Should you buy a Scuf Prestige for the Xbox Series X or Series S?

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Should you buy a Scuf Prestige for the Xbox Series X or Series S?

Best answer: If you don't need the share button on the new Xbox controller, then the Scuf Prestige is still a fantastic controller, even on the Xbox Series X and S. The ability to use triggers and swap out the thumbsticks make it an excellent buy, even if it is from the last generation.

Scuf Prestige is still a king

Microsoft already let us know that last-gen peripherals will work on the Series X and Series S, but how well do they actually work? We took the Scuf Prestige for a spin to see if it's still a relevant purchase in today's next-gen world.

As we said in our Scuf Prestige review, it's "one of the most advanced and lightweight controllers out there," and even now, when we have a new generation of consoles, the Prestige is hard to beat. If you have ever used a controller with paddles, then you will know it changes the way you play and can really elevate your response times and gameplay overall. The Scuf Prestige paddles are in the perfect position, and the triggers even have switches to reduce their travel. This is especially helpful in fast-paced games like Warzone and Destiny 2.

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When using the Scuf Prestige on the Series X, I noticed that response times felt as snappy as with the new Xbox controller. Plus, since the controller is far lighter than the Xbox controller, you can play for extended sessions with less fatigue. In fact, because the triggers are hardware mappable, it doesn't matter what Xbox you use — the Prestige can be configured to suit your needs.

The only real problem that the Scuf Prestige presents is the lack of the new share button. Of course, you can still press the Xbox button and hit Y to share your screenshots, but if you are someone who wants to share a lot, then the Scuf may feel like a throwback to an ancient time. I wasn't affected by the lack of a share button, and I was happy to sacrifice it for such an enjoyable experience.

What's a Scuf Prestige alternative?

Xbox Elite 2

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The closest alternative to the Scuf Prestige, which can take advantage of Microsoft's share system, is the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. Like the Prestige, it has customizable triggers and replaceable thumbsticks, but unlike the Prestige, it has been known to suffer from hardware issues such as stick drift. Right now, the Xbox Elite 2 is sold out everywhere, likely because Microsoft is trying to fix the issues.

Should you buy the Scuf Prestige?

With the Scuf Prestige, I have experienced none of the hardware issues that the Xbox Elite 2 has. In fact, it may be the most reliable controller I've used to date. If you're looking for a fantastic controller with customizable inputs, and you don't care about sharing your videos and screenshots, then the Scuf Prestige is the controller to go for. Yes, it is pricey, but it also professional-grade and a joy to use.

This review was conducted using a Scuf Prestige review sample provided by the manufacturer.

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