Show you're pumped for Build 2017 with a Twitter and Facebook profile picture badge

If you're starting to feel rumbles of excitement as Build 2017 approaches, now you can express it through your social media profile pictures. Microsoft has set up a new Twibbon campaign (via Neowin) that lets you add an "#MSBuild" overlay to your profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter, similar to campaigns it has run in the past during Windows 10's launch and the like.

To recap, Microsoft's 2017 Build conference is set to kick off on May 10, running through May 12. The conference will have plenty of sessions for developers to check out, and we're also expecting to hear much more about Microsoft's plans for the next big Windows release, codenamed Redstone 3, and all that it entails.

In any case, you can add a little flavor to your profile picture and show your excitement for the upcoming conference by heading to Twibbon now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • I don't feel anything ....
  • Then see a doctor.
  • Don't wanna be pumped for something that has no mobile vision. Build will probably be useless to me.
  • Coming soon...
  • You forget something...---> ™
  • Feel the exact same way
  • Yawn
  • MS, I swear to Freekin god. SMDH
  • Would you all keep going back to a restaurant where you hated the food? I'm beginning to think so. 
  • I go to the restaurant because I love the food, but the last times I went they send me home because they don't serve the dish I like anymore or because at the restaurant at the other side of the road is crowded and they already send the cook home...
  • Done B)
  • I'm sure its still meaningful in the developer world, but three days of azure and windows 10 cloud don't have me very excited this go around. Maybe they will surprise us, but most casual fans and followers of this site will only be satisfied with at least a strong message regarding the future of mobile.
  • Only azure
  • Oh, it's gonna run for 3 days. 3 days of lies...
  • That would be a three day nap for me. But, if there's an open bar then I'm in...
  • And get beaten up in the school playground for being a nerd? Pass.
  • ^Ditto all the above :/
  • I'm an optimist in terms of mobile, but even I can see that all WM users are looking for is a nod from MS to say 'mobile has a future' So why can't MS see that?
  • That will come two years after the reveal!
  • Why the hatred? This is like the biggest developer event of the year for windows - I'm guessing there will be announcements about what to expect in RS3
  • Because they stopped talking about mobile for a year now
  • I love windows phone to, and will be gutted if things don't get better - but in the developer world, mobile is so small in comparison to the other things - this is a massive event. The mobile moaning could at least be kept to the articles that are about mobile - and it doesn't exactly help to just moan about the same things on every article...just gets really boring to read
  • From a consumer perspective mobile is everything. I'm a windows developer for my job and hobby but we even us professionals don't come here as pros, we come to this kind of site mainly as consumers. This is why there is so much hatred on this site. Because it is targeted at consumers but it's talking about an enterprise that is failing at the market that interest 90% of consumers nowadays (and doesn't even care).
  • Maybe they'll have a hands-on reveal of the MS edition iPhone lol
  • They'll probably show off their updated bot framework or some irrelevant stuff like that
  • I'm pumped alright; full of hot air for Satya & Terry Myerson if he's going to be there!
  • It will be boring. Next year it won't sell out that fast.
  • Pumped? You may have been listening to Panos Panay a bit too much.
  • Way too much huff, not enough puff. Steam machine is broken. What will get me pumped though is some hint, even a tiny bit of it, to indicate a life line of some sort.
    I have the option of getting the Nokia 9 when it gets released.
  • ohh... Pumped...Microsoft will focus on Windows 10 mobile in coming years.. They will introduce new version of mobile name laptop 10 mobile or PC 10 mobile, after few years they will change its name another ... Then another.. Only saying not working.." mobile first - cloud first means mobile will die first then cloud. After that pc version. Good luck.
    What hardware limitation for my 1520 to update creator update ? Microsoft saying buy new s8 what I will do,just buy(Windows edition) remember that :)