Here are some screenshots from Windows 10 for phone build 10051

A few people have been lucky enough to download the new Windows 10 for phones build 10051, while many others are still pressing "check for updates" button every 10 seconds. We've just installed it on our Lumia 635 and we're now exploring the new features. You can see the full changelog here. While you're still waiting, check out some of the screenshots we've collected so far!

Project Spartan

Phone & Messaging

Windows 10 Phone Map messaging

Mail and Calendar


Some of the highlights include the new Project Spartan browser as well as new apps for Mail, Calendar, Phone, People, Maps, and Messaging. The app switcher has also been updated. Window 10 for phones build 10051 also includes several fixes and improvements. We'll have a hands-on video soon, so stay tuned.

Have you been able to download the new preview build yet? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • How did you do that? I'm still stuck at checking for updates. Gab Aul tweeted it'll only take minutes to fix the server issue. NO HOPE
  • Phones with the first Version can Update ("normal" way)
  • Daniel sir , please release hands on video of this TP asap.
  • It's Mark not Daniel
  • Okay, I'm not Daniel. Why you replied on this comment then?
  • Cuz there are retard people in windows central
  • I got a lol outta that!
  • The more popular the place, the more it attracts retards. That's why I started frequent winbeta or heck even back to WMPU. It's more peaceful there.
  • Why asap? Is the world going to end soon?
  • Hope they include the option of search bar at bottom in Spartan browser
  • +830
  • windows insider need to be uninstall it and reinstall it
  • I pressed the button for 20 minutes and now... I got it
  • Waiting to see if there's any improvements in the Photos app.
  • Why is the search bar at the top!!!!! That was the best thing about internet explorer
  • Still getting server issues here.
  • No kidding? Lol
  • Lumia software recovery tool..please fix it ASAP for everyone
  • aaandd... It looks exactly like android. What happens to making WP different?
  • It does not. Enough said.
  • Idk, I dont see it
  • I've noticed lately android is looking more like windows phone all of the apps have this flat modern UI look and feel
  • Yep, also worth noting: Google got it right and more than caught up with their material design language, while Microsoft sadly seems to have totally lost it :(
  • Well lets just keep on hoping MS can pull of the whole one os to rule them all mentality
  • The circles.. Yuck...
  • I agree.  I think they look really out of place.  Also I wonder if Outlook Mail & Calendar will support dark themes.  They really clash against the other pics.
  • Seriously, I've been using Android since 2010. I don't agree with a single word of what you just said.
  • ^+
  • Like I said earlier if android is looking more like WP if anything
  • Circular avatars and radio buttons doesn't ring any bell?... How about the dialer from KitKat and the send button from Ice Cream Sandwich's SMS?... Just the send button alone is a pain in the eyes...
  • Yes, the UI is so unbelievably disappointing!
    I guess I'll be keeping my 1020 on 8.1 for the foreseeable future.
    (Microsoft must be crazy to completely reverse all the progress they have made with the UI. More to the point, what a waste of engineering time)
  • Nah, the new UI looks great.  Still some rough spots, sure, but overall it looks so much more polished and professional than WP8 does.
  • The new UI could so easily be Android. It's certainly not an improvement (in my opinion)
  • The UI looks like it has been designed by some college interns who despise the whole original metro design language. Now I know why it's no longer called Windows Phone, because it's nothing like Windows Phone!
  • Some is fine but that dial pad is awful.
  • Couldn't agree more! In fact: It pisses me off so badly that I find myself post the third bloody comment on this!
  • Ur choice buddy.. ( :
  • Send feedback to Microsoft.
  • I don't think Microsoft is listening. They may say they are, but unless what we say tallies with what they want, their ears are closed. IMHO. They want to have a consistent UI and UX across all Windows devices, so we can kiss goodbye to what we have in WP8.1. It doesn't fit in with MSFT's vision.
  • Dont know if its EXACTLY like android but its certainly nothing like WP.
  • Eww android is ugly. I disagree.
  • It looks nothing like android!
  • Yeah, feel the same. I really really hate how they butchered the beauty of 'metro'
  • Exactly... Just shows how commited Microsoft is with Windows 10... They've lost the identity of the OS, both desktop and mobile... Circular avatars and radio buttons, Android dialer, and send button...  
  • Not exactly like but yeah feels like WP is losing what made it unique. Gladly it ain't the final version and people able to run the preview can make their voices heard, and we can hopefully at least get rid of that awful send button. On the positive side I do like some of the features in windows 10 very much.
  • For crying out loud, it doesn't look like Android!
  • Otg support adddd
  • Cannot get past sim pin code... Phone is stuck after i press znter
  • Azerty keyboard ?
  • I'm getting mad right now still the same error :/
  • "Go do something else and come back to it." Words of wisdom from my mom...
  • Lol finally 80% preparing to install
  • How do you change the color of the background of buttons at the bottom on 635?
  • Its in settings. Just search and look
  • It was there in 8.1 now it disappeared on the first build of W10, and I still can't find it in this build under any settings...
  • Haha die hard man
  • Lol
  • How downloading windows 10 insider?!?
    Error Connection :|
    In Portugal, lumia 520
  • Já me aparece no L920! Tentei agora mesmo!
  • Conseguiu?!
  • Same with me using 1020 on Vodafone Portugal.
  • Is it new version of Android or Just a skin with Lollipop?
  • Or did Android copy Windows Phone? Jeez people.
  • yeah they copied from a future product ...
  • no they copied form the original wp witht the flat ui. wp wasn't just about the tiles.
  • android (and ios) originally copied windows phone design principles, and merged it into their own design. the product was lollipop. now windows phone seems to copy this lollipop product.
  • How is the battery life compared to 8.1?
  • You really wanna know about battery life after just few hours of use?
  • To be fair, many people had rapid battery drain immediately after 8.1 in the preview for devs. I wouldn't like to go through that again.
  • Perhaps you should wait for WP10 GDR1.
  • waiting
  • Nice. We are still waiting and waiting and waiting and then you'll show us these images.... that didnt make it better!! ^^
  • You forgot the new multitask view
  • There's nothing new with that now it has a smooth animation that's all.
  • Its only changed in larger phones (aka 1320, 1520)
  • Done downloading on my L435... Now migrating data :-)
  • Me too, still migrating data on my 1020  (step 16 of 21) 52% This is taking a long time
  • Romil share your experience as compared to wp8.1 
  • Looks nice and its very neat.   Happy 
  • Won't let me install on my 1320, downloads but doesn't install, same error code, also via insider app, won't connect, same server problem message appears asking me to check time, date and network....all of which I know are correct....frustrating...something we're all used to....
  • Slow ring?
  • The current messaging app is better. They fucked the messaging app. Make it like 8.1 again.
  • Do tell, what's wrong with it
  • They had a good send button feature design and they went with that stupid androidish paper plane send button. And the circles doesn't suit Windows phones. Rest everthing is good looking
  • Ahh I do agree with the paper plane thing. That looks pretty out of place
  • I definitely don't want pictures alongside the text.
  • Settings switches are still square not with round edges?
  • They are perfectly rounded as an ANDROID phone should be :/
  • I would like to know if dialing is improved. for example when I type "Mark"  on the dial pad, the numbers for all people with "mark" in their name should be found in addition to all numbers that have 6275 in their phone number.
  • They reveale that as coming. However notnsure if in this build
  • Just MY PHONE updated to build 12654????????????????????? someone else????
  • I still have the server issue
  • you asking our saying?  
  • I have the old version and I am on Fast right and every time I check, it still says that my phone is up to date
  • You're checking via "phone update", not the insider app right?
  • Three different UIs, ONE Microsoft.
  • Looks consistent with windows 10 for desktop to me. Xbox is still on windows 8.1 look. It'll follow this fall
  • The apps are different to each other. How can they be consistent?
  • You're really telling mr you dont see similarities with the outlook app on phone, and outlook on desktop? Besides obvious differences like orientation of the screen and aspect ratio
  • he talking about UI consistency in phone. 
  • i like your comment. like you i also see 3 UIs in the preview. it seems that each app has a team that works on it, and they are not talking to each other about the design.... or maybe, it is like "ok so we make our own rendition of new modern, then let's see who gets the most votes."
  • I know it shouldn't matter, but there's a typo on the 6th line from the bottom. It says " Window 10". Great job getting us the screenshots! Thanks!
  • Shit OS not working for Lumia 520 since 3 months!
  • Looks cool to me. Where's the video???!?!?
  • You ever shoot, edit, render, upload, process a 14min video at 1080p? Give it a go sometime and then I'll rush you on it too :p It's coming.
  • As someone who does that quiet often I can relate it takes a long time even with an insanely powerful computer. It will be done when its done
  • I am guessing, 'seems faster' is not appropriate right now? Messing with you.
  • Daniel we want it NOWW!!!! lol Seriously though, I realize it takes time, to do all of that. I know when I do a 1080 video, trying to cut it together, and re-process it in a different format/resolution it takes atleast 2 hrs to do the processing alone. So take yer time, but hurry UP! lol.   Thanks Daniel.
  • hahahahha King Daniel .... you just burned him :P
  • I really like this.
    Though in mail the buttons should be on the bottom line every other appbar.
  • Can we use here drive? I've heard reports that people could not? This is crucial for me. Who can confirm?
  • Wondering same best GPS app have ever used side note
  • Looks reasonably good expect for too much grey in Spartan and those damned oval shaped toggles in some of the shots. Thank goodness the square ones are at least still there in some of the screens.. hope we can still kill that oval pill idea. :P do I understand correctly that all messages are now typed into a window at the bottom of the screen? Not having tried the current way of typing it into a smaller window on your side of the thread seems more intuitive but have to see how that new way works in real life. ps. don't really like that paperplane "send" button in messages and emails either.. grow up MS, go back to what you have now in WP. Leave the childish stuff to google and iOS. :P ;) ps2. NO to the round contact pics too please! Skype, you change them to squares, don't make all of Windows change to round. :(
  • Hmm first feedback I've heard that I truly agree with 100%. I too am not a fan of all that grey. Reminds me of ios and a big part of the reason I dislike apple products is all the grey. Gun metal grey is fine.. But boring shade of grey is well... Boring
  • Agree, far too much boring grey.
  • Agreed with the paper plane. It's sucks and they should change it. How did they even think of getting that on wp.
  • +930
  • Not to be negative but the UI is lacking some consistency. Why are the settings sliders square in the standard"apps" and rounded in Spartan? Also why is the dial pad toggle to the upper right? There's no way I can reach that with one hand on my L1520, probably not even while holding the phone with my right hand. Hmmmm......
  • I dont think you're being negative. That's good feedback. Clearly they're not done yet, so there's your reason for lack of consistency. But im sure they'd welcome hearing any feedback you have anyway in the feedback app
  • Wonder what the phone app opens to when you tap the tile? Where you last were or always the dial pad? If not the latter, what wuold help is if you can swipe left or right to get to those tabs. Also not sure if its that great to have the phone book and voice mail now in additional options behind the ... menu...
  • each app i think has a different team that works on it. so they create different finishes. probably, the team who gets to most votes for design will use their design for the rest of the apps.   now who gets the best design so far? team spartan, team outlook, or team messaging/people?
  • Omg. I never thought the day would come for me to consider switching to Android... People in the comments are saying it looks kinda like Android, I don't see it, actually. But one thing, I can see, Windows Phone 10, Will Be Ugly As Hell!
  • Amen!
  • I'll be sticking with 8.1 for quite a while. Not liking what I've seen so far..
  • Send feedback to Microsoft.
  • Are they fixed baterry saver app? Can now user see appl list, and turn off work in bacground?
  • Still Server Error
    How much time will it takes more?
  • "Help protect my PC from..." = "This is a Universal App"
  • Anything for Lumia 720??
  • The design looks so boring. They dropped the ball so hard
  • Looks identical to windows 10 for desktops. I can see what you're saying tho. Hoping its saved by animations and some surprise features maybe announced at build
  • Just give a screenshot of Notifications+Action centre
  • They haven't changed from the last build.
  • Tell me, can you delete contacts (from People) picture. I've been using WP since 7.5 and this basic feature never arrived to WP
  • Has Maps improved at all? Still using Here data? So Korea and Japan are just grey blobs with random lines?
  • Skipping this build due to data connection bug and one note...disheart :(
  • If you do a factory reset after upgrading it seems to allow you to kill Cell Data connection as well as allow Flight Mode to work.
  • Maybe its the booger green color but I dont think it looks attractive at alllll
  • "booger green colour" XD
  • 23:27  server error
  • Any screenshots of OneNote and Word/Excel?
  • No new Office apps.
  • Does the maps have voice nav or do we still need heredrive?
  • Design fail
  • Ugly, similar to Android, yuck...
  • Ok. I give up. My next phone will probably be a Galaxy. Why? Because this Windows 10 UI still very ugly, the developers are going out and I'm tired to wait. Really sad.
  • So what, you bought a Windows Phone solely based on how the UI looks? And you think you're going to be in a better place with a Galaxy? Possibly the worst example of Android design?
  • He is mad... Dont waste time Richard
  • Are you serious? On which planet the design of an OS isnt important? I bought a Lumia 920 for me and for my wife, a Lumia 520 to my parents and my brother, and a 720 to my mother-in-law. I convinced everyone, at that time, that the system was the best. I still like the system, so much so that I am sending this message from my Lumia 920, but they couldn't wait any longer. My wife, tired of the lack of applications, today uses an iPhone. My mother-in-law of the same. My brother is migrating to Android. And I also got tired of the lack of applications. Today we have to use the 6Tag to compensate for the lack of Instagram. What about the 6Snap? And so many other examples of applications that are disappearing from the store. I hope my opinion changes before I go back to Android, because the opinion of many families that I did believe in the platform has already changed a long time ago.
  • Don't engage. People don't even understand the word "Preview" around here.
  • For what other reason should he have bought one? There is also a vanilla Android edition of the Galaxy. Material designs blows this inconsistent crap out of the water.
  • May be not  galaxy, but yeah Android 5 has certainly better UI .... and lets not talk about better and bigger developer community. Though i really wish the end product of windows 10 for phone turns out better( but this released TP version is not at all in the right direction, at least in my opinion).
  • The phone dialer is so Android, it makes me wanna puke
  • Spartan sure wastes a lot of vertical space.
  • My thought exactly!! Barely any space left for the actual content!! Shame. Hopefully it'll be more polished by release time
  • MS already explained.. Read bro..Read
  • Even after they make the actions bar smaller, Spartan will still use approximately twice as much vertical space than IE11, because of the thicker address bar and the new actions bar.
  • Too much space is wasted here for sure. Then everything is moved to the top where you can't reach it easily. ... is so much better placed and certainly less space used.
  • Thanks for the pictures.
  • It's still a work in progress, not loving the new look yet, I'm sure I wont see the on screen back/windows and search buttons on my 1520, I'm still gonna hold off for a while at least until I change to windows 10 on my PC
  • Still waiting in Germany!!! "Server Error" Problems are killing us here. Mmaann...
  • server error...the phone app is UG-LY! messaging with contact pictures seems cool
  • "Looking for quicker calling?" Sounds dumb. Seems quicker! 
  • Battery icon is squished. Text in homescreen folders is jacked up and overlaps graphics. Avoid unless you are puting it on a tinker phone.
  • I don't like the round icon for the "ON" "OFF".,I prefer the rectangle/box design as it is congruent with tiles. #JustSaying
  • Windows Phone just got way too cooler! :D
  • When comes it out on Lumia 630??????????
  • Yep, sticking with WP8.1. Nothing innovate or particularly appealing about this look, they really seem to have fired all the designers that had flair and brought things like Media Center and Zune which made the UI feel alive.
  • Looks beautiful! Don't get why people are complaining and comparing it with android when its not. Loving the looks so much! Keep it up MS
  • Yup.. Agree..
  • Agreed
  • Sorry I know it's still early in the preview, but I'm just not overly impressed or entertained yet. Maybe I'll just wait until AT&T pushes it out to phones hopefully sometime by Spring/Summer 2016! :(
  • Need built video editing app..and slow motion capturing.. In win 10 ( :
  • Is there albums in the gallery?
    Please do a video Daniel !
  • Looks great. A bit inconsistent with the sometimes rectangular or circle on/off toggles though. I prefer the rectangular.
  • It working now
  • Insider that is
  • Is it true you can not stop data
    If true  if you changed the connecting points  information .will solve the problem ????????
  • Ugly... No consistency... iOS and even Lollipop is looking better than this. MS trying to reinvent the wheel every new iteration of their OSs, meanwhile Apple does improvements and refinements, which I think is a better strategy
  • True!
  • So true!
  • That's all the beautiful, unique and elegant WP o's needed, refinement. Now it's menus and hamburger menus at the top which are difficult to reach. Looks like Android and WP had a baby, an ugly one at that!
  • I'm stuck on app list screen, can't go home or to settings...
  • I honestly hate the design in all those screenshots. What a step backwards
  • I personally love the way the OS is evolving. It looks way more mature than classic metro style did
  • Got it.. installed it on my 1520... everything ws awesome but maps wouldn't load, Here maps wouldn't launch, Here Drive wouldn't launch... I really liked the Outlook and calendar, the messaging... etc.. but I need navigation! So, I already went back to 8.1 I dunno...
  • I'll stay with 8.1 forever and ever.
  • Downloading now, 1520.
  • Ow great.  Address is on the top...  After about a billion request's to NOT put it on the friggen top.  So much for Microsoft listening to its customers.  Its kinda funny how they touted the address at the bottom as a big innovaton, and now they do this. 
  • They have stated in the released notes that they are considering moving the address bar, but this version of Spartan was made before the requests came in.
  • Yes, those slide buttons on the Spartan screenshots look far too complicated and fiddly. ​
  • I've always HATED the way the messaging looked in Windows Phone 8, a black or white screen with [insert color here] text squares. Way too plain. (the white background was pretty nice though) We couldn't even have some kind of translucent background or something? Hopefully Win10 looks better though.
  • I hate having the URL at the top. Is there an option to change that?
  • The address bar and half the phone dialer buttons really need to be at the bottom of the screen. What are they thinking? I could understand if they hadn't gotten around to adjusting universal apps, but the dialar isn't even in Windows 10 for PCs, it's just terrible phone UI design. I love the WIndows Phone UI, but if Windows 10 doesn't have it anymore I'm not sure why I wouldn't just switch to iOS. If I can't have a good UI, at least then I'd have apps. Live tiles are still there at least, but the whole design is a huge step back. I hope the design stuff is super preliminary and they'll fix it soon. It could be; most of the touch-friendly stuff is still missing in Windows 10 on my surface so maybe they are just working on touch controls that make sense last for all versions of the OS and haven't gotten around to it.
  • Still "Server Error", Lumia 630 Dual Sim, Dubai, UAE.
  • That god damn burger menu...
    The address bar on the top...
    * shivers*
  • i hope the messaging app is not like hw it is in WP8.1. Displaying sent messages & incoming messages for the same contact in two different threads. Hope MS resolved this problem. Also the phone didnt display the contact name in txt messages received, jst gives the number for which  i hv to search the whole contact list again to find whos number it is? Cn u fix this problem MS! its really important
  • WTH is that?
    Every important thing is moved to the top of the screen.
    This is usability nightmare.
    And Project Spartan,
    1/4 of the screen is obscured by useless stuff.
    I want to browse internet, not to stare at this ugly gray void, and if I want to know what hour is it I'll just swipe down to check. And what about this white and gray backgrounds, It will kill battery on my L1020. I'm disappointed!
  • Server error all day. Giving up. Plus, from the list of known issues, I just can't see why I would want to install it, even though my 822 is no longer used as a phone (my Note 4 replaced it), it sounds like it just breaks a lot of things. And I already that these are "install at your own risk" builds.
  • WTH is that?
    Every important thing is moved to the top of the screen.
    This is usability nightmare.
    And Project Spartan,
    1/4 of the screen is obscured by useless stuff.
    I want to browse internet, not to stare at this ugly gray void, and if I want to know what hour is it I'll just swipe down to check. And what about this white and gray backgrounds, It will kill battery on my L1020. I'm disappointed!
  • I will tell you WTH is that exactly. It is "innovation" at every cost, change for the sake of change, inability to see what they did right and improving it instead of throwing all away and starting over. And for those thinking that they will polish this in final release... they will not. Whoever is in charge of design now is not the same team which made Metro UI awesome. I am so disappointed with the course the UI is heading. I hope they will be really slow with the release as usual so I can enjoy 8.1 as long as possible.
  • Unfortunately I must agree with you.
    This whole mess is caused by universal apps.
    In theory, this is great idea, but it has to be executed wisely to be functional on every kind of device.
    The other thing is Android crap. If your thing looks and feels exactly like the most popular thing on the market, it doesn't mean it will sell like it. I don't mind this whole “roundification” of UI, but when everything is pushed away from my thumb as far as it can be then we are talking about madness, not a rational choice. If this is the way it will be released then my L1020 is the last WP device I own.
  • Dear Microsoft, please tell your emploees to throw away ther Androids and iPhones and turn on their f*ing creativity. Hire good designers and develop new Modern UI 2.0 guidelies. I want you to care for each UI pixel. I want you to tell everyone about the importance of typography, as you did in early days of WP7. If your OS won't look unique and flashy, a typical user will not distinguish it from any other mobile OS.
  • Exactly my words...
  • Absolutely.
  • Agree!!!!
  • Guys help im still getting the server error
  • I hope there's support for a universal dark/light theme.
  • Seriously Microsoft.... If we wanted burger menus and the Android look we would GET AN ANDROID PHONE. That WP 8.1 UI is what drew me to Windows Phones from Blackberry. It was professional looking, clean and concise. I loved the 3 dot options button, please for the love of god bring that back to Windows Phones. STOP COPYING THE ANDROID LOOK. PLEASE...
  • Yes. Don't blatantly copy.
  • +1520. Hamburger buttons totally blow. All I see on my wife's S4..
  • Back < arrows in the UI for navigation? :-/
  • I know it's early and things are bound to change but right now it looks like ass. The total opposite of 8.1 and everything we come to expect from WP. If WP looked like this when it came out it would've been dead on  arrival because no one would've gave a damn about moving to such an ugly clunky wannabe OS.
  • I agree.
  • Me too. Worrying...
  • the insider would not work today 5.15 pm in Canada...I put my date to yesterday and now the phone is downloading and installing something
  • i HATE this new dialer... hope they change it
  • they really should get rid of the rounded buttons under settings.  the square one matches other buttons on other apps like OneNote seen above.  its unorganized.
  • Final version please....
  • Bricked my L635
    Will have to restore it tomorrow
  • Beautiful!! Btw has any option came in win10 so we can move offline maps to SD Card?
  • Not getting update even after rebooting the phone by window insider app... using lumia 925
  • Mostly fine for me. At least, bring down that address bar!
  • Are you using the 1 Gb ram 635?
  • Awesome
  • yep got it on my both 625 and 830...sweet
  • What a confusing design mess. Not really following a thoughtful functional design for the UI at all. Just hobbled together elements copied from soon to be, older version of a competing OS. Gabriel Aul, of Microsoft, said on Windows Weekly, this week, that the design elements are not necessarily final and are easy to change. They are focusing on functionality. He said they are listening to feed back and that is the reason for this release. Let's hope for the best, in the final RTM version.
  • Hoping for the best too. Bit of a mess. Many of the great and distinctive ideas from wp7/8 apparently forgotten. And a general neglect of the fact that a lot of us use the phone with one hand.
  • Yep you said. Putting all that crap at the top when must people hold the phone close to the bottom doesn't make sense.
  • unisntal window insider and reintal it and you will gwt the new update
  • uninstal the windows insider app and rinstal it  again and will work
  • Disappointing UI , if i ever wanted an android, i would have brought an android !!
  • Is it true that mobile data cant be disabled..?????
  • Looks a lot,like the Droid crap!!!
  • Be sure to send Microsoft feedback.
  • Ugly Android wannabe UI. Looks like I'll be leaving
  • Nice work!
  • Frankly I think i will stick to wp8.1, when w10 comes out... if this is the direction of the future w10 is.
  • Does windows 10 TP for phones support USB OTG ? Can i attach my 2TB HDD to it?  
  • Not liking the phone app though. Does swiping from left/right take us between the speed dial and dialler?
  • Otg support?
  • Does the new calendar have week numbers or not?? :)
  • Yes, you can set this in options
  • Dail pad UI is not good,,,,
  • Downloaded, was installing.. But battery drained in the middle. so now every time i try again, installation starts from the very beginning. Again battery drains completely. on my L620. Any suggestions guys? 
  • Downloaded, was installing.. But battery drained in the middle. so now every time i try again, installation starts from the very beginning. Again battery drains completely. on my L620.  Tried 3-4 times. Left mobilr on charger for couple of hours, agian tried. Same problem :'(
  • Did you leave it plugged into the charger power, for the last attempt and the battery still drained while charging?
  • Mobile was connected to charger power for past 10hours... :-( Allowed battery to cool for some time. Now installed successfully.. BUt W10 is slow..
  • I decided to install W10 TP on my Lumia 820.
    The WP8.1 UI is simple, fast and elegant. Windows 10 is so disjointed -- and I hate the way they are monkeying Android.
    Specific problems;
    1. The settings menu is truly horrible. Why do we have these grey bars everywhere...and why are they bothering with those ugly Androidesque icons?! Also, when you click through to say 'system', you don't have any of the glance info that you could see on standard WP8.1. Having the second line of text was super helpful....but now it has gone!
    2. The phone dialer is horrible. Why are they trying to reinvent the wheel?! The only thing missing from the old dialer was the contact listing as we type. Everything else was all good - and elegant!
    3. Outlook mail has potential - though are we going to get the black theme back....or is it just going to be this constant jarring black to white UI changes?!
    4. The calendar is confusing.
    5. Project Spartan has the search tab at the top. Who thought that was a good idea in a world or 5"+ phones?!!!
    Basically, I am totally underwhelmed. This OS didn't need a UI rewrite. In fact, I dare say it is the UI that keeps so many of us using the platform!!
    Wake up Microsoft. You had something good....but Windows 10 is looking horrible.
    (Reverting back to 8.1, and hoping Microsoft wakes up before they real nail down this coffin)
  • Sorry to say but Microsoft is copying Android's UI. :(
  • Probably have to revert to WP8.1 as neither Outlook Mail or Outlook Calendar installed (or are available) on 2nd attempt to install. Anyone got a solution?
  • Does windows 10 TP for phones support USB OTG ? Can i attach my 2TB HDD to it?
  • No tile for Calendar!!!!
  • Multiple Start Screens for Windows 10 for Mobile Petition Please share it if you think this is a good idea. Thanks!
  • Multiple Start Screens for Windows 10 for Mobile Petition Please share it if you think this is a good idea. Thanks!
  • Can the software back/home/search buttons be disabled? I find it kind of weird to have software ones when most Windows Phones have hardware buttons.
  • getting stuck after pressing lockscreen button in my lumia 720
  • kept getting the
    0x80188308 error on my Lumia 920.☹
  • Is notification bar is hidable