Benji Bananas Adventures - the sequel - swings on to Windows Phone for free

Last year, a fun game dubbed Benji Bananas arrived on Windows Phone, coming a few months later than the iOS and Android version. Rinse and repeat for Benji Bananas Adventures, a sequel to the popular banana swinger game, which came out earlier this month.

Benji Bananas and its sequel are those types of games that often slip under the radar. They do not garner many headlines, but they tend to have millions of fans who enjoy the simple vine-swinging mechanics found in the game. Indeed, the sequel builds off the original but keeps the majority of the same style. The graphics are smooth, and the gameplay is short, letting users get some quick action without much time commitment.

Like the previous version, as a monkey you are tasked with swinging on vines, going a certain distance or collecting enough bananas to score some points. Game levels are in the Angry Birds-style, where you get a rating of 1 to 3 depending on how well you completed the mission. Benji Bananas Adventures boasts over 100 levels and the following features:

  • Absolutely gorgeous jungle landscapes
  • Jungle, Waterfalls, Hills, etc.
  • Simple to learn but hard to master unique one-button gameplay
  • Feel the joy of flying through the jungle
  • Unlock different game modes and upgrades
  • Animated stories featuring Benji, his girl Bella, and the dangers of the forest

Benji Bananas Adventures is certainly a silly game, but since it is free (with optional in-app purchases) and the gameplay is charming, it is worth taking a quick look, especially if you liked the original. There is just something satisfying in swinging around in this game that makes it hard to resist.

There is good news too as this game plays just fine on 512 MB devices as well. Although the original Benji was a timed-Lumia exclusive that is no longer the case as the sequel and original are open to all Windows Phones.

Thanks, Usama J., for the tip

QR: benji 2

QR: benji original

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