Can we still expect a "best on Windows" Microsoft experience?

It was also the day that Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella went on record assuring millions of enthusiasts, consumers, developers and businesses that the best Microsoft experience would be on Windows. The importance of this promise is not lost on the faithful fans. We have watched as Microsoft has launched an aggressive colonization of competing platforms by launching their flagship apps onto iOS and Android — frequently before the Windows launch.

In a cross-platform strategy to ensure a Microsoft presence where the users are, we've seen core Microsoft apps and services like Office make their way to the popular mobile platforms iOS and Android. To add insult to injury, many apps like Office Sway can be found on iOS but have yet to appear on Windows 10 Mobile.

This, along with the superior quality of some Microsoft apps on rival platforms, feels like a slap in the face to some enthusiasts who have invested their time and money supporting the platform they — we — love.

You might be recounting the apps Microsoft has launched on other platforms but had seemingly forgotten to bring to their own (or did so much later). Or maybe it's the Microsoft apps that are of better quality on iOS and Android than they are on Windows that gets under your skin. "Best on Windows" might seem to be hollow words spoken into the ether but never destined to materialize.

Promises, Promises

We sometimes hear Nadella's promise echoed when regarding dissatisfaction with Microsoft's investments in rival platforms:

That's what we are doing with Windows, we absolutely are going to have our services and our application end points everywhere, but we absolutely believe that Windows is home for the very best of Microsoft experiences.

That's the promise we remember hearing. However, twenty months later, many fans begrudgingly admit that the best Microsoft experience may be on iOS. In some respects that may be true. So a year after the launch of Windows 10 and eight months since the launch of Windows 10 Mobile, why isn't the Microsoft experience universally "best" on Windows?

Simply put: time. Well, time and the complex processes and moving parts of a large company that govern how time is spent. Yet, the seed has been sown.

Every seed planted needs time to grow. Every garden must be tilled. Some plants need to be pruned; weeds need to be removed and bugs need to be eradicated. Only after the time and effort required to nurture a young garden is invested can the beauty of the flowers and life-giving nutrients of the fruits and vegetables be enjoyed as one cohesive union. A best on Windows experience is not as simple as plunking an app in the Microsoft ecosystem. An integrated synergy, a singular bouquet of apps and OS working as one is Redmond's vision.

First-party apps and Windows are being honed for an optimal UWP experience.

So is Nadella's "best on Windows promise" still something that we can count on occurring? I think it is, but with only a year since its launch, Microsoft is still nurturing the sprout that is Windows 10. The diversity of first-party apps that are destined to be best on Windows are also being honed for this new entity: the Universal Windows Platform. I think the garden that is Windows 10 and first-party apps will be a delightful cohesion of operating system and integrated apps. Like most things in life, however, particularly things of high complexity, it takes time.

What exactly does best on Windows mean?

That's a relatively simple question with an apparently obvious answer. Most people would agree that it simply means Microsoft's apps and services will be the most feature rich, most efficiently employed and most deeply integrated on Windows when compared to their counterparts on other platforms.

OneNote, on the Surface with the integrated Surface Pen functions, come to mind as an example. Our view of what "best on Windows" means I believe is accurate in its simplicity, but we're not left to our interpretation. Given that Nadella made the promise, let's revisit his words as he described what the best on Windows experience would look like:

Simply put, Windows is the best place, it's the home for the very best Microsoft experiences. We are going to have services everywhere, but when it comes to Windows we're not bolting on apps, we're seamlessly harmonizing our experiences. The way Cortana is built in. The way Microsoft account and Azure Active Directory from an ID perspective are built into Windows. How OneDrive and the sync framework are built in. How Skype and Outlook are built in. How Xbox Live is built in. This is just built as part of Windows as a native experience where the scaffolding of the shell, as well as the applications, come together in the most seamless delightful personal ways for users.

I think that statement paints a pretty awesome and ambitious picture of a seamless integration of Windows, first-party apps/services and first-party hardware. It is a goal that is yet to be fully realized, but it is, I believe, coming.


Microsoft, of course, would not be the first company to bring a tight integration of OS, software and hardware to market. Apple designs their own chip to optimize iOS's performance, tightly weaves AI technology throughout its OS, and ensures a seamless and speedy app experience has made such synergy a standard expectation on the iPhone.

Microsoft would not be the first company with deep OS and hardware synergy.

But Microsoft's a third-party developer on iOS and Android and their apps don't get every bit of what's built into the platforms. They are, as Nadella says, "bolted on". Microsoft's app experiences will be tightly harmonized within the Windows as well as across the diverse form factors of the Universal Windows Platform, providing a unique modern personal computing experience. The UWP and family of Windows 10 devices add a dimension to this "best on Windows" experience that not even Apple's tight OS /hardware synergy but disparate operating systems ecosystem has brought to the industry.

So best on Windows doesn't only mean best on Windows phone or Windows PC. It means the best Microsoft experience across all Windows 10 devices including Surface Hub, Xbox, Windows phone, Surface, HoloLens and any new category of Windows 10 device Microsoft brings to market.

What's the holdup?

So what's taking so long? Frankly, what Microsoft is doing has never been done before. Love them or hate them, Redmond's Universal Windows Platform and family of first-party devices are an industry first. The fact that this is uncharted territory alone presents unique technical, strategic and infrastructure challenges.

Furthermore, Microsoft did not embark on this UWP course with a clean slate. They are working to shift the direction of a ship that has been on one course for many years. Internal shifts, company culture, reorgs and more have all had to align to bring this multifaceted vision to fruition. Software and hardware had to be developed from the rudimentary level or core to ensure a cohesive and optimal experience across all form factors. Had all of this been occurring in a perfect world it would have been a challenge. The fact that none of these shifts have happened in a vacuum makes it all that more difficult.

Best on Windows encompasses all Windows 10 devices.

Technological barriers, bugs, market challenges, competition, pressure from investors and more have all contributed to a slow, methodical, calculated and sometimes delayed implementation of some feature, update or new hardware release.

It is also evident that not every aspect of the UWP that will showcase a "best on Windows" experience is as mature as another. Windows 10 for desktop was released on July 29, 2015, for instance. Its mobile counterpart was not ready for general release (though installed on the Lumas 950/950XL) until months later.

Furthermore, the consensus seems to be that the 950/XL did not get the "Panos Panay Surface treatment." His team was not entirely responsible for those devices. Consequently, we're still waiting for a true showcase phone that will highlight the best of Windows 10 and Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile and premier first-party hardware.

Other components of the Window 10 family of devices are also barely out of the womb. HoloLen's and Windows Holographic are industry leaders in augmented reality and are firsts for Microsoft. The hardware has only recently gone out in "mass quantities" to interested parties and the Holographic platform, which is part of Windows 10 is in its infancy.

These few examples reveal a very complex picture of many moving parts that are being developed, managed and introduced, at various stages, in a very competitive space. Nonetheless, the first-party app experience that Nadella promised will be "best on Windows" is being integrated into each of these disparate form factors and varying stages of development. This small snapshot of a very complex environment gives a picture of the challenges inherent to bringing an optimal and uniform experience to the entirety of Windows when the family of devices showcasing the experience are at different stages of development, deployment and position in the market.

I get it now, but "best on Windows" is still hard to believe

As a tech enthusiast and Microsoft fan, I can empathize with those who express frustration with the current "not as good as iOS and Android" Microsoft experience in some areas.

For example, I love Microsoft Office Sway. I was one of the early adopters permitted into the beta release. I've also interviewed General Manager of the Sway team and OneNote creator Chris Pratley and Program Manager Nathan Freier. Moreover, I was one of the featured authors on (opens in new tab), where I publish many of my Sways. So the fact that I can't build and edit a Sway on my Lumia 1520 running Windows 10 because there is no Windows phone app is a disappointment.

I've tried editing a Sway with the Edge mobile browser on my Lumia and that's just not a good experience at all. I'm sure there are iPhone users that are quite pleased with the Microsoft experience that they enjoy via the iOS Sway app. And I'm glad that that part of Microsoft's strategy of reaching/enticing users where they are with Microsoft services is in place. But, alas, I don't use an iPhone.

The process of ensuring a "best on Windows" is far more complicated than just getting an app on a phone.

As a Windows phone user for several years now, I've been with the platform through highs and lows, and I get it. I also understand that the process of ensuring a "best on Windows" experience is far more complicated than what app I want on my phone right now. Steve Ballmer spoke on the scope of this unified platform endeavor three years ago (opens in new tab):

"As devices proliferate, it has become clearer that consumers crave one experience across all of their technology…Going forward, our strategy will focus on creating a family of devices and services for individuals and businesses that empower people around the globe at home, at work and on the go, for the activities they value most.To take advantage of our critical competitive assets, we will center our work on…A business model based on partner and first-party devices with both consumer and enterprise services… A family of devices powered by a service-enabled shell… No technology company has as yet delivered a definitive family of devices useful all day for work and for play, connected with every bit of a person's information available through one cloud.Our devices must share a common user-interface approach tailored to each hardware form factor.

Of course, the promises of those words coupled with Nadella's "best on Windows" assurance may betray the complexity of the process for the end user who simply wants his Windows phone, laptop or 2-in-1 to run all Microsoft apps in a way that elicits envy from users of their iOS and Android counterparts. We're not there yet for all Microsoft apps. But in what may sound like a mantra or the Microsoft's fan's anthem: "It's coming."

Is there a middle ground?

One weakness that seems to have plagued Microsoft for many years is poor communication. This is not only true of my perception of their marketing in comparison to that of Apple and Samsung. I think it is also true in how they communicate or fail to communicate to their current and potential fans.

I've heard the concerns of Microsoft's core supports and share some of them myself. Some of these can be addressed by providing information that someone less plugged into the pulse of the industry may have missed. Other concerns are best or only addressed satisfactorily by Microsoft. Would Nadella candidly meeting users where they are, with a direct address to the status and challenges of the "best on Windows" strategy, be helpful?

Is there a middle ground that can be bridged for fans who have championed the platform amid plunging market share, app exoduses and a deluge of negative press that has declared the death of their beloved platform? Admittedly, as they have waited for the manifestation of the "best on Windows" experience, encouraging progress has been made toward ambitious goals such as Nadella's 2014 vision of an all-encompassing cloud-based platform{.nofollow}:

Microsoft has a unique ability to harmonize the world's devices, apps, docs, data and social networks in digital work and life experiences so that people are at the center and are empowered to do more and achieve more with what is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity – time!

Though by no means complete, Microsoft's platform approach strategy has seen celebrated success in the cloud and its cross-platform endeavors. That said, I am confident that Microsoft is forging forward with a "best on Windows" strategy. I understand as many fans do, the complexity and challenges involved in the process.

The platform, though obviously moving forward has a perception problem.

Still, Windows phone is losing support from fans. Developer support of the UWP is underwhelming. The goal for one billion Windows 10 installs has been pushed out to some undetermined point. Apps are leaving the platform seemingly as fast as they roll in. And many users perceive that Microsoft has a greater interest in rival platforms than their own. The platform, though obviously moving forward in many respects, has a perception problem.

Moreover many mobile consumers who enjoy Microsoft apps on iOS and Android are woefully unaware that "best on Windows" is even a goal.

We are perhaps at a critical junction in Microsoft's history where their unprecedented ambition and goals, unique challenges and obvious progress requires something equally unprecedented, ambitious and unique. Perhaps a "State of the Ecosystem" address that speaks directly to the "best on Windows goals," challenges and progress is in order. Can Microsoft meet current and potential fans in the middle with a bold, candid and clear message?

Microsoft cannot continue "communication" as usual.

The UWP, Microsoft's cross-platform pursuits and the best on Windows experience require a cohesive message to retain the industry's confidence as Microsoft's unique strategy endures unique and growing challenges. That confidence, though present for some OEMs, fans and developers, is waning for others. Redmond, in my opinion, cannot continue "communication" as usual.

I wonder if Satya Nadella, outside of the context of a scheduled conference or keynote speech, is open to such a unique, and in my opinion, needful address. Given the ecosystem's perception problem, I sincerely hope that he is.

What are you thoughts? Sound off in comments and reach me on Twitter!

Jason Ward

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • Well folks, as usual thanks for reading! Obviously Microsoft's goal is a deeply interwoven app/OS experience. Such integration is not easily achieved in the midst of a new and evolving platform. Deeply integrating an app experience with the OS is different than "plunking" an app in an app store. To make an experience best on Windows the OS and app have to be grafted for the fit. I know it's difficult watching iPhone and Android get great Microsoft experiences while we wait. But I do believe that as the OS evolves MS is likely aggressively working on this optimal Windows experience. That said, many people are frustrated and disappointed. And as i mention in the piece, iOS and Android users of Microsoft apps have now idea that best on Microsoft is a goal. Of course, ads highlighting best on Windows features may be on the roadmap but until then there's a core of supporters, industry watchers and writers who have lost sight of best on Windows strategy as challenges have arisen. Would a communication on this issue from Satya Nadella be helpful? Well you know the drill - LET'S TALK!!!
  • I like the direction everything is going. The anniversary update brought some nice core functions, gave the action center a much needed makeover, and on the mobile side of things we finally have an NFC payment method that google can't just buy and snatch from us, and eliminated my need to have a separate app for loyalty/rewards cards. We've been dealing with a flat tire of a Wallet app since the conception of Windows Phone, and I'm so glad to see it get so useful so fast. The next step is definitely making sure that the Windows platform has the best of their owned property. They still have a long way to go before Windows 10 is perfect, but it's definitely the best Windows.
  • Someone else said the article is an apology and I tend to agree. We shouldn't fool ourselves that Microsoft just needs time. Microsoft's primary goal is to take its products to where the customers are. So like any smart company, they are protecting themselves by making their products available on iOS and Android. Essentially they are hedging their bets. So as a consumer, I have to protect myself and limit my continued investment in a dying platform until there is demonstrable evidence that something has changed for the better (not just statements). In summary give me a best in class surface phone or give me the additional apps I desire. Anything short of that by this spring I have no choice but to switch given that I've waited long enough. I'm not mad at Microsoft at all, I just need to get on with enjoying the best that technology has to offer and stop waiting around for a specific vendor to catch up. Microsoft has clearly showed their cards by letting us know what their priorities are and win 10 mobile isn't one at the moment. When a vendor makes such a declaration, we have to hear it clearly and move past being annoyed at every app that launches with a better experience on other platforms etc. Btw, the waiting game rarely works but I really want to see what a surface phone looks like.
  • Agreed beta release.  That is the reason I jumped off the microsoft ship.  they are only worried about enterprise and not consumers.  I moved on,  and have been much happier with my technology.  Its like coming from a rotary dial phone to the smartphone.  The iphone is awesome,  as are the other mac products I have now.  MS had many repeat users ready to buy up lots of different devices,  if they followed through onwhat they promised.  The Mclaren would be in my hands now,  if they released it with the 41mp senor,  and made the engine faster.  Ditch the 3d stuff sure,  but don't trash the entire phone.  Dumb mistake.  
  • @SAdams I just can't get with Apple as much as I envy their market position, their plethora of apps and their incredible design. I have no rational explanation other than "I hate apple" :) It would be like switching from being a Yankee fan to a Red Sox fan. It just isn't done. I dislike Google but I can compromise there and pick up an Android device without feeling too much pain. Sometimes I wished that I didn't look at some technology as "us vs them". It would be cool to embrace it all but unfortunately I tend to pick sides. There is still hope for me. One day lol.
  • It's hard to believe that Nadella still has a job there. Everything has become so lethargic with half baked ideas lately.
  • On the contrary. He has done an outstanding job by all corporate standards. We may not love that mobile is not where we want it to be but I think that he has saved Microsoft from being the old IBM. I get why you feel they're lethargic but that's really because they haven't delivered on mobile to our satisfaction. Frankly I think they've been trying to figure it out themselves and have come to the realization that they will have to reinvent the category to have a shot. Playing catchup is a losing proposition so redefining the category MIGHT be their only shot. I'm all in on Win 10 on my pc's but I'll likely bolt in the short-term for a better mobile experience.
  • I was exactly like you.  I dispised everything but microsoft,  Up until they annouced they retracted the 1020 from the w10m update patch after stating numerous times that ALL 8.1 phones running denim will update to w10m (not through insider programs).  That was the straw that broke the camels back,  and then I started moving away from them.  Continuing on,  the direction of MS now is a joke really.  I was going to get the new galaxy s7 edge.  But the wife said,  why don't you just goto the store and try an iphone.  She don't like android because our note 1s were laggy after a couple of months.  So,  I did.  And I actually enjoyed it ALOT.  The build quality is better than any other phone,  and static apps do not bother me a bit.  Touch 3d is awesome! the way EVERYTHING works with iphones,  as I mentioned before,  Its like coming from a rotary dial phone (Windows Mobile,  Yes I was using w10 on my 1020),  to having a real smart phone.  
  • The 1020 isn't the best example. I had one for over 2 years and whilst I really loved the phone, the specs were extremely poor. They needed something with the 1020 camera sensor along with the 930's specs. Unfortunately the 1020 was running the max specs supported by the OS at the time of it's release so they couldn't have done much there. That could/would have been McLaren and I really wish they'd released that. I don't even think that phone would have turned the tide and got people buying Lumia's but it may have moved the industry along as a whole by now as other manufacturers copied and built on Nokia's ideas, there was some awesome intuitive stuff in there that could have made it to numerous high end phones by now
  • 100% agreed! That's the broad reason why I could never buy a windows phone, and from the looks of it, the HP Elite X3 ain't gonna save anything 'cause its only strength, Continuum, has already been implemented on Android via Andromium OS. What we need is something like the Sync Phone that natively runs x86 applications when connected to a monitor or Tablet/Laptop dock, while providing a neat Smartphone UI (like Windows 10 Mobile) when detached from a dock. The Sync Phone was the closest materialization to this my smartphone wish:
  • I really want to see what a surface phone looks like It will look like a smartphone running Window 10 Mobile.
  • Personally hoping their next flagship phone is the best across multiple classes - Saying there's a focus on business and not offering a camera at least as good as the 950/XL, along with a dedicated camera button, glance and many other good features will be a bit of a cop out IMO. I need a phone for personal AND business use, and I don't want to have to carry two around with me. If the next phone out of Microsoft drops the things like made Lumia's good phones it will be a big step back. I accept that the HP Elite x3 doesn't have a camera anywhere close to the 950, and that's okay but it doesn't mean every phone aimed at business should cop out on the camera. Even if they take the exact same camera from the 950 and stick it in the next phone I'd be more than happy. Cameras have reached a point where there's really no HUGE difference between different phones and the 950 is good enough. With a focus on business they don't need THE best camera in a phone, but it makes sense to make it as good as the 950 as a minimum when they already have that in the current models. So many people use iPhones for both personal and business use and that's what I'd like from MS, because I don't want to carry two phones around. Continuum (way way)down the line will be at it's best when we can truly just carry one device, if we need to also carry a second phone for personal use because we want a half decent camera we may as well just carry an Android phone and a Surface as the two devices.
  • believer since WP 6.5... haha
  • You and I both brother. Rock on!
  • i've been staying with 7.5/7.8 since none of the features i want such as zune, hardware keyboards, etc, have never made it over since then.
  • 6.1 here. Been rocking WM since the HTC TyTn P4550!
  • 6.1 on an HTC Tilt then Touch Pro. Lol
  • Yes, believing since THAT version. "Simply put: time." You know what that means? It means "even though the enthusiasts and 'believers' have kept waiting allllllll this time, the STILL need to wait for God knows how much more." Everyone should ask themselves: why am I waiting? Is the OS on my phone usable? Barely. Does it have a consistent design language? Nope. Does it at least have all the features on competing platforms, even if not working properly? Nope. Is the hardware awesome in comparison? Nope. Are the apps that are made by THIS comapany available or functional on the same company's OS? Nope. Then why the hell am I *waiting*?!
  • I think that usage of a technological product should be based on current experience and not what expectations you have in the long run as you would probably will using another phone anyway in some years. But I strongly disagree with your current claims of the OS. I have an iPhone 6S and a Lumia 950 and my take is opposite: "Is the OS on my phone usable? Barely"; it is very usable. I find it superior as iOS in plenty of ways (back button, universal search, live tiles, Continuum, settings customization and shortcuts, ...) like Android is superior to iOS while having a polish closer to iOS than Android and the update support / lack of slowdown over time that some Android users are experiencing. "Does it have a consistent design language? Nope": not less than disparate iOS applications and OS. "Does it at least have all the features on competing platforms, even if not working properly? Nope": compared to iOS at least, it definitily does have most and even addtional features. What are you referring to when saying that? "Is the hardware awesome in comparison? Nope": again, I have an iPhone and I fail to see what is "awesome" on this 870€ phone where the 500€ 950 has a better screen (bigger, AMOLED, higher resolution), a much better camera, quick and wireless charging, glance, double SIM, SD card support... If there is one reason to choose Android or a Lumia, it is indeed for the better hardware than the iPhone. "Are the apps that are made by THIS comapany available or functional on the same company's OS? Nope.": here, there is no black or white. Yes, there is no Sway. But Outlook is better on Windows (formatting options), all apps work with Continuum, Groove is better, Office Remote is unique, MSM Meteo is gorgeous, Cortana is more integrated (obviously)... So yes, indeed, many Microsoft app and services are, fortunately, better on Windows.
  • I'm only still rocking Windows Mobile because I enjoy the experience of using it, I don't get that same feeling with Android or iOS. Not saying Windows Mobile is perfect or that I don't have serious issues with it, I just don't get frustrated all day and every day while using it. With iOS I can't even type a message without getting frustrated, and there's a simple reason for that, I type on a smart phone with both thumbs and when I press shift on Windows Mobile, all the keys change to uppercase so even though my thumb covers my view of the shift key I know that it had been pressed, with iOS that doesn't happen, the shift key gets highlighted but the keys are already uppercase so I see no indication at all that I pressed the shift key or not. I prefer Android over iOS simply for the fact that I can replace the OS with Cyanogenmod etc, I can develop apps for it without a Mac and in general its nice to mess around with and obviously get access to virtually any app, the problem with it for me has always been the home screen or whatever you call it, I miss live tiles when I use it and while I did use widgets for a while when I had a GS3 it quickly seemed outdated and nothing really looked great together, no consistency etc. If Windows Mobile didn't have live tiles I don't think I would stay using it. Personally I'm not waiting for anything on mobile, there's thing I'd like to see and some apps I would appreciate but currently nothing that ruins my day.
  • Most annoying thing on the iPhone is the upper case keyboard keys. Not sure why they think this is better. They are upper case on physical keyboards because it makes sense on a hardware key. On-screen keyboards have the luxury of showing the actual case that will be output when pressed. With their focus on UX you'd think it would have been changed years ago.
  • My fear is when you have Windows as a service (WAAS), it suggests to me that it will never be good and will always be a work in progress. I hope we are not constantly wiping our machines and reloading due to the next update.
  • I'm hoping it means they get better with updates, especially the bigger ones. 
  • The anniversary update installed as an update, that was a huge difference with the fall update which installed as a new build version of Windows (including a Windows.old file) so they have already improved up on the way they deliver major updates to Windows 10!
  • If they mange to get deta changes implemented plus have the ability to update items without a restart then it should be pretty cool. Thats a massive amount of work to the core.
  • Yet again, the sycophant makes every excuse for Microsoft's bullshit failure to deliver on its promises. You, sir, are an embarrassment. A mindless, drooling fanboy who does nothing but make excuses. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Kinda over the top with the hate.
  • No, over the top is this moron fueling delusions. I supported Windows Phones fit almost a decade. Microsoft has more than proven that they are incompetent where mobile is concerned. It's not going to change.
  • So anyone with a perspective that differs from your is a delusional moron??  So name calling and insults are the most you can offer to the conversation?  Have you even read or considered the points being made?
  • Let's look at the adoption of windows mobile since it's inception in the early 2000s.. Hmm.. I'm seeing nothing but a downward spiral in adoption as of late. Sounds like his claims that Microsoft is incompetent in mobile has the market share to back it up. Sorry the truth hurts.
    I hope I too, can one day be able to go an entire day without having to restart my phone to do something as basic as play a song with the default music app.
    I'm sure Microsoft can only go one way from here. And that's up.
  • Man, Im in the same boat. I have to agree. Been with windows phone since my Dell Venue Pro. As I mentioned before a while back before some fanboys criticized my comment...Microsoft was putting all their efforts into cortana. It was a reactionary effort against siri and Google now. Cortana made more advances in Windows 10 than any other feature in the OS, in my opinion..Still have a windows phone but my daily driver is an android because of my banking apps and my my SmartWatch. The Microsoft band just doesn't offer enough smart features as my LG G Watch R or any other android watches for that matter. I think anyones frustration with Windows phone is absolutely justified. Yet Im still optimistic. Guess my android running a windows 10 launcher will have to do for now Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In terms of the Band, for me it's lack of smartphone features it's one of it's biggest strengths. It's for glaceable notifications, the odd quick reply and health tracking. Totally understand why it's not right for you and many others, but I think a "smart watch" is a slightly different product to the Band, and Microsoft should release a separate product if they want that. I just find that a lot of people who have had devices like that tend to not always wear them or let them run out of a charge for days at a time. Not everybody, but the few I know with Android or Apple Watches tend to get bored (Not saying you do, you obviously find it very useful and it fits your needs) In comparison I've wore my Band pretty much every single day since I got the Band 1 on UK release and same with Band 2 when I upgraded - Had to get my Band 2 replaced on warranty and for the few days it was gone I noticed the lack of a Band for simple things like checking an incoming call or checking the time and noticed the difference having to get my phone out my pocket and times it wasn't convenient - This really showed me how useful a wearable can be when you have the one that fits your needs. Whether that's a full on Smart Watch or if it's a more simple device like a MS Band
  • Never buy a product JUST to support the company. Buy what will work best for you. Windows 10 Mobile is the best for me and when it ceases to be then I'll switch. I think there's a difference between being loyal to a brand regardless of what they do, and evangelising a product or set of products because they genuinely work best for you. I wouldn't recommend W10M to a lot of people, just like I wouldn't recommend that everybody goes out and buys a Surface Pro just because they work well for me.
  • You Sir, need to step away from the computer, go outside, grab a beer and relax. If you talk to everyone like that you probably dont have many firends.
  • Says the man with his hand up a toy trex's ass.
  • Spoken like a true outsider.
  • @dalydose @david and @vincentwasink Thanks for the support! Jasongw thanks for reading!!!
  • Please, tell us how you really feel.
  • Agree completely, it's embarrassing in light of the actual situation in real life.
  • it is my final windows for sure.. linux mint is next for me. MS have broken all reasonable privacy expectations with winx.. I want my desktop back with out ms datamining my experience
  • And you think linux doesn't track telemetry data?
  • Not if you don't want it to. It's Linux.
  • I think the short summary of this article could read: Best on Windows?  No, not really.  But soon.*   *As in never.
  • Even better: [...]? No, not really. But soon™. That is exactly the same with less words.
  • Thanks for the article Jason, very detailed and understandable. I've been with the Windows phone since 7.5, msft took a fresh start and I instantly liked very much about everything since. Msft's first party hardware are one of its kind, take the Surface line, Band, HoloLens, and the Nokia's partnership that eventually led to the Lumia portfolio of devices. All for good. I understand msft as a software company should keep its focus on introducing its services to the already existing (rival) platforms where user base is billions. That's where the profit is and msft knows what's best. I feel disappointed though, for not making more time and effort on its own platform where there is quite some customers and a lot of loyal fans. Msft laid off a lot of ppl and now they should be hiring developers (separate from OS development) to make exclusive apps (at least their own apps) on Windows 10 Mobile. This shouldn't be hard for them. Also msft not only is bad at communicating but at marketing too. Nokia had a global presence for its Lumias, that faded away after the acquisition and this led the world to think that acquiring Nokia mobile division was a bad choice. It was seriously msft's fault to get something with potential without a proper goal (and development) of their own. If Windows as a service and UWP should succeed for all the devices at once, msft must take action quickly, slow and steady and win the race had been msft's action for so long, it needs to change.
  • With your advertising point, one good example of this is recently with surface adverts. I haven't seen one advert to show the surface brand, or any MS product, all the while I'm having to watch the same laughable apple advert on every ad break where they falsely claim the iPad Pro is a full PC. MS definitely need to start investing in good marketing before they are once again shadowed out by a worse product, by their rival, which was inspired by their (Surface) technology to begin with.
  • @Raytiger You're welcome and thanks for the support! Thanks for the input! If you'd like to continue the discussion head to this forum topic: Should Nadella provide an update to the "Best on Windows" Strategy? #BestOnWindows
  • After delivering experiences that are "good enough" on rivaling platforms, nobody's going care about "best on Windows" (IF we ever get there). Unless Microsoft suddenly starts neglecting their app efforts on iOS and Android, what users have on those platforms will be more than adequate and will never make them even think about going back to Windows. It's nice that you can run the same app on your phone and on your PC, but who really NEEDS this? IMO, nobody. Most platforms evolve through constant iteration and deliverying features HERE and NOW. Microsoft however, for the past 5+ years has been in a constant state of rebuilding. And as a result they have been unable to catch up with the compition. So while others have been delivering and gaining customers, Microsoft has been chasing a dream and losing customers in the hope that once their grand vision is done they will be able to get those customers back. I think that's very unlikely. If and when they get to there, everybody will be firmly entrenched in their ecosystem. And let's not kid ourselves: both Apple and Google will not sit still. They too will adapt their software to whatever new formfactors and devices that will emerge in the coming years. And their solutions might not be as nice or "universal" as Microsofts, but that won't matter. They already are in the heart and minds of most customers. Microsoft will sit their with their superior Betamax solution while to world moves on with VHS. I am really puzzled why Microsoft is even continuing with Windows, certainly with the mobile version of it. It's evolving so incredibly slow that I'm really questionning whether their heart is still into this thing. I mean look at the Anniversary Update: the main new feature on PC's was Windows Ink. Migration of features from control panel to settings? Hardly any progress. A consistent dark theme throughout the OS? Still in its infancy. Same with tablet mode. One drive place holders: still under development. And so on. Redstone 1 was supposed to be a huge update. What happened? And on mobile I think they actually managed to remove more features than add (FM app, kids corner, glance features/settings, ...). At this rate, for Windows mobile to be a worthy OS for the Surface phone, RS2 is gonna have to be LOADED with new stuff. But based on their recent rate of progress, I just don't see that happening.
  • >for the past 5+ years has been in a constant state of rebuilding Thats part of the problem. Its painful for devs.Even their own devs. (And they have clearly had infighting for years, and a horrible management culture which is well documented with "stack ranking".) But they have so many marvellous geniuses, its horrible watching them. They do need a period of stability, where the experience and finessing needs to take place. And stop shifting the architectural goal posts. I don't agree with you on mobile. They had to move to a point where they could use OneCore, that must have been hard engineering. I suspect they take cold hard revenue decisions, mobile makes no money, lets not put our best devs on it yet.  Like OneNote is a small team, as OneNote is mostly free. But its such a critical piece of their "experience" it really needs alot of their love in my opinion. Microsoft, always so near, yet so far from brilliance. I wonder if they had a dictator like Jobs was, that would have brought everything into line and produced something "magical" ;). Nadella is just a career politician, the most bland responses without any substance. Although he is non offensive and breaks the middle-age-white-man mould, i've yet to see or feel his impact on Microsoft.
  • >> i've yet to see or feel his impact on Microsoft. You clearly have not been paying attention.  MSFT 3 years ago, as Ballmer's term was limping to an end: 31.88.  MSFT price today, after 2.5+ years of Nadella: 57.67.  That is an 80% increase in market value.      
  • "t this rate, for Windows mobile to be a worthy OS for the Surface phone," Agree on everything you wrote but assessment is harsh. First, there is no thousand of groundbreaking features in W10 Anniversary but this is also because it simply is an awesome OS. There is not a lot of features that MacOS has that W10 do not. On the other side, MacOS is still playing catchup on many. Same on the mobile side where iOS for instance (I have an iPhone) has mostly playing catch up with WP8 and no W10M (news app, camera manual control, iCloud drive, transit naivgation on Apple Map, multi-windows on tablet, notes improvment, QuickType, battery saver mode, and yet to come RAW support, store where you park the car...). I mean, people are forgetting how much feature rich are W10M and even more W10. What features are you waiting for for W10M really?
  • What features are we waiting for, you ask...? We're waiting for it to work, is the short answer. Regarding the sheer number of features, good old Symbian, with it's built l-in limitations, had more 6 years ago! And the functionality that is finally here, is horribly mangled... Artist/album art in Groove? It's a gamble. Freely adjustable alarm time setting? No, you'll never need to be notified two hours in advance. Cortana? Nah, not in your country. Etc, etc ad nausea...
    And that's completely disregarding the many minor apps missing in peoples everyday life because of MS losing Windows Phone/Mobile momentum for years...
  • Excellent comment, Timo.   I have to wonder about the quality of the development platforms since the move away from Win CE.  I recall back then that there was a .NET version for CE that had a very similar API to ful Windows, and there were a number of .NET apps that ran very well on CE.  The move to Silverlight for WP 7 was a total reset, and the old .NET app developers didn't go along for the ride.  Shame MSFT didn't just build a nice swipe-and-tap shell on top of CE.  I think they'd have maintined their early marked dominance, or at least remained competitive.   It's interesting that MSFT isn't releasing UWP apps quickly.  Sway and Power Apps are two big examples.  Makes me wonder again about the quality of the UWP development platform.   In 2010, you could do this on iOS. In 2016, Microsoft is still trying to get bluetooth and wi-fi to work well on Mobile.  
  • @timo47v Thanks for adding to the discussion! If you'd like to continue the discussion head to this forum topic: Should Nadella provide an update to the "Best on Windows" Strategy? #BestOnWindows
  • Nice article jason! And thanks for sharing the story of the garden!
  • Hi toptom. Thanks I appreciate the support and no problem! Continue the discussion at this forum topic: Should Nadella provide an update to the "Best on Windows" Strategy? #BestOnWindows
  • Have you tried to reach out to Microsoft regarding this idea of having Satya address the fan base directly? Currently I still have full faith in Windows 10 and the direction Microsoft is taking it, along with their hardware efforts as well. I also believe that focusing on getting apps and services to iOS and Android as quickly as possible is the right decision at this time in terms of short term business goals, the main issue being that Windows 10 Mobile is not yet in full swing and while I don't regard it as Beta / Unfinished after the AU it still needs time to become the "tip of the spear" for Microsoft. So until Windows 10 Mobile is being pushed with the full might of Microsoft with new and exciting hardware and long promised features it makes sense to focus on getting users on Microsoft services regardless of their platform of choice. The big however here though is that by taking that path, the enthusiasts and fans will feel betrayed and let down, these are the people who are needed to help push Windows 10 around the world and even if (like me) they see the logical reasoning behind the state of mobile, the emotional response is still the same and that does a lot of damage in my opinion. I personally feel that Microsoft (especially now it owns Xamarin) should move to a 100% equal cross platform experience for all apps and services, I.e. Releasing for all platforms' at the same time with full feature parity. This would help promote the fact that Xamarin is the best technology to develop cross platform apps, it would demonstrate that Microsoft is confident in its own products and its own mobile OS, this in turn will give confidence to developers around the world, enthusiasts and fans will no longer feel so betrayed and so on. This will cost a lot of money, it doesn't make good business sense in the short term but it will provide a strong boost in the future. You only have to look at Sway to imagine an iOS developer thinking "If Microsoft can't even be bothered to develop for their platform why should I?" and that is a HUGE problem, in my view it's essentially the biggest problem now as the old chicken or the egg issue for Windows Phone is no longer that relevant due to UWP and the amount of users on Desktop / Xbox where developing for Windows 10 Mobile is a small effort after already targeting Desktop and/or Xbox. Either way I think Microsoft will be successful in mobile eventually, the only problem is that their current path is likely to take another 4-5 years, whereas if they modified that approach slightly they may just get that consumer market share in just a year or two. Thanks for the great read Jason, always a pleasure!
  • Thanks for the thorough response mbrdev! Please head over to forums to continue the discussion at this forum topic: Should Nadella provide an update to the "Best on Windows" Strategy? #BestOnWindows And feel free to share!
  • Sure, the wait is sometimes painful, but I think a lot of it is just blown out of proportion. The UWP Outlook apps are fine - I certainly don't feel like I'm suddenly entering the next level when I use Outlook on my Nexus 7 or my iPod Touch. I can send and receive emails, I can triage emails reasonably well, I can create, edit, and view entries on multiple calendars. And if there's something I can't do - well then I can go to the web interface and do it there. Or if I need more than the app - I'm probably doing stuff I really need to be on a desktop for and using full fat Outlook 2016. The Skype UWP is the first decent Skype client we've had on Windows Mobile since it was first integrated in WP7, and finally seems up to spec with the iOS and Android clients. The Office apps on Windows 10 for desktop/tablet are great - and absolutely on the same level as the iOS and Android apps in my use of them. With a pen abled device they're actually much better. Sure, the Windows Mobile apps have that weird interface with the ribbon all hidden at the bottom which is a pain - but hopefully they sort that out with their new UX/UI they spoke about recently. Groove is better on Windows still - they've turned that around so much in the past year. But frankly I don't want a better on Windows experience for Groove - I want it to be awesome everywhere so it becomes a contender with Apple Music/Google Play Music etc. OneDrive is the biggie for me, and I think best shows off what Microsoft talks about - the integration with the file system is brilliant. I have three OneDrives (personal, and two business) and having them just be part of my PC and Surface is great - changes just sync in the background (and sure - at the moment Windows 10 isn't as smart as it should be about bandwidth when syncing) and I get a better experience there than I do on any other platform. Microsoft Garage explained pretty well why their apps don't always end up on Windows - they're mostly tech demos - they're research based. And none of them are exactly life changing apps. Sure - there needs to be more. The keyboards Microsoft make for iOS and Android are pretty great, and need to be built into Windows 10 (everywhere, not just phones) before Spring 2017 really. As does some other stuff. Fact is, we're Windows fans, we're always waiting. It's a pain - but they are getting there. Windows 10 is much improved from a year ago. Is it perfect? No, it's never going to be. But I'd still rather be using Windows 10 anniversary update than Windows 10, or Windows 8.1, or Windows 7, or OSX, or Linux, or ChromeOS. So unless that changes - I just have to deal with it. Doesn't make me less frustrated to see some bad decisions made, and things getting delayed, but it's not like it's ruining my life or stopping me from getting any work done. It's fun to moan sometimes - but at the end of the day if things got too bad - I'd switch. Ugh, I completely lost track of my point - but I'll post this anyway, lol! ;) Thanks for another great post, Jason! I've not had chance to comment on any of yours in ages but I look forward to reading them every week! :)
  • @Pretty confused I appreciate the comments and the support! Thank you.
  • Bring that passion and knowledge to the forum discussion topic: Should Nadella provide an update to the "Best on Windows" Strategy? #BestOnWindows
  • Jason, this is a Interesting an timely article. The issue of lack of communication interest me the most. I really wonder if there is a lack of information, or just a lack of touching base. For example, we know that a Windows Phone is being created by Panos team for 2017. As far as I'm concerned, I'm informed enough, but based on many comments, some want more information like specs, materials, features. But leaks of such things can be detrimental for competition. One of the success of the Surface Book was the fact that no one expected it. Secrecy is key in the tech industry. So I wonder what is it that we really need to hear from MS in ways of communication. Do we just need Nadella to monthly say the the same thing over and over to reassure us? Do we need dates and deadlines? I'm a lot more patient regarding software development, but I do programming..."he who feels it, knows it." But as you know, that's not the views of the masses on these pages, or even you, according to this article. What do you think we need to do to satisfy the masses' need for information?
  • Hi STXVI thanks fir the response and the question.:-) The communication I'm referring to is not in regards to the Surface Phone(as we call it) or any hardware product. I'm referring to Nadella's statement 20 months ago that the Microsoft exp would be "Best on Windows" in relation to third software. As I shared in some of the responses below and in the "Is there a middle" section of this piece, many in the industry such as enthusiasts, investors and developers in the 20 months since that statement have lost sight of the best on Windows message in the midst of the negative challenges of dropping market share, app exoduses, underwhelming UWP support, an extended goal (blamed on mobile)to an undetermined date for 1Billion Windows devices. Furthermore Apple and Android users of MS apps on their devices don't even know about the Best on Windows goal as they go along life with great MS apps on their phones. Even many writers have lost sight of the Beat on Windows message as the ecosystem endures many of these challenges. Many challenges which are unique to the unique unified core Microsoft has pioneered. We all see what most people see about Microsoft's story lately. We read about those challenges. Dropping share, apps leaving and the like. This is what the masses see. As I point out in the piece because the success of the UWP is critical, and it is unique, I believe Microsoft, Nadella, needs do something unique and communicate, outside of the context of a big conference etc, and tell the industry, users, developers, potential users in a candid manner where they are with "best on Windows," some of the challenges, what the progress is and where its going. Nadella needs to provide that type of clear concise, easily understood message because fans and developers who are seeing a lot of negativity, and losing faith in Microsoft's direction need to see where the company is regarding its own ecosystem. The cloud and cross-platform efforts and achievements are visible and clearly celebrated. He doesn't need to divulge company secrets, I believe he needs to communicate candidly the investment the company is making it its own ecosystem toward the "best on Windows" goal. Though enthusiasts and writers can dig out evidence of progress toward that goal in improved apps here, announcement there, amidst all of the negative challenges and press an clear comprehensive message from CEO would be more effective and potentially encouraging if informative and genuine. JOIN THE FORUM DISCUSSION:
    #BestOnWindows @JLTechWord @Satyanadella
  • I'm really waiting on a Skype for Business UWP app - If Continuum is going to succeed in business they need to capitalise on it now with improvements to that, and making sure all their core business services work with it. To be honest most things are getting there - The Skype for Business team are very quiet in terms of a UWP client, I've not even really seen anything from them on the iOS front recently either. The consumer Skype UWP Preview is showing them what their app needs to be like. It's a damn shame there is no good Skype for Business experience for the HP Elite x3
  • good points - thinking as a developer, going for iOS, Android first makes sense - it's much easier to 'tweak' your own platform (Win), so attacking a more 'hostile' OS-s to bring it all together, organize code base/procedures in places etc., then adjusting your own (Win) later - may be painful to watch at first but it is logical approach.
    ​Still, they (MS) are 'mis-communicating' and we agree on that - they need to step up on that department - I've been working with MS for a long time, and they're always like that, I like how their 'mind' works, but hate how they communicate, their support etc., they have a 'superiority' complex of a sort and don't feel a need to share things w/ their users as much - but most of the time that's bad business.
  • The goal for Microsoft is to sell as much subscriptions as they can. The only way to do so is make your best products available on the moest popular platforms out there. It makes no sense to give the best experience to the smallest platform (Windows 10 for Mobile) The fair way to do is feature parity on all platforms.
  • The goal is to make as much money as possible, not sell the most subscriptions. It makes sense to grow your own platform while also selling to users of the competition. Fairness? That's not a goal of Microsoft or any other company that I can think of. Ask Google or Apple how fair they think they need to be.
  • Hope enterprise users aren't disappointed in not being able to use these Microsoft enterprise-specific apps on their new enterprise focused HP phones.
  • Think of companies like BMW who bought into Nokia smartphones and windows phone ecosystem.
  • The best things come to those who wait...
  • The best things come to those who stand the f*ck up and go get it.
  • While everything in this article may be true, it's still pretty clear that Microsoft has a long way to go to come anywhere close to a "best on Windows" experience. This article reads as an apology for Microsoft. This idea that a deep integration is "hard" is simply an excuse at this point. Microsoft could provide at least an equivalent experience on Windows 10 Mobile if they wanted to. They don't. It's simply not a priority for them. It's almost insulting to suggest otherwise at this point. As a Windows user and developer since Pocket PC back in 2000, my next phone will be a Droid or iPhone unless Microsoft makes some really substantial improvements in the next year or so. I've already moved away from building fully native experiences on Windows to hybrid, cross-platform apps, as much to protect myself as anything else. I love Windows Phone, but it's getting to the point where I have a hard time justifying my time investment when I don't see any evidence that Microsoft is making their own platform any sort of priority
  • I think microsoft stated windows 10 mobile isn't their top priority this year, months ago.  Redstone 2 is starting now, and hope surface phone is on track.     
  • Why do we even think there is a Surface Phone?  Has anyone at MS ever actually said there will be such a device?
  • Somebody reported that they saw the Panay team building a prototype phone device. Like they were actually there in the lab and witnessed some hardware being sculpted. And I think Microsoft also said they would release a new device in 2017 but I'm not 100% on that.
  • They didn't say surface phone. They said they would have new phones(3 to be exact, one business orientated, one consumer oriented, and one for enthusiasts) in 2017. We don't know what it is going to do or what it's gonna be called but Surface Phone is the nickname we gave it.
  • But "they" is Windows Central, not someone at MS.  I have seen scarce evidence that MS is actually working on another phone.  It seems entirely possible to me that the L950 will be the last major phone device the company ever releases.
  • Yup they did state it's not their priority this year. At the same time, they have been continueling to work on windows 10 mobile with builds. Maybe they aren't going as quickly as one would like, but there is plenty of evidence they are still working on mobile. Their UWP strategy doesn't make sense without mobile.
  • Precisely his point. Why stay with a minor system if it's just gonna get even smaller due to negligence?
  • That is an impartial Sentiment which best explains how i also personally feel. Lets stop apologising for MS and hold them accountable. A year ago i could not imagine using another platform and i went all in on MS devices, hopeful of the promise of a better experience... SOON ™ . Now I'm falling more and more out of love with the platform
  • This is a running theme through the Podcast as well. Whenever one of the hosts has a complaint about something, a certain someone pipes up with 'Well...Mobile is hard...Language is hard (when a host had an issue with Cortana roll-out speed)...or..Xbox is hard' Microsoft is a startup with seven people and no resources. The apologist vibe is clearly seeping down to others.
  • Exactly. I always have to laugh when Daniel brings up the excuse that they had to rewrite the drivers to enable DTTW on the new Lumia's. Those devices were released in November 2015 and we're supposed to believe it took them 8 months to rewrite a driver for DTTW? And yet at the same time the drivers for older Lumia's continued to function just fine, even under Windows 10. But for these new Lumia's we're supposed to believe that they reinvent the wheel or something. What I do believe is that the numerous layoffs and restructurings have taken a severe toll on the company. And that's what is making it "hard" to deliver stuff on time.
  • I believe Daniel to be right... With only 2 developers (rest all fired) for Win10 Mobile, They have to complete the OS, write drivers and also do other stuff... Its a miracle that they can even churn out updates...
  • @kevintenza @jasongw @Jupast and everyone who seems to think this piece as an "apologist" piece, perhaps you missed my personal anecdotal experience regarding my own disappointment with Microsoft not launching a Sway app on mobile. I believe if you read carefully I painted a picture of both sides, we the users and our disappointment with not yet having the "best on Microsoft's experience, and what I believe to be Microsoft's position.
    I even made an acknowledgement toward the end that some things are best heard from Microsoft, and presented a candid and bold petition for Satya Nadella to clearly communicate the status of the Best on Windows strategy.
    If you follow the presentation of the piece you will see the "users side", "Microsoft's side", (a point of Apples already achieved an optimal HW, SW synergy that MS has not) and very clear subtitle that try's to bring both perceptions together "Is there a middle ground", where I ask Nadella to address the issue.
    Please, everyone who missed that, reread at your leisure. Thanks for the participation!!!:-)
  • @Jason, stop trying to take MS side even when there is no point to support that. your explanation of the situation via gardening makes no sense, it is clear that MS has the gardeners dedicated to IOS and android. You seem to sugest that developing an app for WP seems like a difficult task while at the same time you talk about MS commitment to make it easy for developers to port the apps to WP, No I'm not saying MS should port their own IOS apps, but if developing apps for a "dying" platform seems tideous may be they should just port. As a developer I know what I'm talking about and the only reason we dont see MS's efforts of WP/W10M is because they are putting no efforts. We talk to best windows experience and yet most of the MS apps dont even have a transparent tile making the start screen look ugly whenever I pin a onenote or skype etc
  • The impression I have is that either the app developers are lazy and dnon't give a s... about their App in W10 (M), or that MS doesn't even have developers to do this work. Are they really so down on money? If I see how Rudy Huyn is able to program top apps as a one man show, it makes me wonder what kind of developers MS has... I can't see developing decent apps needing THAT much time if an appropriate effort is put into. It's not that we are waiting one month for things, its more about quarters to years. And that is hardly excusable. And this is annoying to say the least.
  • @techiez Actually I never said developing an app is hard.:-) My point was developing an app that is integrated seamlessly as part of the OS and shell that is at different stages of maturity in relation to the different form factors upon which the app will run is challenging. Is it possible things could be quicker. Maybe. When I interviewed Chris Pratley last year and asked about the Sway mobile app, he shared that it was actually schedules before the Android app (but conceded that it could change) and that what was needed for the Mobile version was there in the PC version. It has been quite a while since that interview, more to this point, I initially had a dialouge(as recent as last month) with the official Sway account embedded in this piece to help show my anecdotal experience about not having an app but getting the promise of its coming to all platforms. Your closing point about our talking about best on Windows but MS apps not having a transparent tile actually reiterates the point of the question in the title, "Can we still expect a "best on Windows" Microsoft experience?" The title acknowledges that we don't have that across the board yet. You tile example is just one of many examples. So as I shared toward the end, some questions are best answered by Microsoft. So given the challenges the platform is facing and the importance of the UWP and the need for the industry to be on board for It's success, should Nadella give some sort of status update on the best on Windows strategy, progress, challenges etc, to get consumers, developers, investors etc to see a vision or hear a message that is being lost in the midst of the challenges? JOIN THE FORUM DISCUSSION:
    #BestOnWindows @JLTechWord @Satyanadella
  • I hardly ever comment but always read your articles, enjoy them greatly. Thank you for taking your time to write. Though, I have to say you need to stop constantly justifying yourself just because someone cannot interpret an anecdotal comprehension. Never justify, they do not pay your wages, nor are they getting paid to read what you write. I'd rather, 'bang my head on a brick wall'. Tough sh**t, if people do not appreciate the time and effort you dedicate , there is no need to try and make one understand. Sitting behind a keyboard and typing obscenities to someone isn't acceptable, I am amazed that you constantly put up with it. I read the first line of a comment that is full of degrading remarks I scrolled past it. You Sir have Thick skin, I presume. I am sure the discussions can be more meaningful and mature without hurling abuse. Abuse could not be an opinion. It would be great if you guys get a moderator for the comments section. Time for some mature discussions. There are plenty mature discussions, now those I read and most commenters have valid arguments, some I agree with some I do not. I really do not believe Microsoft owes anyone anything. Do not like it, move on. There is other options out there.
  • Ameet, I really appreciate those comments. Thank you. It would be nice to have a more mature discussion here. As you allude to, no one has to agree on everything, but respectful discussion would be much more beneficial. Thanks for the support! :-)
  • Once satya is finished with MS,  it will be a start up company with seven employees.  
  • I just love how people who are not privy to what goes on inside the walls of Microsoft seem to think they know exactly what's going on.
  • Thats everywhere, in every business, in every industry. 
  • Yes we do not know what's going on behind the walls. But we can pretty much see what comes out of those walls. And it's not a nice picture, especially when we take into account what has been announced for the Windows ecosystem and in comparison to products MS builds for the other ecosystems. Let alone all those "Garage" Products, who really add to the embarassement, as they are Labeled "Microsoft" and are almost never developed for the Microsoft Ecosystem. Nothing against some sort of "freewheeling" but then I would suggest to give them other labels. As it is, it just adds frustration amongst the W10 (M) users
  • I get it.  I'm frustrated too, and yes we can see what comes out from behind those walls, but we don't know the reasons.  That's what I'm saying.  We don't know the reasononing, or the planning.  So we don't know what's still to come and we don't know why we're not getting what we want.
  • Not disagreeing but I'd like to add that employees I know don't always know what's going on. I think that's a part of the problem that Microsoft has with perception. Sometimes I can get insider information then come here to see how long it takes for news to hit or an additional perspective, and other times, they're completely oblivious to things I hear here first. Its quite a strange phenomenon in my opinion.
  • Thanks for the candid response churchs19. Please join the forum discussion "Should Nadella provide an update to the "Best on Windows" Strategy? #BestOnWindows
  • Office and Groove are best on windows. Everything else is best on the other platforms.
  • Fact
  • Agreed.
  • I prefer outlook on Windows than iOS as well.
  • I prefer on ios lots of that due to snooze feature though.
  • Now that formatting has been fixed, I don't have any issues. I have many rules setup to go to specific folders in outlook desktop. Windows Phone allows me to pin those specific folders to my home screen. In iOS I have to go to the folders view to see if I have a new email for each folder. I have an iPhone for work and I will not use it (for many other reasons too) due to this. It is the deal breaker for me.
  • Amen.
  • Outlook on Android doesn't even allow for contacts integration with the contact hub. The only way to get new numbers is to add them manually via Kind of makes Microsoft contact integration impossible...meaning I either have to go with Google contacts (which is truly cross platform) - or Microsoft, which doesn't have 2 way sync.
    Microsoft just seem clueless about so many things. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft contacts do have two-way sync.
  • If you install the Outlook app on Android, and enable contact sync...then those contacts are only synced down to the phone. You cannot make server changes via the app (or via the contact list). Any changes will just disappear! The limitation is noted within the app itself... What that basically means is that my effort to be completely 'Microsoft' over the last few years is gradually being undone as I see that Google in particular just does things better. Google contacts an calendar are far more robust.
  • works fine on windows mobile. 
  • One Note is excellent on Windows, fact.
  • Office Lens is also better on Windows desktop than a smartphone, specially for OCR since PC CPU is much faster than a smartphone. I have an Android smartphone and when I pass my photos to my PC, Office Lens UWP app is really a joy to use on a PC.
  • Are you talking Windows 10 desktop or smartphone? regarding desktop, OneNote, OneDrive, Mail, Groove, Maps (maps doesn't exist on Android), are much better on Windows 10 desktop than on Android since you can choose Night theme (obscure/dark) which I like when I'm working in a place with low light, is much better for passing long hours working in front of your monitor. By the way, I'm a developer, I'm not a consumer but I also use an Android device for entertainment and I think WIndows 10 (desktop) + Android (smartphone) is best of both worlds. Regards.
  • Patience is a lost virtue. I understand some people don't want to wait, that's fine, but please don't say they don't care or are not doing the right thing. Go on your way, enjoy the bling of ios or Android, and watch what happens over time.
  • But 90% of worldwide PC is using windows.  Users and industry  rely on windows devices and services.  Windows experience not only used on mobile devices but everything.  apple devices maybe expanding in young people but only for computing field.  Android is only for mobile devices, and there is no android PCs, only phones, tablets not useful as windows ones.
  • Doesn't really matter. More people have a smartphone than a PC...and that only grow as time passes and mobiles become more powerful. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Smartphone still too small for lots of tasks.
  • Not really. I have a £50 Ulefone Paris which connects perfectly via miracast to my 22" screen. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse work perfectly too. I have all the Office Mobile apps running ... and they run just fine. Same with all the other apps.
    It's no Continuum - but then again, I'm also not having to deal with an unrelenting app gap.
    There are very few tasks (for most people) that require a big computer. Phones can do pretty much everything these days in the consumer sphere Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The only thing I have seen that smart phones are to small for is word processing and spreadsheet.  Other than that I would rather use my phone for everything....and I do.
  • ha ha,  thats the funniest statement I read in a while.  Android and IOS tablets are very much more useful than windows tablets since windows tablets are hampered with windows 10.  Now,  if you were talking about windows 8.1,  I would tend to agree with you.  But 10 has nutured any usefulness that their tablets had.
  • We've been waiting since 2010 and WP7, mate. I think people expecting more from Microsoft in mobile is not unreasonable.
  • Exactly! 6 years is a long time of being patient. Add to that, with each new iteration of WP/WM, users were initially promised upgrades only to be told otherwise us a big slap in the face. While many drank and enjoyed the kool-aid for 6+ years, it's now rancid and moldy and it's being thrown out the window along with the abandoned WP7/8/8.1 devices.
  • This is probably the biggest problem: The lies. MS lies, over and over and over. And now the main reason to prefer their product's over their main competitors' (Google) -- that MS wasn't a spyware company -- is no longer true.  W10 is as much a spyware platform as Android or ChromeOS. Now, if you want privacy you get a iPhone, if you want power you get an Android, and if you are a *********, you get a Windows 10 phone. Which is sad, because with the Anniversary Update, Windows 10 (both desktop and mobile) feels like it's finally left beta and hit version 1.0, and it's honestly pretty nice!  My L950, which was by far the worst device I'd ever owned, actually runs pretty well now that it's got the AU on it, I love the way my phones (both L950 and PRIV) communicate with my desktop.  But the creepy "telemetry" and lack of control over updates and inability to change default programs, etc., makes W10 feel like the worst of Apple and Google put together. Edit: I'm not sure why the word "ma" "so" "chist" is being filtered, but that's what I wanted there...nothing offensive.
  • Continuum lie.... 5 years are loo much, the mobile train is lost, period.
  • Is it really good business to bash where you develop?
  • Just shows the amount of **** upery that microsoft has been pulling in the past year and a bit.  Even the Devs are running away.  The few that were here.  MS has MESSED UP Royally!
  • I believe microsoft is working towards an integration between services where it will get to a point where you don't know where one ends and the other one begins. things like the office hub that is coming, or the people bar, skype+sms, and everything cortana is learning to do each day are all evidence of services integrating with each other in a way that no other service can do, and all of that works like that only on Windows. The thing is that while we wait for that future to happen, the road to it feels a bit half assed. Specialy how OneDrive sometimes is awesome and 10 seconds later can be a nightmare. You have it integrated to windows but with no placeholders so you also need the app to browse that, or you can go to the web version where there is a very powerful photos engine with tag and location filter that is nowhere to be seen in the UWP OneDrive app or on the UWP Photos app. That's an example with just one of the services and how it integrates with windows. The ingredients are there, but while Microsoft cooks it we are using someting that sometimes feels more like a promise than a product.
  • But that means apps don't get updated as often because they get updated with the OS. We've seen how great Groove got as compared to Xbox Music when it was decoupled from OS updates and became a store updated App. The APIs have changed enough where it is still possible to kind of achieve a combination of both, but the bottleneck will still be the Windows10 OS update. Unless, of course, you're willing to be a fast-ring insider, which is far from what the general consumer and enterprise experiences will be like. This feels the perception that Microsoft is slow and clumsy. This is a fair reputation they deserved. The Windows 10M update, push back of the next major Windows update (RS2), push back of 1,000,000 devices having W10, can canceling of the Astoria Android bridge, and how long we've waited for general deployment of W10 apps to XBox one; come to mind. Google's old motto was work fast and break stuff. Microsoft continues to appear as a large behemoth and relic of the old guard and uncool to millennials and generations to come because of the aforementioned scenarios and the huge lack of communication that fuels the "Soon" mantra around here. Jason Ward isn't wrong when he mentions that Nadella should give out some type of address outside of the //Build conference to remind the world that Redmond is back, baby! And they are serious about making Windows something you have and need to use to something you love. This brand is tainted and needs a little TLC. Throw us a bone every now and then, Satya.
  • I think it would be very cool if Nadella gave updates like you mentioned. I'd even love to hear some updates from Bill Gates, seeing how he is back in a kinda advisory position. Overall though I am very pleased with how things are going, I just hope some OEMs get into it with some serious push and marketing to raise more awareness.
  • Things would be even better if Bill gates is leading the company.  He shoud'nt left the company so soon.
  • MS would give updates when they have some, it seems MS just wants to get rid of the consumers/fans who are still clinging on, so it can solely concentrate on enterprise.
  • Thank you Jason. I enjoyed reading what you wrote. I do agree with you completely... Microsoft must drastically change how it communicates. Only then in there a chance to change perception.
  • @KMF79 You're welcome and thanks for the support!!!
  • What is that Verizon??? Its looks nice in the given image
  • Bro verizon is an telecommunication company just like we have BSNL, Vodafone
  • Windows 10 for x86 gives users the option to use whatever they'd like, and Chrome is the most popular browser now because of it. That's the snag in the grand plan, Windows works just as about as well when you use non-MS stuff. That's where Windows RT and Windows 10 Mobile come in to play, and one of those is dead and the other struggles. By backing off on W10M, the vision suffers considerably, since desktop users have no incentive to wait on Edge to improve. And for what it's worth, I've used the Windows Central app on W10M and Android, and the Android one is way more stable and polished feeling. Scroll too fast on W10M and it crashes every time.
  • It is not crashing now on build 14393.103 mobile
  • Ya, but we can't make up or down votes with android windows app. We can't even see them.
  • Maybe if they advertised Windows Phone and how the whole One Core approach is good and focus on top consumer apps maybe Windows Phone would of taken off
  • Micrsoft need put more advertings out there. 
  • At this point Satya is about as believable as Hillary Clinton to me!!!
  • Ha. Good one.
  • (The below doesn't necessarily mean it was initiated by Nadell, some or more of stuff might have started around Balmer) Microsoft before Nadella though was generating profits wasn't going anywhere. They were putting huge amounts of money into marketing, company tie-ins, developer incentives, windows app maker, etc which did lead to a better quantity of apps but, lesser quality of them. Developer just didn't care once the app was published after the first incentive. Office was generating huge profits but, there was nothing in the future for it. With people using mobile devices a lot and Microsoft Office was only Windows mobile and sloooow on others. The Office 365 was losing out against competitors like google docs. Xbox was again though generating profits, it was a huge mess up with trying to be the entertainment device rather than a playing device primarily. This lead to gamers not happy with the entertainment features and also sacrificing the gaming focus for the entertainment stuff. Skype was bloat, unprofitable but, the existing users haven't  left just because there haven't been viable and better alternatives already in market. The software tribe as a whole weren't really interested, enthused about Microsoft offerings of languages and tools (Visual Studio has been slow since ever) Now, I'd like to emphasize what difference I could see since then. Microsoft used to have 2 markets: Xbox & Windows. The new microsoft made sure the are working how the target audience want they want (Lots of games from both existing and indie developers) and windows desktop to work like how it used to be. More importantly, it was asking people leaving & left to give it a try again and it'll be same as before. Now, once they came back, they're just trying to provide better quality apps not more apps. This leads to higher customer satisfaction amongs who found & used one of them. I never use thousands of apps on devices but, want the apps I use to be working & useful. They created bridges, provided ways for developers to easily port their work. This way the effort required to actually maintain them in the long run is less and developers would be interested. Examples are: They realized importance of webapps, electron apps and provided them capability to use native W10 notifications. They created a closer UI & UX of W10 apps to other platforms but, slightly distinct. This hugely reduces the amount of effort required for planing & development in companies. They paused Window mobile. Because, they were late & slow and lost the market already. But, what they tackled it slightly differntly. They invested in better eco-systems (Office, outlook, Onedrive, music, etc). Now, if you're using their services, you would just be missing less of others on their platforms. I believe this is the major factor of Google & Android growth - maps, docs, mail, browser, search. They made Skype relevant again and ready for quick future iterations. Developers, a lot of them are using VS Code, Typescript, existing .NET users are now again advocating for it due to the core working on all platforms (C# always been the best language out there). If you checked out the latest beta of Visual Studio installer, a lot of people will sigh a HUGE relief regarding download size & installation time. They integrated with Dropbox, icloud, box, etc for their office. Making storage independent of office, gearing more adoption. The last one I observe now is: They created a W10 desktop os carefully, allowed quality apps. Now, since the core is almost same they just release all of them onto Xbox so developers suddenly have a wider market. They may come back to W10 mobile when the Xbox & W10 apps are being used more and more. They're not generating apps, they're trying fo more app usage that way people love the platform.  Sorrry for the long post.  #tldr; - They decoupled OS, platforms, tools, languages, systems and services and let each one of them earn their bread & butter.      
  • Put money on WHAT ?? Dev support ? Marketing ? I missed that, I only saw Ms spending 26b for a stupid website...
  • yep,  then bought another company that was basically a startup by a 21 year old for an Undisclosed amount...Im sure in the BILLIONS as well.  Instead of working on making the entire windows 10 experience better and complete,  they fire everyone,  but the beta testing in the hands of a few hundred "insiders"  and buy bullshit websites and companies.  Sounds like MS is more becoming a stock trading company instead of a technology company.
  • Agree, it's time to excite consumers and for Microsoft to announce some of their plans. Before they remove a feature from any app or service they should offer alternatives at the same time. Not months later when the bad press is already done. OneDrive announcement was a disaster. Groove music still lacking family plan and everyone ask for it. They removed the video clips from the new app. For people who follow news it's kind of okay because we know it's coming again but for 95% of other customers they got frustrated and try alternatives... This is clear to me that it's time to change the way Microsoft communicate.
  • MS don't get credit for trying to do what others are afraid of with UWP but the problem is four fold 1) They missed their window of opportunity with mobile. The people who make mobile apps have no real incentive to make a UWP one. 2) Xbox and Hololens are Microsofts last real chance in building some buzz around UWP. 3) Their is a large part of the PC userbase that is elitist and hostile to Windows, MS has not convinced the PC userbase that UWP is in their interest, most see it as a place for inferior apps. 4) MS isnt "cool", many in the tech media would very much like MS to go the way of IBM and constanlty undermine their efforts, watching Bloomberg West and seeing the founder of Skype being asked is Skype even relevant anymore (the interviewer didn't like the answer was yes and kept pressing for a no). Same with Xbox, many want to see Xbox go away so it's just Steam, Playstation & Nintendo. 2 and 3 are the only ones MS can do anything about however I fear MS will not be liberal enough with Xbox or Hololens to build the necessary "coolness" in development communities to champion these platforms, they will be locked down Apple style, no-one will do anything interesting with them. For the PC MS should be doing everything it can to try and help devs port win32 apps even if they have to do it themselves, put winrar, handbrake or anything else used up on win store to prove it's not a mobile only zone otherwise PC users will just ignore it. There is more buzz around Valve's Steam VR platform then their is Hololens, that should worry Microsoft a great deal.
  • I agree with you to an extent. As a Playstation owner 1-4 I don't think PS store is really any better. Matter of fact I'm switching to the new Xbox when it comes around. I Never even played on a Xbox before.
  • WC will reply to you saying Hololens was never a priority, it was just to highlight their Holo VR platform.
  • Expect everything, get nothing.
  • Hmm, i don't have any faith in windows mobile any longer. I will stick around, but I am not recommending windows mobile any longer. MS is too unreliable a company, they will pull the plug on our OS tomorrow if nadella can come up with a good reason. All actions of MS for the last two years have resulted in fewer users, less and inferior functionality, loss of faith, loss of stability and little choice in decent phones. It almost seems that MS is actively taking steps to reduce the number of users so that only one sensible choice is left, euthanasia of our beloved mobile os. The release of the hp elite x3 is another show of incompetence, releasing a phone with half finished firmware. Lets hope things will turn around next year
  • Firmware problem come fro HP, not microsoft, firmware come from HP.  
  • I understand that, but my guess is that MS took too long with the anniversary update kind of forcing hp to release a phone with half finished firmware. This is speculation on my part, based on MS its actions over the past few years.
  • why did HP has to wait for anniversary update to release the phone?  The phone will not work without that?  not turn on, no make phone calls? This phone was introduced on ces that was 8 month ago.  It was working fine on demostration video.  HP need this mch time to fix the firmware?  and windows 10 mobile is same to distribute on all devices.  is there a different special one for this phone?     
  • Did the anniversary update not add the functionality of the fingerprintscanner?
  • HP designed the phone with fingerscanner suppose to work long before they introduced in ces.  Did they know when will micrsoft release anniversay update?  did they know fingersanner will only work after anniverdary update?  if they did, then why did they introduce the phone to public with figerscanner not working, when the phone is not ready?   Did micrsoft release update only becuase this phone?  why did HP design the way only after MS release the update?   
  • you have no idea of what you are talking about right? HP would have been in talks with MS about what custom features they need in their OS to make the phone work, WC did an article on that as well if I remember correctly. MS promised to bring those changes but took too long to deliver, did HP know when MS was gng to release anniversery update, believe me they would have known, since their product lauch was tied up with MS, they would be in continuous touch.
  • HP is marketing to enterprise. Enterprise is careful about updates. It could take months for enterprize it departments fo test and OK resleasing an update. Better for HP to wait in the release.  
  • Still talking and no delivery. I fell in love with Zune, I loved the idea of a Zune phone.I bought the very first Windows Phone I saw. I have been let down again and again. Microsoft have never taken phones seriously. 6 years in and developers still won't make apps because Microsoft will not commit actual resources to phones. Microsoft never seems to grasp that people want to win! Having a Windows phone means never winning. Android releases premium hardware first every time and just to rub salt in it Microsoft releases software first and better on Android as well. I have been on Windows Phone before there was one. I am tired of everything good going to Android including Microsoft software. I might as well go back to flip phones since Microsoft has given up on themselves.
  • Shane Richardson,  Can you imagine a ZUNE HD phone?  that would be the bees knees with Windows 8 on it.  That was the direction Microsoft should have went,  They had it developed,  and bailed as usual.  ZUNE was the way for MS in mobile devices....oh well, that time has long since passed.  I have 3 zune players and all sound WAY better than my sons ipods.  I am stuck now because,  I do not even have a windows machine to load music into them.  
  • They have not even been able to get open Edge tabs to sync yet. What happened to pick up where you left off on the next device?
  • Here is a good example of how the hope of eventual deep integration is totally frustrating to consumers: Wunderlist. This app was decent on WP8.1. The PC version was updated to W10 and it's ok. But the mobile version still hasn't and it has lots of problems as a result. With this shop having been bought by MS there is talk of deep integration into the OS, and that they're working in that direction, rather than fixing the problems. This would be really cool. And yet, consumers haven't seen anything to show for that, and have had really minimal communication either way. So we're left to interpret the silence ourselves.
  • They integrated Wunderlist in their Arrow launcher for Android.
  • People should stop wasting time argue about things here.  Best windows micrsoft experience include all industry and field, consumer and corporate, business, using windows and related hardware and software, not only mobile.   Microsoft has so many products, target all kinds of things.     windows works everything inside the universal platform, hardware and software.  Mobile is just a small comprtnment of microsoft services.  We need focus on oversall performance of windows related devices not only on mobile.  
  • Most of us here are neither employees of MS nor shareholders, why should we care aboout windows, we use W10m and have right to question MS' lack of commitment
  • Have to say I gave up on my attempt to go full windows.  Seemed like windows 8 was heading in the right direction but MS pulled back because people couldn't handle start menu change on desktop. 10 is good but still feels a little like a regression, removing the charms and many of the things that made the touch experience so intuitive and fluid.  With the change from Metro to UWP apps needed to be updated again where the platform was having enough trouble getting premiere apps developed. Even apps like Groupme which is owned by microsoft broke.  When I opened tickets about missing fucntionality it was weeks of no one even understanding that all the functionality that worked under Window8 version was broken in 10. It's sad, but I'm back on android.  Which feels like a messy free for all, but OS isn't all that important if there's no apps.  Still hoping with desktop, laptop, tablets and someday a first rate premier phone things will pickup enough there it will be worth running on a mobile again.  
  • I agree windows 8 was great on phone and PC, how can windows 10 take so long to get right
  • Trippinnik,  Agree 100000000%.  windows 8 was awesome on both mobile,  and desktop.  It was smooth, fast,  had amazing touch interface etc.  Windows 10 in comparsion is terrible.   Buggy,  slow,  you lost all of the touch features (please stop with the tablet mode is the same,  because its no where near what windows 8 was),  On mobile,  w10 is horrendous.  Plus the app situation dropping like flies, edge is crap,  and so on.  brutal.
  • #TeamLumia1520 ;) Great write up Jason. I do think people underestimate the scale of the challenge that Microsoft have. There's a lot of things to contend with. There will be pain for those who feel they are missing out on the best experience right now but I'm sure in future things will improve to the point where we can say the best experience can be had on Windows.
  • ofc nadella will say whatever benefits his goals, would that help in any way to achieve them? nope, no one will change his mind after hearing yet another promise you fail to realize "most" people arent "waiting" for anything here, and thats the people he wants to pull in when his plan is ready, the 950 going for 300$ now with usable OS(14393) could gain new users, and these users would never know of the November 2015 disaster that the 950 and TH2 was
  • Not a chance. We can't even assume an "on Windows" experience with Microsoft anymore, because of the aforementioned apps. At least, we certainly can't expect anything like that when talking about their phones. I migrated quite a few people over to Windows-based phones in my time, probably at least a dozen people directly and indirectly. Now, I won't recommend them to a single person. I still have and like my 950, but with the horrendous job MS did with some of the hardware (chassis) and software (keyboard) in their newest line of "flagship" stuff, there's no way I can tell someone in good faith that they'll do well on Windows 10 Mobile. The app improvements are few and far between STILL, even with the homogenized store (there hasn't been a single app using the UWP that got to my phone that I cared about, while MLB.TV actually left my phone and is only on my PC). All Microsoft has done since about 2014 is say "it's coming." I don't think W10M is in a better place now than it was as WP8.1, really. Some apps came, but plenty also left. They again proved that W10M is a second-class citizen within its own offices by cutting the Mobile stuff from Redstone in 2016 and shoving it back a year, though the questionable quality of the 950 and 950 XL already made that abundantly clear. Now, it's just a matter of MS not seeming to care. It seems that everyone still using W10M won't leave, so they have no reason to cater to the diehards who are fine with the abuse. That's the way I view MS right now, and the Surface Phone is the make/break device for me. If they don't deliver hardcore with that thing, I'm bailing out. I'm sick of broken promises and no progress.
  • Apps are used on mobile devices only.   Even with UWP is only an extra none need solutions to united groups of devices communicated better, at same time answer to compute with other platform.  Mobile apps maket does not indicated overall windows experience as mojority of windows devices are using desktops software, include desktop, laptop and tablet, not apps.  We know that fact there are 669000 apps in windows store. The number does exist.  How many user use exactly all of them? on single a signle screen phone?   People saying 'no' apps. This statement is false.  User complain lack of apps to use in shopping, deposit checks, banking, in windows mobile.  Are those necessary?  in those 5 inch phones with small tiny text? 
  • What? Are you unable to read text on a phone? None of what you're saying made any sense.
  • are you having trouble understanding words here? 
  • Yeah, I saw that you changed your post. When you type in BS that's factually inaccurate and throw in the bad English, it's hard to make ap oint from the rambling. You said that apps are factually for mobile, then called them bad for having to be read on phone screens, that's ignorant as heck. You're contradicting yourself, making no sense, and hurting my head with your non-logic.
  • It seems like English is your second language but I think you were trying to say that UWP doesn't matter because apps are only used on phones. It didn't come out too clear. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Are you the guy incharge of MS marketing? then it totaly makes sense.
  • Lol!
  • All of those apps are necessities in the mobile space.  I do EVERYONE  of those things with my phone.  What do you do with yours?  send text and answer calls?  if so,  then W10 phone is PEREFCT for you....just as a motorola startac would be perfect for you...Both are on the even playing field.   I deposit checks into my bank,  I make all my monthly bill payments,  I pay my Childs University bills,  check his stats, and see whats happening at the University.  I keep all my notes etc on my phone,  I use my phone while traveling on airlines because on my iphone,  I actually have access to their wifi service,  unlike windows 10 mobile products.....I could go on and on and on with the things you can do on the iphone and android platforms that you cannot do on W10M phones because of the total lack of apps.  You have quantity on the head,  not QUALITY.   There are no First party apps on MS......90% of them are half baked 3rd party apps.  PURE GARBAGE.
  • Perfectly true article what fans of Microsoft mainly windows phone fans felt. Better hoping redstone 2 concentrate on mobile performance.
  • I'm not employed in the tech field. I'm not a technical expert in any of this. I'm just an end user who loves the Windows experience and want it to succeed. My only annoyance with MS is how they suggest it is easy to port apps to W10, yet they release apps to Android and iOS without doing what they suggest is 'easy', and create that app on their own platform. That should be an embarrassment. Hell, if I were CEO, someone would be summoned to my office to explain why they didn't do this. No app should be released without a simultaneous release on W10.
  • I concur with your thoughts
  • What is embarrasing is the fact that the Microsoft CEO is running around with an iphone as his daily driver.   If I was a board member,  I would call him out on that ASAP.  Get the 950xl in your hand 100% of the time or your canned.  Its like the CEO mercedes Benz driving a BMW all the time.  He would be canned in a millisecond if he did that.
  • Before anything, I think Microsoft should get Windows Phone to a point where it doesn't feel constantly broken. I get that things take time, but an argument can be made that there still isn't a stable build. Even the official releases still have problems with app crashes and instability. We're living in a constant state of "good enough." Furthermore, Microsoft talks a big game about their software tools and the ease at which developers can port apps between platforms. Ok, then maybe port some of your ios and Android apps to your own platform. 
  • The problem is they have had w10 released for over a year,  It actually should have been stable BEFORE they released it....but Satya canned all the development and testing team.  So here is what you have today.  OVER A YEAR later since the release,  and still a buggy mess.  That is truly pathetic is this day and age..
  • Sadly, I'm using an Android phone at the moment and for the foreseeable future. The workflow, people-centric focus, and handling of email and contacts is far superior on Windows Phone. I look forward to being able to use a Windows Phone again. But with their failure to gain market share, and thus attract developers, it's not practical. I wish I could say I was confident that a Surface Phone would fix the challenges, but I had been so confident in WP for years, but it never panned out. So now I cross my fingers and cant say I expect good things, but I still hope. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Tho I really like live tiles on my phone we still have win 7 on our comps at work. Im sorry but win 7 Imo is the best os. 8 was a disaster and 10 isn't much better. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I've had a windows based phone since around 2001 (originally an O2 XDA running Windows Mobile 2000!) and now I have a 950XL, but I have to admit that I'm starting to lose patience. Windows 10 on my 950XL is continually buggy no matter how many new updates it gets (things like the camera being *really* slow, the screen taking up to 5 seconds to turn on when you press the power button, notifications stopping working, the list goes on!). So the current (apparent!) state of Windows 10 Mobile (or whatever it's called this week!), plus the fact that even big companies aren't interested in building UWP (or when they are, they aren't interested in releasing it for mobile because "there isn't a big enough user base to justify the additional work"), and the fact that Microsoft have "retrenched" meaning that what small market share that they had is rapidly vanishing, does have me wondering whether my sticking in there is just flogging a dead horse... As with previous comments, I'm not leaving just yet, but I no longer suggest it to people as an alternative, because *my* current experience of Windows 10 phones is that the platform is buggy and immature, and the app support is stagnating... 
  • Let's face the fact - MS thinks on revenues like all normal companies do. Platforms nowadays are less important than services, so they earn when people use their services, not their platform. MS knows that Windows is dead on mobile, that also means UWP in general is dead as nobody will develop app for desktop Windows 10 on UWP as there is mature Win32. I sold my Lumia year ago and happy with Galaxy S6 as MS's services there are much better than on Windows 10 Mobile
  • Sad but true...
  • I have Windows 10 on PC and Android on mobile and although Office is available in Android, its still not same experience as working on a PC.  The same can be said for all other Microsoft apps.  OneDrive in Windows 10 universal app, Groove W10 universal app, etc are much better on the desktop since they are integrated with the rest of Windows 10. For example, photos of OneDrive of Windows 10 can be edited with Photos apps directly without having to get Photos app opened, also all universal apps in Windows 10 have same theme (obscure or night) while on Android the OneDrive and Groove apps are with white theme that I avoid.  Also One Note is much better on Windows 10 than on Android since it supports devices like Surface Pen which are not available on Android.  Overall, is good to have Microsoft apps on Android, but they will never be as good as on Windows 10 desktop.
  • I am one of the dedicated and waning... I've had the MS Mobile platform since the Pocket PC era when Palm was it's biggest competitor. Now, I am growing as tired of 'wait until next year/milestone/event' as I am of reading articles on the subject. Seeing the market share of Windows Mobile fall each and every quarter is proof that many others are too.
    Their best hope is to gain interest with no longer promising a best experience but, finally delivering it. Until then, keep watching the numbers continue to decline.
  • The danger with the 'hope Users use our Apps' on other platforms strategy is....if you push me to the competition, I might just decide their native offerings are better than yours. And quite frankly, in most instances, that's the case. It's a risky play to basically invite people to see if the grass really is greener on the other side.
  • I've always said the same thing. If I go Android, I'm not using Cortana or Groove or maybe even Office. I'll give whatever is integrated a shot.
  • Nah "nutella" is happy with his communication.  Maybe in like 5 light years will it be " better on windows" ...  not saying it won't happen
  • Light years is a distance you moron. Do everyone a favour and stop posting.
  • That are 5 years indeed, just another 5 years to wait for a full wp10 experience. Not bad at all lol :)
  • Nadella has just about retrenched WM to oblivion. It's to the point that even us fan boys are barely hanging on.
  • Barely, is right.  In the Windows Phone 7 and 8 days I pushed HARD to get folks to try it.  I was a huge cheerleader for Windows 8, too.  Now, I don't try to change anyone's mind if they are using Android or iOS.  I won't use that garbage myself, but I'm not wasting anyone's time to convince others.
  • What I really hate about windows 10 is the lack of security.. How can it be that we have to have Microsoft monitor and track everything we do with it and then share the harvested content with anyone they choose. This is just appalling! How come we are putting up with this! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Posted via the Windows Central App for Android..." Lol
  • Double LOL!!
  • On Android, you can choose to shut all that stuff off you want. Microsoft doesn't always give you a choice and doesn't even following your settings when they do. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The only way you get privacy on Android is by disabling every Google app on the phone, which makes for a lousy experience. For example, I had turned off some notification features on Google maps on my Android phone, and then one day I was sitting in a repair shop, and Maps asked me to review the exact store I was sitting in, even though it was part of a strip mall. I didn't even have precise location services enabled, yet Google knew exactly what store I was in, and I had only been there for 5 minutes. I've since disabled the app. Googles apps are really good, but your privacy is meaningless to them.
  • No, you get privacy by going to settings/Google/Personal Info & Privacy. There are a handful of options there you can enable or disable. Disabling notifications or setting location services to low doesn't mean they won't track your location. Isn't that obvious? You want to shut off Google Location History. Microsoft isn't outright with their tracking and according to the EFF, even when they give you options to disable it, they don't follow you settings. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have gone into my Google settings and disabled pretty much everything, including location services for my device. Apparently the Maps app makes its own rules. And I know that my location settings don't disable everything, but what I find amusing is that on the Battery saving setting, map apps don't locate my position very well, yet Google Maps still knows which store I'm in when I'm at a strip mall. 
  • I always have high accuracy on as well as most every Google setting and I use Google Opinion Rewards. It isn't always 100% accurate, it just makes its best guess. That doesn't mean they are saving your location data though. You can go to and check to see what they are saving. Where can I do with my Microsoft account?
  • In short, yes for Windows, no for Windows Mobile :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A great and easily understood article, Jason. Thank you for writing in such a way :) I completely agree with you, that it is important for Microsoft to change the way they communicate. They leave too much room for personal interpretation of their public messages and allows too much time to pass before they make their next announcement; Which is fine if you are a gaming company talking about lore or the next new fancy game mechanic -- but not when you are in the progress of creating a future-proof platform and you want people to support you; even championing your ideas to the world. I see this in the Insider Program as well. A critical point. So much confusion and frustration oozes from it, that I personally cannot tell a user what the pro and cons of the insider program is, other than the obvious ones.
  • Communicate?  Actions speak FAR louder than words.  The actions of Microsoft communicate clearly that they see their biggest customers in iOS and Android, followed by the enterprise (which is now moving largely to...yep, iOS and Android).  So, that's exactly where they are really putting their focus.  It's quite obvious.  They'll apply words to patch over situations that threaten their company perception in a big way, but they clearly don't see those of us who've been staunch Microsoft fans historically as much of a reason to address.
  • Thanks @Thomas. Appreciate the support. Thanks for the contributions to the discussion.
  • Minecraft PE: has Xbox achievements on every mobile platform except Windows Phone. Nice job, Microsoft.
  • I just searched on my phone.  Minecraft:pocket edition by microsoft corporation, $6.99. 
  • Microsoft is the best of the best, but even the best needs time for such an unique challenge.
    At the moment though time is running out for Microsoft specially on the phone project.
    Better resource management, closer milestones, targeted strategy are the keys for success.
    The windows giant must move quick and precise to close the gap
  • I'm sorry, but just don't see it.  The experience is barely TOLERABLE on Windows, much less "best".  They had a stable approach going with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and then trashed it all for this bobble called UWP.  The experience on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile has been abysmal compared to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, as far as I'm concerned.  Most of the really important innovations and features in W8/WP8 were either eliminated completely, significantly gutted, or are only just now creeping back in to 10.  And the rate at which apps, services, etc. have been coming out for iOS and Android compared to Windows is yet another sign that Satya Nadella is full of crap and can't be trusted.  I do NOT like his vision for Microsoft and I do NOT like where it's going.  Clearly, I am NOT the customer he is driving for.
  • You're right about not being the customer Microsoft is going for. Microsoft is going for customers who have some sense and realise the blatant truth that Windows 10 is much much better than the confusing (to the large majority of consumers) experience of Windows 8.
  • There was nothing confusing about 8 to anyone reasonably intelligent.  Windows 8 is STILL better than 10.
  • Microsoft is going for the customer that wears only grey,  sits in a 4x4 grey cubical and just pecks their keyboards while looking at a monochrome screen all day.  Windows 8 was miles ahead of 10 in both stability and user experience...BUT MS buckled,  instead of forging ahead with their vision.  They should have just did what they did with 10.  If they offered windows 8 for free,  it would have been just as,  if not more successful than 10 at the same point in time.....It was fast,  smooth stable etc upon release.  UNLIKE W10 which even after a YEAR since its release its still slow, buggy, unstable,  and just a poor user interface on anything but a non touchscreen computer,  you know,  like the ones they use in afformentioned grey cubicals.  See the relation?  
  • I disagree. I find the best MS experience to be on Android, largely due to the excellent Microsoft Account app and authentication methods on. The only feature that is better on iOS is the Outlook app by a small margin. Everything is worse on Windows 10 for Mobile.
  • You know what they should focus on first? Making Windows great again. 
  • Perception is a big problem: Every announcement of an app from MS without support for Windows is one more step to tell everybody MS lost faith in their app strategy. After Nadellas statement I expected a management directive that every new app from MS must support UWP, too. But obviously this didn't happen :-(
  • There is nothing wrong in a perception that MS is abandoning their plafrom. That's just facts.
  • Damn straight he needs to communicate to MS fans and users alike. People need and want to know that at least they are listening to us. I want to KNOW there is a Surface Phone, not hope or I may as well invest in a HP and be done with it. I just do not like iOS or Android. Have used both and boring and buggy come to mind. However, I need to know that MS is still my 'friend' or else I'll move on.
  • Exactly. If the Surface phone exists, and you genuinely believe in it's future, why keep this a secret? Throw us a lifeline for pete sake.
  • Because they don't know if it will be released. Obviously they are working on something, but until they are certain what and if they will release, it doesn't make sense to announce it. Also, who announces a device 8 months before it might be released? That would be dumb. They need to announce it a week before it becomes available and it needs to be 100% working out of the gate. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Maybe cause wp10m is still far from the competitors, in particular app to app communication/switch is slow, and Api lacking.
  • ha ha too funny aden,  Both IOS and Android at this point are smooth polished systems.  You must of used android back in the 2.1 days.  Windows 10 is years behind on development compared to both android and ios,  and it shows.  It slow, buggy, frequent restarts, lockups, etc....I have had my iphone 6s since i ditched MS,  and I had to restart my iphone for only the reasons of updates.  They require a restart.  Other than that,  my phone has not been off, locked up, frozen in 3 months.   My 1020 on windows 10 needed restarts multiple times a day.  and I know its not gotten better with updates.  W10 is the boring'est out of all of them because you cannot do anything with w10 phones/devices.  NO APPS.   give up the crap of 669000 apps,  when the MAJOR apps are not there....then whats the point of having numbers.  QUALITY and REAL apps are not in windows ecosystem.  
  • Not impressed with Nadella. Not at all. I stopped reading anything about him long time ago. The fans complaints just fall on his deaf ears.
  • My biggest concern is that Microsoft has been sending a signal to developers that Windows is no longer their main interest and they actually steer developers to other platforms. Microsoft acts uninterested in developers who actually show a keen interest in Windows first unless its a big developer and even then the interest isn't consistent.
  • Biggest signal Nadella sent to devs is asking us 30℅ of our royalties, against 18℅ of apple and google (just absurd, he s telling us to suicide).
    It s just stupid developing an uwp app, that s why the Store il full of low quality student s app (there was a time Ms gave phones to students for any kind of app, no investments from companies means dumb apps).
  • Naive talk. After being a hardcore microsoft fan for most of my life (since msdos 6.22) I have realized what kind of company Microsoft is. It is a pure numbers corporation. They do not care about fans. They do not care about brand loyalty. They will sink the trust of the hardcore game for a buck saved. Over the years I have met many Microsoft staff. They r not fans. Many do consider their own products a joke and will use apple/google stuff. They are the opposite of google and apple staff, who are primarily fans and r proud to work for their respective companies and brands. Microsoft is full of corporate self serving rats that won't give a damn about brand loyalty, fans, etc if even a single dollar would have to be lost in that. They have shown it over and over with many of their products and platforms. Sad Microsoft, very sad.
  • I agree with you. It's the bitter truth about Microsoft. This needs to be changed sooner than later. Else anything can be happened with Microsoft consumer/prosumer services.  Microsoft still hasn't a good 'Online Form' solution after so many advanced Office products. Excel Survey form isnt good at all. 
  • Bill was different... :(
    Please Bill, don t you have a son, or your wife, or your cat too, to place as the CEO of your company ?? Please fire off this one, he s ruining 30 years of history..
  • Bill was much like Steve,  They had vision,  they did not care what the Numbers were,  as long as they put out a solid product.  
  • Sadly, corporate culture is a tough one to change, especially at a large company. If employees don't trust their leaders and even their piers, it totally changes attitudes for the worse. I work at a fairly big company, and when unscrupulous people succeed, it is becomes hard to do what is right. I don't know if that is what happens at MS, but if they have an old attitude problem, the CEO will have a fun time changing it, as he may not even know how deep it runs. 
  • I like Windows Central. It's like being in an AA meeting:
    "My name is Mikepoint and I've been addicted to Windows Phone since my Samsung Omnia i910"...Hi Mikepoint!
    My brother has a Blackberry phone and we spend a lot of time over at Crackberry and this sounds a lot like a mirror 'image' of their conversations. Blackberry now considers themselves a smallware company and left their beautiful homegrown OS behind to service other OS' like Android. Sound familiar. Now I'm willing to stay until the wheels fall off as long as the powers that be show the same loyalty.
    Now give me back my flashlight, my FM radio, my Mlb app and stop taking stuff from me and calling it an improvement.
    PS, can someone tell me why every time I spell smallware the auto correct tells me I spell it wrong?
  • Microsoft doesn't know what Windows is anymore. They only know what iOS is, and pretend to own it. I'm honestly surprised they haven't released it for Windows devices yet.
  • Enjoyed the read. Yup if Microsoft came out in say an open forum and allowed the hard questions and gave real answers that would be a good thing. Communication is always key. It does puzzle me that MS doesn't realize this or is ignoring it. My gosh it's been a long time coming.
  • +400mb office apps on ios? Wow...
  • Word and Excel weigh in around 350mb each on my iPad. Big? Yes, but at least they are very nice apps that you can do a lot with.
  • Microsoft hows your bussiness?
    Well doing fine, we make lots of apps for ios and android to compete and bring the best apps to that platform.
    Microsoft how about your sales? Doing fine in pc,and xbox division sales are increasing gradualy, well exept in mobile division... :)
  • I have been involved in the technology business for over 40 years and have been a MSFT shareholder, user and supporter from day one. That being said I am often flabbegasterd at the decisons and moves made by MSFT. Their mishandling of the Phone market, Xbox, SurfaceRT and the slowness and inability to release updated, improved bug free software based on existing products is mind numbing.   I am amazed at what MSFT has done with its Edge browser and its slowness of development of a product that they should have mastered years ago. Their mis-steps in proving a basic email package (like Outlook Express) is also concerning. MSFT have got to undestand that most people use a computer for browsing the web, sending and receiving email and some other basic functions like viewing/editing photo's and organising and listening to music. This is the basis and from there the uses and hence a persons exposure to a platform grow.
  • Yes. Windows out of the box experience is sad. Their basic apps are a joke and looks like their interns coded them. Windows phone is no used by many, let's screw it. We got office 365 so let's ignore built in apps so we can desperate the users into signing up with o365. Oh, and if they jump the ship to another platform, we will wait for them there and offer them better versions of our apps. Why replace zune with Xbox music and then groove? Only to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch!? And offer increasingly subpar experience with every marketing generation? Why replace internet explorer with edge, only to offer 10% of the functions. These decisions seem to be made by clueless marketing graduates, not seasoned leaders. Ballmer is generally attacked, but at least he had passion, nadella and his goons are technocrats. Sometimes if u want to achieve something, u need to throw a disproportionate amount of money at it (phone, core apps, etc) to build the perception and fame, not the hard cold profit calculations. This is what I miss at Microsoft. They have no clue how to treat fans. Maybe they don't want them. ... And here I keep assuming that Microsoft actually got the talent and brains to do cool stuff.
  • This is Myerson, but Satya will pay them all...
  • Yes. Windows out of the box experience is sad. Their basic apps are a joke and looks like their interns coded them. Windows phone is no used by many, let's screw it. We got office 365 so let's ignore built in apps so we can desperate the users into signing up with o365. Oh, and if they jump the ship to another platform, we will wait for them there and offer them better versions of our apps. Why replace zune with Xbox music and then groove? Only to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch!? And offer increasingly subpar experience with every marketing generation? Why replace internet explorer with edge, only to offer 10% of the functions. These decisions seem to be made by clueless marketing graduates, not seasoned leaders. Ballmer is generally attacked, but at least he had passion, nadella and his goons are technocrats. Sometimes if u want to achieve something, u need to throw a disproportionate amount of money at it (phone, core apps, etc) to build the perception and fame, not the hard cold profit calculations. This is what I miss at Microsoft. They have no clue how to treat fans. Maybe they don't want them. ... And here I keep assuming that Microsoft actually got the talent and brains to do cool stuff.
  • Therein lies the problem.  What you described as the basic reasons for using a computer is essentially describing the "consumer" user, which Microsoft has abandoned for the most part in favor of enterprise.  There is definitely no special emphasis on services to the consumer, but rather it seems like the consumers are just handed down a few bits and pieces from enterprise features when they deem it appropriate to move into the "CORE" apps.  It is like we are an afterthought!  You need to look no further than the lack of functionality in its W10 "CORE" apps that don't even rise to the basic level of most other services or apps.  Take the W10 Mail and Calendar app, currently it still doesn't include a blocking feature!  That is just one example. These are the "CORE" apps that shipped with W10...and these are supposed to sell the OS?  Combine that with poor marketing and even worse communication efforts and that equals a major problem, imo.   Honestly, after having installed the Anniversary Update (which I had to force btw) , from the viewpoint of just a regular consumer user I could barely even notice any changes to my OS from version 1511. That is just sad!!!
  • I agree with many of the other commenters on here -- these apologist articles are making you look foolish.  It's fine to have some hope, but at some point it's time to realize you were wrong about everything.  Denial is not becoming... I've said it before but I'll say it again to try to open some more eyes:  UWP is a joke.  Nobody uses it.  Why doesn't the Band run Windows 10?  Why does Sync exist instead of Windows 10 in cars?  Why is Windows Server still a thing instead of just Windows 10?  The answer is because different platforms have different requirements.  Apple got it right with IOS, OSX and WatchOS (or whatever it's called).  These platforms can have similar APIs (and even re-use code where possible) but they are much more effecient when the OS is purpose-built. Nadella said it himself -- Windows 10 will be the "last Windows."  I know a lot of you think that means that Windows 10 will live on indefinitely with periodic improvements, but do you really believe that?  Do you think in 10 years you'll still be running Windows 10?  Let me tell you a little secret:  "Microsoft loves Linux."  (Ok, that's not really a secret -- Nadella said it).  Has Nadella ever said he "loves UWP"?  Nadella knows that Microsoft has lost the mobile war (and maybe the whole personal compute war as people move away from PCs for "computing").  I think we'll see an MS Linux distro at some point (not the near future but eventually).  MS can't just jump from Windows to Linux though.   They'd alienate their remaining customers and aren't ready with the new platforms -- yet.  However, Microsoft just open-sourced PowerShell.  You can run SQL Server on Linux now.  Like the artile says, Microsoft Sway is available on Windows 10, IOS and Android, but not Windows Mobile.  Once MS ports DirectX to Linux, it'll be the end of Windows, like it or not.  Microsoft will be happy just selling Office365 subscriptions and Azure (which, unfortunately, might be all they need to sell).  As long as MS has those two products, they don't need Windows.  Sad but true. We've seen great products from MS before.  Rememember the Zune and Zune HD?  What about the Surface?  Now look at the 950 and 950XL.  Microsoft's heart is obviously not in it.  I think it's because they know the real future of UWP/Windows...
  • Hi @mw47978 I appreciate your participation but I'd like ask, did you read the article in its entirety before commenting. One fallacy I have observed here (and this certainly may NOT be you) is a bold and sometimes even brass, or rude commentary by individuals who read the title and some of the comments and feel they have gleaned enough information thereby to offer intelligent commentary to content they have not read. Again this may not be you, but it is sadly something that occurs here often. Now to your assertion that this is an apologist piece perhaps you missed: 1. My personal anecdotal testimony of my investment and love for Office Sway, even my interview of Sway General Manager (Chris Pratley)and Program Manager(Nate Freier), how I was an early adopter, and a feature author on where many if my Sways are published but I STILL can't use Sway on my 1520 running Windows 10 with a dedicated app. But an iPhone user can. 2. My expression of empathizing (which differs from SYMPATHY. Empathy means you actually experienced what others have and can feel for them. Sympathy is more of compassion but lack the similar experience) for the community. I've been using Windows phones since Windows Mobile 5.0. Not as long as some but definitely as long or longer than others so I've been around for the ups and downs. I felt the sting of being excited about at least getting WP7.8 on my HTC Titan. But alas it never came. I shared in a piece called "My Ode to Windows Phone 8" how I was disappointed with many changes that came with WP8.1 that did away with things actually drew me and others to WP. Before my Titan I had a Tilt II and was at a cross roads between a Galaxy or the HTC Titan with WP7.5. I recommend that you read that piece which ends with me sharing how I refuse to update my Lumia 1020 which I carry as a 2nd phone because if some elements of WP8 I prefer over 8.1 and Windows 10 which is on my main phone, a Lumia 1520. 3. My negative critique of Microsoft's marketing when compared to Apple and Samsung. 4. My negative critique of Microsoft's communication to fans and others. And a bold assertion that it must change. 5. My petition to Satya Nadella to break the mold and address the topic of "Best on Windows" and meeting users where we are and providing a "State of the Ecosystem". I shared how the UWP is new and unprecedented, faces unique challenges, fans and others are losing faith, so an unprecedented type of address may be in order. If you carefully revisit the piece, you and others, will see how: 1. I deliberately made the case for the fans who feel slighted. 2. I then presented what I believe to be Microsoft's position. 3. I acknowledged Apples achieving a level of HW/SW optimal app exp MS is aspiring to. 4. I then, presented a section titled "Is there a middle ground", Where I made a clear reach to Satya Nadella, to meet the users where we are and requested he give an unorthodox address to the state of the "Best on Windows" strategy. Please revisit/reread the piece, perhaps you and others who missed all of that will see things differently a second time around. Thanks!:-)
  • Agree with all said.
  • Just like talking, Tone is important in writing. While the above points may be right, your tone Jason, still smacks of apologism. It's not simply enough to write words, their selection and structure must convey a complementary tone to the message. Unfortunately, yours didn't. It sounded like you wanted to have a bet both ways. If you're not happy with Microsoft, then stop talking about seeds and sprouts, for example. Unfortunately, this article has the TONE of another "Coming soon" puff piece, regardless of your intended message.
  • @eryker Thanks for the response. To your point of having a BET on both sides, though that wasn't my goal, VOICING both sides was my goal. Because my culminating section was always intended (as I planned this piece -"Is there a middle ground") was to be a petition to Nadella to meet users where we are, in a middle ground I wanted to clearly state both sides; identify both positions. That's why I was able to speak as a user and echo many of the communities feelings while also including my personal experience with the Sway app. As with most affective arguments, understanding the other side is important to meeting at a middle ground. So I also voiced/shared what I believe to be Microsoft's position. Then I dedicated the entire last section, after putting forth both sides, and made a case to Microsoft/Nadella why it is important to address the issue. Fans, developers, others are losing faith in the beat on Windows message. And my last sentence in that section, just before my invitation to readers for commentary carries a heavy tone of how important I feel his response to this matter with an unorthodox communication is. Maybe if you reread the piece with that in mind, you will see a different tone. Thanks
    #BestOnWindows @JLTechWord @Satyanadella
  • I just want to know what is hindering to launch the apps on W10M or as UWP apps (for PC, Mobile, Hub) ? What is the use of Xamarin? Isn't it a tool to build apps for cross platforms?
  • Yes it is, you have a common API (mono based) but the three apps must be compiled separately and are completely different.
  • I think it's because of the hardware. They don't really change the UI between a small range and a big range device. I think that's why they choose to drop out low range devices and stick with 1 giga ram devices and more. Maybe if that Surface Phone is real they will change that in next era of phones. But don't expect much. Even Donna and Gabe tweet from iPhone's and not from Windows Phones....
  • Sometimes it is tough for me to have faith in a company that does not support it's own. I understand going after marketshare and making a profit. But they are not bankrupt or cash poor. Failing on their own products makes me wonder about the organizationi itself. I think MS is still a creative powerhouse.  I can be patient.
  • IMO no matter how you slice it they’ve gone “BlackBerry” on their WP users LOL, actually not that funny with it more being a cryin’ shame.
  • Guys, I need an honest answer here. No throwing of insults of whatsover. Has our beloved Nadella actually used a Winodws phone? Seriously, can anyone answer this. If he hasn't, then the problem is there. Think about it.
  • Oh I'd say he has but would venture to guess it's not his daily driver.
  • Finally an article from the realist Jason and not the dream Jason(No offense here). MS shows no commitment to W10M and there is no justification for that.   Dreamy Jason does come in briefly with this : "Every seed planted needs time to grow. Every garden must be tilled. Some plants need to be pruned; weeds need to be removed and bugs need to be eradicated. Only after the time and effort required to nurture a young garden is invested can the beauty of the flowers and life-giving nutrients of the fruits and vegetables be enjoyed as one cohesive union."   The problem with this is that MS has all the gardners busy beautifying the IOS and Android gardens and no time for their own. Realist Jason quickly takes over thereafter. All in all I appreaciate for this article, the first one which is I feel is closer to reality finally.
  • No one should be making excuses for the mess Nadella is leaving. All of Microsoft's premium Mobile software apps should be showcased on Windows 10 Mobile first. I love my Windows Phone, I just don't like how it's being developed as a third rate platform by the very company that should be developing and promoting it. The buck stops with you Nadella. Bloody shameful it is.
  • I A   F.....G   GREE!!!!
  • Microsoft are 35 years into their 5 year plan. It's been a bumpy ride, but I'm on board.
  • Bought a Asus mypal A716 running Windows Mobile 2003. It was Kool because phones did not do all the calenders, emails web browsing eg... Like that PDA did. Unfortunately I still had to carry my phone. Wasn't till WP 7-8 that I really felt streamlined and polished. Windows 10 feels slow, buggy and kinda like it doesn't know its purpose IMHO.
  • Fortunately I have exchange office 365 on my Nexus 5x which works better than it ever did on my 1020 nokia or m8 htc. I use Might Text app to text from my pc. I have not installed one note or one drive yet but they are there. I am waiting for Windows to come out with a light, durable smart phone that will finally allow you to text from the Pc, perhaps in 2017 and I will buy one for a test drive. Until than Android is doing the job and my nexus phone is light and right sized and under 300 dollars to buy and has project F to check out eventually
  • It's all well and good for the platform but yet NONE of us live in the tomorrow. So when you read people talk about time,time, time it's all BS because none of the IOS or Android users have that to consider as they're enjoying that NOW. Why should any app created by MS be any better on any rival OS???? It's clearly no consumer of MS fault that they FAILED in their own OS implementation that IOS nad Android users reap the benefits that WP users should have had FIRST. Nadella is a JOKE with whatever he spews to calm the masses or business/public folk. Why do any of you ever entertain the idea that the "BUSINESS" world are made of of unique or distinct people who don't live amongst the regular folk. Don't these same "business" entities have families, friends, enjoy sports, music, movies etc. The very same mobile devices they use to conduct their business are the very same they'll be using to do their own personal stuff on it and hey don't that part of the device need to be working as effortlessly as the business side of it?
  • I have been on windows bandwagon for more than half a decade. It had a great success in India considering the overall picture. Now people have been left in dark here. The communication is so poor that people and even distributors of windows phone have been saying that MS is out of phone biz and there will be no service. Its not their fault either MS has put such a vague statement. Of all major countries here in India we have all major apps from all vendors and there is no support from MS itself. In last few months I have seen 100s of people leave the platform, in fear of no support. Even reliance jio a telecom provider is launching 4G service and no windows device is eligible as in India there is no support for voLTE network, which is supported by dirt cheap andriod phones. Now you can understand why people have been frustrated. Its not always is about apps. I have complained to MS here and they are not at all forthcoming. So much of a strategy, huh!
  • Yet most comment thinking that Windows OS can survive on the US market LOLZ!!!!! It's how you treat your "family" that is important in order to survive. The Windows marketshare worldwide is held up by its FOREIGN factor not the domestic one and if you can't even satisfy those outside of the US who buy the device and love the OS platform then why not just simply SHUT DOWN and call it a day.
  • Nope, we might get it but i don't think anyone should expect it.
  • "Simply put: time" Yes, yes, coming soon. Ahahaha.    First "Mobile first cloud first" ended with something you would not think of. And now "Windows 10 is the last windows" is going to happen literaly.
  • I have just left Windows Mobile and moved to Android last week.
    Having been a fan since my Ipaq in 2002 and loving my 950XL I would of like to stayed, but while W10 is improving the apps problem is getting worse and my personal needs can no longer be supported. :( First thing i did was install all MS apps and I was amazed how good they are - even Cortana while not the same as W10 has options I never got on the fast ring such as package tracking. Hope to do a post in the next days with my experience of moving and good / bad points of both Android and apps vs W10.  
  • Skype's death on Windows Phone 8.1 and before that on WP7? Time is the factor here or not?  
  • Someone should tweet this article's link to Satya Nadella and all senior Microsoft employees. Just ask them to read the comments.
  • This Windows thing is under the assumption that everybody loves to buy into the ecosystems. I have Windows 10 PC for work and gaming. I also have an Android phone and an iPad with keyboard cover. I also have a PlayStation
    My mom has a Chromebook and a old school phone
    My dad has a Windows 8.1 PC for casual use and an Android smartphone.
    My boyfriend has a high tech gamer laptop and an iPhone and iPad but he doesn't want a Mac
    My best collegue has a Windows 10 PC for work, Android tablet, Android phone and uses Linux at home Many people buy into different platforms these days. People buying into one brand only are usually die hard Apple fans. That is also what Microsoft their strategy is right now. Get money where they are already strong (Windows, Office, Azure) en attract more money where the users are. For me when I use my phone or tablet Microsoft apps already do more then I ask for anyway. So I am happy with their offerings. I don't think Microsoft is doing poorly. Windows is doing very good. Office goes good. Xbox is not as popular as PlayStation but still all very fine. It's just that mobile is a complete disaster that hyperfans think that all else has failed. Every company has failed products. Google+ failed, Hangouts failed, Ping failed, Ara failed, Google Glass, Facebook Home launcher failed, ... This doesn't mean those companies are not succesfull anymore. Windows does not stand or fall without mobile succes or not. I never has. People will continue to use Windows on desktops and will continue to use other brands on moibile. And it doesn't matter cause all products will just live on.
  • poor communication is certainly hurting the windows platform. if you check the news on windows phone you only get directed to one site, this one... the sway app is a good example, why don't we have one. Is Microsoft planning a completely new direction for mobile? then why can't we know it. Also not happy with customer care, It's a mess. I have a Microsoft Band I and II both with cracked straps and all I hear is 'You're right, but i don't have the power to do something about it/say more about it' I would never buy anything directly from Microsoft online anymore. I'm clueless what they are up to, but they seem to expect that we just shut up and wait at the moment
  • So disillusioned. Been waiting for years for MS to lift their game but not sure how much longer I can wait.
    WM10 constantly freezing, my RT Surface is a joke and Xbox, what a bitter disappointment the One has been after years of 360. The One is just a platform designed to gouge consumers. Games, quality and consumer satisfaction are secondary.
    Been a strong MS supporter for years, but too many broken promises, and everything takes waaaaay to long to come to fruition, if ever.
    Too little, too late, too many delays, too many broken promises.
  • Surface RT? Bahaha.... ok sorry but welcome to midway 2016. I agree that the xbox one experience is not the greatest. The UI is horrific, looks like an advertisement.
  • Rt is 2 rears old but functions perfectly. So I just throw it away now because MS fked it up?
    Perhaps I'll move it to the cupboard along side my 2 HD DVD players, my Zune and about 6 dead WPs
  • This article summarize the feeling among Microsoft Windows's loyal users, who feel betrayed by the way the Company is doing business. I know the Company is trying to keep alive on the business giving its services to other platforms while working to make its platform strong enough to its users to compete with rivals. Recently I have seen more efforts made by the Company to achieve the best experience on Windows's users across all Microsoft's devices and services as a solid environment. Filtering update contents through several rings of insiders is a smart move that ensure better end-users performance.
  • What we really need is a bunch of loyal customers and Windows users who share suggestions and possitive comments to help Microsoft build the best platform possible.
  • What we need is a bunch of devs porting ms apps and features on ios and android over to uwp. Just look at the list of microsoft garafe projects. Those are really cool apps but they are only either on ios or android or both. Not a single microsoft garage project has been made on WP or W10M or UWP (except for that surface app).
  • The loyal customers are there but Microsoft seem to be quite oblivious to the whole situation. I bought in to the whole Win RT scenario believing Microsoft which then proceeded to shaft all WinRT users once they didn't sell enough. Now we have Win 10 Mobile with less then adequate support for its own apps by the parent company. They prefer to write better apps for the opposition. That's not how you should support your own platform and loyal followers. Kind of sad really.
  • windows 7 users doesnt get windows 8 update(yah i knw about core technical things)...win8 got 8.1 now 8.1 many mobiles doesnt going to get win 10 even not for testing(insider) apps fine i can live with that but development compare to android or ios now on windows 10 i'm seeing alot new features...still no deafult VOLTE like google done with android from lolipop and apple done same from ios8...MS ask carrier to release about you guys activate default VOLTE feature..
  • I HAVE Finally given up on Windows Phone..missing automation apps finally did it for me...traded my Lucia 950 for a Galaxy 8 other employees phones will follow
    . Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft had many a chance to get on board the mobile train at the station. They didn't and they've been running after it even since. Microsoft has lost the Mobile battle, plain and simple, even by their own inferred actions and inaction. They may be a good software company but they are completely lost at everything from product planning and scheduling to delivery to sales and marketing. The next battle is the one Nadella should really be worried about- that is the effective fusing of Android into Chrome and the leveraging and delivery of same as a desktop platform next year. If they lose that battle, the war is over!!
  • So...I decided to join the AA meeting. Hi! Seriously though, while I do get the fact that there's money to be made out of pretty much anything with a following (M$ stuff included), this article is something else entirely. Next level (prescription only) stuff! Back in the real world, writing 10.000 "TRALALALAs" is not going to change the current situation: 1. 9 out of 10 people look at a Windows Phone/Mobile/whatever and laugh. Not even the slightest hint of curiosity, no desire to try it. And why would they bother with THAT? After all, not even M$ bothers with it (anymore). It really is a joke. 2. "Focus on business"???? It's Windows CE all over again...sure way to lose market share. Both Android and iOS crept from down under and forced their way into corporate environments (and they still do a bad job at it) but you can't really ignore 99% of your employees who carry one of those in their pockets, can you? Well, you can easily ignore 1%... 3. Balmer made many jokes and "apps apps apps/devs devs devs/desperate desperate desperate" is one of the best ones. It's also true. Again, TRALALA yourself to sleep as much as you want but there's a serious lack of interest in developing any kind of decent apps (yep, that includes the business ones needed by all those bankers carrying $1000+ phones who golf with the worthless Microsoft Health and Band "best on Windows" integration with their clubs). 4. Golf! Seriously?!? Meanwhile, my bank proudly spams me with their new mobile banking app for "all" platforms: Android and iOS. Great! 5. Win10/UWP is still a big beta aka preview aka 0 confidence in what's next. Not production quality yet. Not talking about bugs - it's about missing APIs or "locked down" APIs (for no good reason except hinding missing APIs). Let that fact sink in. 6. No? Don't get it? Try minimizing the new "Skype Preview" - on desktop, obviously - and look for the tray icon :) Yeah...there's the Action Center and push notification and cloudy subscriptions to sell. Nope. 7. OK, not fair - it's in preview after all. The name says it (and UWP lacks the APIs to do that anyway). Try to drag and drop a URL to/from Edge instead. 8. Sure, not needed. How about VPNs then? SSTP on mobile? No! OpenVPN maybe? have to sign NDAs with blood to be able to write a new VPN provider....IF Microsoft happens to like your blood (mucho dinero). 9. maybe the article is not long enough or maybe it's too long and I've missed it but OneNote on a Surface table doesn't help me much (I don't happen to have 2 or 3 of those lying around) and does zero at explaining why Microsoft's own apps on Windows are not on par with other platforms. You know...asking for the average Joe, with a Lumia 550 in his pocket. Not asking for better or "best on" but feature parity. 10. I lost clients because I told them "no, we can't build that on Windows Phone" - 7/8/8.1 and now 10 (things are better now but I ran out of clients willing to even consider it). I lost clients because their WinRT apps which they paid for know what happened to WinRT, right? They're not going to pay for that "experience" again - not unless you show them a 20-30% market share. OK, it goes to 11: the cost of developing for a failed platform (just because you can "easily" port to Android and iOS) is higher that having a few Android and iOS guys around so no, Xamarin/Cordova/whatever are not going to save the day. If you have those Android/iOS devs around anyway then why bother with UWP? Not saying that Microsoft is not their weird way. All I'm saying is that between the current situation and your "best on Windows" (which boils down to UWP and Mobile - the desktop is more than capable to handle anything as long as you don't try to stick to UWP) there's a huge gap. You're asking for more time to get to "best on", I'm asking for the promised "works" or "decent" or "you can make a living developing for this platform" (UWP). Is there going to be anyone to buy it when it's finally great? Who do I sell it to?
  • @bkdc Thanks for the thought out response, but I do think you missed a few things. One, I never stated OneNote as an example on the Surface **table**, I said Surface - as in the popular hybrid line of Microsoft 2-in-1s that has inspired an industry to follow suit. :-) Second. Like many who've read this peice you seem to have missed the crux. The title asks the question, Can we still expect a "best on Windows" experience? 1. If you follow the flow of the piece I acknowledge my and most users experience with not yet having that experience. (Though I can see where there is progress in some areas) 2. I then present what I believe to be Microsoft's position on the issue. 3. I make a very clear statement toward the end acknowledging that answers are best received from Microsoft for some issues. 4. I then close with an entire section called "Is there a middle ground" with a petition for Satya Nadella to address the issue; in essence, to answer the question presented in the title. I pointed out decreasing fan support, lack of developer support, poor communication decreasing(though expected mobile share), poor marketing and communication. Why would I dedicated an entire section to that?
    Because it is critical that Microsoft recognize the perspective of consumers and a need for them to know or understand the company's status regarding the "Best on Windows" strategy. Yes, techies, writers and enthusiasts can dig out snippets of progress from disparate sources; improved apps here, announcements there, major conference and announcements here and put the details together and say yes Best on Windows is on track. But, for an industry of developers, users of other platforms, investors and others who are being sold an entirely new paradigm (with the UWP) in conjunction with a bold/aggressive cross-platform strategy (that many feel shows greater interest in iOS/Android) by Microsoft amidst the negativity and lack of general support of the UWP, Microsoft's critical Best on Windows message is being lost. Fans don't believe it. Users of iOS and Android(as I mention in the piece) who use MS products on their platforms don't even know about it. Developers, in general have little confidence it it. So for something that is so critical to the success of the platform and Microsoft's goals, it seems few believe it. We don't have a clear concise message from Redmond, where they are with "best on Windows" that everyone consumers, enthusiasts, developers and investors can all easily understand. If you reread the last section you will see that I place the responsibility of managing that message squarly at Nadella's feet. Why? Because I don't think Microsoft realizes that the message has been lost and needs to be recovered. #BestOnWindows
    @JLTechWord @SatyaNadella ;-)
  • @Jason - believe it or not, I did read the whole thing. Actually, I've read quite a lot of the editorials here. I don't know...maybe I read one to many; maybe, like others said, it's the tone of the article... Yes, there is a question but you also suggest, for instance, that they need a bit more time (though I think that WP7,8,8.1 made that abundantly clear already) and you do suggest (indirectly) that it's somehow understandable that we're not there yet and so the question becomes more of less rhetorical. I guess that I don't understand why do you think that you should present "what I believe to be Microsoft's position on the issue"...though I do admit that you guys are doing a far better job at it than anyone in Microsoft's whole marketing department(s). Microsoft fights to stay relevant, I get that. They tried a lot of stuff and spent huge amounts of resources doing that. They're spreading thin because instead of doing one thing right, they're trying to do everything and please everyone. I guess that someone in marketing figured that instead of actually pleasing everyone, you can simply promise everything just to get people off your back for one more year and deal with it later. I don't need a message - what was needed is facts and actions that point in a direction I'd be willing to follow (and a damn good ETA for when I get there). I don't see them. What I see can only be described as company wide ADHD. Chasing fireflies. After drinking two cans of RedBull. And some coffee. PS: UWP is not as "universal" as it sounds: it's still heavily biased towads mobiles (aka relatively simple apps) yet Microsoft is focusing on "business" these days - the same businesses that take many years to renew their apps and that still have to rely on WPF for any LOB apps and for which HP had to create fancy remote desktop solutions. Instead of asking Nadella about the message, try asking Autodesk or your favorite antivirus/firewall provider when they plan to migrate their products to UWP.
  • "Its mobile counterpart was not ready for general release (though installed on the Lumas 950/950XL) until months later." Does months later mean when the anniversary release W10M was issued? Where does the roll out stand? My main computer does not have W10 anniversary release yet. As consumers, we do not know where MS stands on W10M. HP releasing the E3 is encouraging; it might mean the the hardware requirement for a mobile focused W10M device has been established by MS. If that is the case, MS may now be focused in mobile W10M. The one thing that we do know, is that we do not know what we do not know. We feel that MS is not doing enough for mobile, or that MS is prioritizing iOS and Android. Certain parts of W10M may be changing, or slated to change, to the point that efficient and effective apps cannot be written for W10M at this time. Alternately, new apps might be changed radically when the mobile focused W10M is available. When MS releases the W10M-Not-Ready-For-Your-Daily-Driver version of the highly anticipated "Can't Live Without It" app, enthusiasts will complain bitterly that it is just so-so. X months later, When W10M-Moble-Focused, and the updated "Can't Live Without It" app, is released, and it is OMG, the enthusiasts will figure out how to get it, but if there are any slowdowns in the rollout/update the general users, and tech journalists will complain bitterly. Even if the development costs are low, the risks to MS are greater than any potential gain. The user base is so small, that MS can afford to offend them. We do not know the costs, time requirements or feasibility of the things we demanding of MS. We do not know if they are making rational decisions. I do think that they are thinking about the bigger picture before they make those decisions. The concept of porting from iOS to windows is not a bad one. Without wasting effort on a stopgap W10M version, MS can optimize the iOS version. When W10M-Focused is approaching, MS can do a quick port of the most current iOS version. They can then do the optimized native windows version that will be "best on Windows." It took a long time for MS to tell us that they were not mobile focused. We are head nothing more. I will probably believe MS when they are ready to tell us they got focused and are ready to show us what they came up with. Four letter words: MS is silently telling us to WAIT. We can HOPE that they will tell us SOON, but we just DON'T KNOW.          
  • Personally, I would probably believe the statement more if everytime they showed a Microsoft Executive (including Nadella), they weren't using iPhones. It doesn't exactly instill me with faith and I am exploring my options.