.
  • I would like a way to access the volume controls without having to use the volume buttons.
  • ^This. i sorta like the current 8.1 contrls, but id like to see some improvements.
  • @2tomtom Suppose Microsoft got creative with interactive Live Tiles and allowed users to manipulate music playback and volume controls via the tile. The implementation would have to be very well thought out and implemented perfectly. But it is an additional method allowing volume controls bypassing the hardware buttons. What do you think about that? How do you see that implemented?
  • Well, that would work for music but I would prefer something like double tap to wake, then swipe down on lock screen and volume selection appears in notification panel. This would give full access to volume, including music, and all screen based. With the music play/pause included, this would perhaps be my preference.
  • This ^ This would allow buttonless sides :) and a true Edge to Edge Screen.
  • I have nothing against UVC but, I think it's always a good idea to copy something good from another competitor (unless it's patented ofc) and implement it to your own product. Some of our members here can mention countless stuff and features available on Android, iOS, or Blackberry that's not available on WP but should be easily implemented. They did it with Action+Notification Center, why stop there?
  • They're really good on WP. On Android everything's a mess. You have to separately control Ringer and media sounds. It's awful on Android. More often than not I end up silencing the ringer instead of the media and app.
  • I actually wanted them to give more options, similar to desktop were each media content was given its own volume control and there was still a master control. So lets say you are playing a game but wanted music from music app rather than in game music. Users should have the ability to mute the game music and leave the music app(or whatever audio app) as the prominent source. Just a thought.....
  • Agreed, if MS are serious about unifying all of their OS then they should bring desktop features to the phone
  • Yeah the per app idea that they had implemented in vista was pretty awesome I guess they could implement it by allowing us to access it thru task switching by having a window below the app
  • I actually quite like them. Simple, just like what Windows Phone has always offered, and it caters for a general audience. There could be more options elsewhere to display a more powerful set of controls there if the user chooses, but I quite like the current simplicity, and it reminds me that the OS is still very much WP at it's core.
  • + Quick shortcut to sound settings in toggles
  • Have you ever used an Android? You have no control and don't know if its on or buzzing or silent. It's so bad that they are copying WP in the new upcoming version on Android. Actually it was better before but lollipop broke it... One example: you can't start controlling the volume on video untill it actually starts playing on Android. Unless you dig deep into the settings and do it there first... and thats not easily found...
  • I think we need a modernize Volume Mixer that we can access optionally that Windows Desktop has it for ages, but current Slide-down 2 Volume controls are good for simplicity. Even Android M even just have this recently (I have an Android device and mine doesn't have unified easy to access volume like WP does). We need Volume Mixer and advance Mixer on Settings app.
  • The android M controls looks so much like windows volune controls imho so i dont know what you are talking about
  • We need a new build, a more stable with less bugs. The latest build 10080 was good, a welcome change but has some really annoying problems.
  • Agree... It will come. They're definitely working on it.
  • More consistent too. On the 520 Edge/Spartan works. So do app updates and downloads. On the 920, none of it works!
  • Surprising yes. It works better on 520 but not on my 720.
  • Loving those new thinner gutters between live tiles.
  • Me too :)
  • They look okay in 4 column mode but cluttered and cramped in 3 column code.
  • Agree. This is the number one request from me. It's also really annoying to use when docked in the car too.
  • We also need something like using volume rockers to capture photos or something like a long hold of the volume rocker to launch a camera app this would be beneficial on phones that don't have dedicated camera buttons.
    .... Seriously MS needs to add background download support, default apps (this has been available on Windows since forever why is it hard for them to implement it on their phone divisions?)
  • +1 to the camera thing The odd thing is UC browser does it, by IE can't. And would want Spartan (Spartan >>> edge) to have the option to disable image loading, desktop mode...
  • I'd also like to see a shutdown button and a restart button.
  • We need a brightness slider In quick settings also..
  • You basically want assistive touch like the IOS on Windows phone?
  • Now that what I'm talking about
  • Okay
    It's still a bit all over the place, but MS has cleaned up pretty fast.
  • Agreed. Looks more cohesive now
  • Yup. Plus, all those settings page look quite good to me, especially that pill. It just seems appropriate for ON and OFF, no?
  • No.
  • Okay.
  • They are focusing on visuals ;) , and wpmania said its much stable :D finally ill get it to work as my daily OS
  • The whole set of screenshot is interesting but i find them too... Plain..
  • Battery icon still look stupid though ha
  • I completely agree!
  • YEP! 
  • Really!!
  • I was surprised not many talked about it. I liked the 8.1 icon better :(
  • W10 battery icon is good compared with 8.1
  • Icon in 10 is complete shit.. One can guess whats the battery % by watching the icon on 8.1.. The battery bar is same even if % decreases on 10 and cant guess whats the % of battery left
  • Uhm, Cellular vs. Mobile is not new. It's been differen between EN-US and EN-UK since way back (WP7 back at least).
  • Was going to say, they'd better not call it Cellular in the UK. We use pleny of Americanisms interchangeably but nobody calls a mobile  a "Cell" :-).
  • I thought the changing was triggered by my sim cards.
  • Yep, nothing new there.
  • Can we have action centre screen shots...
  • Had to revert back to 8.1 on my Lumia Icon.  Way too many bugs in Build 10080!  We really NEED an updated version to come out soon if MS wants more people to help out with testing Windows 10 (mobile).  I know they have a lot on their plate and a short deadline coming out for Win10 (PCs), but those of us willing to help MS with the mobile aspects really NEED an updated version that can at least "function" day to day.  Otherwise I'm NOT putting Build 10080 back on my phone; I couldn't even pin live tiles to the start menu in that build!  Win10 build 10080 on Lumia Icon was a HORRIBLE experience!
  • Make tiles like aero glass, that's how youre going to attract some customers. And horizontal start screen anyone ?
  • Wow. It looks like an OS a 5 year old designed. I'm not looking forward to this on my phone :( hope they spruce things up a bit!
  • Design is not final. Please be aware of that. It's public alpha/beta software testing. Microsoft will polish design more as they go, they have to first solve all mechanics working behind the scene. Just read this : And look how Outlook/Calendar should look like in "final" version. OS will get polished overtime too. Don't get too dissapointed till final version is out. Place your feedback and they will listen to you, they may or may not change something if you and lot of insider will agree on it. As far as design goes they said several times it's not final and final product will look better.
  • But there's like a month left, so... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Compared to the first screen shots they showed of the initial builds it is already better. Back then the fonts were small and everything was pushed over to the left side.
  • Your post is offensive to the 5 years olds working on Windows 10.
  • Are different sized tiles be available or just the big squares?
  • Add more games like Android
  • That's a useless stupid comment, Microsoft makes more games than one game that Google makes?!
  • Not much free titles...
    You can't convince an average user with those paid games
  • Ingress
  • The only reason I keep an Android phone. Seriously, it's addictive! Too bad Google hates Windows Phone.
  • Great an easy way to block those damn tracking cookies with malicious malware Ads, and clearing history so those crap can't continue to track you.
  • Still with the Address URL bar on the top of the screen in Edge?
    I know they are taking feedback, but either no one is complaining and it is the better option, but I would find that hard to believe... 
  • Our maybe they've decided that consistency is the overriding factor.
  • But what about ergonomics and usability? That one should be a very big factor for handheld devices.
  • What ergonomics? MS have already made it clear ergonomics and one-hand use be damned in Windows 10 mobile. I'll stick with WP8.1 on my 930 and leave the W10 to my old 720.
  • They'll probably add a setting put it on the bottom.  Gabe said they're monitoring the Windows Feedback for that, so keep posting feedback.
  • And they still can't make that battery icon bigger. :D
  • I can't wait. Windows is the best. I see that already
  • Yippie!
  • Fairly nice. I hope they get WM10 right. And we surpass Android; if not by market share but by status.
  • The design is getting a lot better the only thing i like it but still waiting for a stable build to try it and give feedback
  • I think it's gonna be more buggy
  • All I can say is I really hope they fix the icon sizing/stretching issues with the live tiles.. they pretty well universally look terrible.
  • The icons probably look like that currently probably because they are working on responsive tile sizes that was rumoured here a while back, which would make it easier for devs and allow the tiles to look great on any size screen.
  • Yeah that did sound promising - can't wait to see the results of it when it comes.
  • Please don't make cortana so ugly.. She was already beautiful in wp8.1
  • She looks better in this build compared in the current build..
  • Must say, over all I loved where things are heading as far as UI is concerned. MS just needs to put some more features underneath the UI and it will be good for me ( if not for the masses) to use. Though I am planning to buy a oneplus one, but I will use my NL 720 in parallel. And I really wish WP retains it fluidity and adds much more needed features in future, combination that would compel me to purchase a high end nokia phone.
  • Lol.. Even im thinking to buy oneplus one or Oneplus two if flagship phone or windows 10 isnt good.. :P
  • Well.
    A Windows 10 ROM might come in handy should Microsoft decide to release it for the OnePlus One and Two.
  • How do I disable glance screen in Windows phone 10? I can't find the setting for It.
  • Go to extras in settings.. Its at the last
  • When is background downloading is coming???
  • Crash too much on lumia 1320. Hope this build at least fixes some bugs
  • Guessing September will be the release date for Windows Mobile.
  • October. Maybe IFA 2015
  • Not before oct.. And microsoft delays its updates everytime.. So nov or dec
  • I would like. To be able to enter a static ip address, hopefully they make this option available on all windows 10 mobile devices because I can't do it on my 1520
  • Really don't like the hamburger menus, sadly they are here to stay.
  • Looks fine - I just hate the Edge Address bar on the top still.
  • At Prague Build 2015 they told developers that Microsoft Edge will have adress bar at the bottom. They even manage to get powerpoint slide of that on the projection they made. See here And yes i know that screenshot is IE not MS Edge, but they told the developer that adress bar will be at the bottom even in Microsoft Edge and that screenshot have Edge logo under it :)
  • That's a screenshot of IE though with just a Edge logo.
    I remember though that they really did have a concept of Microsoft Edge that have address bar at the bottom but idk where it is.
    I hope they will implement it soon, also it needs autohide UI elements too like IE Modern on Windows 8.1 with only ellipsis menu showing.
  • Yes, i know it's IE. Already said that in first comment...
    But the Build presenter said it aplies to Microsoft Edge mobile as well. Maybe they aren't ready to show screenshot of Edge yet and they replace it with IE. Either way they said adress bar will be at the bottom.
  • Sure but that doesn't mean they don't nix the idea because of time or design constraints.  I would think they would have mentioned it or showed it off by now if they REALLY planned to include this option. We'll see.
  • At last! Starting to look more polished. Hope yet :)
  • Toggle buttons shifted to left side of screen was good on the right I think
  • Yes, dark theme EVERYWHERE.
  • looks so badass!!! I can't wait!
  • Background task is a wise move, previous mode like Hua Wei was terrible.
  • Add the album feature first for photos.. :/
  • Microsoft, keep it up on everything, looking forward to see the good experience on Lumia camera. +1520
  • Pls add the function that when we CLEAR ALL the notification then it will be able to swipe up the bar itself.
  • Yeah, one nice thing about Android I'm hoping to come to WP. It's sometimes a pain to do it manually ;)
  • Will this build have the new settings menu that appeared in build 10127? Hope that comes in dark theme! I want it all dark, windows phone looks better with dark theme. It will also maintain consistency. And hope they sort out the matter of the photos/album app, add pivots and hamburgers properly. And yeah, they have to sort the designs of the icons too.
  • Completely agree on all points.
  • I believe there are so many suggestions from users experiences cuz we want the best from Microsoft.
  • Is the people app live tile gone and replaced by a static tile?
    Please don't tell me this is true. If it is, I hope they readd it in future builds.
  • I hope they will bring Live Tile back to Peoples app. It will look boring and step back from Windows Phone. I hate when they backtrack some nice features and aesthetics for whatever reason that isn't reasonable at all.
  • Again, although it's been said a hundred times already: The live tiles are a factor of the individual apps that can easily be added in later. It doesn't make sense for them to obsess about live tiles right now when they are still trying to build the base OS. That will come later.
  • When is background downloading is coming in windows phone 10???
  • Put it on uservoice :)
    Ill look around to requesting features using that site soon
  • Pls make it auto hide the toogle after we expanded
  • Is that the rectangle and huge square live tile still available
  • It was removed in the last few builds, but I hope they add it back!!!
  • Agreed
  • People hub tile must be showing LIFE TILE
  • It's looking less amateurish than past builds but that's not saying much. Like a stripped down bizarro version of 8.1. They also somehow managed to make the dark theme ugly by making all the gray UI elements a light gray, unless that's supposed to be a new accent color. The thin wireframe icons, round iOS toggles and one handed usability are still beyond shitty. Not surprised the top orientated address bar in Spartan/Edge hasn't changed.
  • Wow you're such a positive person o__o
  • Well show me something awesome and I'll rave about it. The features are great at least but everything else looks like a 3rd party launcher on Android.
  • The UI looks more polished than the current build. Though I think they need a little bit of accent on header area and not just pure black. It needs to be dark grey and accent color sometimes. Also I hope they rather make the header extends to status bar like on most UI design in Windows Phone, the black bar at the status bar on top reminds me of ICS and iOS6 days which looks dated.
    Anyways glad we see some polish. Also Edge looks better than IE but still needs Addressbar at the bottom.
  • They're really setting themselves up for a whinefest if they don't release this build this weekend.
  • I haven't seen much of W10 for Phones as I haven't tried it, but with regards to the UI, it seems to be looking a bit more like 'classic WP', which is great, whilst feeling inkeeping with Windows 10 as a whole. It also looks tidier, one step closer to a finished product, which also is reassuring. More dark theme is always welcome, and again it adds to that WP feel. I would still like an option for the address bar in Edge to be at the bottom, but I'm sure they've heard that plenty of times already and have considered it. Would also like a bit more theme colour involved, just to add a bit more vibrancy to certain areas. Definitely looking better from what I've seen.
  • Agree, there is a refinement and consistency shining through now. With accent colours replacing the gray it will pop more. And the spacious simplicity of WP is present too.
  • I am not a developer or UI expert, but MS has also udate the scrolling throughout the OS. Now scrolling is smoother and comes closer to iOS scrolling (it feels like it has a nice subtle friction to it and it is not that free flowing as it was on 8.1) Using W10m on a secondary Lumia 630 I can say that it is not usable as for now, but gives you great little glimpses here and there of what you will see in the final product! Also I'm with you on the ''more theme color'' statement, but it is still way to early for W10m, let just focus on the W10 improvement (the mothership of W10m) :P
  • Is it comes for Lumia 520 how it is working vs last build
  • I hope windows 10 on phones have a feature that you can push the lock button while watching videos and it disable both the screen and the 3 buttons to function. Just like on android.
  • That round toggles :(
  • I actually think that they've improved them visually to the point that I'm not all that against them anymore.
  • I know right, aren't they great.
  • LOVE THE BACKGROUND IMAGE ON THE MULTI-TASKING SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!     I'd love an option to show the background on all screens with solid black/white background (i.e. Dark, Light, Background).
  • Hope this update fixes app crash loading bug nd Cortana bug :(
  • url bar should be placed at bottom.
  • Man this is bullshit ,WP lagging behind my a long margin ,MSFT is not taking W10 mobile seriously
  • Well, it does make more sense for Microsoft to finish the desktop version and then putting their resources on the mobile version. I'm sure we'll see much quicker and regular progress on the mobile version as soon as Windows 10 for desktop and tablets reaches RTM but right now so close to the date it makes little sense for them to put any more resources in favor of the mobile version compared to the desktop version than absolutely necessary.
  • Exactly. W10m builds are getting for the time the same apps (UAPs) as the W10, with more or less the same bugs and UI inconsistancies. First they have to put all their time on the desktop W10 in order to polish every single bit of the UI and then move those apps to W10m and make the changes needed in order to make sense  in our smaller phone screen! For the time we are getting what we are told already, PREVIEWS.. Some people here can't understand MS's way of creating W10!   Hats off to MS for making this huge thing happen. I don't have any concerns about whether MS can pull this of or not, I'm sure they can do it! I don't think there was any other alternative for WP to stay relevant in the smartphone market. W10 is looking like a WIN-WIN OS for both the phone and desktop!   Damn, I think this is the first time I am defending microsoft's future plans :P
  • Changing mobile-SIM to cellular seems like a step back in my opinion. Cellular is such an antiquated term.
  • Thats such a strange thing to have an opinion about lol
  • did they remove "wifi on when screen turned on"?
  • Eagerly waiting.......!! Oh my hungry hands...!!
  • I'm happy to see some dark themes... I worried they may try to force us to switch to a white themed OS. Also glad they fixed the task switcher to show previous screens to the left instead of the right... that one was so bizarre!
  • ..and also background in task switcher! :D
  • I like black blackgrounds as we have a clear black display. Its suitable for windows phone.
  • So I'm wondering if preview will be stable enough till july like so many people were talking about. Now that MS will shift it's resources to PC version. Stable preview version I'm afraid wont happen till august. :(
  • Looks like they're going back to the visually impaired/WP8 black & white look. *sigh*
  • The dark theme? It's vastly superior on tradmittive displays for a few reasons. Less eye strain, easier to use in the dark, better battery for amoled screens and makes colors and contrast of objects much better. But in 8.1 it could be toggled at least for people that like to think they are looking at paper.
  • Nah I like the dark theme. It's the fact that they're bringing back the black boxes with white outlines. Always thought that was unattractive in WP8/8.1
  • Coming (sometime not to) soon™. Le sigh.
  • Honestly, I'm more looking forward to the new 940XL hardware + Camera than anything software-related.
  • Is it possible to let the phone vibrate while it rings? I think this is a basic feature that is missing in Windows Phone 8.1.
  • It is possible, just press the vibrate button in volume controls. It's in 8.1 since ever
  • He means while you received a incoming call, your phone shall be vibrate with the ringtone but not vibrate then only ringtone.
  • Go to Action Center -> Select an app and select vibrate.
  • I need this right now...
  • Looking really good! See this multitasking screen with background! ^^ 
  • Please improve the Lumia camera, now I need to move my phone then it'll auto focus, but when the phone stay still then I move the object, it cannot be autofocus unless I move the camera and back to the object. This feature were developed well from Samsung and iPhone indeed.
  • The people app is what really needed some serious work in the last build. The legacy had been removed and there was only a partially functioning new app.
  • I have build 10.0.12534.56 on a 1520 and can't get it to update... As everyone here seems to know everything (and I'm pretty envious tbh) can anyone offer any advice?
  • Can't click photos via. Native app. Lumia photo apps arent in the app list :(
  • Search it via cortana maybe?
  • I made a mistake and uninstalled the outlook mail app on my phone running win 10 preview. Anybody knows how I can get back without hard resetting my phone? And its not in the store.
  • Hate hamburger menus, might as well go to Android now.
  • And pay microsoft 10 dollars too. Lol
  • It seems that they are unifying the build number from PC and Mobile??
  • When is this build coming out
  • Will be the biggest update!!
  • Is this build coming out soon?
  • It's next years
  • Meh. Nothing special, it's still has the same functionality as the wp8.1. Microsoft, you should be ashamed of yourself for calling it "software giant" when you can't perfect this aging OS.
  • That start menu still looks like fucking vertical swipe.
    Can't they make it horizontal swipe like Windows 8 on tablet??
  • When playing music it's very annoying when volume is changed and a notation about protecting your ears appears. I am connected to another device with a volume control and require phone to be on full volume. The do good police in this function are a constant nuisance.
    D preview 8.1 smooth and reliable on 830 Lumina. Can't wait for 10
  • "Mobile+SIM" in the Settings to "Cellular" is probably difference between UK and US English versions. In US English it is "cellular", but in rest of the world the term is "mobile"
  • im using lumia 535 india model. I am unable to select 3G only on this mobile. Please help its very irritating to use 2G on 3G supported mobile. Dont tell me about highest connection speed