Should Windows 10 S ship with ALL Windows laptops?

Windows 10 S isn't an entirely new OS, rather it's a version of Windows that's designed for use by education organizations and others who want users to be restricted to apps that are approved for and distributed through the Windows Store. Check out the video below for more details on Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop.

The new Surface Laptop ships with Windows 10 S, though you can also "upgrade" the OS to Windows 10 Pro. But one Windows Central forums user, ariez84, recently posed an interesting theory in our Window 10 forums. You should hit the full thread for all the details, but the gist of it is this: Every single Windows laptop that's sold today should ship with Windows 10 S.

With 6 months to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro/Home without additional charges. (With the caveat that MS changes its policy to allow third party browsers as default if it came from the Windows Store). I have no idea why Microsoft didnt implement this policy, and here are my reasons: 1. This will force a lot of win32 apps like Firefox, Chrome, Adobe, and other popular legacy developers to use...


We admit, the idea sounds sort of ... counterintuitive at first, but ariez84 raises some interesting points. And the thread already received some thoughtful responses, including "I'm sorry but you're insane," and "Sounds like a great idea. However ..."

What say you, Windows Central reader? Is ariez84 on to something? Or is the idea completely out to sea? Pop over to our forums and share your $0.02.

In the forums: Every single laptop/tablet sold should come with Windows 10 S as default

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