Scuf launches custom accessory kits for Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

If you're looking to add a bit of pizazz to your Xbox Elite Wireless controller, a new line of custom accessories are now available from Scuf. Announced by Xbox Wire (opens in new tab), the new accessories let you further tweak your controller with two different upgrade kits.

The first kit is called the SCUF ELITE Paddle Control System & Directional Bias D-pad Kit, and is available for $40. For your money, you'll pick up a more ergonomic D-pad, along with a paddle control system built into an interchangeable battery door.

The second kit, called the SCUF ELITE Pro Grip Handles & Precision Thumbsticks Kit, is coming soon for $30. Included in this kit are, as the name suggests, new grips and six thumbsticks of different lengths that come in black, white, red, blue or green.

Interestingly, you can order a fully custom controller through the Scuf Elite Customization Program, with options starting out at $150.

Scuf was initially announced as the exclusive accessory partner for the Elite controller during E3 earlier this year, so it's good to see the accessories now becoming available. If you'd like to pick up a kit or controller of your own, you can head over to Scuf's website now to order ahead of the holidays!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Money suckers
  • lol...
  • This bodes well for continued support of the Elite Controller..
  • Scuf is a bad company and their producs are of dubious quality. Having bought two controllers, both of which required multiple repairs and weeks of back and forth with customer support, gamers should be warry of them. And I don't think these add ons will be any better quality. I find it comical they're offering additional sticks, since that was one of the main reasons I needed reapirs. The rubber they used kept splitting and breaking off.
  • Options starting at 150? The elite itself is that much and works very well. Don't see a need to spend probably twice that much to customize it.