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Should Windows phone fans be optimistic about Microsoft's mobile strategy?

Optimism means hopefulness and confidence about the future or successful outcome of something. Many Windows phone fans, even some who've switched platforms, hope Microsoft's mobile efforts will yield some form of success.

Even a niche market where Microsoft provides a mobile device creates first-party UWP apps, invests in the app bridges and markets its platform with no illusions of overtaking the iPhone and Android would be welcomed by some. That's just a hope that fans have demanded of Microsoft, but at this point, isn't something many expect. There's little optimism or confidence about the future success of Microsoft's mobile strategy.

Mobile strategy required

Few people believe Microsoft even has a mobile strategy. Blog posts, social media commentary, forum content and more reveal just how cynical most people are about Microsoft and mobile. Microsoft burned millions of fans who bought into and advocated for a platform the company has only seemed partially committed to after all.

Still, can Microsoft not have a mobile play in a personal computing age where emerging technologies revolve around smartphones? If Microsoft hopes for relevance in a future of ambient computing by integrating with technologies such as smart homes, in-car computing, IoT devices and more, a mobile device is crucial.

The company's consistent statements about its commitment to mobile, its technological investments and CEO Satya Nadella's promise of mobile devices suggest that this multi billion dollar company's leaders realize mobile is as important as many Windows phone fans believe it is. Still, should fans be optimistic about Microsoft's mobile strategy?

Wait, is there a mobile strategy?

That's a good question, and it's up for debate. I've been a Windows phone user for eleven years and have experienced first-hand Microsoft's endless promises, constant failures, disappointing level of commitment and the limited supply of Windows phones.

The strategy's poor execution was accentuated by hardware requirements and a licensing fee that made getting support from OEMs that used the free and customizable Android, difficult for this late entrant into the consumer smartphone space.

A reluctance to embrace its own Universal Windows Platform (UWP) by not launching first-party Universal Windows apps didn't invoke confidence in UWP for developers, OEMs or fans. Enthusiasts have also contended with feelings of betrayal as Nadella's "best-on-Windows-Microsoft-experience" promise, never materialized as Microsoft populated iOS and Android with a parade of Microsoft apps.

To top this all off Microsoft's retrenchment strategy was supposed to ensure Windows phones for Windows fans, the enterprise and value consumers. Unfortunately the last Lumia launched in 2016. Finding Windows phones is getting harder, and ironically not even the Microsoft Store carries them.

Microsoft's mobile strategy has consistently failed.

When we take all of this, and Windows 10 Mobile's imminent post-2018 demise, into account Microsoft's mobile strategy has clearly failed, and the company seems content to let first-party devices fade off the scene. Though OEMs like Alcatel, HP and WileyFox are still investing in Windows 10 Mobile, it seems that Microsoft isn't. So should Windows phone fans be optimistic about Microsoft's mobile strategy given this track record?

Just the facts

Considering the above some may be wondering if there's still a mobile strategy for which a Windows phone fan can be optimistic? That question can be answered with an objective observation of these facts:

  • Microsoft's early foray into mobile had the goal of replicating the Windows PC experience on a telephony-enabled pocketable device to what extent was possible given technological limits of the time.
  • Microsoft pursued and achieved OneCore to create a Universal Window Platform (UWP) that enables development across form factors.
  • Microsoft brought full Windows 10 to ARM which enables always-connected PCs of various form factors and great battery life.
  • Continuum allows a pocketable Windows device to connect to monitor, mouse and keyboard to provide a desktop experience. The Continuum experience is getting features like proximity connect and becoming more PC-like with multiple resizable Windows, taskbar app pinning and more.
  • As recently as this year Nadella reiterated Microsoft is bringing new devices to market that are not like typical smartphones and that Continuum will enable users to use a mobile device as his only PC.
  • Composable Shell (CSHell) brings the same experiences across all Windows devices.

CShell and advanced Continuum.

Some of these facts can be viewed as disparate entities with no ties to one another. Or they can be viewed as having a synergistic relationship with the goal of creating the type of mobile device Microsoft envisioned years ago and that Nadella expressed he's targeting: a pocketable telephony-enabled device that can be a PC.

Should Windows phone fans be optimistic about Microsoft's mobile strategy? I contend that an observer needn't be optimistic at all, in order to follow these facts to the logical conclusion of what Microsoft's strategy may be given these investments.

Optimism not required

An objective observation of the above facts, absent any optimistic presumptions of success, leads to a logical conclusion: Microsoft's original vision of a pocketable, telephony-enabled mobile device with the power of Windows is still Microsoft's goal. This is especially apparent in light of Nadella's statement of imminent Continuum-enabled devices with a unique form factor.

Continuum, Windows 10 on ARM, CSHell and OneCore, are all actual investments by Microsoft and would enable this vision in a way it couldn't be implemented nearly 20 years ago. Nadella's assertion that a Continuum-enabled device that will be able to be a user's only PC supports the analysis that that device will be a PC, albeit one with telephony and which conforms to a user's context.

Joe Belfiore's Windows on ARM comments support Pocket PC vision

Now given Microsoft's history of failures, lack of follow-through and commitment, even if this is the goal, it could fail as a result of internal forces alone. It could also be canceled just before launch like the McLaren and Surface Mini.

Your observation isn't a claim the strategy will succeed.

What should be clear to any reader, however, is that your observation of the facts that lead to this particular strategy analysis are not an indication that you are by default advocating that it will succeed.

You are simply observing the facts, and following them to their logical conclusion for what they suggest may be Microsoft's mobile strategy. You don't have to be optimistic, nor do you have to be pessimistic for that matter. You can just state what it appears Microsoft's mobile strategy is and then enjoy watching to see how it all plays out.

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Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • Thanks for reading. Let's talk!
  • No, Windows Phone fans should not be optimistic about MS's mobile strategy. Hopeful, yes. Optimistic, no. Those are two different things, and they need to be explained.
    Having hope, wishing, or dreaming, doesn't mean that someone is delusional, blind, or naive, to the reality of a situation. That's just a personal need, or desire, for a product, service, or goal.. After MS's consistent failure in mobile I would think it's a bit unrealistic to have a totally optimistic outlook on MS's future mobile efforts, but it is very normal to be realistic about MS's potential, and still have hope that the reality can change if MS pulls thier head out their ass... I also don't think it's necessary to argue with anyone about whether It's right for them to have hope, or judge someone about their dreams, desires, and misjudge naivety... For example, if someone says "I want a Surface Phone" they are only expressing the fact that they would like for MS to make one, and to have one, in their opinion, would be cool. Surface is a great product, and it's not crazy to want more Surface products from MS, especially a phone, if you're a Windows on Mobile hardware fan. That's a given.... That doesn't mean that they are 100% sure one is coming, and that doesn't always mean that they think that even if one does come it will be a success. They're just expressing a desire for a product, and who doesn't?... I'm pretty sure most reasonable WP fans understand the reality of MS's mobile situation, and the fact that MS still has many more chances of failure in the future if they don't do things correctly.. People (trolls) confuse this with being overall optimistic, or being a "fan boy", which in most cases is not the case at all. I think non WP fans, looking from the outside in, don't understand how anyone could be a fan, and their misunderstanding, leads them to misjudge fans as being unintelligent, stupid, and blind to fact that WP has failed. That's litteraly ignorance on non fans part, and is an incorrect perception of someone who has hope that things will change.
    I also don't think any reasonable person would blame someone for having hope that things will change for the better. And, it's just unrealistic for non fans to expect that fans should not have hope that their favorite platform will one day succeed just because they don't.. And, it's even more ignorant to argue with people about what kinda device they wish for. Nothing wrong with having hope. Being optimistic is, not being unnecessarily negative for sure... Really, all the arguing is about nothing. Have hope for your device, don't feed the pesky trolls who don't want you to have what you want, and leave people alone. Simple as that, case closed.
  • Good article Jason, I'm a fan. I'm a frequent visitor, and have been for years, but rarely post. I think MS has a narrow window to present a new perspective on what a Windows 10 mobile device is, but time isn't their friend. Even if they introduce a device sooner rather then later, and it's everything we all hope for, the risk is it still may not succeed. However, in my view, the fate of Windows moving forward hangs in the balance. That said, I'm onboard and want this device. Will it augment my current Android device or replace it.... I'm curious to find out.
  • Yes...we've already been all this while, why do we stop now?
  • I think it's too little, too late whatever MS come up with next. The store needs actual APPS, ones that people use. The fact that UWP allows apps to run on desktop PCs, yet there aren't thousands of apps in the store just shows that developers are not interested and likely never will be now.
  • I agree for me I do wonder if Microsoft should now look at dropping windows mobile 10 in terms of the os and make an Android phone that comes with cortana off their own skin ect out of the box and then have a continuum mode when the phone is docked. Don't get me wrong for me windows mobile is the best os on the market imo but it losing some of the big apps like amazon, PayPal to name a few I moved to android so I do wonder if what I said above could be the way for Microsoft to go.
  • The fact that I can post comments here using Chrome browser on my PC, or the Windows Central app on my Android phone BUT NOT ON THE WINDOWS 10 PC app kind of proves what a mess the whole thing is..
  • I agree!
  • That specific thing about the UWP app having a bug of not being able to post doesn't prove or disprove anything. Be careful about confirmation bias.
  • What it shows is developer apathy towards UWP when the alleged biggest Microsoft news site cant be bothered to fix their Windows 10 UWP app.
  • Exactly my point!
  • That would be true, but you can also post on the WC app for WP, and Edge on W10 Phone, and desktop... It's a very bad example... Lol
    But, we get your point.
  • I wouldn't know, I don't have a Windows phone nor do I use Edge
  • Well, now you know.... But, WC needs to update thier apps. But, you're right, because the fact that WC doesn't update thier apps says that they are waiting to see what MS's plans are, and aren't sure what's going on. That means other developers are doing the same. MS has been so quiet lately it's weird. They are seriously slacking on encouraging developer support, and the thing that's odd about it is that it seems almost intentional. 🤔🤔🤔
  • So true...
  • Embora esteja usando Chrome no PC ou o aplicativo do Windows Central no Android não valida como verdadeira sua frase. Existe o aplicativo do windows central na loja do windows e no celular. Assim como há o edge também. E muitas formas diferentes de enviar comentários aqui. 
  • Actually, if you think about it, you can do the same on Windows. I can post from Edge on my PC, or the Windows Central app on my WINDOWS phone, but not on the WC desktop app... Same thing, and that doesn't have anything to do with MS, or windows, because WC is a mobile nations app. That's MN's fault. Lol. Bad example........
    Nevertheless, inadvertently, you're right, and I can't say I disagree, because MS just isn't aggressive enough with getting new products in peoples hands, whether it be marketing, or just reacting in a timely manner. I agree, they need to do WAAAAAAAY better.
  • Jason, can you take a break from Windows Phone and write an article on WC app for mobile and pc next Monday? I mean does Windows Central have a strategy on Windows 10 UWP apps?!
  • WC clearly don't give a crap about UWP and app support, just like all other developers; why would you waste money on developing for dead platforms; Mobile Nations knows it, just a few delusional individuals still think anything will come of UWP or anything mobile from MS; If it was not for enterprise and Steam/GOG gaming, Windows would be dead as well;  
  • App has been broken forever and they don't seem to care.
  • I've been so tempted by the new Android devices coming out. But I just can't let go of my Lumia 950 XL despite the cracked corner of its screen and the failing battery which always causes the phone to reboot at 30%. I love Windows and I love Microsoft. Riding this waiting game out, Surface "Phone" or bust! :)
  • Off topic: failing battery; are you sure that is the issue, mine resets few times a day if I go below 50%. Could it be someting else?
  • Failing battery was my issue with those symptoms.  At around 30% my phone would just shut off randomly.  I bought a couple batteries off ebay (First knock off battery was even worse than the original) but the second working one fixed my 950XL up good as new.  
  • I doubt it. I recently bought a replacement battery from eBay and my phone is back to it's original awesomeness! My batterly lasts all day and doesn't reset like it used to at around 20%. I recommend trying a new battery. It solved my batter life and reset issue. So glad I decided to give it a try ($24 on eBay). Saved me from buying/thinking I needed a new device.
  • Me too. I'm thinking of upgrading my 650 to 950.  You can get a pretty decent price for one on Ebay.
  • I have some projects that I'm working on that can only be done on my desktop.  No phone can run the programs I use.  If MS is able to allow me to bring my desktop with me (in a pocket PC form) and allow me to text and call people with this device, then I will only ever need this one device.  It would be so amazing to just pick it up and use it on the go, or even plug it into a monitor elsewhere.  I wouldn't be strapped down at home working on my projects.  If MS can somehow get Steam games to play on Xbox then I wouldn't even need a desktop for gaming!  In the next 40-50 years I think we will only need just one device for all our needs. Hopefully by then they will have MR glasses that look like normal glasses and not these big headmounts.
  • Can't you use Continuum with RDP or Teamviewer to connect to your Desktop and use Desktop software? I use it and I have all my work software with me. I just need my 950XL, Monitor and keyboard. And I have my Desktop with me, at any place.
  • agreed,  there are some nice want one 200 bucks or so ,  check out the doogee mix.   Deadly little phone for cheap!
  • Think you should just get yourself a new Phone. A few months ago I picked up the 6 GB HTC U11 for $720. No regrets as all the Microsoft apps run faster and better on Android then my aging 950XL.
  • That looks like a solid phone, probably top 3 of 2017 at the moment.
  • Thumbs up if you didn't read the article.
  • I don't think anyone understands Microsoft. Why does Microsoft pretty much stop releasing new Windows Phone but they are constantly updating Windows Mobile 10??  It makes not sense to keep updating an operating system for a diminishing user base.  Microsoft either needs promote Windows Phone with new devices or just kill it. This current approach makes no sense. 
  • Hi sniperboy wc. Great question😉 I take a stab at answering that very question in this article: Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile beta test is almost over, and ARM-based ultramobile PCs cometh Check it out👍🏿
  • I wonder if they believe they will still have a use for it down the road.  Or they may still be supporting it becuase they have contracts with OEMs and they don't want to screw them over.  Just think about it, HP invested a lot of time and money in the OS (through hardware development and their virtual app program), and MS is working with them to keep security and bug fixes at bay.  
  • Which OEMs? The only phones I've seen recently are Alcatel and "nokia/lumia". Everyone else seemingly backed out of the driveway and did a burn out as the went down the street. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
  • Microsoft answered this question. They said it was to keep LTE and ARM development alive until WoA was ready. After feature 2 is released, I am sure it won't see much love at all.
  • That's because MS may not be planning to use WM in the future, but they can always use elements of it in future products.... This just says that MS is not done with Windows on pocketable devices....
  • I would suspect many of the updates can be shared with the desktop / tablet / XBox side of things. Surface -line is sure to benefit from fixes to different wireless connectivity stacks, and investing in ARM just makes sense for tablet, ultrabook and server markets.
  • New strategy: "let's call it ultramobile PC and not windows phone!"
  • Oh yes sir! Mobile for PCs is like electric cars for car industry, it's the future, the way to go for the next years, i think Microsoft even have no future if it stoped developing "mobile PCs"...
  • Having been on a Windows mobile device since 2004 and currently using an X3, I am concerned more with the software side in the consumer arena. While MS may be coming out with a form factor defying mobile device, the retrenchment strategy unfortunately has led to a retreat by developers and companies. I watch with sadness as the apps that I used in the past are disappearing with no sign of UWP replacements. I find myself pinning websites to start just to replace apps that left the platform. I am certain that any future MS mobile device will perish in the consumer space (maybe it will have some limited success in business) unless they are able to build up the app base that has been waning for the last two years.
  • There's still a huge potential for the right product in my mind, especially as more businesses adopt W10 on PC. But my faith in Microsoft's ability to execute any kind of competitive product is diminishing; they just don't seem to have the will to push hard enough to get it done. And when it starts to look like they might succeed, they drop the product and move on to the next thing, even before the next thing is ready for market. If they would've continued to push WP8, and not talked about W10M at all, they would be in double digits in many European markets by now and starting to really get the attention of app developers. But no, we'd rather switch to something half finished, push it half heartedly for a while and then tell everyone that it isn't the future after all, CShell is. Which isn't ready yet either. I think I'm out; the app gap is killing the experience and I will switch to an inferior UI for a superior USP.
  • Putting squares around icons and gimped widgets is suddenly a superior UI?
  • Never late and ready to bash
  • You really think the UI is different? Windows Phone is literally a grid of square icons and simplistic widgets. Android tends to be a grid of icons and widgets too, but they can be any shape, not just squares. The widgets can also take any form and have any function. They are not limited to just showing randomly flipping images. They are literally the same, but on Android there are no limits.
  • Got to hand it to Jason; finds ways of recycling his articles and passing them off as new content. *Here comes the hate*
  • I hate you
  • I hate you. And you. And you over there.
  • How fracking hard can it be? Take a Samsung Galaxy Note and stuff windows on ARM in it. Done and done.
  • Why would Samsung allow one of their flagship devices to run anything other than their tailor made Android OS?
  • From what I remember, the Samsung focus (wp7) and Ativ (wp8 I think) were very good phones. I think the Ativ was reminiscent of the galaxy S4 or 5 at the time.
  • Right, that was what, 4 years ago?
  • Right. What I'm saying is that Samsung backed out apparently. HTC disappeared, but I constantly hear they are losing money even with their android devices. Haven't seen an LG in years. Nokia got bought out.
    No worthwhile devices isn't helping their so called strategy. Unless their strategy was using wp7, 8, and 10 as some huge crazy beta test for whatever they are going to do next.
  • Same article, different day lol. Can skim these in 15 seconds, never anything new...and I didn't even miss anything!! Makes me feel like a speed reading pro, thanks Jason!
  • Hi pargony you're welcome but I doubt you got the gist of the article with a 15 seconds skim.
  • Nothing to see here, moving along...
  • Nothing to see, yet you comment... Right.
    Not interested in Windows on a mobile device, but you waste your time commenting in a forum for Windows devices, instead of a forum for iOS, or Android..... Now, explain to us how you're not a troll?
  • There's always potential, considering that we see new Android phones being released even today. But Microsoft's strategy of silence since 2015 has killed developer momentum for both PC and Mobile to a large degree. It was great to see some big names like Lyft release apps, but they've all been retiring their apps over the last year. Not sure how they can re-kickstart that part of the equation, even with new devices, etc...
  • I'm sorry but to think Microsoft has any real mobile strategy outside of apps and services for iOS and Android is  BLIND FAITH at this point.
  • Actually it not blind faith, nor optimism, I outline tangible facts that support the company has a mobile strategy in the Just the facts section of the article. Please reread that section as a reference. Now before you reply here's another reminder from the article: "What should be clear to any reader, however, is that your observation of the facts that lead to this particular strategy analysis are not an indication that you are by default advocating that it will succeed. I highlight that point because many readers despite my clear assertions to the contrary consistently confuse an assertion that a strategy exists is an assertiom that the stratgy will succeed. This article was written to help to communicate that very point because based on a lot of comments I read some folks are simply not making that distinction. Hope this helps.
  • I'd love to believe in the platform. I just have no reason for optimism or hope simply bc MS consistently kills the good will with Customers. In Europe, it was bc of Nokia consumers had confidence in Win Phone 8.x.
    CShell and UWP are technically amazing, but why should a consumer or fan care? MS generates confidence in Pc and Xbox. Both have MS hardware hyped, marketed and available to consumers. Can the same be said for Hololens or Windows phone, Band?
  • You should cover real facts more, for example Microsoft's outlook app has addin support on IOS and was recently enabled on Android as well, I know you briefly touched the betrayal of best on windows but it actually deserves more attention and eventually you can then conclude that MS mobile strategy is all about services on IOS and Android.
  • Hi techiez the facts I've outlined in this piece a real facts that are on record in print or video etc. Now again those facts are not a claim that a strategy will succeed (I have to keep stressing this because some readers are not make the distintion between claim of a strategy and claim it'll succeed.) To your point about Microsofts investments on other platforms I wrote a thorough piece on that published July 17, 2015: If Windows phone fails Microsoft's Windows 10 companion app may be Redmond's Plan B Check it out and I'm sure you'll agree much of what I lay out there is happening right now as Microsoft still flounders to get some type of first-party platform together.
  • I know the facts you stated are on record, but are they the complete set? You mention certain facts and then conclude " they can be viewed as having a synergistic relationship with the goal of creating the type of mobile device Microsoft envisioned years ago " Now I say that some of the other recent facts contradict the same and conclude that MS is not sure of what it wants and it is not on track to create the tye of mobile device that you envision. It is not just about Ms investments to other platforms, it is about prioritizing other platforms over their own, now I know u have an article about that as well but all I want is that you should nt pick up few convinient facts and conclude that Ms is on its way for the surface phone, you know that surface phone will be DOA if there are no apps, yet MS doesnt create its own apps for windows store, w10M no longer gives the best MS experience, it is the iPhone, so given these "FACTS" how can you conclude " they can be viewed as having a synergistic relationship with the goal of creating the type of mobile device Microsoft envisioned years ago "?
  • Whatever makes you sleep better at night Jason. I'm a Microsoft developer and work at a company who has premier partnership with them.  When it comes to mobile we have been directed, first hand straight from Microsoft, to use iOS and Android even for corporate apps.   I dont just "report" on information leaks, assumptions, or hopes.  I've worked side by side with Microsoft employees and been on many calls.  Unless things have rapidly changed, there is no "strategy" in regards to Microsoft having a direct interest in competing with iOS or Android for any type of mobile OS. Microsofts main push is Azure and gears everything towards that. I'll be at Ignite in a few weeks, but I dont expect to see anything geared towards mobile other than development tools, services, and support for iOS and Android.  If I see anything otherwise I will come back here and update you.
  • Thanks for your contribution TennisGuy and I'll look forward to anything you have to share. But I'd like to add that I've stated repeatedly that Microsoft's strayegy is not an attempt to compete with iOS or Android on mobile. iOS and Android are fighting with smartphones. I've assertrd that MS is likely moving the PC to the mobile, not smartphone space. Again thanks. Keep me posted😉
  • I don't understand what this means "MS is liekly moving the PC to the mobile, not smartphone space." I mean, is microsoft saying my laptop is a mobile because one day i might be able to hook up a sim car to it ect... The crux is how will they move pc to mobile different than they already tried--with continuum, but how many of us honestly have a spare monitor around and a keyboard and mouse to use for that? Can't go to the public library and hook up there without getting some seriously dubious looks and even then i bet they will stop you REAL fast lol.  MS is lost because Nadella has no balls nor even a clear vision. Maybe he was hired because on paper he looks like a "safe" choice, and safe choices make the lamest boyfriends and visionaries. He made a double step on mobile and dropped the ball, he should be taken out now, benched, and someone with some actual vision needs to step in. Someone who will follow through.  Windows10Mobile was a bad idea to come out of the gate that buggy. Apple would have never done that.         
  • Let me repeat "B.S." here about 100 times as most of us fanboys don't even care anymore. The Surface Phone (even if it really exist at any level) will be too expensive and occupy such a small niche that it will have virtually no effect whatsoever on any market. In any event, Microsoft would drop support for it in short ordef if they ever release it in tbe first place. No hope at all.
  • Don't worry, Surface Phone will be released when Half-Life 3 is released.
  • No....I will read later tho. Microsoft isn't even optimistic about their mobile future
  • Honestly at this point I'd like to see MS throw everything into Xamrin and create even more apps for platforms like Android. I'd love to see edge, since this is my browser of choice and I think store wouldnt' be terrible. I hate to say it be MS can do what it wants on mobile, I'm not at all optimistic MS hardware / software will succeed. Wish them all the best, always sided MS. But unless they fix the top of the food chain (management, and there is no indication they have) then it's dead in the water before it started. 
  • Very strange happenings in the Windows 10 Mobile World that are a total disconnect from the editorials and forum comments: 1. 4 new Windows phones introduced in the past year
    2. 2 new Windows phones introduced in the past 2 weeks
    3. prices of used Windows phones skyrocketing, up approximately 2X in the past year and 25% in the past week on Amazon. e.g. cheapest used 640 XL this morning at $250, cheapest used 950 XL over $400
    4. even that POS Alcatel Idol 4S sells out on the Microsoft site within hours of a new batch becoming available So if nobody wants Windows 10 Mobile devices, why are companies investing in developing "new, obsolete" phones?
    Why is the demand for used phones so high? Something is happening behind the scenes that we're not being told about. BTW I just replaced my iPhone 6+ with a nice used 640 XL that I found on our local Craigslist. My iPhone is shot in less than 3 years; my son's 6 died in less than 18 months, Apple's solution, a new $700 phone. Yeah right.
  • And still, all of those numbers are marginal on global market.
  • Yeah... Those examples are really padding the truth... WM isn't doing anywhere near well no matter how much you spin it... Nothing wrong with being a fan, hoping for new devices soon, and wanting for it to do better, but staying realistic is playing fare, at this point.
  • That is quite an anecdotal evidence list. Selling out of e. g. 1000 phones isn't too hard. A cheap windows phone is a great alternative to a costly iPhone or a buggy Droid. It isn't the same as something happening with win 10 mobile. When the OS is at the bottom, gaining marketshare is easy.
    I just got a Droid bc even with pinning links to start, every online experience includes a recommendation to download said service's app from the Play store while features are unavailable in Edge. Edge simply isn't a reason to stick around MS' OS anymore.
  • Recently switched to a Moto G4 plus. - $200 new. Read an article about fitness, followed link to fitness app. Boom, it's on my phone. The day MS has some kind of AI that can translate an Apple or Android app onto Windows mobile will be the day MS is back in the game.
  • I just switched from Lumia 640 to Huawei Honor 8 Lite. I liked L640 bu