Should you wait for the Surface Phone or buy a Lumia 950 now?

Lumia 950 XL
Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Windows Central)

Now that Microsoft is starting to sell it's remaining Lumia stock, a new question has arisen from the ashes that is Windows phone: "Should I buy a Lumia 950 now or wait for the Surface Phone?" Of course, the answer to this question depends on many variables, so let's run through them and decide together. 

Reasons why you should buy a Lumia 950 now 

1. Surface Phone might never come 

Let's not forget that the Surface Phone is currently just a product that's in-development internally at Microsoft. Since they've yet to officially announce a Surface Phone, Microsoft could cancel the project at any time. Don't think they wouldn't, because they have done in the past. A good example is with the Surface Mini, that was cancelled just days before being announced.

2. It'll be expensive 

Assuming a Surface Phone does arrive, don't expect it to be cheap. It being a Surface Phone means Microsoft is going to position it alongside its other top of the range Surface devices, including Surface Pro and Surface Book, both of which are expensive, premium products.  

3. Business first 

If you're a consumer looking for a Windows phone, Lumia is your best bet. The Surface Phone will be primarily targeted at businesses, much like the recently released HP Elite x3. That doesn't mean consumers won't be able to buy the Surface Phone, however.

4. The Lumia 950 is really cheap right now

Depending on where you live, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL is the cheapest they've ever been. In the UK, you can grab a Lumia 950 from Microsoft for just £249, with a free display dock too! That's an incredible deal — especially when you consider that the original retail price was £429.  

5. Lumia 950 is still a flagship 

Although not the best flagships in the world, the Lumia 950 devices are still Microsoft's latest flagships, and therefore will be treated as such for the foreseeable future. You'll receive continued support via software updates and firmware patches too.

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Reasons why you should wait for the Surface Phone

1. It's a Surface Phone 

I mean, c'mon. If you love Surface, you're going to want to wait for the Surface Phone. It'll likely look and feel like other Surface devices, too, meaning it won't feel cheap like the current Lumia 950 series.

2. The Lumia line is ending

It's no secret, Microsoft is done with its Lumia line of devices. That doesn't mean buying one now is a bad idea, it just means there won't be any new Lumia devices in the future. 

3. Possible software exclusive features 

Although a rumor at this point, Redstone 2 is said to feature a number of new mobile-specific features. We won't be surprised if a few of these features are exclusive to the Surface Phone, such as Windows Ink support with an active pen.

4. Guaranteed support 

The Surface Phone being the latest mobile device from Microsoft means you can guarantee support for the next few years with feature updates and service updates.  

5. Better specs 

If the Lumia series isn't powerful enough for you, you can bet the Surface Phone will be packing some beefy specs. Although we don't know much about the Surface Phone yet, it being released in late 2016/2017 means it'll be rocking either a Snapdragon 820 or 830, which is an improvement over the Lumia 950's 808 and 810 processors. 

My personal take

If the above reasons aren't swaying your choice, allow me to weigh in here. It all depends on your budget, really. At the end of the day, the Lumia 950 and the Surface Phone are products from Microsoft, which for the most part will run the same software and do pretty much the same things. Same software, different case.

If you're looking for a premium handset that costs as much as it feels good, and are interested in business-type features like the rumored Windows Ink support, you'll likely want to wait for the Surface Phone.

If on the other hand, you don't mind missing out on a few exclusive features, and are okay with a device that doesn't feel amazing but doesn't feel terribly bad either, the Lumia 950 series it the way to go, especially since they're so cheap right now.

Microsoft ending production of the Lumia line doesn't mean buying one now is a bad idea, since Microsoft is fully committed to Windows 10 Mobile and will continue supporting the Lumia series for at least a couple years.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • 950 rocks. In Italy it can be found for around 250€!! And you don't have to choose between 950 and surface phone. You can always buy it and then sell it when surface comes.
  • I love this phone. Id pick it over iPhone or an android phone any day.
  • Yeah hardware and OS side I agree. But if and then I'll need an app not available I'll be forced to switch. For now there is every app I need so I'm ok.
  • iOS >>> Windows 10 Mobile
  • App wise, yes. UI-wise? Eh, no thanks, I very much prefer the clear distinction between home screen and app list, substantially less bloatware that can be removed by the user and the home screen customization allowed by Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Sure, Windows 10 Mobile has some advantages over iOS, but overall iOS is much better, not just app-wise but also because it is much more stable and less buggier, and has many features that W10M doesn't have, and those features actually work - unlike W10M where when they add a new feature it either doesn't work as it should or they later remove it altogether.
  • ....or it breaks something else that was working before.
  • So, let me guess, ios has more futures then windows?:)). Yeah, tell me that when you will actually be able to use that phone as a smartphone;)
  • I found ios much easier to use. before, windows phone was easy. not today. just bought a surface pro 4 and I shake my head. the overall UI just ancient. You can do tasks much faster with ios. I would prefer iPad pro but my workplace browser not compatible with safari and vice versa. Sad. Apple is the way to go. And if you with MS, you just their little guinea pig. Change this, add that, put back those. MS's path is just a mess.
  • wow really almost every iOS update that comes out once a year mind you, in some form has bricked or disabled users device.
  • Exactly... Don't even try to guess how many calls we get daily in the Vodafone call center about iPhones being bricked by iOS 10 :D But people like to forget things like this and bash MS only...
  • Try plug a ssd HD with a USB 3.0 in your ios!
  • But iOS is also faster, more stable, and less buggy. W10M has made great strides in that last area, but it still has a lot of glitching.
  • Yea I guess your iphone is super fast just after it gets updated to iOS 10 and gets bricked oh and stably doing nothing.
  • Yeah, tell that to my colleagues who bricked and overheated their iPhones this Monday when installing the latest iOS. I was so glad I had a Lumia on that day. Waiting  with updating my iPads at home, so they don't get bricked like this. What a cluster...
  • This. I hate seeing apps. This is what a menu button is for. So does has me locked into no swiping and I keep only apps i truly use on top whereas I cannot even swipe up/down... I hate accidental swipes. Man I dislike iOS and using it so much. Inconsistent in operation all except the home button which is why most people don't know how to close apps. I was helping this older couple yesterday and they have iPhones. They are just rest tapping anywhere and hoping things work to go back... Some apps have a bsck button at the top, some swipe... Just a mess. So they press the home button. They have tones of apps open. I hate iOS so much. To thing I almost bought the 7... Glad I bought s7edge instead... Too bsck my girl is buying the 7 today... But it works... She wants to try windows, but I just truly could not recommend it to her... So I am trying to win her over to Android which she like I used to dispose. Just get what you want people.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • LOL thank you
  • iOS is for people who don't understand tech and just want it to work. WM10 phone cost and OS, is just fantastic, best phone for price any day, beautiful OS, might be a bit buggy but I find very little wrong these days. App gap, don't really use apps on a phone as it hurts my eyes staring at a small screen unless I have no choice, Surface all the way!      
  • So Windows Phone is for people who understand tech and don't want it to work? Being buggy and not having apps are both big issues with a platform. It certainly isn't "very little wrong".
  • Windows Phone is for people that are heavily integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem and don't mind testing out developing mobile operating systems. Is it frustrating when things don't work the way you would hope? Yes. But if it's a dealbreaker for your use-case, then don't get it. Simple as that. I can text, call and use the web. That's all I need my phone for.  Personally, I see the benefit of supporting the underdog in many cases. This is when companies are at their most fragile but also must take the greatest risk. Apple has stagnated in recent innovations because their product is so well defined, deciding to best silo out their ecosystems to iOS and OS X (or Mac OS). If drastic changes are made, their users may revolt. Microsoft is going the opposite direction where everything shares a common core experience. I believe this is the future of computing. Technology might not have gotten there yet and maybe it's ahead of it's time. Time will tell. Either way, I'm enjoying the ride. Until it ends, my iPhone 5S and Galaxy S6 will stay in my desk drawer.
  • How much you want for the 5S ?
  • 0,5 euros.
  • If all you want is to text, call and use the web why do you even own a smart phone?
  • Being an adult, I don't need snapchat on my phone.. so ya, app gap doesn't bother me so much.
    Here's my wish list for apps:
    1. my bank
    2. Southwest
    3. Mint That's pretty much it. None of those are deal breakers, and I'm much happier with the OS and the phone than I would be with an iPhone. And don't kid yourself that iPhones are bug free.. my god, the number of people I have to help because they can't figure their iPhones out is just stupid.
  • But is complexity of the OS a bug problem or does it go back to people not understanding technology? I love the Snapchat comment BTW, and feel the same about the bank app.
  • At least someone tell the truth here.
  • I agree. The simplicity of iOS 4 years ago was just pure joy.
    Now, when I want to do mundane tasks, such as manage parental controls on my kids' iPads, it is a major chore. Their settings app has gotten so complicated now, it's not even fun to use it anymore. My next tablet will probably be a W10M. If only Alcatel released their Pixi 3 in the U.S.
    When Dan Rubino reviewed it, he praised it, and I was sold on the spot. At least until the day I realized it was not coming... :-(
  • You would be making a major mistake of buying a Windows tablet for your children as most games they're used to playing won't be available on Windows store.
  • Good point
  • A Windows tablet can have an Android emulator, such as the fantastic Leapdroid, and they have the best of both worlds. Why limit them to a device that likely won't receive updates (if Android) and if there's any problems you'll need to spend hours in random forums looking for solutions that may or may not apply to your specific device, and even then may or may not apply your specific version of Android because they have to make them all bloody different.
  • Why worry about upgrading an Android tablet if all you want to do with is play games on it. As for fixing the tablet in case anything goes wrong then there is plenty of information on the internet for recognized brands. But all in all an iPad Mini is the best choice for kids as it has a longer battery life and great support from Apple.
  • Ummm. I don't find it at all buggy. But I'm constantly having to 'fix' both the iPhones in this house.
  • iOS is for kids !
  • I understand tech, but I also want my phone to just work & apart from the update glitch which necessitated 6 hours of restoring from iTunes and iCloud (and at least it was a comprehensive back-up that automatically signed me back into every app it restored) my iPhone SE hasn't given me any problems; certainly not the kind I had with my previous Android phones. That said, my secondary phone is a Lumia 640 and, aside from lack of apps, I've never had any problems with that either.
  • I'd also chose iOS over android any day. I already had enough of that google mess before I bought my first WP. But because there still are Windows phones, I stay with Windows :D
  • The are so many business that are making apps for android and ios. None of those apps are coming for windows. It frustrates me because I don't wanna leave windows phone but at the same time I need the apps. Say, for example, I'm in real estate and there are some apps that I need that just aren't available on the platform. There's probably just one app on the platform that deals with real estate. That sucks badly. I'm curious to know how Microsoft can easily position themselves as business oriented when they have no business apps on their platform.
  • "None of those apps are coming for windows"
    "There's probably just one app on the platform that deals with real estate" When you deal with exaggerations, extremes, and untruths, life is tough.. huh? When you get realistic, its not nearly as bad as others would have you believe.
  • I'm not sure what your real estate needs are, but one of the reasons many of us have WP in our office is because our company doesn't have a phone app, but we do have a website and now a mobile version. Using MyLiveTile app we are able to download our logo image and create a tile that open directly to our website where I can sign in and access mls info, update listings, etc. It's not a app, but it feels like one. The most that the other phone users are able to do is create a favorite icon, which does the same thing, but isn't as nice looking. Also my tile flips with a picture of my daughter a nice plus. I also use it for the bank who only has an iPhone app and the local power company which only has an Android app. The app gap is real, but the WP OS does allow me to fill some of the gaps while still looking organic to the OS. Don't know if this would work for your situation, but if it can, it will make your phone more functional.
  • Got a 950, so It's torture waiting for details on the "Surface Phone"..
    Please, please, please let there be a leak soon.
  • Leaks are the last thing I want to see. I like surprises like the Band and Book and things not all revieled in the media months before.
  • I disagree. I love those good, old fashioned, super juicy exciting leaks.. At this point, it would also silence a lot of unbelievers, and bring hope to the platform. A nice leak could also bring good press to the platform. Also, could encourage a few developers to support, or get excited about supporting, the platform..
    I disagree... Nothing better to help the platform, right now, than a huge leak. This would prove to world that WM is not dead! Give me my leak!
  • When we get leaks, we also get the people who STILL think it's clever to write "Soooon (TM)"
  • Yeah, I'm with you. Surprise me. Leaks kills the excitement.
  • Here's a leak: There is no Surface Phone.
  • Correct, until at least next year.
  • How hard would it be for MS to stuff a Kaby Lake processor into Surface Phone?
  • I like the 950 spec's a lot but the cheap case very cheap case and stopped. Me.buying it. That and here maps then PayPal was enough to leave. I'm Rickinghall a s7 edg3 and it's oozes premium used to on the limit range. The 930 I still own. But I'd love a surface phoenix. As a consumer though without Google apps now especially you tube as metro tube and tube cast often crash. Also here mats was awsome Microsoft maps 2as ok but once you use here maps and Google search Street view I totally get why Google is essential. Lastly PayPal and myfitnesspal app.left very recently so these issues I think are the priority. A surface will be great for work but as of 2016 it's no longer a os I can recomend on mobile cause the app gap has increased. In 2014 and 2015 I was happy with the apps and even though I missed some it wasn't the issue it is today. I hope. Microsoft can solve it cause 6 years on iPhone which I. L9ved and 6 weeks on touch wiz android marshmallow which I like still don't come close to 8.1 mobile and even windows 10. Just remove the hamburger menu or at least put 8t on the bottomed left and reintroduce all the pivoting too.
  • Looks like your Galaxy Edge has a wonderful keyboard. Reading your comment required a ton of guess-work. Glad you are "Rickinghall a s7". We will let you know when Surface "Phoenix" is available. You should buy the iPhone that you once "L9ved". /s
  • ROFLMAO!!!
  • Wish I could edit my posts here more than 1 time. Predictive text sometimes sucks.
    "PUT HAMBURGER ON THE BOTTOM" Correction for 8t
  • I am asking myself same question. Since 950 is so cheap, I might go for.
  • Hurry up than, not many left.
  • While I have Lumia 930 already, 950 doesn't seem like an upgrade.
  • It is. It has Continuum. It's much lighter. Double tap to sleep, fast charging via USB-C
  • Well yeah, but as an average consumer, those features are not necessary. Many features are not relevant to average people, including Cortana which I use once per day to check Weather, I would not use Continuum either nor Iris scanner. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have that phone but it's just doesn't feel like an upgrade. I'm a camera guy XD
  • Continum might not be. I have not even tried it once on my 950, as I don't have a Miracast receiver for TV nor a dock, but especially it is indeed an upgrade. Just fast charging is enough. You don't know it's value till you trie it, than you can't live without it :)
  • Fast charging is the stand out feature of the 950s. Continuum is second. And the exchangable covers is third.
  • I felt exactly the same until I bought one, the camera is much better on the 950 and it is a step up in every single aspect save for the premium build which can be emulated with a Mozo case
  • Mozo leather back cover with metal trim is awesome. A small investment and it completely transforms the 950. Absolutely recommended.
  • Agreed.
  • I had a 1520, and now a 950... You're right, it's not a huge upgrade in a sense.. But, it's a welcome upgrade, especially running W10, which it does much better. The camera is better, and quick charging is nice.. The screen is better.. Basically, if my 1520 didn't give out I would still be using it, but the only thing I really miss is the 6" screen. I miss that a lot... That being said, I mean, how much of an upgrade could a Surface Phone be over the 905? Realistically, about as much as a 950 over the 930, but the overall appeal should be higher.... That sir has to be the most logical explanation in history.
  • The screen is my only disappointment with the 950's. Quite the dirt magnet.
  • I don't have the 930. I used 920 & 1020 before and the 950 camera is an upgrade. I also feel like a regular person and I user Cortana a lot...I especially love reminders connected to locations and contacts. I also use the iris scanner.
  • I have a 535, and couldn't live without double tap to sleep :D That phone is perfect for its super low price, I only wish it had glance. But if everything goes well, I can get a 950XL with deep discount around november as my corporate device. And I'm eagerly waiting for that day to come :D
  • Continuum​ is not an upgrade its a feature, one for 95% of the users out there do not use i bet.  Of all the 950 owners I know, none of them use Continuum​.  USB-C and processor are the only 2 real upgrades.  Many will argue that the 930 has a better camera too.
  • Continuum is however a great feature. I grabbed an L950 on a sale w a dock. After using it, I discovered it'll fill the exact role what my parents need for technology: facebook, email, and skype, on a screen. They don't multitask, they don't need the latest greatest apps. If the surface phone ever shows, I'll be handing my 950 down to them (to replace their Surface RT 2, heh), and, if Microsoft at leasts keeps Facebook, email, and skype running on their own devices, my folks'll be set for another 3-5 years or more. Heck my dad until last month was still rocking my Verizon Windows 7 phone! XD
  • Continuum is good for me.i always need to have connection for my business, when the Surface Book/Surface 2 don't suffice, BOOM! Here comes the 950 to save my skin.
  • Continuum is good for me.i always need to have connection for my business, when the Surface Book/Surface 2 don't suffice, BOOM! Here comes the 950 to save my skin.
  • BS. Noone with any brain would argue 930 has a better camera. I have a 950. The wife a 930. The 950 takes pictures So much more detailed and produces far better colour it's not even close. My friends s7 doesn't produce pics as good as the 950. Sorry.
  • Well, more, and new, features are considered an upgrade. That's not a fair statement.. Now, whether a "worth" upgrade is subjective...
    I have a 1520, and a 950. The camera on the 950 is much better. That's objective. Yes, I was surprised, but it is greatly improved.
  • And 96% of stats are made up on the spot ;)
  • Dont kid yourself, I thought the same thing but after purchasing the 950, it's definitely an upgrade. Ignoring all the small upgrades, it's much faster and snappier ...the camera on the 950 alone is enough reason that makes it worth the purchase especially at this price. Ask me this question several months ago and I probably would have told you, the camera is the only worthy reason to upgrade ..but after new firmware and update releases, it's definitely worth it.
  • precisely, and i'm sure your battery went down pretty low, u had to hurry out, plugged in for quick charge, in next 30 mins when you're good to go, you got enough battery to last u .USB Type -C baby!
  • Not sure why you all are trumpeting USB-C fast charging as an improvement over the 930/Icon when they have QuickCharge 2.0 which charges about as fast...
  • i'm saying such cause it is an improvement over many lumias, does the 1520 have fast charge?,does the 1020 have fast charge? 930 may have but it's all standard with usb type c and at 950 price point it's good to grab it and not wait for surface phone, why wait on injured lion(surface phone)somewhere when there is a strong wolf (950)
  • Interesting analogy... Incidentally, it seems (to me) that my 950/XL both charge faster if I use the USB-C cable with the charging block I got with my L830....rather than if I use the charger that came with the 950/XL themselves. Further testing and observation is required.
  • It maybe faster, but you are risking plating your battery or over heating by using the incorrect charger. Ohm's law is a b**ch =P
  • Not me,I'm using charger that came with my 950
  • Camera and Continuum are definitely the two strong reasons for getting a L950.  I would keep the L950 after getting the Surface Phone, if there is one.  I can use the L950 for a permanent Continuum TV.
  • I am finding Refurbished and used units on Ebay for under $200.  Now we are talking my price range.  This is not becuase I can not afford it, but because I think it is obscence to pay over $400 for a PHONE.  Oh, and it completely cuts into my scuba budget, boat rides are not cheap.
  • +1 ( minus the scuba bit ;)
  • Agreed on the cost.  I'm still on the 640.  I'd love to upgrade to the 950XL, but its still $500 US on the Microsoft Store. It's still cheaper than android and iCrap flagships, but we're talking decent laptop money for a telephone...
  • I just got one off of ebay.  So far, so good.  It definately doesn't have that premium "feel", but it's pretty slick as far as performance goes.  (I have not had an opportunity to test Continuum.  :(  )
  • nope, you cant sell. Many people (myself too) cant sell the 950XL (used 6months) for 300€ or 250€. NOBODY wants it because EVERYBODY wants only an iPhone/Samsung. They are like.. WOW you have W10 on your phone? Looks nice, does it have viruses? Nope, does it slow down after a while? Nope... does it have SnapChat? Nope... OH, sorry than Iam not interested.. so nope, you wont sell it. You can keep it as a second device or GPS in car but forget about selling. Maybe if you lower the price but than... its not worth to sell. BTW: Surface phone... Premium quality etc.. It could be gold platet with 40K gold but for a price around 800 - 1200€ NOBODY will buy it and the price will drop as fast as it did with 950/XL
  • 300 is the price for a new one. I'll be perfectly able to sell my 950 for 150€ in a few months, which from the 250€ actual price is a good selling price. Obviously I'm selling on ebay.
  • You again...with your absoulutes...speaking as if you know everything and can speak for everyone.
    It appears that you haven't learned that you cannot speak for everyone. You said:
    1. Nobody wants it
    You are COMPLETELY wrong, somebody may want it.
    2. Everybody want only an iPhone/Samsung
    You are COMPLETELY wrong, not everyone wants an iPhone/Samsung
    3. its not worth to sell
    That is YOUR opinion an my be true for you but not true for other people.
    4. NOBODY will buy it
    You are COMPLETELY wrong again....somebody may buy it.
    You seem to not care about being completely wrong about applying your own opinon to others, speaking as if you are the absolute, with all wisdom and knowledge of what other people like, dislike, want, need and will buy or won't buy.
    Pappale, are you like this in real life? The content of your character, that you constantly display on Windows Central, is that accepted in your community or work place? Is your mindset normal, relative to where you live or is there some other difference that we all don't know about.
    You seem bent on believing that you can speak in absolutes as if you know everything and what you say is final.
    The fact is, you don't know what another person will or won't do or what is important to them to be able to speak for everyone, everybody and nobody and no one as you always do. To continue to speak in absolutes makes you look arrogant and close minded.
    I'll gladly buy your 950XL from you as I have to send my loaner back to Microsoft in December and you can use the money, with whatever other money you have to buy an iPhone/Samsung as you claimed that EVERYBODY wants only those and EVERYBODY would include you.
    Have a great day. We all woke up today, today is a good day.
  • You are right, all those things are possible, they just aren't probable.
  • @ Papple Sadly, I'm inclined to agree :-\
  • "Does it have Snapchat..." Lol! Try looking on, they are not flying off the digital shelves, but they are selling. Same on eBay.
  • just waiting for Nokia.. a Nokia will follow my 1520
  • I'm on the fence as for what to do. I already got a Note 7 and returned it. So, back on my 1520. I prefer some things about my Windows phone, such as the keyboard, but for Android I did apply a couple of launchers and tried to like it again, but now that I've returned the N7 I don't miss it too much. Anyway, waiting on Nokia (which may release a couple of models by the end of the year) could work, but may only be offering Android devices.
  • The new Nokia phones won't really be Nokia phones, not that Foxconn is a bad manufacturer (they did build iPhones for a long time) but I just have a feeling the build quality Nokia was famous for (which won it many of it's fans) won't be the same with these phones
  • As long as you don't actually mean a Nokia, as they are not making any just selling rights to use their name to third parties...
  • Dove lo trovi a 250€? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • resale value probably won't be great, by the time a Surface Phone shows up the 950 will be a two year old device. Of course you can always gift it or keep it as a backup.  Also, 1st gen Surface Phone might be problematic, so if you buy a Lumia now waiting for Surface Phone 2 might make more sense
  • The OS is dead now at least
  • The os isn't dead.
  • LOL? You are confused. The OS is in full development.
  • Facts speak. I'm a WP user since years. Apps are disappearing and market share is less than 1% !! Facts...
  • Apps are more or less the same as always (some coming some going), the OS is receiving weekly updates. So you should redefine the word dead. If it is dead today then by your definition it has been dead for years. Facts.
  • Man. I'm loyal to the OS. But name a single popular app landed on WM10 since 6 months. Other apps that are so important for average user are way far from iOS and android UI !
  • Bank of America released and app, and if you read this site, there are many other apps from major players.
  • WP apps, yes. They are disappearing. W10M apps, no.
  • Hard for things that don't really exist to disappear
  • You have a good point and I laughed.
  • I just but myself a Porsche 911 Carrera. It's lacking some of the modern electronic apps and its market share is less than 1%. But boy, I tell you,  it's a lot of fun driving this beast.
  • Maybe you are joking but it's my situation with my bike too. It's an MV agusta brutale, it has less than 1% share, it has some electronic problems, it uses tons of fuel, but boy the pleasure in driving this 110hp for 170kgs of a bike ... I guess it's a bad habit of mine :)
  • ...and a further two-thumbs up for Ben and his 911 Carrera! I bet anyone would be hard-pressed to wipe that grin off your face.
  • but a Tesla P90D (or P100D now) is a lot more fun and it gets all the apps and software updates
  • Some apps have disappeared, some new ones have arrived. Bank of America pulled their app a year or two ago but issued a W10 app a couple months ago that works great on my 950. There's now a full Starbucks app too. There are some big holes, like SnapChat, but these are largely apps that never were on WP.
  • Developers should make UWP apps As they want to target surface ,which has huge market share,its one Platform,will all other popular apps comes to mobile too,takes some time,sure they will come. WM10 had great future,once its marketed well and large group of people at least know about simplicity ,performance & stability of WM10,then OEM makes beautiful Devices,market share will compete others
  • Surface doesn't have huge market share. If they target UWP, then you miss out on all Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs. It doesn't make sense to create UWP at all right now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And allways will be.
  • Let's hope so, it would mean we'd continue to get new features mister sarcasm. (like any other OS out there)
  • I don't think you understand much of me. I love my brand new 950. I would love to see W10M get rid of Android and iOS. But there is some hope. My girlfriend got iOS10 on her iPhone and does not like it at all. So funny.
  • Start being polite, that's a good start to get people to understand you.
  • I got pizza in the oven right now. Does that make you a little bit happy? We are in the Same boat.....rocking the 950.
  • Isn't this always the case for any OS including W10?
  • You're confusing a company still working on a product for other reasons with the platform being alive and well... I'd say Microsoft's reasons have more to do with OEMs targeting enterprise and the lower cost to keep development going now that W10M is part of W10. If it was still a completely different OS they would have pulled the plug by now. That doesn't mean that the platform is alive, Blackberry was still working on BB10 even after switching to Android. Did anyone think that platform wasn't dead? Those of us who have been using WP for a long time might find it hard to admit, but it's a dead platform right now. No developer support, no market share. Just a few companies trying to make an enterprise play with W10M
  • No the OS isn't dead it's a huge mess that will take years to get it fixed.
  • So I must be lucky because it's fast and stable on my 950 AU
  • First off all you are very very lucky to have stable build. Second of all What the heck does AU means ?
  • The actual stable build. Anniversary update.
  • You can call it stable but it buggy in my phone, slow to wake with Windows hello- pinch,zoom, pan left and right don't respond right- now the screen stutters at time. Since Windows phone 7 it's the first time the flow of the home screen and menu jump. So AU is not stable.
  • I have the 1520 and in the Preview program and I really haven't had much of an issue with anything. My phone runs W10M perfectly. I can't say that about Android because as my HTC 920 got older, newer versions of Android kept slowing it down. And this was all during the 2 years that I had it on contract.
  • Lumia Icon is also being 100% stable for me.  Its gotten faster and more battery efficient over the course of the year.  OS is so much nice to use than IOS.  And yes,  I have both, well all 3.  
  • Thousands of users are Lucky then. The O.S. is stable and you're just Trolling
  • I'm too having issues with my phones 2 of them are: (1) The Hotspot not working at all (2) After zooming photos in photos app, the photo gets stuck and doesn't move. These 2 things are annoying me and I'm not even on insider nor I want to be an insider.
  • Photo app had that bug for some versions. Corrected in latest version. We can't call an entire OS broken because of some bug. Look around every OS has bugs of this kind.
  • Hotspot actually worked great for me for the first time after the AU. Before it was actually locking my phone up or disconnecting.
  • Anniversary Update
  • Anniversary update, troll
  • Maybe he's just honest about not knowing what he's talking about =)
  • For me the issue isn't so much the OS itself as all the first party apps that come with it, GPS voice doesn't work unless connected to Bluetooth, the photos app constantly locks up and I need to close it and open it again, emails keep reappearing after i have deleted them, text messages do the same. Actually this is similar to my Surface, the OS is fine but apps have major issues, both Groove and the new OneNote app just simply cease to function, OneNote crashes straight away and Groove after about ten to fifteen minutes. The only thing I've noticed so far that is clearly an OS problem on mobile is the front facing camera, it comes up with an error every time I try to use it, regardless of what app I am using. This is an issue that is a direct result of AU.
  • The outlook mail needs to be fixed by Microsoft as many rely on important Emails everyday
  • I had that update on my 929 and didn't have a single issue you mentioned. I've also gone on to the next build and still don't have those issues. Used my mobile hotspot just yesterday. I'd factory reset if I were you. Which model do you have?
  • Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim. Probably phones with dual sim or my network (Vodafone IN) is causing the issue or not supported
  • Big question is: when de 950/950XL gets broke, can Microsoft replace it? Everyone wants to know that.
  • Good question
  • Under warranty they are obliged to replace it or fix it or give you something better so your question is a non issue.
  • But what if they don't have replacements? I saw a story about this recently somewhere.
  • Nope you saw a story saying that in the UK they are trying to end the 950XL, this doesn't mean they do not keep an inventory for warranties and/or they can produce a bit more in the extreme and not prabable case of mass return of the few phones they sold.
  • Yes, they can.
  • That is very key in my thoughts as well.  Or what will they do when they have no stock and you have a broken phone?    
  • They need to announce something soon. My current position is should I move from my Lumia 950 to Android or wait for the Surface Phone... I love windows phone but there is only so long I can wait... That being said, by moving to Android I will only be gaining a few apps so it isn't a move I want to take.
  • Depends why you need to move from your 950. Are you having problems with it, or just think you need to upgrade?
  • Everyone have problem with their phone after Windows 10 Mobile apocalypse. In fact Microsoft itself posts the issues openly.
  • You've already proved that you don't know what you are talking about, why keep digging that hole?
  • Report the Troll people, just report the Troll
  • Get a life..
  • As I said, reason would be to gain a few apps. But that isn't enough of a reason at the moment. I dont think. No problem's with windows 10 but it needs a few tweaks. A couple of things that would improve windows 10 mobile in my opinion are: Dedicated task switcher button like on android. Holding down the back button is too slow and inefficient for switching between apps. No dedicated button for search / Cortana. Make that button task switcher and long hold a button to get search / Cortana. They are my main gripes at the moment. It is just about efficiency and multi tasking. The OS in general performs well. Still a happy windows phone user.
  • I think you and I are in the same boat. After the removal of my child's favorite "Kids Corner", I was thinking of moving... However, after our family picnic, I looked at the pics from my 950XL vs the other family photos...and I will stay around for a little while longer....I am shocked with how much I use the search button on windows phone though. I am so confused on iOS.
  • The one second press of a back button is too slow? I would rather have to do this, then have a button I can accidently press. The damned volume buttons are always muting or maxing my ringer because of this reason.
  • Since when did Microsoft announce anything? They don't.
  • You should continue using the Lumia 950 until it no longer meets your needs. If the Surface Phone still hasn't arrived, go right ahead and get an Android handset. Much of MS apps and services will still be available to you so the transition won't be too difficult. Google will start invading your privacy to some degree, but you'll minimize it under MS apps and services. Then, when Surface Phone becomes reality, it won't be too hard to make the journey back. I spent two years in iOS. Coming back wasn't hard at all. I didn't store any of my stuff on Apple services, so the transition was easy.
  • Will Surface Phone come with a better camera?
  • Maybe yes possibly by chance.
  • You should stop your question after 'come'. How in blabla name could anyone know?
  • Yes, for sure, trust me. I'll be glad to answer any questions regarding the features of a non existant product. .
  • I will say wait for surface phone. Till the time They may fix the OS and squash some bugs and make the OS smooth
  • Or just get the iPhone 7
  • Or don't
  • @imo786  LOL. With the current update to 10 it's about the most buggy phone you can get. Troll detected.  
  • Not trolling, just giving fair advice I feel is good. Made my friend buy a 950xl, was his worst experience ever. I won't forgive ms for that failure...
  • If you made your friend buy a 950XL without giving him full disclosure on what to expect, it will be a bad experience. They need to know up front what it's going to be like. Friends I converted are happy with their Win Phones because they knew what's what before jumping in.
  • Lol. I wanted to say get an android but because this is Windows fan boys site, i didn't said it
  • You cannot say that, buy yeah, Android is better, much better
  • It sucks. Ending the lumia line. Maybe no surface phone. No phone builders are currently making new windows 10 phones. Why coz Microsoft made bad decisions in the past. Bringing out so many devices even when their os wasn't completed yet, and now they have to fix all issues for the new update of windows 10 mobile on all their different devices. They should have stick with 3 windows devices every year and build up the trust from the customers. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • We know, Einstein. Lets stick to the facts.
  • Ohh, you're an angry elf. Just like you don't care to read anyone's posts that ever reiterate anything you've already heard before, we don't care to have to re-read your incessant vitriol. Your snark is neither appreciated nor constructive, no matter what points you think you're making.
  • Just report him.
  • Ya, just report me..... and Trump too. Haha.
  • Thought so another arrogant Trump supporter!
  • #MakeWindowsCentralGreatAgain
  • Considering how all your posts have been removed by the mods I'd say reporting was the right thing to do.
  • So?
  • Listen grandpa. As testy as you are at your age, you should just stick to a rotary phone. More your pace.
  • And you are?
  • Buy a 950 now, they're so cheap. Then buy a Surface phone when it's available
  • is the correct answer !
  • Like your thinking...
  • My sentiments exactly... though the price of the 950/XL hasn't gone lower here, I'm tempted ... I've used the 950 and did direct comparison with my 1520 on my computer screen... 950 usually wins ..
  • My 1520 is still going strong, but thinking about getting a 950XL off eBay when they go below 400USD until a Surface Phone hopefully comes out.
  • I'm thinking 950 now, Surface Phone 2 when it releases!
  • 2? You are kidding right
  • No, if they have a Phone, it will likely have an upgraded successor. If they don't, I can keep using the 950. Why do you think I'm joking?
  • Or keep the L950 for a dedicated Continuum TV or PC usage.
  • Buy a 950 XL now.
  • I am very pleased with my 950 and display dock. Even for the 600€ that I bought it, I believe it's worth every last cent of it.
  • Im having battery issues with my 950xl (the battery is inflating and looses charge in about 2hrs) and its hard to find a replacement battery. Found one on eBay, hopefully its good. But this is a factor ppl should consider.
  • ... For prosumers and the Windows Phone aficionado, we need a follow up comparison, Should you wait for the Surface Phone or buy a HP Elite X3 now?
  • Nobody should buy an x3 in the current state.
  • But many do. They better listen to you, right? Mister know it all.
  • No they should read about all the problems the handset currently has and see if they are resolved with the upcoming updates. Knowing more than you is fairly easy and doesn't require one to know it all.
  • Don't worry. They Will replace it for a better one. Its the law.... (LOL)
  • Yeah. Wait for the Surface Phone. And then rage when it doesn't come because Microsoft cancelled it after the flop of the Elite X3. If you really like WP and are masochistic enough to cling on to a dead OS, the 950 is your safest bet.
  • Very funny.
    Dead OS comments again. LOL
    W10 (official release) on 930 is very smooth. And is getting better.
    Integration with my Surface Pro is second to none.
  • Good for you. The day you actually try a living OS you'll notice how bloody dead WP actually is ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And yes you are right. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What is really funny is how all you people think that your dissatisfation must be the same for everyone and assume that we, people that enjoy our phone, enjoy it: 1- because we are in denial 2- because we don't even know that there is something better out there (this is your case here) Can't you accept that it is impossible that we didn't try an android/ios in the past months (they are everywhere) but we just didn't like that experience and we don't need all the apps that you need? When I say I'll switch to andorid when I'll be missing one SINGLE app in my everyday life I'm telling the truth, I've been saying that for months and the time didn't come yet. You should learn and let things go ... the more you say to someone "I'm happier than you" the more you look like pretedning.
  • And have you noticed these people keep coming here to this community? it seems like their iOS and Android devices are not satisfying...
  • @ kingjah You seem to haven't realised this ISN'T "Windows Phone Central" anymore. Wake up. The MAJORITY of Windows users use Android phones. NOT Windows Phone.
  • Yeah, I gave up. Many had.
    I come back randomly because I use to like Windows phone, but Microsoft totally discontinued this line, they left us before I could change my phone lol. I tried 950xl , but then you realized, maps, e-mails, office, Skype, bank apps, games, browsing, different keyboards, music apps, Bluetooth support, well, almost anything works better in Android.
    I like the titles and how it works, but it is frustrating, really.
  • +100 I almost feel sorry for DJCBS ​. How can some be so stuburn and short sighted. He reminds me of a collegue that wanted to be better then his collegues. Failed to get better, so he had to put others down to keep 'his status'. Instead he became the fool of the company and was more or less forced to leave the company.
  • @Hoekie So now I'm Windows Phone? I mean, I'm not surprised your attempt at an analogy sucks since time and again you've proven an outstanding lack of brains. But still, this one is particularly bad. seems the stubborn (that's how you spell it) and short sighted people here are those who cling to a dead OS or even a Unicorn-phone, refusing to accept reality.
  • Well Said, well Said indeed.
  • Well, an alternative for thinking that you don't know something better is available is you being stupid as a rock. This isn't even debatable at this point. Android IS superior to Windows Phone, no matter how you spin it. The moment Microsoft services work better on Android and integrate better on Android than they ever did on Windows Phone, that pretty much proves it.   Sure, some very very minoritarian group of people may think WP is better and like it better. I'm also pretty sure I could find a couple of people who still swear by webOS, Symbian and BB10.   It won't change the underlying facts that: 1 - WP is dead; 2 - Developers don't give a sh*t about WP; 3 - Users leaving the platform in hordes; 4 - Microsoft itself doesn't really care about WP.   And against that, there's no "You should learn and let things go" bullcrap speech that will change it. Simple ;)
  • Well you are on a site that is mostly composed of that "minoritarian part of people" obviously so all you say is out of place. Case closed.
  • If it is really better, then why did they invent apps on the first place? Don't you realize that 99% of apps would actually be served better in a webpage? In fact a lot of apps are just disguised browsers dedicated to a single webpage. If you could really browse the internet properly on an android or iOS device, you would not need any apps at all. Ever heard of anyone who uses apps on a windows pc? They are availabele there, you know? There may be less apps available for WP or W10M, butthat is offset by the better accessibility of internet. For instance, on my Lumia I use(d) youtube directly via the webpage instead of the quite crappy and limited app. Works much better. There is (in my opinion) a vital app gap though. There is (as far as I know) no proper replacement for crappy and limited outlook available. The edge browser kinda sucks, even though it supports flash content. Those are pivotal functions that require choide and quality in available apps.  
  • MS is like when blackberry tried the last shot with a new mobile "Z10" to attract people. Then they dropped their own OS.
  • Just for the die hard fans
  • Dont buy either.
  • Atleast for now. There's no good reason to buy BUDGET Windows Mobile in current state.
  • 640 is very nice for the price.
  • MS removed all the L 640's after the arrival of 650. atleast from my country and seriously there's no good reason to buy a phone with Windows 10 Mobile OS. Unless you need continuum feature.
  • There's no good reason for people to buy a flip phone either, but they do.
  • You must need too much, I mean pretty bad lol
  • Great article Zac. This is the golden question. For me, I probably can't afford the Surface phone and I tried the 950. I wasn't pleased with the AU and battery life for it, so I'm watching and waiting, while on Android.
  • What if the 950 runs the same OS as the Surface phone?
  • That's a fair point, but I doubt it. It should be more improved for sure. The 950 has great hardware.
  • Personally I think there are alot of lemons in the mix. My older bro tried the 950 again, didn't work out so well... lol. I convinced him to get it after demoing continuum on a friends xbox running preview (and our sony bravia TV which has miracast support). Pretty annoying that miracast on the x1 is still in preview.
  • Dropped my 650 in the water and couldn't resist the low pricing on 950. Was just before the free display dock offer came back unfortunately, but on the positive side a local retailer had Mozo covers on special so phone runs great and looks great :)
  • awesome , i'm ordering mozo white for my 950 sometime soon
  • Thanks for this article Zac
  • Probably wait another 2-3 months until some store sells it cheaper. Then wait again when they put the surface phone on sale, since it will eventually happen. Win-win situation for everyone. Business people/ fans will but it for its actual price and cheap-ass folks like me will buy it when they're cheap. Sucks to be me who want a windows phone with an oh-so low budget.
  • Im planning that too, but there is also one condition. the OS by that time has to be immaculate! I have Lumia 1520 now, and fingers crossed, it will get all the same updates as the new phones, and it will show me if there is any point in spending money on MSFT again... Cause if OS will ne be polished and run smoothly, I am not buying any WP again... I got burned on 3 of them, that is enough...
  • Agree with you, MS does not need to go through the same learnign curve as Android or IOS. They have the best infront of them to learn from. WM10 no matter what people say is still not polished. Numerous issues and needs tlc. Its been a year since GA and for MS to still be working out kinks is simply unacceptable.  
  • Without Satya investing more attention and resources in windows 10 mobile, we won't see any major improvements. One year from now the mobile OS will still be the same buggy mess, Ms will still be the same buch of liars and they will still deliver the same poor quality products.
  • There is also a 3rd option. Wait 1 year after surface phone release and see how its price will plummet and get it cheap!
  • Nice info. Thanks
  • Buy a 950 now,have a feel of the exclusive features like hello and continum.Join an inside ring to test the os.Then when a Surface arrive (if it ever does) You can then feel at home.
  • Who on earth needs continuum?? and Hello, lol, fingerprint readers on both android and ios are much faster and reliable.
  • American police hires somebody to 3d print fingerprints for accessing devices. Hello? I say goodbye to that.
  • I have 950 since launch, fast insider, really nice phone.
  • No discussion, will wait for Surface Phone. Until this is purchasable, I've my Lumia 1020, it's good enough with the challenges as the 8.1 platform have.
  • I'm just going to stick with my Lumia 640XL for now. The 950 I tried out didn't offer much more than what I have now. Plus the NFL just released a line of cases for the 640XL so now I can finally rock a Buffalo Bills case!
  • Really?! Very cool about the cases. It has bettery battery life too.
  • i think ill GoPhone it for now till i see some promise on the Surface Phone come to fruition  
  • Buy 950xl it has all essential features and a superb camera
    May b the surface phon come with pen annd premium looks but u hav to wait more six months its better to buy 950xl after anniversary update it is very stable and battery life was good micro soft will continue to support this phone for after 2yrs
  • Just bought the 950 XL to replace my... 950. They are so cheap now, and except the usual app gap, we loose nothing using WM10. The OS is relatively stable now, I don't understand all these trolls on Windowscentral, always saying WM is dead or criticizing it so much. Why don't they just leave, they are really tiresome...
  • This isn't Windows Phone Central anymore. Just because WP is dead doesn't mean the rest of Microsoft is.
    And you can whine all you want about the "bad people saying WP is dead". It will do you no good and won't change reality anyway. ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Instead of developing a fixation with negative comments, some people should just relax and go posting comments elsewhere, positive comments, about things they love, etc. Are they just masochists, are they paid to be negative? Anyway! I'll enjoy my 950 XL screen...
  • Instead of developing a fixation with positivity versus negativity, some people should just relax and stop being butthurt because reality didn't turn out how they wanted it to.
  • Instead of defending Ms and their mediocre quality, you should wake up and face the reality.
  • The difference between you and him is that he is spending time on something he likes, you spend time on something you despise. He is a normal person following his hobbies, you are a sadomasochist.
  • So true :-)
  • And you are a gift of God?
  • If I was a sadomasochist I'd still be using Windows Phone. Also, again, this isn't Windows Phone Central anymore. I come here for the Windows articles. The WP articles are just particularly fun to read, specially the amount of deluded people - like you - who cling on to corpses.
  • You are a sadist because you find it funny, and a ********* because you lose time on things that do not interest you. Poor soul.
  • what do u expect, they posted article saying it's dead
  • But the title clearly states this is a phone article and you could not stay away. Look, I have AndroidCentrel App installed on my Galaxy and you don't see me trolling on ChromeOS articles just because I'm a Windows guy.
  • You see...when you're right 3 years in advance, one of the sweet things is to be able to enjoy the realisation of your predictions and the butthurtness of the fanboys who made the most ricidulous claims about how bright the future of WP would be, 3 years ago. Revenge is just too sweet to pass on. Simple as that
  • So revenge is the reason for your swarm of comments. Interesting.
  • Go bang you head against a wall a few time and get over with it. It is quite obvious that you are butthurt. Get a life!!
  • Fanboys also said that RS1 will be the perfect update :)) and it's worse than before. Fanboys were also expecting the x50 series saying these phones will be the best, and when MS launched them, they came with a half baked OS build, a broken crap at a ultra price :)) Fanboys were also happy when MS launched SurfaceBook, only after to complain about the severe bugs on their new 1000$+ device :)). Fanboys are just fanboys, no chance on bringing some sense into them.
  • I know how it feels to be right after all. Don't look forward to it too much. It's not what it is cracked up to be. Here is my prediction. WP is dead. Of course. It is replaced by W10M. The idea of a separate OS for phones not for technical restrictions but just because a phone is not a tablet was a stupid thinking error that is now being corrected. W10M is not dead, but it will die soon. Commitment now is to push the boundaries of the proper W10 for pc's further down. Pushing it into smaller and smaller boxes will one day push it in a box with a 5,5'' diagonal. On that day we can all happily declare W10M dead. And android. Of course. Android is just a mockery of an OS that exists because both Apple and Microsoft made the cardinal mistake of restricting app regulations, designed to eliminate competition for their own crappy apps with an extremely limited use case. iOS won't have to die. It was already dead from the start. Apple has seen a steady decline since Steve Jobs died. They stuck to an outrageously ridiculous button for decades, not realising the world had moved to no buttons at all. Technically following innovation at a distance, only claiming they invented it after they were the last to enter a market. iMacs, iBooks, iPads, iPods, iPhones, all "innovations" that existed of entering existing and fast developing markets late. And wireless charging? My toothbrush did that at least 3 years before apple "invented" it. It is called interference. If you had physics in school you know how it works. Once you can run your old Win32 programs (not apps) on a device the size of a current smartphone, everything will change. This whole discussion will seem futile. The phone and pc market as it is now will be hopelessly outdated and seem like a long and complex bad dream. You will not only throw away your current smartphone, but also your tablet and notebook. Everything will be replaced by your new pocket pc. That will be the future. That is what continuum is all about. If you want it or not or oppose it or not. When it happens you will use it. And you won't even think about it. Of course iPhone users think a metal back cover is all important. And of course after a while apple replaces it by a glass cover to avoid leaking currents, short circuiting and electrocution. But that is all just to keep the kids busy.
  • Well, yes, it is pretty much dead.  BUT, I still love Windows Phone 8 on my Lumia 1020 so much that, until I can't use it anymore, I don't see me putting it aside.  And, as horrible as Windows 10 is, I'd rather shoot myself than use an Android or iPhone.  So, I can CERTAINLY criticize how horrible W10 is and how bad newer devices are and still feel that they are at least marginally better than the competition.  I don't see anything ever changing my opinion that the height of my Windows smartphone experience will always be WP8.1 on the Lumia 1020.
  • But you're here...Or are you a Zombie looking for a date?
  • Never looking for a date. No. Try someone Else kingjah.
  • Yes, they are +1
  • Its called reality! As much as it stinks.. get used to it...
  • C'mon Verizon. If not, AT&T here I come!
  • I think the 950 is a really good phone. I don't understand why so many say it doesn't feel like a premium phone. The screen is amazing, it feels good in my hand, mozo make great (but a bit expensive) backs that make it look different in a good way. It has one of the best, or maybe the best, camera on a phone and it is really fast. The app gap is a whole other story that has nothing to do with the handset itself. This is just a great phone and amazing value for the money you can buy it for
  • Let's see....lame camera compared to the 1020, horrible performance with W10, BORING design and CHEAP build (back cover comes off FREQUENTLY on both mine and my wife's), supposely "premium" internal specs still don't help the fact that W10 is a sluggish dog running on this device.  So, yeah, I wonder why we don't feel it's a premium device.  And putting an expensive case on it is like putting lipstick on a pig.
  • My ICON running W10M isn't a "sluggish dog." It was released 2.5 years ago. Maybe every device acts differently. People put cases on everything, even the iPhone which is suppose to be the "standard" of "premium." BTW, Aluminum doesn't necessarily mean premium.
  • My 950 is caseless...and perfect. I wouldn't try it with an Android or iPhone though.
  • You sure we're talking about the same 1020 here? I owned one. Camera took amazing pics but was horrendously slow. 950 also takes great pics but is much faster.
  • fact
  • The 950 camera is a much better than the 1020. Megapixels do not make a camera good. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • These x50 devices were launched buggy...only MS could have launched and sell products with a broken OS on them, a beta OS :))
  • indeed one of the best windows phone ever launched, just the bad mobile tech journalism around has gotten it such small we windows phone users always ask for great specs, 950 & XL have it all, and then there's talk about build quality when it's released, you really can't satisfy humans.
  • The media had nothing to do with the sales. The fact that MS was so lame to launch these phones with a beta OS, a broken piece of crap on them, got them low sales. The fact that MS likes to ditch and run got them low trust from potential users and ex-windows phone users. So do not blame the media because MS is failing over and over again! Blame Satya for his worst policies ever. Thank him for the mediocre quality in windows 10 os, BOTH PC and mobile
  • I agree with your other comments also but I think media played part a bit also, cause many at our organization and friends were bashing it until some of us showed them the phones ourselves, the os is much better than the beta os they started with,i just think they could've marketed it better ,bundled with Xboxes and other products, he's so focused on the cloud ,it's like he's in the cloud himself
  • I don't think we should blame the media in this. W10M had a small market share, and that did not change. People focus on what they have and that happens to be Android. And let's be honest: how much media did it deserve? Old WP users repeatedly state the difference with the past is not that big. Continuum is nice, but my niece can also use a keyboard on her €20 android tablet. In the Netherlands there was more media coverage than you would expect. And about continuum turning your phone into a pc we can only say. "Yes we wish. Almost brother. Almost." But not quite. It is a first step. But multitasking is not just using 2 apps at the same time. It is also communicating and cooperating between apps. And that is not possible for "safety reasons". So now  I can print from my phone. But I have to save the file first as pdf, then start the printing app and hope it will properly load the file. Then I have to step through a complicated menu to get to the point where  I can print it. When I want to print another file I have to close the app and open it again. And do all the menu steps I did before again. And when I want to print an e-mail attachment... I have to hope outlook will properly download it and not give an error when I try to open it. I can not save the mail on my phone. When I download my mail and empty the mailbox I will loose the mails on my phone at next sync. In theory I can do it but in reality it doesn't really work. So in practice I still carry around my laptop. Continuum is a start but it is still far away from a proper solution.
  • I actually just bought the 950XL ... I figured that it was the safer option, not only because there's a chance the Surface Phone won't come, but because I'd rather not buy a first-gen device for that much money. My 920 is really near the end of his life and I'm not willing to spend 700+EUR on a phone that has a lot of problems. ​950XL now is the safest bet, and for the money it cost I won't feel that bad upgrading in 2/3 years time when and if MS release a Surface Phone 2.  
  • I bought my 930 for £89 or so. Bargain compared to what I paid for my L920 lol. I'll just wait a little longer. The prices on ebay should go down a little bit more.
  • And will Surface Phone have as good a camera as the 950? Probably not.
  • As someone who owns both a 1020 (still my daily driver) and a 950, the camera on the 950 is NOT as good as the 1020.
  • 1020 vs 950 for the camera is a trade off between megapixels & a couple of image quality for the 1020 vs much faster processing speed & picture retake speed for the 950. Too bad they can't combine both.
  • With Microsoft's track record for their products lately I'd go with the 950, at least then you can be sure there won't be any hardware issues (software is a completely different matter).
  • With the 950 you get a Premium Phone at the moment for a very very low Price.
  • That exists as well. It's worth pointing out that the 950 is actually a thing, whereas the Surface Phone is nothing.
  • The 650 does the same cheaper. A nexus 5x though is down to $230. Pretty good deal!
  • As a 950 user I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. In Europe MSs support is a bad joke, outsourced to iQor in Hungary. If you ever have to send it in, iQor will most likely invalidate your warranty with false claims to save money. Never again I would buy a Microsoft branded device. Lumia / Nokia support used to be a lot better. Paid 599€ for a mediocre device without any warranty.
  • Sounds like somehow that fried (his first name..) his phone and still wants warranty...;)
  • Haha, Nice one.
  • May be you have problems. I have problems with Lumia 930. Gues what, I get new Lumia 950.
  • You wait if you have the 1520 like me ;-)
  • Where to find the cheapest 950 and 950xl?
  • Here's my take.  I have, over the course of the Windows Phone/Mobile experience, owned the Samsung Focus, the Lumia 900, 920, 1020, 430, 640 and now the 950.  My wife has had the 920, 1020 and 950.  The 430 and 640 I bought purely for testing purposes.  My wife and I are so disgusted with the waste of money that the 950 is.  It didn't take me long to go back to the 1020 as my daily driver.  Windows Phone 8 is far better in every respect to Windows 10 Mobile.  The 950 is WAY overpriced, even now, for all the trouble it's worth.  It is a slug running Windows 10, dragging in almost every action you execute on it.  Cortana isn't consistent, word shaping is a complete disaster (only getting words right about 60% of the time, making it useless).  The frequent issues of mysterious lock-ups and crashes, the frequent display or sound issues.  The fact that the camera is NOT as good as my 1020 is a huge issue for me---and there is NO expectation Microsoft is going to do SQUAT with the camera in the Surface Phone, either.  In fact, no OEM is doing diddly with cameras of any note on smartphones.  If you have a Windows Phone already and you're still happy with it, I would suggest NOT wasting your money on a device that is NOT a flagship and is more trouble than its worth.  If you absolutely have to change phones but want to stay with Windows, try to get a 650, which will be easier on your budget and you won't feel as bad if the experience sucks for you.  My wife and I completely hate the 950.  Our experiences with the 920 and 1020 were so awesome that the failure of the 950 PLUS the ridiculous price we paid for them brand new just added insult to injury.  
  • I too had an awesome experience of WP8.1 on my L520, 630, 730. But I used a 650 of a friend for sometime and it was so buggy. Battery drain, hangs, crash, were common problem. MS really downgraded WP8.1 with W10M. It was like using Android Gingerbread after using Lollipop.
  • Same here. 920, 1020 and 1520 were a joy to use on 8 and 8.1. Beautiful phones on a fast and stable OS. Windows 10 mobile is far from what 8.1 is a broken piece of crap, low quality delivered by Nadella & Co.
  • I would agree with you up until the AU release.  My 950 was a terrible experience for months.  I actually swtiched over to my 'backup' a Samsung Galaxy S6.  (solid phone for android, tiny & terrible battery)  At least I could take pictures reliably.  I did a hard reset after the AU update and my 950 is now rock solid.  I also moved all my apps off the SD card, photos, videos all go to the phone.  Any large videos I move to the SD card afterwards.  My 950 has been great since then.  Just a thought.  (But no argument that 8.1 was a cleaner faster experience over W10M, but that ship has sailed.)
  • Have you tired the AU on your 950? It has been really smooth on my 640XL and is esily better than 8.1 was. Before the AU, W10 was nowhere near 8.1, but it has come a long way.
  • I am running Insider Preview on my Lumia 950,
    do not use Cortana and so far I am quite happy with it. I really like the 950's camera, it beats the iPhone 6 plus. .
  • 249 is a terrible deal. Half of what MS claims the phones does it doesn't and the other half it barely has the brains to muster.
  • There is no Surface phone. Micblowsoft abandoned us for BoreOS & Lagdroid! Thanks Nutella. RIP Lumia!!
  • There will be no Surface Phone. They gave up on mobile hardware. After my 950xl , I will be waiting for upgraded model of Hp elite x3, with a better camera like of Lumia series.We are creating hype for surface phone so that we don't feel bad that as a fan we are being ditched.
  • Hate to break it to you, but there is no way that HP is going to release another Elite device after they realize that no one is buying the current one that is out there.
  • I believe the HP Elite x3 was sold out in US.
  • That tends to happen when you make very, very limited quantities of them.
  • Or you manufacture devices people actually need.
  • what is the need on the HP device? half working features? Riddiculous price? a broken crap OS?
  • Sold out the units made available for consumers. Which could have been 10 units for all you know. And when all 10 units are sold, they're "sold out".
  • You don't know.  So STFU!!
  • 10 units? :)) you gave them too much credit...I bet they had no more than 5 units :)) from which half will be returned because of the junk OS
  • Oh boy, HP feels so dished right now. They are almost crying. How old are you mariusmunt? 11?
  • First - background: I switched to Windows Phone on day one with the Samsung Focus, and I've been a fan ever since. I'm not a hater, but I've been a steadfast fan and I'm sad to see the state of Windows Phone as it showed so much promise. Second - as much as I wanted it to be true, I don't think a Surface Phone, if it does come out, will save the platform. The 950 and 950XL didn't excite users even though the specs were truly great. Specs, build quality, camera quality, are important sure, but the apps round out the platform. Even if magically all the apps that are missing from Windows Phone were instantly available today, people aren't going to switch away from Android or iOS en masse. When Microsoft itself is putting out better app experiences on competing platforms, the writing is on the wall. If I'm wrong, I'll be the first to switch back, but I just put my preorder in for the iPhone 7+, and I think I waited too long.
  • i'm with you with in a yr i will leave windows behind and choose ios or samsung......good choice with i7+ hope you got black instead of jetblack as they mentioned jetblack is vulnerable to scratches
  • You are not wrong. I have been with Windows Mobile since the beginning. Heck, even before that with the Zune HD. It's time to admit defeat and change platforms. Recommending buying a Lumia now seems like innapropriate thing for WIndows Central to do knowing full well that telling someone to spend their money on a dead end is a bad move.
  • Or they believe in W10M and you don't. No need to explain why you don't. WC allready explained why they do.
  • I'm glad someone believes in it, because Microsoft clearly doesn't or they would be putting resources into it instead of putting it out to pasture.
  • I get it, you're an American citizen. The only country with more people buying an iphone over an Android phone. The only country with provider locks or even locks because of cell coverage. And getting someone like Trump as President. I would cry me a river....
  • Yeah, Trump for president. Love to see that.
  • You're not wrong.  It'll survive as Enterprise centric devices, big players in enterprise who want a mobile presence will have apps on it, but the average developer won't.  That's the reality.  I also hope I'm wrong, but the iPhone is a very safe choice.
  • Or you are wrong and not counting the Trolls no one else wants a boring iPhone
  • anything besides a windows 10 device now is a safer choice, being it iphone or android. in fact anything non Microsoft related is a safer choice now...I wouldn't trust MS into anything ever, they are a bunch of liars and cheap working resources.
  • Third, that is not one the answers. Fourth, who cares what the sheep use? Would be an Android phone anyway. Fifth, don't you have a mind of your own? Do you need other people to assure you that you bought the right thing?
  • Man. Realistic and honest words. Switching to ios as well soon.
  • Man. Realistic and honest words. Switching to ios as well soon.
  • I am waiting for surface phone or partner phones which ever is better, oh and it's in T-Mobile. Iam a Lumia 925 owner.
  • I guess if the Surface Phone comes, it will be powered by a x86 to give it the beat performance. Doesn't make sense to put an ARM on it. BTW: Windows native keyboard suggests Phone after typing Surface, so Surface Phone is confirmed
  • Mine doesn't suggest that. I think it suggests it because you have typed it a few time lol.
  • Lol!!!!!
  • Maybe it uses an ARM SoC produced by Intel. Who knows?
  • Trading in my 950 tomorrow for the S 7edge (my first ever android phone), 950 keeps shutting off. Got a replacement and it still doing the same thing. Great os but I think it's time for me to move on
  • The S7 isn't better solution if shutting is your problem... Exploding and being told you can't bring that thing in here will be your new problem. 
  • That's the Note 7 not the S7. Learn the difference.
  • Great choice man. a fast, great camera and STABLE phone.
  • how about changing t ios or android with lot of choices and MS exclusive apps plus MS love...i'm sure they gonna support them for long......
  • Put a Mozo case on your L950. All of a sudden, you have a premium device.
  • No, you don't. I bough the colourful cases for my Lumia 950XL and still prefer the original white one, feels and looks much more premium. The colourful ones, while good-looking in pictures, in reality feel and look weird, cheap, and add too much thickness to the phone.
  • I think he was talking about the leather ones. I have one (red & gold) and it really makes it look premium.
  • I have the Cyan one...I would agree with your assessment.
  • ....for the masses that want shiny things....yep. (it's already a premium phone to me with the origial cover)
  • Lol
  • Only WP fan boy idiots would buy either of them. I still own and run a three year old Lumia 925 as my main device running the cleaner WP8.1 and a Lumia 640 just for WM10 evaluation. But with all the Apps and developers leaving the platform my next phone will be a OnePlusOne v3 because Android is the future. W10 mobile really isn't showing any compelling advantages for consumers or developers.
  • Android is the present. Can't say about future, but we all know what "future" MS delivered us with its promises in the past. So better stick with Android for a "pleasant present".
  • I say buy now, and put it in the collectibles' case after buying your new new surface phone. I have a collection of windows phones from over the years and they are beautiful. Once I'm done with them, I just like to look at them. Lol! So they become collectibles'.
  • Here's the problem, noone has actually confirmed a "Surface Phone" is comming, so why would I wait for it? Why would I even invest in a platform that is on the brink of being cancelled?
  • Well, Verizon is my network so in order for me to get the 950 I will have to switch, which financially speaking the numbers don't add up in my favor moving to AT&T, and I don't know if an unlocked 950 works with Verizon. Therefore, I will have to wait and see if the surface phone would work with Verizon, and in the meantime I will continue rocking the the 929....until the surface phone or even the HP if it comparable wit Verizon.
  • Verizon won't support the 950s, or the new HP Elite x3.  If they did, my company would be buying bunches of them. 
  • I'm in the same camp, using an Icon on Verizon.  Looked at switching and it just doesn't add up price-wise.  Plus the Verizon service is better here.  I have currently at my desk an 822, three 928s, an LG Lancet, and my Icon.  Plus a 640 GoPhone when I was going to test the ATT network.  I've gone through all I can with Verizon at this point.  I hope there's something on the Horizon. 
  • love the 950 xl. smooth running and beautiful screen. now, if someone could please fix Microsoft.
  • I can get an iPhone 6s (64GB) or a Galaxy S6 from my boss for free. Guess what? I bought a Lumia 950
  • Great choice!
  • If you must buy a Windows Mobile phone then get the 950, it's a solid device, but do not throw your money away on the XL, it's a piece of garbage. The truth is that no one should be recommending or buying Windows Mobile products now. Microsoft abandoned them to concentrate on iOS and Android apps and the platform is a mess. It would be like buying an HD DVD player after we already knew for sure that Bluray had won out. And this comes from someone who's owned most of the Windows Phones ever produced.
  • The truth is you'd better just hold your horses. You live in a country with provider/region locks. Get that sorted out first.
  • Surface phone
  • I loved my 925 on wp10 but I was lucky enough to catch the 950xl on sale with a free continuum doc and $150 trade in value for my old phone. I found a cheap case online and went with the fast ring for several months. This phone has been my daily driver and even with a few hiccups I have loved this phone. Eventually I got tired of hiccups and chasing the daily updates and I backed up and wiped the phone and left the insider program. I have zero complaints with the production level vs insider and I don't know why anyone who complains about software issues doesn't just leave the insider program. I will never regret my XL
  • If they will release a Surface Phone, I will continue with Windows Mobile but like you said they can cancel project... That would be end of my relationship with Microsoft. I tired of Lumia and unsuccessful era. They care about business huh? So I will buy a Galaxy S7, enough of that lack of apps. So either way I will not buy an Lumia 950, enough of unsupported devices. If Microsoft make a Surface Phone its a sight of Microsoft actually care about phones right now.
  • sometime is good to be realistic,I have been windows phone lover from Nokia time"Microsoft is done with lumia"meaning no spares no support,it has been long way to survive till now after Nokia sold this to Microsoft,I never used any other phone apart from Nokia,now tell me Nokia fans which phone are we going to hurts for guys who were up for good hardware phones which never disappointed,surface phone is a dream,we waited for lumia 950s almost for year,now they are done to soon no replacement and that is  the end guys.lets prepare to move on other brand manufactures who will run windows in there device.dont forget some of the key guys like Sir Juha left among others.
  • My 950 is a premium phone. With 200gb in added storage I am rocking most my Groove music offline. The camera is heads and shoulders above most phones. I have gone ahead and put my Mozo cover back on. Now you could hardly tell it from my 930, except with a feel of leather. I will likely put the stock cover back on soon. That makes it really thin and light, and it is not some cheap painted plastic. I love this phone. Does that mean I wouldn't jump at a Surface a Phone if one drops? Hard to tell. I have a 920 and 930 acting primarily as game machines for the kids.
  • Microsoft should add "Wait for it..." tagline with Windows phones. From 5 years, users are waiting for apps and the Windows Store is not at all moving in forward direction. If few apps arrive, they are either many years behind in feature (yes Messenger, Facebook) and many others leave ( PayPal, Amazon, many banks). Many of the existing apps are barely updated and keep on crashing.  They said wait for W10M, it'll fix the app gap. But MS created a hardware gap and the crappy, buggy OS they launched was just abysmal. Even the honest reviewers bashed it openly. They took the one good think of Windows phones i.e. fast and fluid OS and converted it into slow and buggy. And I'm not relying on reviews, I experienced these issues on my L730 and rolled back to WP8.1.  Now they're saying wait another year for a mythical phone that may never come. MS has already killed its phone division with firing 10,000 employees. Its own apps come for Android and iOS first with Windows users still waiting.  After 3 years of "waiting..." I moved to Android and I'm surprised to see how much better Skype works here. The OS is way more optimized for phones than W10M. Guess I know why 99% of the people do not prefer Windows phones. Bottomline: Dont ever wait for anything from Microsoft. They'll just stab you in the back. Go for other platforms, and they'll treat you better than their own guests.
  • Agree!
  • You have not been stabbed yet?
  • Couldn't agree more. MS over promise and under deliver.
  • As are other Platforms. What's new?
  • Skype changed a lot and now works great on W10M. Just wait and report back. The other platforms have stabbed me and so they will stab you. Just give it time and you'll find out.
  • Skype preview on windows 10 mobile looks like a failed project! horrible design, made by a totally uninspired idiot.
  • Well said! Microsoft is always Microsoon, and when they do finally deliver, they deliver broken products and call them Public Ready :)). Satya made sure to fire all good engineers and as a proof look at the quality in windows 10. Testers?QAs? Who needs them, let's use insiders, it's free...and then we wonder why people do not trust us anymore :))
  • I'm on AT&T and my 920 seems to be slowly dying.  I want to pick up either the 950 or 950XL.  Perhaps it's all relative, but current prices don't seem "really cheap" to me.  I think my 920 was 99 bucks at launch.  For me, that would be really cheap.
  • $99 on contract, meaning you're paying more than $99 to subsidize the phone.  You can get the 950 and your monthly payment should be less as you're not paying for the phone through your contract.  I got my first 928 on Verizon for 1 penny, but my monthly cost was $40 a month.  I bought my Icon for $100 outright and my monthly cost on Verizon is $20 because I'm not subsidizing the phone. 
  • Point taken.  I guess I need to check into the cost of a BYOD plan.  I've honestly never looked into it.  Having said that, I can't help but feel the phones are still too expensive.  I'm really hoping for another price drop soon.  I believe I need a new phone and I really don't want to get an iPhone or Android device
  • Maybe $99 on contract but that doesn't mean it cost $99. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Great article!!!
  • As it is now, if my 1020 died I'd replace it with another 1020 from ebay.
  • That thing was underpowered at launch and phones with better cameras have been available for a while. I can't imagine how bad performance is today or why you would still use that phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • R3mis,  exactly,  the surface phone is vaporware, and w10m is doomed in 2-3 months....or like I said,  however long it takes for the MS stores to be sold out of 950/xls'  then its done.
  • 950 and 950 XL are best damn phones for windows phones out there, only thing Elite x3 beats 950 in is battery (​) , Microsoft killing Lumia line is ludacris, they haven't even marketed it ,You just launched Xbox One S, Bundle it with Lumia 950, and have it in hands of more people,OS wasn't that good at launch but it's way better now, why put all hopes in a Surface phone when you haven't even let the masses try such a great product like 950/XL,it's everything a windows fan and even a casual user can want in a windows phone, some tech sites bash the quality, not all covers creak, and if it does there's mozo and other cases/covers,i really think they should've marketed it more, get it out more in hands of people and let your developers work on our ecosystem FIRST and foremost, not much msft garage apps being developed for our own ecosystem (​) and those are quite dated. some say who love windows 10 m will get the elite x3, but why should you go for such phone if 950 fills your needs, plus hand size wise not everyone will opt for that phone. If you can get 950 get it, i'm loving mine, my neighbour has the 950XL , getting my wifey the 950 also to replace her 830.  
  • My cover creaked. But frankly I didn''t care. At least it didn't try to elctrocute me like iPhones or explode like other brands. (ever felt that tingling in your fingertips when you touched it? That is leaking electricity. It is a reminder that it will get you in the end) Who cares about the backside when you can cover it? I am sure iPhone fans will soon state Samsung phones are bad because of the outdated metal cover. Everybody knows now it is all glass what you need. That is litterally just superficial.
  • Fanboys unite!!!
  • Trolls unite!!!
  • Is it possible to use android os in 950 mobile ?
  • No. Unless you manage to get the golden key from Microsoft.
  • I switched from the 950xl to the elite x3. It feels like a real upgrade. If you can afford, buy the x3.
  • Agree with all that say ACT now if you have to. We still don't know what is round the bend. About a year into the future I will actively have to investigate my options as I am (for the first time in many years) at the end of a two year contract. Be aware that there will NOT be any fortcoming LUMIAS as that design line is shut down. What Microsoft has in store for us consumers has not been disclosed. ALSO - in a year's time we lovers of our Lumias (and other great windows phones) have to consider, from what we know then, whether we should scrap our phones or hang on to the ones we have. SO if you have to act now buy the 950 or 950 XL (unlocked - as we Europeans are used to). 
  • As a consumer, there is no point to go to a Surface Phone.  The apps will not be there.  I will keep my Lumia until it dies and then I am done.  Will find an Andriod at the time that I hate the least.  Will never go iOS.
  • I finally made the switch after only using Windows Phone/Mobile for the last 7 or 8 yrs. I'll tell you, after using Android the last 2-3 weeks on my Note 7 it's the best change I ever made. Not a single regret thus far. 
  • Man, careful with that. Take it to the store for the exchange, don't be a hero. And yes, Note 7 is a great phone, hope that Samsung really fixes the battery problems.
  • Wait for surface phone, as 950 is not available on VZW
  • I'm so torn, I want a new phone. The Lumia 950xl is still worth $900 and is a great phone. I need a solid answer about when the surface phone is coming.
  • Forgot the "Neither" option for Verizon users who can't get coverage otherwise... I really doubt any potential Surface phone will be Vzw compatible. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's the same boat I'm in. I can only use Verizon (or other CDMA carrier who roams on Verizon, like Sprint or US Cellular), so we're stuck with the 930 until something else comes out. I sure hope with RS2 and Surface, they include a push for CDMA.
  • Lol, the ecosystem had been abandoned by the developers. Android all day or Apple. No X86 surface phone? Yikes... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No enough facts in this post... just switch to ANDROID!  Period.
  • Are you a woman having your period?
  • Initially I loved my 950 but find it increasingly difficult to have a positive outlook and stick with the platform. Since the anniversary update, I'm unable to sync my corporate exchange account without having to rollback to the pre-anniversary OS and having to repeat the rollback process two weeks later. This is unacceptable to have these basic functions not working properly, especially if Microsoft is striving to be a mobile computing/computing everywhere company!
  • At this point, it makes sense to wait. Yes, they might cancel it, but they probably won't. Surface Mini was a different situation. It was a smaller product of an already existing product. Surface Phone would be first, so Surface Mini example doesn't really work here. Lumia line is dead, and while software support remains, hardware support will be gone. And for the most part, there are just better phones out there for the same price point. If you buy 950 now, you are investing into a platform that is in limbo right now. You wait for Surface, and you also win some time to see where Windows Mobile is heading to.
  • Can I have the background wallpaper please. Please
  • I waited very patiently for this phone since initial rumors a few years but ended up with the mediocre 950 XL to tide me over. Sadly, the experience wasn't as mindblowing as the MS keynote was when they announced it. My experience felt more like a beta experience riddled with bugs, constant reboots, hard resets and manual reboots wrapped around an amazing camera. I definitely enjoyed my time with my 1520 by far. And the fact I paid almost $1100CAN for this device was a real kick in the *******. After 8 year with only Windows/Windows Mobile devices I recently made the switch to Android. I can't believe how much I've been missing out all this time. I was loyal for so many years, in denial about all the things that my phone lacked.. I defended the OS' flaws against colleagues, friends and family for years. Thinking to myself, "who cares about missing just a few apps?". It's really much more than that. I'm not telling anyone here to switch from the phone they love because a year ago I know I wouldn't. But I would definitely say the grass is much greener on the other side. And you don't know what you're missing till you've had everything. I could never see myself downgrading to a Windows Phone again unless MS really pulls all the stops on their Surface device. As much as we've all been saying for years that apps aren't important.. They really are. 
  • I love my 950XL, but the only thing which bothers me is the photo app. Zooming in and out sometimes stop and shows Black screen. Just that problem, other than that its a great phone and OS. Using a Ghostek silicon case with like aluminum frame at the side. Nice!
  • I just bought a secondhand 950 XL to replace my broken 1520. The design and build quality surprised me. I really like it that has all the bits I liked in 1520, but more. Including smaller, thinner, lighter, USB-C, changable battery, Windows Hello, double speaker, better camera. Wow!!!
  • "Late 2016/2017"? Last I had heard any possible Surface Phone was likely to be mid to late 2017. Was this a typo? Understood of course nothing is official, but as far as rumors and inside sources go is there actually something to suggest it could be as early as late 2016?
  • I still say the business pish is going to backfire. The business world isn't what it use to be. They use to tell you what to use and how to use it. Many business are swayed on what to use by the push from their employees. I've been with many company, that even thought they were shown the Surface better suited for what they were trying to do, the employee voice begging for ipads wins out. While Surfaces haven't toppled ipads they have done a nice job of taking sales from them and gaining fans recently. Your going to be better off winning fans over then pushing for businesses. And I know people are going to say they tried that with the Lumia, but to be frank, those behind the lumias were clueless compared to the Surface group.
  • Don't forget the Lumia 950/xl cameras, pretty much alone make the devices worth buying. They may or may not still be the best smartphone cameras available, but they beat the iPhone 7 for starters. Some people smirk and windows mobile, but the smile is always wiped off their faces when they see the photography Lumias can produce. Hopefully the surface phone will have a similar camera, but as its for business we can't be 100% sure.
  • :)) they do not beat the iphone 7 or galaxy s7
  • It's a no brainer. If you're a W10M fan buy a 950, simply because there may never be a surface phone. If the OEM's run with Windows 10 Mobile we'll probably never see a Microsoft built phone again...and that would suit Microsoft right down to the ground
  • "Lumia 950 devices are still Microsoft's latest flagships, and therefore will be treated as such for the foreseeable future." You mean the same way the Lumia 900 or Lumia 920 or Lumia 1020 were treated? Because in each of those cases people got completely screwed over by Microsoft. The most notable being Lumia 900 relesed couple of months before WP8 and not getting the update and the Lumia 1020 which was abandoned and did not even receive WP8.1 GDR2 update and did not even get basic features from Lumia Camera 5 which was never released for a damn photography flagship. My advice would be to stay as far away from the 950 line as you can, the devices are dead and don't expect any substiantial support from Microsoft. The only way it would be worth it is if you got one for under $100 otherwise save your money for something better.  
  • I think the Real question is Should you still stick with Windows Phone or move to iOS/Android 
  • Go for Lumia 1520 if it's still available in your region. It offers the best in terms of hardware (thanks to Nokia) and software (thanks to windows 10). When it was launched, it was pretty underpowered because of WP8.1.
  • Best in terms with software: windows 10 :)))))) you gotta be joking :))) windows 10 is nothing but a piece of crap compared to 8.1. it's slow, buggy, poor quality, poor design
  • I've had the 950 since last year and I think it's a good phone. But I just bought a 640 for only $30 to play with and I am pleasantly surprised at how good it is. If you want a temporary cheap fix, I would highly recommend it.
  • Indeed, if you absolutely need to have a Windows Phone to play with the Lumia 640 from the US for $30 is the best thing around and ATT version is easy to unlock. Or if you can no longer find a 640 get a 650 for $50-$70 or wait for Black Friday and get it for $30.  
  • When the lumia 950 was released it was buggish and expensive, now it is cheap and very responsive with a stable Os.
    I had mine for free as a replacement of my beloved 925, so I couldn't complain even when the experience was not ideal at the begining. Today, I would recommend it to anyone seeking for a windows phone, especially over a phone that does not exist.    
  • not to mention, the surface phone may not be coming for another year or more.  If you want a great phone, the 950/950xl are great phones!  I've got the 950 and I love it.  I didn't get the MS dock, but did get an Aukey USB-C adapter with HDMI, USB-C, and 4 USB3 connections, a bluetooth mouse, and a bluetooth keyboard, and continuum is AWESOME!  
  • I have the L950, and I love it. I don't think I need to upgrade the phone any time soon.
  • I will buy it, this the best Lumia and the end of this line
  • Reasons you shouldn't buy either 1. It's risky to buy a first generation product Do you want to take the risk with a 1st generation phone? The Surface Pro line took about 4 iterations to perfect. 2. The app gap is still huge If you are using your phone for anything beyond basic productivity you will still find a huge app gap. Apps I use not available on Windows Phone: Google chrome, my banking app, my public transportation app, Google maps, Nike+ running app, my thermostat app, my chess app, my LG TV remote app, my business call tracking app. So no matter how good the Surface phone will be, I still won't be able to switch, because these apps are essential for me. 3. Even the Microsoft apps are better on iOS and Android Outlook and OneNote for iOS are still way better on the iPhone than on the Windows platform.  
  • When will all phone providers support any phone?  Why should a person be limited to phones that the provider supports?  For example, Verizon only supports a very small number of Windows Phones.
  • At T-Mobil, they are almost non-existent. Carriers chase the herd for the most sales. Part of it is because MS decided to sell the W10M phones only in their MS store, with the exception of AT&T with some models. Verizon sort of stepped on their own toes when they balked at the idea of updates coming directly from Microsoft rather than going through Carrier's, like in the past. So MS ceased allowing CDMA to work, which is what Verizon and Sprint use. MS only allows GSM for W10M, which means just T-Mobil and AT&T as far as major players, can use them. Personally, I believe it to be a operating system block and not a hardware issue. Catch my drift? LOL
  • Someone plz send me the link to the wallpaper in that phone in picture of artical...
  • Wait! this must be the phone that brings real innovation and the software and hw should be polished, the MS staff must have learned a lot from fixing all the hw and sw bugs in the 950 and 950 xl. Or wait and buy an android or iPhone when MS announces they are ending windows mobile. Either way, wait!
  • Folks I guesss  we will not know if the Surface smart phone will come the Market place until December when Microsft  Officially discontinues the sales of any Lumia smaart phones because Microsft is retiring the Lumia product line. for Microsft to stay in mobile smart phones it only has make 2 new Surface smart phones 1= a high tec model named the Surface Pro smart phone to sell to businesses and Windows Smart phones Enthusiast or users who want to upgrade from theie old Lumiia era smart phones. and 2=Cheaper less high tech model named just "Surface" smart phone to sell to businesses and Citizens who cannot afford to buy the more expensive Surface Pro smart phone.. This way Microsoft  CEO Nadella would keep hs promous to sell windos smart phones to 1=Businesses, 2=Windows smart phone Enthusiasts, 3=Economy/ budget minded businesses and adverage world Citizens who use a Windows smart phone
  • Or should I buy a nearly new 1520?....will that still be supported for 2017 update?
  • Surface is my only option, assuming it works on Verizon.
  • I recently purchased the 950 and the xl, and I AM waiting to buy the surface phone. The need to reboot often, the sw glitches, the warm warm not so fast units with sticky browsing is rough, and I have been suffering and hanging in there with Nokia - Microsoft since the N96, unit after unit after unit etc. The HP X3 is tempting but without dual SIMM AND expanded memory it's a no go for me. Really hoping MS does the right thing this time and comes out with a waterproof, business class, true, X86 capable, AR, VR ready device with cutting edge specs and industry leader quality camera and Innovative software to match.
  • Loving my 950 as I did all my other 7, 8 and 10 devices. At $400 USD with dock, I replaced my 1020 with another 950 for work. My wife 950 has been solid since it came out and we'll continue upgrading to Windows phone's in a year or so. In a home filled with Windows/Microsoft devices, there simply is no other ecosystem that fits well in to our home and have yet to find one app that would compel me to start from scratch. As for the HP, it's really nice and if they can find a way to eventually reduce manufacturing costs to put this within reach of most consumers, I'd certainly purchase one.
  • I totally agree with everything you've said. Just wish we had mobile push in apps. My entire ecosystem is Microsoft and boy It's beautiful to see everything work in harmony.
  • Paul Thurott says No, and just flush that $750 down the toilet if you are thinking of Surface Phone.
  • Good prices to be had on the 950 at the moment, but I've a nagging feeling that I'd be left with a 3 month old phone and a platform that's officially going no further. I'd rather have my old 930 at that point and money in the bank for an Android.
  • Good prices. I will sell you one with 2 mozo covers. Wireless charger original from Nokia day. And charging dock. £200.00
  • I would go iPhone before I touch android. Unless Nokia do something impressive again
  • I don't believe there's a Surface Phone in the offing.
  • I bought a Nexus 6P and have never been happier
  • I've been with WP since WP7 but i'm really considering jumping ship to android now until the surface phone is released, the app gap and lack of new hardware is now a little frustrating! Although this is a good deal..
  • I've been using a mid-range Android as a secondary phone for the past couple of weeks and... I'm not impressed. The UI, user experience, and keyboard are infinitely better on my Lumia 950 XL. There a couple of nice things going for the OS, but nothing that makes me want to switch phones, and I can now say the supposed "app gap" is not really a problem. The only apps I've used frequently on the Android are some games and gimmicky apps like Prisma that, while certainly nice, I can live without. (Besides, we have Vinci on Windows now. ) Unless you really, really need Snapchat in your life I can strongly recommend the Lumia 950 and the 950 XL. My only complains about them are that after the Anniversary Update there are still a couple of annoying bugs on the OS, but after spending some time on a different environment I appreciate my 950 XL more.
  • Ask yourself what phone the MS employees and the CEO is using ?  It is Not windows phone .   Windows phone has .05% market share .   MS can Not afford to support the Mobile OS at such low market shares .   MS wrote off Nokia and took a $7 Billion dollar loss because of terrible sales .   MS has never had a strategy except flip flop  .   This CEO was head of the Cloud Div and could never become #1 .   Amazon was never in the Cloud at first but now is #1 because Amazon has vision and conviction  .  
  • I'm thinking that a Surface Phone at this point is a pipe dream. Nadella has so carefully orchestrated the demise of the Phone Hardware business that a launch now is wonderfully stupid and would be diametrically opposed to every action they've taken in the past 2 years. Why try so hard to burn it all to the ground and then try again. The 950's at this time however are really attractive as long as you factor in/accept the relatively weak App ecosystem. At £250 in the UK (with Continuum dock) the 950 is great value and has specs to mix it up with the top Android phones, especially in the Screen and Camera side of things. Now, even if Hell does freeze over and we somehow see the release of some top end "Surface Phone" then it's going to still have a numbers of problems to overcome.
    1: It's going to be expensive, very expensive.
    2: The weak App ecosystem.
    3: Who here trusts that Nadella and crew are going to stick with it.
  • Yeah, I agree. Unless they stumble onto something game changing, the Surface Phone will just be another Windows phone. We know how that goes. By this time next year, their market share will be so low and they will not have anything impressive to launch, just another slab phone. They will kill it along with development of Windows Mobile. They will have no other paths. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I bought a 950 (not XL) from AT&T a few weeks ago for $299. I love it. 
  • My 950 has been beautiful!!! The only thing I miss from my 1520 is the screen size. I do play with the 1520 still, but the 950 has been a huge upgrade for me. The camera and videos are amazing! The screen is crazy sharp as well. So I'm loving it!
  • I've pondered a variant of this question a few times, with the Elite x3 instead of Lumia 950 XL. Currently my plan is to switch to Windows Mobile when a Surface Phone comes out or my BlackBerry Passport dies, whichever happens first. In that later situation, though, it could get trickier: do I just buy an Elite x3 and be happy with that for a couple years, while probably being jealous of the Surface Phone a few months later? I would not spend on both. Or do I just buy something cheap to fill in the time, like a 650 or another BlackBerry? If that happened and the Surface Phone doesn't come within a year, I would be pretty annoyed. Fortunately it's a hypothetical - my Passport is running well and I am quite happy with it - but right now I'd lean toward taking the x3. If it gets closer and the rumours stronger for the Surface Phone, that would likely flip the other way.
  • If you don't NEED the features of the higher end phones, I'd just get the 650 or similar (or a phone from another manufacturer in the mid range). A guy has one in work and it's a nice phone to be fair. Not got the high end features but it does 90%+ of the things a 950 does. At the moment you struggle to beat the 950 for value though at £250 if also interested in W10M. I've got a 950 now and love it, but any new phone would need something I'd definitely use to make me want it, I'd need to need the features it has in other words rather than want 'em
  • You should wait for iPhone 8 (10th year anniversary of iPhone) since iPhone 7 is lackluster.  I like Windows Phones, but yea, MS doesn't support the platform and appears to have no interest in growing it.
  • Well they do support it through continuous updates, fixes etc. You can't say they are completely complacent
  • Enjoyed the article but think the reasons for waiting are a bit weak - In point 2 you do even say the fact the Lumia line is ending doesn't really mean anything except that there won't be any more Lumia's. 3. The ink features mentioned are mainly hardware rather than a software exclusive In terms of the specs, other than Continuum I really don't think there'll be much of a noticeable difference in day-to-day performance. Right now the OS is quick enough for me but most performance issues with a 950 are likely to be software rather than the hardware itself. iPhones tend to run very very well on specs that aren't always the best - Look at the amount of RAM in past iPhones and the relatively small batteries that are able to last as long on iOS and a larger batter on W10M I use W10M every day, I'm not switching but I just don't think there are many genuine reasons to wait for a Surface phone. If it's going to be expensive like you say then anybody who can afford it can probably buy a 950 now for £250 and not notice it. I wouldn't recommend getting into debt for something like a phone, so really if you can afford a potentially £600-£700 phone in 2017 then the £250 for a 950 now probably isn't a huge deal. If a "Surface phone" does come out it will definitely have some sort of unique hardware feature but that's not something to really wait for and speculate on. And if they cop out on the camera with "It's a business device so the camera is along the lines of the X3" and that's important you may wish you;d gone for the 950 now - RE: Business phones not needing a good camera, I keep saying it that a business phone DOES need to work for consumers too in most cases. iPhone does it all already (as well as any flagship Android), it has all the same productivity apps and you can manage iPhone, Android and W10M all as easily in enterprise environments, so a business phone that you can't use as a personal device too is still not ticking all the boxes. We'd need to see some big changes to Continuum over the next year or so. For the "It's a phone aimed at business" argument to stand when comparing to an iPhone or Flagship Android it really has to be compared on all fronts (including Camera) because people do use iPhone and Android in business and enterprise, especially iPhone. I'm not saying all phones need an amazing camera, or that the X3 should have had a better one, just that the camera still counts as a valid thing to compare to other alternatives, it can't just be dismissed because it's a business phone. They'd ideally bring out a phone that still has the little things like make Lumia's great combined with all the things that make the Elite X3 great AND combine that with what makes Surface great if they want something more unique that can stand up to the competitors.
  • I use my phone camera for business, so i need it to be decent.
  • I just bought 950 dual sim a week ago for 299€, and laid my trusty old 920 and the nice 830 inside the drawer. Too bad they didn't sell the 950XL as dual sim version here in Finland.
  • You could have ordered it from a different local like I did. Ordered dual sim 950 in France to be delivered in Netherlands. Easy.
  • That's a no-brainer. Wait. Unless of course you don't care much about tech, but then again you wouldn't be reading this.
  • Price does not worry me, but my working life is impacted by switching from VZ to ATT.  It's not insurmountable, but it will be a hit to the 'reach me anywhere' that goes on now.  The HP option is not favorable because I do use the camera in low light settings - even Apple realized OIS (stabilization) needs to be on all models.  Questions unknown: ​Will Surface phone come in 2 sizes? 5.2 and 5.7?  leaving the 5.96 to HP and others as their exclusive? Will it be GSM only so just get the switch over with now? Will the camera be "good to very good" and at least OIS? Will it be here in Oct-Nov16, Feb-Apr17 or all the way Nov 17? ​I would guess that if they are more business focused MS would realize that no product in the Fall for fiscal year companies means no purchase plans in 17 ​Will it be a hybrid Business Consumer device like the other Surface products?  Or pure business? Battery no longer removable (probably) to achieve waterproofing All these items affect the choice.  To get a 950/950xl now is not impossible and not cost prohibitive.  But switching to ATT/GSM and then to have surface phone come out for VZ would be switch and switch again which would be time wasteful and then I have 2 devices I'll never use.  If the Surface phone only comes in 5.2" then it's pointless.  Again, then I should not have waited I should have just gone with 950xl. I do realize that the CDMA/VZ issue is one they may never cross.  CDMA is dead in a couple years and why invest in something (and spend the software engineering time and money) to support a system that will vanish for so small a return.  They are probably just waiting for CDMA to be gone and then supporting VZ LTE frequencies.  Doing that now would result in a subpar user experience and thus again not desirable.  But​ the businesses of the world use a lot of VZ services and ignoring that is not exactly business conducive.  So there is a chance they are considering their options. What is funny is that with Apple and Samsung you have an idea of the specs months ahead of time, maybe not perfect but often enough to begin to think about whether you will or will not want the product.  Here we have none of that.  I understand that and MS is good at keeping secrets.  I have owned all of the Surface Pro models and I'll happily take a SB2 when they arrive in the spring with the real upgrade, but here I can't tell enough where things are going to decide on leaping or staying.  Glad you wrote the article.  It did bring focus to much of what has been on my mind.  
  • It sounds like it is going to be late 2017 if at all for the Surface phone, so I bet they don't even know the specs. There are no leaks because there is nothing to leak yet. Even when Verizon switches fully to LTE, you really think they will suddenly just let any device on their network? I am sure they will have it locked down just as much. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My 950 is so buggy I would jump ship to android.   ... after seeing people saying that the OS is stable I think I had a bad device since day 1. 
  • Great article. Have been debating this ever since the price drop of the Lumia 950. Do you think at&t will carry the surface phone?
  • I've just picked up a Lumia 950 to replace my Lumia 930.
    £249 delivered with free display dock is a bargain. Once ive got it all set up I'm then planning to retire the Lumia 930 to back up phone status. I was waiting on the Surface phone, even if it comes out id wait a while for the 2nd generation to appear to iron out the bugs.
  • I've just ordered the 950 for £249. I'm happy with my 930 on 8.1. I'm getting the 950 so I'll have the first and last Lumia's. I've got the 800, the 920 and the 930. I've also got the first general Nokia smartphone, the 5800, my wife uses it. I've also got the Nokia N8. Before the 5800 I had Sony-Erricson phones e.g. K750i. I'll probably go back to Sony phones if they're still around when my Lumia's die.
  • First gen anything is not good... get the Lumia, while its a poor excuse for a flagship. It shoudl be good for the next couple of years till MS abandones you. I have the 950, the hardware is sufficient... has trouble opening MSes own apps and certain games.. but its OK.. the OS needs to improve before then...
  • buy it now because it maybe the last phone with camera button, yes it is one of the main reason to me.  950 is a wonderful phone except a few annoying bug, 1. it won't connect to my w10 PC, said invalid INF wtf.  2. Sometime it go black screen after taking a photo 3.  battery didn't last as long as it should, com'on a battery that size can barely last a day, if I use GPS it drain really fast.
  • The Surface Phone cannot afford to be just a nicer-looking "Lumia". It must shine on Continuum and be a game-changer device otherwise it is better not to release it at all. If MSFT fails to bring out a top performing phablet (and no, there shouldn't be two versions of it but only one really high-end device) then the Windows 10 concept/UWP makes no sense (at least for me - I do no gaming whatsoever and couldn't care less about XBOX and the like) and the whole ecosystem will be severly effected. In turn if the UWP fails (on a mobile device) then who would ever want to use the mobile version of an application (on their laptop/desktop) that is already available (and probably offers more functionality than its mobile counterpart). UWP must succeed and for that success Windows Phone (though I do not think that it will bear the name "phone") is crucial. Therefore, I would say that since the (let's call it) Surface Phone will be a game-changer device, nobody should buy a Lumia now, no matter how cheap it is. Don't get me wrong, I had the 950 XL (until it slipped out of my hand and the screen was shattered - so much for the Gorilla Glass 4) and I liked it quite a lot and I use a 640 XL now as my daily-driver (which I think is an excellent device - personally I think that in many areas it is even better than the 950 XL), but it is not how Windows 10/UWP meant to be. I did switch a couple of months ago to iOS and for me it the OS/ecosystem was so inconvenient and cumbersome to use that I sold it and went back to a Lumia (950 XL). The OS is great, Continuum is great, speed, stability and a polished experience are what is lacking (for me personally even the so-called "app-gap" is irrelevant) and I have high hopes for MSFT that it will address these issues with the "Surface Phone". MSFT does not have anymore the luxury of releasing a 1gen/beta device to the market. It MUST be a best-ever mobile computing device no matter what device category (phone/phablet/tablet/2in1) we are talking about. THIS IS MSFT's CHANCE and they already have the advantage over their competitors (Apple/Google).
  • If the surface phone is going to be x86, dont buy any Lumia.
  • Had the 950 from December and its a great phone, OS is very good.  Camera is fantastic, the best out there on a mobile and the only real problem is the apps.  Ive now bit the bullet and will be picking up an iphone 7 tomorrow as in the last few months we have lost Paypal, Dominos & Amazon while we have never had Snapchat, SKY Tv (UK users) amongst others.  While not important for everyone its the app gap that has forced me to change, stuck with Windows Phone through Lumia 920, 1020 & 930 (work phone).  
  • Why not use the WebApps and pin their Startpages to Windows Start?!
  • I guess your phone hasn't exploded yet?
  • Well, the way things appear to be going with the Band.. I would get the 950, if anything.
  • i already have lumia 950... bought it when it first came... ill buy the lumia 950XL when its christmas... i think it will be the last time resellers are going to sell them
  • The prices are dropping so much on the 950 that it may make sense to buy one now, even if it's just to hold you over until the Surface phone comes out.  I bought a 950 on day 1.  It has been ok, but I now wish I had bought a Galaxy instead.
  • If I had the money oh, I would definitely buy the 950 xl now
  • I got a 950XL... and got a 950 for free a couple months ago with the BOGO deal.
    Its just sitting in my drawer at home. I haven't powered it on yet.
    I should probably just sell it.
  • In other words buy a real device now or wait for a fictional device
  • I think the Surface Phone will be a big suprise like the Surface Book... perhaps the will show it on the Surface Event this month :-) Have a look at this video at position 23:30 :-)    
  • ...and I bet it will come with the same severe bugs like the SB did...and SP4 did...
  • Agree, the "Surface Compagion" will be excruciatingly expensive,
    it'll dwarf the iPhone. If you like Xiaomi, maybe they'll have something for you during the Microsoft event in late October. If you just like W10, need to have a great camera and a good phone
    the Lumia 950 is your phone, espacially because you can have it for a great price. A Lumia 950 and a TPU case gets you covered for most needs for little money.  
  • Right now the answer is no. You shouldn't buy a Lumia 950, it's an EOL'd device that's already a year old.  You also shouldn't wait for a Surface Phone because it may never come and if it does show up it might suffer the same hardware and firmware issues the Surface Pro 3/4/Book suffered (or even worse, have the same build quality as the Band 2). Also, according to the latest rumors a Surface Phone won't show up with the Book 2/Pro 5 but much later.  So if you need a new phone, you're probably better off with the new Nexus devices from HTC that will be launched in a few weeks. If you want to stick with WP you're probably better off with a lower end device or an older model, it will be much cheaper and give you similar quality to a 950. I do use a 950XL as my main driver, it's a good phone, I just wouldn't recommend buying it right now.
  • I love the 950 and Windows mobile 10 its the best Windows phone/OS I've used going back to my HTC and Windows mobile 6.5 I like many was initially somewhat hesitant to Windows mobile 10 design changes compared to Windows phone 7 through 8.1, but now I love Windows 10 mobile. When I boot up one of my old 8.1 phones it feels a little archaic and a step backwards. I'm glad Microsoft took the approach they did with Windows mobile 10, and where its heading next spring. My 950 will suit me fine until the Surface phone emerges if it does
  • I've lived through Windows 7 with Samsung Focus, Windows 8 with Lumia 810 and now Windows 10 with Lumia 650. As you can see I do not buy a phone often. I expect them to last. However, I bought the low cost Lumia 650 as an interim phone until MS decided to get serious about phones, just so I could get back into the MS update process. As you old 810 owners know, it lost support after only a few months and was unable to receive update thereafter making it so it couldn't even get WP8.1. MS crapped in it's own nest when it leaked a possible Surface phone at the same time they released the 950's. I personally believe many put purchasing such a high price phone on HOLD and opted to keep their existing Lumia's, unless you had an 810 which was never slated to any future updates. I guess now that the 950's are down to the price of what the 650's were a year ago, a higher featured option is available as an interim device. Especially if you are like me and will wait for the prices to drop even on the newer (so called Surface) devices. I quit paying the price of being on the "Bleeding Edge" years ago. I am also a realist when it comes to technology. What do you actually use on a daily basis. Being a realist means I don't buy phones often, I don't give a crap about App gaps, and many features on the latest phones are not necessary, nor will they ever be used by me. It is funny how often people buy things swayed by features that they never use or use the logic of someday I might need that when someday never comes. Windows 10 has bugs just like all new software has bugs. It's only a year old, get over it. Choosing a cheap 950 versus waiting for a Surface phone depends on each person's situation. If your current phone isn't handling your daily requirements and you can't wait or may not be able to afford the Surface Phone immediately, then a discounted 950 might be your answer. However, if you current phone still performs your daily critical needs, then spending any money on a dead end model seems foolish. Again, any adverse comments to my opinion will be ignored, I don't care.
  • I totally agree with you, your comments are probably the most sensible, pragmatic and realistic I have read for a long time. I am quite happy with my 640 and will 'run it into the ground'. I have no desire to shell out my hard earned cash just so I can the have the latest technology, that way leads to being forever unfulfilled and broke!  
  • This is a great article!  I actually just ordered a Lumia 950.  I have a L640 (which I bought last year to hold me over until the surface phone comes out), but I can't wait any longer for a flagship.  I need a great camera and a smoother experience now.  I went to an AT&T store to buy the Lumia 950 but they were out of stock.  I played around with the display device and I have no idea why people were saying it isn't "premium"!!  This phone is sweet!!  Why would there be any hate on this device? Because it doesn't have a metal back to it??
  • I have the L950 and L650, but truly i prefer the L650, although I miss my 1520 my son cracked. All great phones though.
  • can you tell me what do you prefer on the L650 over the 950?
  • Depends what you want but you get a phone with class leading screen and camera expandable memory replaceable battery usb-c quick charge , os is stable ATM and new apps being released every week. That's not too bad at that price and it won't blow up on you.
  • I give you credit for the screen, camera, support for microSD, quick charge,but apps :))) every week :))) where on earth did you take that info from? :)) apps are a mess, and a mess is the OS also
  • 400$ unlocked and dual sim , i should get one
  • Wait until November, just 6 weeks...
  • Got my order confirmation. When my 950 arrives it I will retire my 920 on my bedside table. It doesn't have a Sim card in it, I use it for music, browsing and an alarm clock, I can still use it to take calls when my 930 is downstairs thanks to the O2Tu go app which gives Wi fi calling. I'll leave my Sim card in my 930 for the time being.
  • Love the first point: Surface phone might never come.  You got it! After their $7+ billion investment and write-off of Nokia and the winding down of their mobile division, it's fair to say, Microsoft is done with phones. They tried, spent a ton of money, but in the end, they cannot compete. Not with the OS, not with these apps and not with the way the market is currently configured. 
  • At the hight of their popularity, Windows phone 8 was awesome. They advertised hard with videos that people center that you used to communicate with the people in your life. They pushed all these great features on WP, than not more than a few months later, they started cutting those features out that made them grow to 5% market share. WTF??? They can't treat their mobile division the way they treat there OS because they don't have a near strangle hold on it, but alas. The guys at MS don't know what they're doing. I bought a lumina 521 two years ago, and it will be my only WP as I've switched back to Android. Loving my S7 Edge.
  • Am i the only person that, given the ridiculous amount of hype people are placing on the completely unknown Surface Phone that it cannot possibly live up to expectation?
  • Nokia is moving to Android and so am I
  • Did a little research... the display dock isn't really free. In the US, Microsoft store lists 950 for $399 w/free dock. But go to the AT&T section of the Microsoft store and you can get the 950 for $298, unlocked. But it doesn't come with the $100 display dock. But it's $100 cheaper than the one with the free dock. See how that works? ​As for me, I find myself using my phone less since I got a SP4. I take it with me everywhere and have ICS as a button on my 640's Quick Action buttons. So apps-schmapps. I've got Adobe Creative Cloud, the real MS Office and everything else. I'm not bragging and I realize that the SP4 is 4X the price of a phone, but before I got this, I had an ASUS Eeebook that I picked up for $150. My point is that if you need extreme computing power, grab a tablet or ultralight laptop and tether it. Not a perfect solution and not as compact as a smartphone, but seriously, who in their right mind wants to attempt real work or internet browsing on a phone screen? My phone wishlist is short. I wish for a better camera than the one included in the budget-level 640. I think I'll wait for the Surface Phone. It will happen eventually.
  • What? Snapdragon 830?! I thought Surface phones would come with Intel's Kaby Lake?!
  • I'm on Verizon so my choices include: Lumia 735, Lumia 735, and the Lumia 735. I would have upgraded to the 950 if it was available on big reds network.
  • :)) none. get on another platform where the owner actually cares about it...
  • OR you could buy something else thats not a lumia.
  • I am waiting on a surface phone for sure... But I wanted a new phone. I looked into buying the 950xl, but value with continuum was just not there. I love thr windows os and for 90% of rhe time never .missed an app. Problem is trying to sell the 950 when the surface phone comes will net little. I really don't see paying retail for it and the prices on Craigslist are not good enough either. There is just too much uncertainty with Windows phone so i am sticking with my 640. I thought about and had an iPhone my cart last Friday morning... In fact we are picking up one for the last this morning. I saw the word magical on their ear pod add and got so pissed off I abandoned the cart and went to sleep. What i did buy was a Samsung s7 edge and a gear s2 watch. Now samsung as truly impressed me... Why have I waited so long? Their touch wiz is not the best, but nova launcher makes things better. Android marshmallow is very mature and smooth. Every single Microsoft service is available and some better on Android. My Microsoft band works flawlessly. The fear s2 3g model is the best smartwatch I have used. My band one is thr best fitness watch I have used... Apple is still behind and thethered to the phone, yet they lose the headphone jack and no wireless charging. Samsung does not use the limited and hard to use Android wear for the watch OS. The watch is waterproof, can make calls and text with my phone as it is cellular, ans has onboard storage. I can pair a headset to thr watch and it can play music while in the gym without my phone. Samsung gets that I don't want to take my phone everywhere. Microsoft gets I need gos on my fitness band without my phone as well.. Pisses me off that apple says they are bold enough to remove the headphone jack, yet keeps your wired to the charger and the watch still needs the iPhone... Just like iTunes... I hate the apple way. The s7 a good phone, I don't care for the edge gimmicks, I just needed the largest phone. Samsung pay is he best paying service. Apple pay and Android pay do not hold a candle. I didn't know how unlikely people were able to use Android pay or apple pay in the wild. Samsung uses MST which works at almost all credit/debit card scanners by simulating a magnet card swipe. Microsoft gave us an out... They moved all their services to a different platform so we could switch... I am happy. My windows computers and surfaces will not be replaced by anything soon at all. The 950and continuum had no place in my life... Shoot, if it can have multiple windows, what's the point? I was tired of being apart of rhe windows phone beta test. That is all this has been. Get a decent device, the rest are hohum.. they they changes things up... So many times... New cool features get dropped. I am waiting on windows mobile to truly return and a surface phone. Till then I had to out my money into something that at least keeps it value or is worth the price by festure/innovation alone. Moving to Samsung/Android will still keeping 95% of Microsoft is a total win for me. And yeah the camera is as good or better than the 950xl. Damn shame I thought about buying the iPhone 7 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And the ONLY reason I didn't get a 950XL........
    .......wait for it.....
    Still not on Verizon wireless....
    Otherwise I'd have gotten one long ago. I'm sure others here on Verizon probably feel the same way.
  • If the 950 or XL had a fingerprint reader I'd buy one now as a secondary device for the camera; to pay around with Continuum; and to stay familiar with W10M. I've been using a Nexus 5X as my personal device and an iPhone SE as a work device; I like both but love neither. Posted from my Nexus 5X
  • It's sad... No surface phone as yet...!! Embarassing for MS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If the phone you have can suffice for another year or perhaps two if you desire to see the prices diminish to reasonable, then keep what you have. If this is not true and you need to replace your phone, then take advantage of the lower prices to gain that two years back with the least amount of cost. Be a Realist about your needs. Buying something unneeded because it is cheap has no logic.
  • So is the thinking definitely that a Surface Phone would be late this year or Q1 next year? So it would probably be confirmed late this year one way or another? Would rather have a Surface Phone but if it's another long wait might upgrade now. I love my 1020 but it's getting a bit long in the tooth.
  • How about just wait until Apple releases the iPhone Pro or whatever they'll call it and buy that? Because what I see as always is Microsoft releasing an innovative product that is way ahead of its time, it flops, and Apple copy the idea and technology when the time is right and everyone rush to buy their version of it instead.  Then later Samsung and everyone else follows.  Although some part of me still hopes Microsft can gain momentum and be successful with this. But that part is losing to the dark side as time passes.  
  • The sad thing is they better get this released, because there are already phones out there in the spec range they're talking about and at much lower price points. Case in point: OnePlus 3:
    Qualcomm 820 processor
    6GB RAM
    16MB Camera $399 unlocked This means by the time they get the Surface phone on the market, it will already be obsolete. I loved the Lumia line and have been a Windows Phone supporter since Win 7 came out, but they just keep playing catch up. I also had a Lumia Icon that was crazy good on WP8, but the 10 version was so buggy, I tried it several times and switched back forth before finally giving up on it.  Add in the fact that Nokia is getting back in the game with an Android version and MS is going to be WAY behind the 8-ball by the time this phone hits the market.  Sad but true. It was a good run guys. . . .