Secretlab and Lamborghini are teaming up for very fancy chairs

Secretlab Lamborghini
Secretlab Lamborghini (Image credit: Secretlab)

What you need to know

  • Secretlab and Lamborghini are teaming up for an expensive-brands collaboration.
  • Secretlab will be producing two different Lamborghini-dedicated chairs.
  • More info about the collaboration will be available in 2022.

Secretlab and Lamborghini are officially teaming up for some very, very fancy gaming chairs. Expect the full scoop on product details to arrive in 2022 along with the chairs themselves, but for now, we know a couple of things. First, we know there will be two chairs produced as part of this collaboration. Second, we know the marketing copy is going to be intense. Here's the blurb used to advertise the first chair in the collab, the Automobili Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition:

State-of-the-art design and craftsmanship come together in the limited edition Secretlab for Automobili Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition. A concept design inspired by the pure emotion of the ride, it pays tribute to Lamborghini's winning heritage. Clad in exquisite Alcantara and equipped with a carbon fiber top plate, it is an expression of the highest level of performance — join us in the race toward excellence.

"Pure emotion of the ride." "An expression of the highest level of performance." These are not just any old words to describe a seat with which to plop your bum in. The second chair, the Automobili Lamborghini Edition (no pinnacles), features similarly colorful copy. You can sign up for updates on the chairs' statuses over at Secretlab's Lamborghini landing page. And if you don't want to wait until 2022 for your opportunity to spend on a fancy chair and finally be able to sit down, just go peruse the best gaming chairs of 2021. There are plenty of Secretlab offerings on that list.

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