Seagate introduces 512GB SSD Game Drive for Xbox One

Seagate has introduced a new 512GB solid state drive (SSD) for the Xbox One, aiming to provide gamers with some extra speedy storage for their games. The drive even sports Xbox branding, coming in a pretty attractive black and green enclosure with the Xbox logo appearing in one corner.

As for the drive itself, it uses flash storage that should noticeably improve load times over typical mechanical hard drives. The drive also doesn't require a power cable, meaning the single connection to the Xbox is all it requires to work. For those concerned with space, Seagate claims that the 512GB drive should hold up to 15 Xbox One titles on average.

Seagate's Game Drive for Xbox SSD will go on sale in November for $199, and is expected to be available at Gamestop and Amazon. For now, you can read more at Seagate's website.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • $200 for storage of 10 games? Why would anybody buy this? It is pretty, though.
  • Not to mention the fact that USB 3.0 drives are pretty fast. I have 2 TB attached to mine now.
  • Agreed. I have the 4TB WD MyBook w/ over 90 games installed. It's not even half full!
  • It's SSD, so it's going to cut load times dramatically from even the fastest hard drive. Of course, you don't have to spend this much on a "pretty" external one. You can just as easily buy an SSD of your choice with a USB 3.0 adapter and that'll cost a *lot* less for the same capacity and speed.
  • The cost; for this amount of storage, does not justify a nominal decrease in loading times from a solid state drive.
  • It is not justified to you. You are not everyone. a 30% increase of transfer times will be well worth the cost to a number of people.
  • A number of people so miniscule that Seagate will cease production on this shortly.
  • Do you have a special insight into Seagate's sales data they keep internally? If not, you don't know how well this will really sell. I for one would welcome and want a 1TB SSD version of this drive.
  • That's a horse of a different color.
  • You might want to consider a 1 TB SSD of your choosing and pop it into a UASP-capable USB 3.0 enclosure. You could probably get that for about the same price of one of these specific-purpose models.
  • Are you sure the load time will be cut down dramatically? I thought there were some reviews done on SSD vs standard 7200 RPM externals on Xbox One and the difference in load time was pretty negligible. Besides if you are playing online you pretty much always have to wait for the weakest link do you not?
  • Those were some very flawed early comparisons. There are a few that were done more recently that show a significant improvement. The key here is to use an external enclosure that supports UASP, which will improve performance of an SSD running over USB 3.0 by a huge margin.
  • Oh ok, I'd like to read those, do you have a link? Everything I've seen has only mentioned 1 to 2 second(s) reduction in load time.
  • Here's one:
  • Isn't he just comparing SSD to internal drive here? I indicated external SSD vs 7200 rpm... Got another link?
  • I've already searched the topic prior to this article and hadn't come across any convincing evidence to suggest SSD would provide any significant game loading improvement over a 7200 RPM mechanical drive for the Xbox One. Your initial and follow up comment read to me that you were quite sure on the matter so figured you had some sources to support your claim.
  • This is true, but it seems like you would only be able to fit the 3-5 that you play at any time and trade them out, which is ineffective.
  • 3-5 is an exaggeration... But let's also be real here... the Xbox One (original) comes with 512 GB of storage, so this would literally double your storage available. I have LOTS of games on my 512 GB. Of course, you could always get a 1 TB SSD and put it in an external enclosure that supports UASP (very important for SSD performance over USB 3.0!)
  • Yeah, I don't know why I said 3-5, most games are not the 60-90 GB that Halo 5 and others are. I think I am still trying to adjust to the new game sizing from the 360 and still remember the last year+ of deleting games each month on my 512GB 360. Right now I have 3 TB of storage and have it half full with almost all games. Maybe that totals in the 40s? I would love for my external to be SSD for increased performance, but it just still isnt cost effective when I built a 2TB 7200RPM for under 50.
    Hopefully in a year or two this discussion will be obsolete!
  • If you don't think it is of value to you, then don't buy it. Otherwise, don't **** all over it for those of us who are interested.
  • If you're interested in this; I'd like to talk to you about a bridge I have for sale, too.
  • I just f;ind it odd that you are having fits because a company released a SSD, it is overpriced and people should not want it. Maybe saving a few seconds on load is useful to people. We find SSD in laptops and desktops useful, who are you to decide that a SSD in their game console be useful to someone? Looking on Amazon, quality 512GB SSD costs about $179. Adding $20 for the case is not a bad price. I find it amazing that you have decided that if I decide to buy this then I am foolish. What is it to you to tell me how I spend my money? I like buying high performance German sports cars. Are you going to lecture me how I should buy a Honda instead? How about if I start telling you that you are stupid for not buying German sports cars, for not buying SSD external drives, and so on? Just because you find it not worth buying, not worth the speed up for you, doesn't mean that others may not find it worth buying.
  • I never said you were stupid. Someone buying a Honda over a Merc; that's stupid.
  • You said that buying this is equivalent to you wanting to sell me a bridge. That is the common way of saying that someone wanting to buy this is stupid, foolish, etc. You think that buying a Honda over a Mercedes is stupid, to many other people it may not be - spending $60,000 on a car vs. $20,000 on a car. We are talking about spending a couple hundred dollars to get a smaller drive but at a significant speed increase. For hardcore gamers, that speed increase may mean a lot.
  • Not trying to crap all over it, but the article is a bit misleading if you think it's going to drastically affect loading times. While the SSDs do typically post the fastest times, they are, at best, less than 10% faster than a 7200 RPM external USB 3.0 drive, for which you can pick up several TB for the same cost as this SSD.
  • And to some people that 10% speedup may be worth it. Given that page you reference, the SSD is over 30% faster thn the fastest HDD. To most people the $200 price tag may not be worth it, but for some, a 30% increase may be quite worth it. When you have people paying $100s more for a small perf increase for their CPU, video cards, a few extra MHz for their memory, and so on, why not pay a bit more for a 30% increase in their game console, when it is one of the few things that people can change with their console that is not locked down and can give them a perf increase. 
  • Yeah sounds like you are only shaving 1 to 2 seconds on load time. Not something I would pay a premium for. Besides I view that extra second or two as more time available to smack talk my brother....
  • What if it's already a 2-3 minute load time cut by 30%? Then it is huge. I still wouldn't get this though, and didn't build my own like I did with a 2TB 7200RPM and an enclosure, because I wanted to keep all games on it, not just a select few.
  • Yeah if it cut load time down by 30% on something that typically takes greater than 1 min, then Yes this would be a great boost. If we are talking only 1 to 2 seconds savings on something that typically takes greater than 1 min to load, then who cares.... From what I've read the 1 to 2 seconds is more in like with what you should expect.
  • That's no bargain... I can purchase a 2TB for a price much lower than that
  • Exactly.
  • Not a 2tb ssd ... I do agree it is overpriced though.
  • Really? You know where I can find a 2TB SSD for $199? Can you tell me where because I would love a 2TB SSD for that price.
  • The Samsung 850 EVO is up to 540MB (sequential read) and 520MB/s (sequential write) and costs more than $800 in Best Buy, actually the price is $854 
  • Exactly. A quarter of the price for me for a HDD.
  • I think you'd be better off buying their regular 2TB Xbox drive for half the price.
  • It would be better if this would replace the drive already inside the Xbox one as the 3.0 is actually faster than the drive currently inside. NO BARGAIN.
  • Its nice to have an SSD on the Xbox One, I have seen some noticeable improvements and whilst its nice to have an official option out their for the non-technical minded then Jessicator rightly pointed out you can do it cheaper yourself. Personally I'm using an older 256GB SSD removed in a laptop upgrade cycle; in effect I'm doing manual tiering as I'll simply shift the two or three games I am playing heavily to it and then move them back to the internal drive or an external 2TB spinning rust disk when I've finished them. Helps having the slower drive capacity as my "broadband" is only 5Mbps :-( .
  • It's a good idea, but moving XB1 games is tedious. I wished you could select multiple games at a time by now.
  • Nice to see SSD Drives are getting larger and less expensive.  I remember few years ago when SSD Now of 64GB costed a lot of money, I think that's what kept me out of SSD drives. Now I'm pretty close to replace my 1TB HDD with a 1TB SSD, probably by April 2017 I'll make that switch.
  • I have a s similar setup in that I went with a tiered approach, one 256gb Samsung ssd, and a 4tb wd. The ssd for games I'm actively playing, the 4tb for everything else. But no, I don't need 512gb ssd for active games, 256gb is plenty.
  • I bought a seagate 3.5" 4TB SSHD hybrid with the Nyko Databank enclosure for less than $200 and I have 8x more storage than this gives you. I suggest you go that route.
  • First Off, Buy the SSD.  I moved from a WD HDD Black to a WD SSD Blue.  Performance is night and day better.  20 seconds faster on certain load screens in Forza Horizon 3. WD SSD Blue  $140, take your pick up USB3.0 Enclosure, from $10-$40. I took the Collective Minds unit that looks like it is part of the Xbox for $30..  So I saved $20, and Nothing dangling off my system.
  • Be interested to see how that difference would translate to Battlefield 1. I am an avid player and the load times are longer than in Forza. Be nice of WC do a comparison of internal v external 5200rpm v 7200rrp v SSD. And what on earth is UASP?
  • 2700 in South Africa I'll pass on that.
  • External enclosure and internal SSD is the most cost effective. You can choose your size and get them on sale. 500GB SSD's are in the $150 range and an enclosure is $20. Makes it easier to upgrade as prices go down and sizes go up.
  • This is ridicules! I can get 3 or 4TB for that same price. Why why would this EHD be any different? Besides Seagate Drives have a shorter life span that other brands.
  • This pricing does seem unreasonable. For $200 you can get a 1tb SSD and s USB enclosure.