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Sega emulator returning soon as Blue Tomato to the Windows Phone Marketplace

If you've been following the saga of Sonic's Jewels 7 (SJ7), you'll remember that the popular Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator was due for a nice sound update. That update actually did hit the Marketplace but only for a few hours before it was pulled due to a copyright claim by Sega.

Our own Rafael Rivera worked with the developer to sort through the claim, which revolved around the use of Sonic the Hedgehog and the dev was quoted as saying it will return. The condition of returning though would be to shed all of Sega's copyrights--images and names--in order for it to presumably pass the Marketplace certification. We spoke of this on the last podcast where the name "Blue Tomato" was tossed out as the new name.

Now we got word that Blue Tomato is in the certification process in the Marketplace and the developer has posted some screenshots, showing off the new artwork. The most pertinent question though many of you have is this: Will I have to re-buy the emulator? The answer appears to be "no" as this will by just another update to the existing Marketplace spot for the app. Certainly that should make some of you relieved.

Moreover, that sound update will be included as well as "better game loop" and Zip support, which should make things a lot easier for users. We'll keep you posted if/when the app passes and is re-available for download again.

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Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Good news.
    WP7 badly needs a SNES emulator though. Seems there's no one in sight though =(
  • wp7 needs any emulator. fast! ... still hoping for scummvm ;)
  • This! I would rather an snes emulator.
  • Wario's Jewels needs an update! Freezes all the time playing Pokemon =(
  • It's coming to the Marketplace too, so it should have an update along with it.
  • Better change the name of it right out the gate then. Glad to see it finally coming to the marketplace.
  • So those with the current sonic jewels emulator, will their app just update to blue tomato or do they get to keep the original? Little confused by this post. :^)
  • Sounds like it will just update to Blue Tomato.
  • "Will I have to re-buy the emulator?
    The answer appears to be "no" as this will by just another update to the existing Marketplace spot for the app. Certainly that should make some of you relieved."
  • Nice job on the graphic redesign. Looks great. I guess The name change was the best thing that ever happened to this app
  • So How is this any different to the SNES emulator and this one. Arent they both illegal. Also why this getting pass thru?
  • Emulators themselves ain't illegal. Roms are (if you don't own a physical copy of that cartridge that is).
  • Did the SNES emulator come with roms?
  • Here we go again
  • Then maybe there needs to be better explanation so this discussion can be put to rest.
  • Its been explained and  discussed to death already,some people just live to troll
  • Loving those characters! Nice.  This is going to be cool.  Looking forward to playing Beyond Oasis.
  • Oh man, I want warrio jewels sooo bad (obviously renamed) I need to get my Pokemon on. Can't figure out the getting roms on it in current form.
  • Yes it was too confusing for me. If he makes it like the Sonic Jewels SkyDrive integration I would buy it in a heartbeat
  • Yeah he did a great job using SkyDrive.
  • i really like the new name :]
  • How long does this certification process usually take?
  • Usually 2-8 days but with the examination of Sega probably more.