The Scuf Elite Paddle kit is a better investment than you might think

Scuf Elite Paddle Kit

The headline attraction is the fully customized Scuf Elite Controller, essentially the regular Elite at the heart with a funky color scheme and Scuf's own paddles and thumbsticks. But, they're not exactly cheap and if you already have an Elite, then why would you get another?

For a fraction of the price you can switch up some of the parts on your existing Elite controller with Scuf accessories, bringing some of the benefits without having to fork out for a whole new controller.

The Paddle Kit is first to ship, and what you get for $39.95 is a replacement battery door adorned with paddles, as well as a new d-pad with a directional bias. The first thing of note is that these are really well made, and definitely an Elite caliber product.

Scuf's paddle arrangement is different to that of Microsoft, and that's the biggest change you'll notice. It's entirely open to personal opinion whether you like them or not, but you can't deny the quality. All are the same length, angled slightly in pairs to match the contours of the controller. The existing paddle contacts are put into use with the Scuf paddles, so there's no new electronics of any kind.

It's simply a battery door with four metal sticks on the back.

I own a Scuf controller for the PS4 (yes, the PS4), and I can honestly say the paddles in this kit feel better than on existing controllers Scuf has made itself. They feel sturdier, and with the Elite contacts there's slightly less motion required to trigger them.

Scuf Elite Paddle Kit

The only drawback is that the middle paddles are harder to activate than Microsoft's design. The way the stock Elite paddles are laid out means you can hit each side with a simple squeezing motion. The middle Scuf paddles seem more of a stretch if you have short fingers, like I do. But I personally also only ever use two triggers, so I can deal with it.

What I do think is an improvement over the stock paddles is that the Scuf ones don't pop out. During some more vigorous sessions I have been known to catch the stock paddles and dislodge them, and I'm probably not the only one. The Scuf paddles are firmly attached to the battery door so you get a satisfying click every time you press.

As the stock contacts are in use, that also means you customize the button actions for each trigger in the regular Xbox Accessories app on the Xbox One or your Windows 10 PC.

The directional pad is something you may or may not use, but it's another improvement I feel over what comes in the box with the Elite. The design means less of a motion is required to roll your thumb over it. It's a subtle change and a slight difference, but it's one you will notice.

Scuf Elite Paddle Kit

Overall this is a neat little package to try out on your Elite controller. Personally, I'm sticking with the Scuf paddles, at least for now, as I genuinely think they feel better to use than the regular ones. The design isn't perfect and may put some off, but you can't deny it's a quality product.

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