Select Xbox Insiders can now test Xbox Avatars on Windows 10

Yesterday, a lot of new features hit Alpha – Skip Ahead and Alpha Ring Xbox Insiders. Aside from the new "Shopping Cart" functionality, ability to broadcast your whole dashboard on Mixer, and the first build of the Avatar Store, select Xbox Insiders got the chance to test out Xbox Avatars on Windows 10. According to a post in Xbox Wire by Microsoft's Brad Rossetti and Randy Santossio, "the Avatar Editor is a Universal Windows Platform application and now we're ready to start collecting feedback from Windows 10 users! If you're in the Alpha – Skip Ahead, Alpha, or Beta Rings on Xbox One, you'll find a new quest in the Windows 10 version of the Xbox Insider Hub that will tell you how to download and provide feedback for the Avatar Editor on your Windows 10 device. Please note that the Avatar Store will not appear on any version of the Avatar Editor on Windows 10."

A report by The Verge said that you probably have to be a registered Xbox Insider in order to use the Avatar Editor on Windows 10. Simply downloading it from the Microsoft Store on your desktop won't grant you access it seems.

The old Xbox Avatars have been around for years and they don't cater to everyone. A revamp was long overdue and it's surprising that it didn't happen sooner. One of the major exclusions numerous gamers continuously asked Microsoft to implement was the ability to add wheelchairs and prosthetics to their characters.

If you use a wheelchair or any other prosthetic, these new Avatars include ways you can tailor them to fit your needs. It's unclear why they weren't included in the first place as it's a rather significant oversight.

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