September's free Games with Gold include Forza Motorsport 5, Oxenfree, more

The free Xbox Games with Gold for September have been revealed, giving an early peek at what Gold subscribers can look forward to picking up. In total, September will give members around $94 worth of games and access to 3600 potential additional gamerscore.

If you're gaming on Xbox One, you'll be able to grab Forza Motorsport 5 throughout the entire month of September. This comes a month ahead of the release of Forza Motorsport 7, so it's a good way to whet your appetite ahead of release. Meanwhile, Oxenfree, a paranormal adventure, will be free from September 16 through October 15.

Over on the Xbox 360 side of things, arcade racer Hydro Thunder Hurricane will go free from September 1 through September 15. In the second half of the month, you can pick up Battlefield 3 for free from September 16 through September 30. As is typical, the Xbox 360 titles on offer will be available for Xbox One players to dive into as well via backward compatibility.

While you're waiting on September to come, you can still pick up August's final Games with Gold offerings as well. Those include Slime Rancher, as well as Trials Fusion and Red Faction: Armageddon.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • 2/4 games for me.
  • 0/4 for me. I own Oxenfree and Battlefield 3. I have no interest in Forza or Hydro Thunder
  • Im excited for September!
  • Hydrooooo Thuuuuunnnnddeeerrrrr..... Choooooose your track... Lake POWELLLLLL Choose your Boat... BANSHHHEEEEEEEE
  • That's what I felt like when I first saw this game come to XBL Arcade years back, unfortunately that's when I also bought it. Oh if I only would have waited like five years! =P
  • Nice, I'm excited for Forza and Battlefield since i never bought that one on Xbox, only PC, I am not familiar with the other 2 so they will be fun to try.
  • These are some nice games. I went gold right in time. I almost bought Hydro Thunder and Forza 5 a few times then backed off. Glad I did that.
  • lol so did I when Forza 5 was down to like $10.  Didn't buy it because I figured that Forza 7 might go cheap on Black Friday just like FH3 did, but now it's free!
  • I got Forza 5 free with the purchase of my original Xbox one. I also got AC4 and AC Unity free along with it. I only played like 30min of that game, so not a big fan of Forza but I do some what enjoy the Forza Horizon series.
  • According to IGN's Arthur Gies, Hydro Thunder Hurricane is "plagued by convoluted menus and awful load times." So, brace yourselves for getting lost in the game's menus, which make it nearly impossible to start a race. When you finally do find your way out of the 'convoluted menus', expect to wait a very long time before you can actually start racing! It's probably for the best that Vector Unit made playing Hydro Thunder Hurricane such a slow and difficult experience, because according to IGN -- and no other review site -- it's not worth your time playing. Their score: 5.5/10.
  • This dude must also think that it was a real boat that you got into when playing the arcade version.     Confusing menus?!? WTF? You choose the race you want and then choose start. A six year old can figure this out, maybe even younger. =P
  • I play its demo (that was preinstalled on my Xbox 360) all the time and never felt the loading times were that long. The menus (while can be improved) are not too bad either.
  • Amazing