Six! for Windows 10 is a balancing act of a game

A hexagonal block sits atop of a tower of blocks of various shapes and sizes. Your job, remove as many blocks from the tower and keep the hexagonal block balanced at the top of the stack. The concept sounds easy, but when gravity starts to roll and tip the stack of blocks and the hexagonal gem, success can be tricky.

Six! offers a minimalist designed game full of challenges. Overall, the free physics based puzzler is an ideal choice when you have a few minutes to devote to gaming or need help passing longer bits of time.

There is not much to Six! with respect to design. The primary menu offers options to jump into gameplay, view the game store, mute the sound and view the leaderboards. Your best and last score is also displayed on the main menu, along with the number of stars earned during gameplay.

Stars can be used in the game's store to unlock a variety of designs for your hexagonal block. These designs range from an assortment of solid colors to different pattern styles. It is a nice touch to give the game a little variety, but it would be nice if the designs on the tower blocks could be customized as well.

Six! lacks a tutorial, but the gameplay is easy enough to understand that a tutorial is not needed. You begin with the hexagonal block sitting high atop an endless tower of blocks. The blocks vary in color, size and shape — it's reminiscent of Tetris. Your job is to tap and remove as many blocks as possible with the hexagonal block balanced at the top of the stack.

The hexagon often rotates as blocks are removed and the positioning does not have to be centered. You also do not have to remove blocks directly beneath the hexagon, instead you can increase your score by eliminating blocks further down that do not impact the hexagon's positioning. Just keep in mind that you only earn points from blocks you tap. If a block falls off the stack due to the physics of the game, you earn no points. As you would guess, the game ends when your hexagon falls from the top of the stack.

Six! is superficially simple, but still enjoyable. Graphics are minimal and the physics of the game provides a nice level of difficulty. Along with challenging your skills at strategy and balance, Six! also requires a bit of patience. You can rush through things and try to tap as many blocks as possible, but you have greater success by allowing the hexagon to settle down after each move. Again, look for blocks to remove that do not impact the balance of the hexagon to earn some easy points.

Asides from a few typesetting issues on the leaderboard, overall Six! is an enjoyable Windows 10 game to spend a little down time with.

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George Ponder

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