Share music and video via Messenger in Mango [Video]

MobileTechWorld has uncovered a pretty neat feature. We now know we can achieve music and video playback via SkyDrive, but we can also receive files via Messenger in Windows Phone "Mango (opens in new tab)". Specifically demoed in the above video is the receiving and playing of a music (wma/mp3) and video (wmv/mp4) file.

Unfortunately, as one can see there is no album art displayed and media files saved with this method don't appear in Music and Videos hub, so you'll have to return to the conversation to open up the file once again. This is pretty sweet for deeper integration into IM with users not having to resort to booting up a PC to receive files from a friend (but then again, who doesn't use email these days?)

Source: MobileTechWorld

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Too bad sending audio and video aren't supported within the messaging system on the phone yet.
  • this is kidna neet , Think this is MS respons to RIM adding Musics/playlist sharing with BBM?
  • That could come in handy. Good info.
  • What I worry about is how to delete that content off of your device once it's downloaded. Would they be deleted when the conversation is deleted?
  • and the fact that you cant save it to your Phone ( like the rest of your songs ) kida sucks .. copy rights i guess