Shadow of the Tomb Raider should be properly revealed in a few hours, but new information keeps on leaking out hours before the event. After Amazon accidentally posted the game's screenshots yesterday, it seems like Microsoft is the next company to do the same. The complete reveal trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider appeared on its website a few minutes ago. The video was first discovered by a user on Reddit.

The game is being developed by Eidos Montreal with support from Crystal Dynamics. The reveal trailer doesn't show much like actual gameplay, but it gives us a taste of the darker story and new environments.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider looks even better than Rise of the Tomb Raider. Instead of the frozen peaks of Russia, this time around we'll be exploring lush jungles and going through cities. It's clear that games like Uncharted 4 have influenced this title's aesthetics especially when it comes to the populated city segments. The survivors of Yamatai Island, Sam, Reyes and Jonah, join the fearless archaeologist in this adventure that will trace the crucial moment when she became the "Tomb Raider".

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider should launch on Xbox One and other platforms on September 14, 2018. Just like the prequel, the game will come in a variety of editions like the "Digital Croft Edition" and "Digital Deluxe Edition". The title is also expected to be enhanced for Xbox One X.

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