Sixty percent of Lumia users now have Lumia Cyan and 8.1 updates for Windows Phone

80% of India respondents are on Cyan, while only 47% of those in the US can say the same

Microsoft had a big day yesterday, finally releasing a new preview version of their 8.1.1 Windows Phone operating system. The update is only for those using the popular Preview for Developers early-access program. Besides improving performance and fixing bugs, the update also unblocked the awaiting Lumia Cyan firmware for many more users, though not all. The question we were curious about is exactly how many of you are now on Lumia Cyan.

After ten thousand votes casts, we now have a definitive, if not surprising, answer.


Yesterday's poll, which ran slightly less than 24-hours, collected 10,039 votes by the time this article went to press. Repeat votes are blocked by IP address matching or cookie, and an analysis of the IP logs confirmed this result. The poll was available on the web through either a PC or mobile browser.


As of today, 60.57% of those with a Lumia Windows Phone are on Windows Phone 8.1 and the Lumia Cyan update. The other 39.43% of respondents are still waiting either for the block to lift or for their carrier to approve the update.


Is the 60% number good or bad? Assuming all of those voting were actual Lumia owners and were truthful we can put the results into context.

Microsoft began pushing the Lumia Cyan update on a provisional basis back on June 25 for the Lumia 925 in Finland. However, the official kickoff was not announced until later on July 15, when the update began to be pushed out globally. In the weeks following, the update started to trickle out to other Lumia models and regions around the globe, often coming in waves.

AT&T in the US released Lumia Cyan on July 24 on their latest phone, the Lumia 1520. Other AT&T Lumias in their portfolio were updated roughly every couple of weeks. AT&T now has Lumia Cyan on all of their Windows Phones, including the Lumia 520, Lumia 820, Lumia 920, Lumia 925, Lumia 1020, and Lumia 1520. Verizon and T-Mobile, however, have not yet initiated any updates for Lumia Cyan, leaving customers empty handed. Although there are a few other carriers around the globe who have yet to roll out an update, T-Mobile and Verizon are certainly the most high profile laggards.

Considering US voters accounted for 34% of poll respondents, their inability to update to Cyan is clearly skewing our poll numbers lower. For those in the US, 52.69% responded with 'no' to the Lumia Cyan question while 47.31%, presumably all AT&T users, said 'yes'. By comparison, 64.25% of those in the UK answered 'yes' to the question as did a hefty 80% of users in India.

Going by the July 15 date, Microsoft has reached 60% of Lumia devices with the 8.1 and Cyan update in just over two months. On the face of it, this is not a terrible number especially when compared to phones running the Android OS.

BitLocker and blocks

A mitigating factor, of course, is the 'BitLocker problem', which originated with some users of the Preview for Developers program bricking their phones when installing the Lumia Cyan update. This issue was caught on July 16, less than 24-hours after the announcement for Cyan. Microsoft immediately "paused" the update until a fix was in place.

Once again, AT&T was the first with a fix for their Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020 at the end of August, although most users globally did not see it until yesterday. (Users could roll back the phone OS and take the full update to 8.1, but this process involved wiping the device and is a bit more technical).

While we cannot reliably factor out the BitLocker-issue from the Lumia Cyan updates, it is safe to say that had it not occurred our poll number would be higher. Likewise, if US carriers were faster to release updates to consumers.

Considering Microsoft had a blanket hold on Cyan for all Preview users for over 60 days that 60% number begins to look more confident.

When it comes to over-the-air updates, Apple and the iPhone have the most coveted deal whereby they can give little notice to carriers who can rarely block an update. This ability results in universal adoption rates of an OS update within days, as opposed to months. However, as yesterday's iOS 8.0.1 fiasco has demonstrated, even Apple can run into problems. That 8.0.1 updates were supposed to fix some minor bugs but instead it killed the phone's cellular radio and Touch ID fingerprint reader, frustrating users.

Microsoft evidently sits in the middle when it comes to delivering OS updates falling between iOS and Android. Whereas iOS can update in days, for Windows Phone it can span roughly three months for all devices.

Timing & Awareness

The larger problem for Microsoft is the perception of Windows Phone fans, because although Lumia Cyan updates did not begin until July 15, it was announced nearly three months earlier back in April during Build 2014. This gap between announcing and getting it on to customer phones, which for some users is nearly six months, is significantly longer, and it has no doubt contributed to the user resentment.

In the future, Microsoft may be better served by announcing new firmware releases closer to their actual ship dates, instead of four or more months out.

Are you surprised by the poll results – why or why not? Let us know below in comments.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • 40% are 928 and Icon users, HAAAAAAYYY!!!
  • LMAO! I'm in the 40%.
  • Howe can I see the poll.
  • Search for the article, " How the 'HTC One M8' is selling poorly and befuddling Lumia users on Verizon"
  • Do you notice any software stability and performance improvements with cyan? Our is it only the few features that are added?
  • Same here lol (928)
  • Me too...dag nabbit!
  • Don't forget the 822 users!
  • +822
  • I picked up my Icon yesterday from Verizon. I knew about the Cyan fiasco but don't regret getting the phone. Just release Cyan soon VZ!
  • Don't forget 925 users on T-mobile like myself grrrrr!
  • Agreed damn you T-Mobile!!!
  • Also agreed. Plan on tweeting a screenshot of this article calling them out.
  • Hmm great idea! 925 still waiting. I mean at least if they would fuxken announce the 830 availability but nope we get neither..
  • Same here!!
  • +925
  • I feel the same way. Even without the Cyan update I still have WP 8.1 Preview installed and the Icon is just an awesome phone! When Cyan is released for Verizon finally it will be even more awesome!
  • Ya not funny +928
  • Or t mobile 925 users. And the 810 users are fcked at EOL
  • Yeah I might have to be done for a while if this 925 becomes a 810....
  • I totally was going to come here to say the same thing, you beat me to it, lol!
  • What about AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 with Developer Preview? I haven't got the Cyan update. Anybody else?
  • ➕icon!!!!
  • and tmobile lumia 925 users :(((
  • Must be nice
  • well what's the deal? I have had the dev preview since April.. done all the updates, updated yesterday and my lumia info still says Lumia Black. I'm on 925/t-mobile if that makes any difference, which it shouldn't in this case
  • Same here. It still says 'lumia black'. What should we do
  • Well, the article did say that T-Mobile and Verizon were lagging behind. The dev preview doesn't gov you a firmware update, I'm on Verizon and in the same boat. Loser goes down with the boat, deal?
  • On the contratry, being on Tmo makes all the difference as they havent certified the update yet for any of their devices.
  • Any....they only have 2 eligible phones. How hard can it be to update 2 phones, one of which has taking the low end market by storm?
  • You cannot do anything, unfortunately. You have to wait for T-Mobile (or Verizon) to release the update. This is on them now.
  • How can I see the poll
  • They way this had been reported yesterday, it was sounding like we would finally be able to bypass the carriers.  I guess that is not the case.
  • Nope. lets remember many users of this site are outside the US so the articles are written in general terms. With the assumption that all the readers should know by now that Firmware and Software are completely different. here in the US we have to take the carriers crap, outside the US whoever has country variant devices, all they had to do was wait for Microsoft to lift the lockdown, here in the US we had to wait for that AND carriers approval -__-
  • Yes. But I still hold out the hope that MS can bypass the carriers completely someday!
  • Oh that would be a dream lol. Ever since they bought Nokias devices corp i hoped for them to be able to package the software+firmware together and send it ready to the carriers. At least those with future devices wont suffer these long waits -_-
  • After this fiasco, Microsoft needs to reevaluate their program, because I'm getting sick of waiting on my carrier. Apple users don't have to go through this waiting shit. Even if Cyan is unlocked for Icon, Verizon has yet to release it, and there is no guarantee just because the DP is released from lockdown to get Cyan that Verizon will have it ready to go. This is really starting to get annoying relying on Verizon to get anything done in a timely manner. All updates should just be through Microsoft.
  • Are you on the developer program? Works for me
  • I agree, but Microsoft is in a pinch here. Remember, Verizon "buys" the Windows Phone from Microsoft/Nokia, they then re-sell it to you, the customer. In that sense, Verizon is the first customer here, which is why they dictate everything. If MS bypassed the carriers, without their consent, Verizon/TMo would never stock another Windows Phone again. Who do you think that hurts more, Microsoft or the carrier?
  • But what about 8.1. Verizon still hasn't released 8.1 for their older phones. My wife still can't get 8.1 on her 822. Cyan I can live without right now. None of its features are groundbreaking. But if we can bypass 8.1 through the DP, why do we have to have carriers approve that in the first place. Also, why does Verizon need to approve firmware updates? So they can do things like AT&T does to its customers and lock tethering unless you pay a tax on the data your already purchased from them? All that aside, my biggest gripe is that a very important update, 8.1, is still not available to the general public in Verizon's world.
  • As to why, there are real reasons and then there are "real" reasons. Verizon, and other carriers, worry that the firmware could be a disaster and "take down their network". Stupid? Yes. But they say it. They also want to control the user experience and do not want unapproved code on their fiber. The real, real reason is power and control. They do not want to be a dumbpipe and want to leverage testing/updates, etc. for better deals with the OEMs. It's like everything, power, money, control. Also, what Apple did yesterday in killing a bunch of phones thru an update? This is why carriers want exhaustive testing.
  • My feelings hurt more(sad face).
  • I have an awesome idea that will solve this Verizon t mobile disaster.......... Get on att!!!!! Problem not solved but better! If you rather just complain while still on those carriers then.....keep complaining! Att may not be the best but its better of the two evils!
  • Kid, i have a 521
    Two, AT&T does not have TMo's 30$ PrePaid Plan of:
    100 Mins of Calls
    Unlimited International Texting
    5 GB of 4G LTE Data
    If i could get that on AT&T id switch. But i can't since they overcharge on everything e.e"
    So i have to suffer with TMo in the meantime.
  • India loves windows phone
  • Agreed
  • +520
  • Very much annoyed that American carriers have to be jerks about everything.
  • A buddy of mine still waiting for his 928 to be upgrade from Verizon
  • Can you guys publishe a chart where the US results are filtered out, because that's the only country holding back, this realy is giving a wrong image world wide while the US is a very small WP market.
  • I was thinking the same thing! Most of the people who are complaining about not getting Cyan are probably on contracts and their carrier isn't releasing the update, as far as I know, wherever there are no carrier contract phones,for e.g. Like in India, people are getting the Cyan update as Microsoft as promised released it. To narrow it down, I think its carriers fault and not Microsoft's, what do you guys say?
  • I am in Serbia. I have a non branded Lumia 520 CV Germany on Telenor network( im on Pfd),my friend with the same phone locked on Telenor network with Pfd got Cyan?? Now explain me how is that possible then? :)
  • Your CV didn't get the update, but the carrier approved it.
  • Hello Serbian mate!
  • @Studio384 It's a great idea though I do not think I can...I will see what I can do though.
  • You do have to also factor in that despite wp only making up about 4% of the US smartphone market, the US market is much larger than other coutries that have larger marketshare thus meaning that having the US in the data does not actually scew that data but give a more accurate answer than we would have without them.
  • No love for the 521 on metro, although I think once T-Mobile gets it,I do too
  • UGH verizon...
  • Maybe we will see apps update with the new API now....
  • This ^
  • Many of them are waiting to update their apps. Instagram, twitter,watsapp were waiting for ppl more ppl to get wp8.1. Now maybe they will give us a big update.
  • To Microsoft: Focus your efforts on India see an increase WP market share automatically
  • Agreed that the time between talking about a thing and delivering needs to be shortened. The negative perception it creates damages goodwill for the platform, and certainly enterprise customers will not tolerate that sort of lead time - not exactly confidence inducing.
  • On the contrary, enterprises tend to love things being announced long before release. It gives them time to plan things out, create mass-license deals, get ready to train employees, etc. Hell, if Windows XP proved anything: Enterprise moves very slowly in regards to technology. But yes, from a consumer perspective: It's best to release ASAP after announcement. That's probably why Microsoft is opting to not live stream their upcoming Sept. 30th Windows 9 event: It's targeted towards developers and enterprise, so they want to keep it as far away from common consumer news streams as possible until closer to launch (my speculation).
  • Indeed, enterprise and corporations move slower then 1000 year old snails. Many are still planning their windows 7 rollout with effective start date of Q4 2015 lol!!.
  • Got mine yesterday as well as at least one other I know with DP. Both are Lumia 920's on ATT.
  • Windows phone users rock the smartphone world.
  • I have a L820 France CV with Preview for developers and still didn't got it any thoughts why anyone?
  • Well I don't know what's taking so long to update the developer Lumia 920. Its not even carrier specific. This phone should have been updated first.
  • Rub it in why don't you. 1020 O2 uk still nothing!
  • Anyone on Nokia 1020 in uk on o2 network got Cyan ? I have win 8.1 dev preview installed but still have lumia black ?
  • Me.....and I don't have it either! Waiting sucks! Thinking about doing my refresh for the 830 but I know its not the greatest of specs, oooh what to do.
  • Does it make a difference if you untick the box in Prev for Devs app, then check for updates? If it works then go back in to app and tick box....
  • I have a 925 on O2 uk. Running dev prev and still on Black also. Says my phone is up to date.
  • Because in India, all phones are unlocked country variants.
  • Same goes for a lot of Asian and European countries. Not just India... Just saying.
  • They really need to announce the updates weeks before they release them. Then it will not seem to take so long. I'm sitting here waiting for denim, and it seems to take forever. Can't wait to shoot 4k vids!!!!
  • I think it's appropriate to announce new update/firmware 4 weeks ahead of release. They should tease the name of the next firmware and/or update 8 weeks before. They should announce that a name tease I'd coming soon 4 weeks before name tease is scheduled. That way the three months prior to a new release always gets broken into stages and it's consistent.
  • Off topic. Should I swap my 1020 for the 830? Or wait?
  • Don't swap the beast for a devil
  • Except T fing mo
  • Would love an official update for my 620, that is of course unless it kills the battery and makes the phone as unstable as it was under DP, which caused me to revert to regular WP8.
  • What's in the cyan update over the black? Im currently up to date on updates for my developers preview on Verizon 822 but still on the black update.
  • Article says verizon is one of the carriers who are about to "push" the update soooo...
  • The DP WP8.1 Update 1 is a bit lagging on my 920, maybe cyan will fix it but tired of waiting forever. Microsoft isn't serious, why must I downgrade to get cyan. The funny thing is that we are waiting for cyan and denim is already here, maybe we'll get denim after another 12 months!
  • Can you please make article and yell @Verizon
  • Still waiting for the mango update >_< lol jk
  • Good read. Really. The only thing I wonder though, is why do you, guys, treat Cyan for PD as "official" Cyan. My understanding is that those are still two different things.
  • It's not two different things. PD is jus the OS, Cyan is the firmware. If your phone can get Cyan, you can get "official" 8.1. It is just automatic. Being on PD has nothing to do with it except for the block.
  • Verizon should change its name to Lost advancement in sight.
  • +LostHorizon
  • No cyan for Lumia 820 in UK
  • I have the developer perview, I'm running 8.1. But I don't have cyan. 
    And I'm on T-mobile. 
  • 0% of users with T-Mobile variant of windows phone device has cyan.
  • still waiting on cyan for my Lumia Icon from Verizon...currently running windows phone 8.1 update 8.10.14176.243 has anyone with an Icon received cyan yet?
  • Oh im on update 8.10.12382.878. What am I doing wrong :( lol
  • Check for updates in your phone's settings. An update should download then. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Lol, I've probably done this more times than I've texted people. Apparently my phone is "up to date" !!
  • Nope. Got my brand spanking new Icon (early upgrade of 928), with dp 8.1, and no cyan (unless you count my cyan-colored case... :) ).
  • Thanks for this article and the poll. This is clearly an issue dear to the hearts of many of us on Verizon and T-Mobile... Especially Verizon since we have the newer Icon. Kudos to AT&T for doing great with WP support in the US!
  • THIS!!^^^ I've contenplated several times moving to AT&T. T-mobile doesn't support their phones, period. 
  • I can't do AT&T, they don't have TMo's 30$ Plan
    100 Call Minutes
    Unlimited International Texting
    5 GB of 4G LTE Data (throttled to 2G after 5 gigs are used *which ive never reached anyway*)
  • No Cyan for my Indian 1520 :-(
  • I've been pretty patient and defending the delays all along. But during here today blocked because Microsoft won't just open the gates on dev preview devices fully is really annoying. My 1020 has cyan waiting, but unless I go through hoops I have yo wait or have no cyan. Really annoying.
  • Same for my CV Lumia 1020... Cyan released but blocked because of Dev Preview
  • Does it work if you go into the PDev app, un check the box, then try update my phone? If it works then go back into app and check box...
  • Unchecked box , checked updates nothing. I did not reboot before checking though.
  • This worked for me in getting an official update. Did take about 30 mins to come up on notifications though that an update was available. Sorry if this did not work for you and hope you get it soon.
  • I'll try again some more. Thanks
  • And Samsung and HTC are at 0%.
  • Actually, it unblocked cyan for everyone. It's just a matter of if your carrier is approving the cyan update or not.
  • Nope. I have Lumia 1020 CV, Cyan released already but still blocked with the latest Preview Update.
  • So there are more updates. Geez. Because I got an update yesterday when they were releasing updates for cyan, so I figured they were busy unlocking for everyone and letting the carriers handle the rest.
  • Still waiting here for Verizon to release it for my 928
  • I'm not sure if it's some deal AT&T has with Microsoft or whatever, but the vast selection of Windows devices they have coupled with the punctual update schedule cannot be mere coincidence. T-Mobile has now routinely released updates months behind other carriers on top of undersupplying Windows devices, and I'm not sure if it's because the incentives aren't good enough, they just don't care, or if it's both.
  • They just suck period
  • Agree with you completely. I'm going with the just don;t care option. 
  • Well my lumia 1520 still doesn't heave Cyan in CV or DP version.
  • Which country?
  • I got'it. Country Slowenia-Europa. DP
  • Is there a reason that MS can't just release firmware directly in a program similar to the Preview for Developers (that one is for non-Lumia users as well)?
  • Think its safe to say that it hasn't got the UK yet then! ffs!
  • lumia 822 of Verizon is still waiting to get Cyan update
  • 175 brazil votes, I am curious to see the percentage... Here cyan is avaiable for all wp from all carries except one. "Vivo" (owned by spanish Telefónica)
  • Also, does anyone with Android phones know if this correlates with how the carriers treat Android/firmware updates for those phones? Is AT&T generally faster there as well?
  • If I change my region...would that help in getting cyan...L920
  • NO
  • I'm on Nokia Lumia 635 I'm awesome so everything is awesome lol
  • Also the Lumia 810 getting EOLed 3 months after being on the shelf and then going completely unsupported with updates is an embarassment on Nokia and T-Mobile's part and would give me pause with buying another WP from T-Mobile in the future because of it.
  • That's why I switched to Verizon and sold my 810! T-Mobile lost a loyal customer.
  • Ouch. Ditching one facepalm carrier for another. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Brazil \o/ 
  • in finland i can tell that almost 100 % would have updated to cyan x)
  • The other 40% have the L928, Lumia Icon and/or are on T-Mobile US lol
  • 928 and Icon are exclusively on Verizon
  • Hence the and/or. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I have unlocked ATT on T-Mobile. On cyan. 920.
  • When can Microsoft understand the value of time between announcement and release?
  • I got it as well
  • Asphalt overdrive hits windows phone store
  • My 520 is still on Lumia Black as well =(
  • My nice Lumia icon is sitting on black. Starting to think I'll just start using unlocked nexus devices in the future.
  • Also no cyan for DP 1520 Philippines...
  • Verizon will no longer have my business in four months due to their lazy WP support
  • And lack of quality phones and colors
  • I would switch to AT&T, but I don't like what they are doing with the Wireless charging.  Love it on my 928.
  • Its only 1 phone they screwed up and you can get one that has the correct wireless charging that will work on AT&T. If Verizon doesn't fix this soon, I'm getting me one of these 1520s with QI charging and going to AT&T.
  • Same here
  • In the 40% Lumia icon
  • And 928
  • F U Verizon
  • +Icon
  • Yep +928
  • i account for the Uknown , well Caribbean actually
  • Makes you wonder just how much MS cares about us, the people who buy their products. Clearly not a whole lot because based on their delivery of updates and such, it is obvious that it's just about dollars and cents. Why can Apple ship out updates to their folks within days and MS months? Unacceptable!
  • Its not Microsoft or Apple... Its the carriers... IPhones get easy updates because carriers know that phone is popular so it gets put first... While WP isn't as popular so they tend to take a while... Though isn't unlocked phones means you get the updates whenever apparently... So its not Microsoft's fault.
  • And Apple have just halted their new update as it caused massive problems. Add the bending phones scenario and hey, Microsoft not doing so bad....
  • +920 Bad things can happen when you get fast firmware updates that haven't been tested by the carrier. Plus, in the US you get a subsidized phone on contract, so if someone has complaints ab the timing of firmware updates for their subsidized phone, maybe they should consider saving and buying unlocked/ unsubsidized phones.
  • Comes down to carriers really. Carriers get the updates from OEMs and then have to greenlight and release it. The only reason Apple gets to do what it does is because they have a special deal with the carriers that permits them to release updates with nary a moments notice. And since Apple updates and device releases are such a spectacle to begin with, it would be suicide to back away from that deal and piss off paying customers.
  • "Makes you wonder just how much MS cares about us, the people who buy their products."
    The whole reason we have the Preview for Developers program is FOR the customer, it's for you guys, the Windows Phone fans. They set that all up for enthusiasts, it really has little to do with "developers", which is why it is so easy to signup. Microsoft hopes to show that these updates are fine and that they - and not the carriers - can and should manage them.
  • Thank you, Daniel. +928.
  • 1020 in Canada with TELUS... No Cyan yet... Like come on... I'm buying pre-unlocked phones from now on.
  • Hey Dan, To be fair about the announcements and then the 4+months release dates, Microsoft was finishing up their testing and then sent to carriers. They do not have any control over how long it takes for the firmware to reach end users. I agree though they don't/shouldn't have to announce any new updates until its already in the carrier testing phases. I understand they need to drum up excitement and show off what the latest enhancements are, but its quite frustrating they do it so far in advance. I was thinking they should have an update sent out to preview the firmware enhancements. It would be a lot of time, effort, and carrier support to pull something off like that. The OS updates previews are great, but the forward really does make the experience complete.
  • I mean firmware, not forward. For some reason, the edit button isn't working in IE11-mobile.
  • @TKETZ196 Thanks for the insight, and yeah, I don't totally disagree, although I suppose we don't really know when Cyan went to carriers for testing, so hard to evaluate.
  • Darn you Verizon!!!
  • Got the DP update yesterday and just after my phone rebooted, it informed me of another update ready. That was Cyan, so all I need now is to wait 14 months for Denim update
  • Microsoft has always spewed out info well in advance of anything launching.  Maybe they want to be FIRST!  Seriously, this is an issue Microsoft must deal with and fix, sooner than later.  Apple fans LOVE the fact that Apple can say it is available NOW rather than wait.
  • Anyone can get it with developer preview... Meanwhile Apple can't even manage their own hardware, they already pulled iOS8 for fucking up the APPLE iPhones yet again.
  • i'm sorry. where do I look? Haven't done these in a long time... Where do I get to say F*ck Tmobile for not approving Lumia Cyan already?
  • After the update do we keep developers preview ticked or unticked? On Lumia 520, no cyan?
  • I gave up waiting for a fix last month and upgraded my 520 to Cyan by using the Nokia software recovery tool.  Completely wipes your data if you're thinking of doing this.  Despite that inconvenience, still give kudos to AT&T.  They have been good about being current with Windows Phone 8 updates.  Kudos to MS too for being able to  shoehorn OS updates into older low end devices.  Can't last forever though.
  • i am a lumia 1320 PFD user from India and i got the cyan update along with the new preview update today :)  
  • T-Mobile's new slogan should be: "And the wait continues"..
  • Lumia 1020 country variant in UK. Still no cyan after last night's update.
  • They'd be wise to not give fw names outside of internal testing so not to confuse people
  • I feel for 930 users having a rush job for fw that wasnt ready for release
  • Nope. The 930 firmware was made dor release...since it was..well...released. The other phones weren't ready X2x Lumias with dual core cpus
  • Updated, but no Cyan.... Lumia 820 Italy
  • I still don't have cyan my 925 CV here in Nigeria
  • WP Central should write an article about WHY Verizion Wireless isn't releasing the update.
  • It'd be a short article, lol. Honestly, their "process" is a mystery and not open to public/media scrutiny, so we have no idea.
  • Apparently you can't say that enough around here.
  • Carriers worldwide should have these processes open and transparent for meda/public scrutiny. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Hopefully the Denim update will begin to address those delay issues!
  • There is not update for lumias with Developers Preview in México to get Cyan. Still need to downgrade...
  • After experiencing some difficulties yesterday switching from black to cyan, I decided to try something different. I un-registered from the preview programme then checked for an update and guess what ? An update came through, I now have the cyan update...woop woop.......
  • why dont we make a suggestion at wp uservoice; "STOP RELEASING CARRIER LOCKED PHONES" samsung and apple can give US carriers the middle finger, if the new 3rd major player does the same they will have to accept they are just stupid pipes
  • Actually, the MS Store is getting better at selling unlocked phone, even in the US, you can check yourself. The bigger issue is almost no one buys phones, unlocked, full price here in the US. They all go through their carrier. Part of the culture.
  • I bought my Lumia 521 for full price >.>
    Still stuck with TMo with the prepaid plan :I
    Although its the best and cheapest plan ever!!!
    100 Mins of Calls (I dont call much anyway, and if i go over theres always skype with bing points)
    Unlimited International Texting :D!
    5 GB of 4G LTE Data :D!
    All for... WAIT FOR IT... WAIT FOR IT... 30 Dollars USD a month!
  • Oh, by the way, I'm on Virgin network with a Lumia 1320 in the UK
  • Icon :(
  • I'm on AT&T and same deal, stuck on black (Nokia 920)
  • Try unticking enrollment in the Preview for Dev app, then check for updates.
  • US will get it on their other Windows Phones by 2016! LOL
  • Can anyone tell me what this error message mean "there was an error installing the update (801882d2)" it keeps download to a point then stops and then starts over
  • I still have amber on my Lumia 520 don't know how to update to the new firmware I am a preview for developers and got yesterdays update but no new firmware???
  • Hey Kristie, this likely means that your carrier/region does not yet have Cyan approved OR Microsoft still has a block. All you can do is wait as this works its way out and hopefully you will get it soon.
  • That's odd. You should at least have Lumia Black. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • does ur carrier already release cyan? also make sure u have the "check on " on the preview for developers On.
  • Still waiting for the Cyan update on my 925. Microsoft just sùcks big time... announcing an update and not being able to release it for everyone the day they say they would. As a comparison, iOS8 started downloading on my iPhone about 5 minutes after it went online.
  • The extras+info seem to b crashing after the update. Any ideas why?! @NL920
  • Try a quick (power button + volume down button) reset. Fixed that issue for me. -L920
  • Not surprised that WP users in the U.S. are slower to receive the Cyan update slower than India.  The U.S. is all about the profit motive and updates don't drive profits for carriers unless the updates sell phones.  See iOS 8 and the iphone 6.  Yes, older iPhones can run iOS 8 but the iPhone 6 is the driving force.  This focus on the profit motive rather than the good of the nation is the same reason why Americans pay the highest Internet costs but are in the middle of the rankings in Internet speed. Totally disagree with your suggestion that MS shorten lead times on the annoouncements of updates, as long as a developer's preview version is available.  Being in an also-ran position in the smartphone market, Windows Phones needs to be in the minds of its users and prospective users as much as possible.  In an alternate universe, announcements with long lead times would be lumped into the FUD category if Windows Phone had a huge market share.  For Windows Phone in our reality, it's more about staying relevant so people don't forget it exists or dismiss it out of hand, especially in the U.S..
  • I am in India..on Lumia 625 dev preview wp 8.0.1 with the recent unlocking os update of MS as well..but still no Lumia Cyan update yet :/
  • Yes , no cyan for 520 yet
  • I'm angry with T-Mobile
  • I'm seriously leaving TMO in a couple of weeks.
  • is there a typo in the table? looks i do not 100%, India numbers are low to constitute 80%. my arithmetics. No numbers from a single country from the motherland?
  • India was 8.37% of global respondents. Take that 8.37% and now break it down by yes/no to the question, and 80% of those said yes. Basically, 80 percent of that 8.37% said yes. Hope that makes sense ;)
  • Nothing on my Lumia 820
  • Try un-ticking the preview for developers box then checking for an update, worked for me....
  • Finally got the full update with folders (gdr1?) today on my ATT 8X with dp. Guess that means HTC released the new required firmware?
  • @Bacalaohombre
    No, that's an 8.1 OS feature. Cyan is a Nokia (Microsoft) firmware release for Lumia devices (hence the name Lumia Cyan).
  • Got the update today preview update yesterday then today got the Cyan update. L1520, UK, Vodafone.
  • For real...I don't even have Cyan yet, but I'm already excited for Denim...though disappointed because I'm already expecting I won't get Denim until 6 months after it comes out.
  • Having an unlocked country variant has its perks. Thank god for no carrier dependence in India. Would have driven me mad.
  • I was going to give the typical remark about having an Icon on Verizon but at least I can say I don't have a Lumia 810 in T-Mobile. See? I can look on the bright side. :) (sorry about you 810 users)
  • This poll result doesn't reflect reality because WPCentral readers are mostly advanced WP users who actively involve themselves in DP and upgrade.
  • Agree. This poll caters to enthusiasts.
  • I disagree. How would the results change things? Explain the logic in case I missed it. If you are not on DP, you get Lumia Cyan, likely even earlier than on the Preview. If on the Preview, you can't get Cyan until yesterday. So, how does the enthusiasts label change the results? If anything, the early-adopters/fans (Preview users) were PUNISHED by not getting Cyan, not the other way around. People who did not use the Preview were far, far more likely to get Cyan weeks ago. In other words, due to our audience likely being on the Preview, the 60% number is likely lower than the real-world, which is a good thing.
  • I complete agree!!! Nice logic btw :)
  • Can they just simply include firmware updates in PFD?
  • PFD is for all phones, firmware is for Lumia only
  • HAD CYAN FOR ABOUT AN HOUR NOW AND MY PHONE IS FLYING, SO RESPONSIVE...ON EVERYTHING...MAN...SO HOT....N NOT EVEN WARPING.........Baaa...baaa....baaa...i-sheep speech lessons for iphone owners
  • Anybody figure out what the PD update entailed? My phone shows me 244 packages in the update and shows Prerelease_ProtecMainOS
  • What I want to know, when I'll get the cyan??
  • Because most of us in the USA are on Verizon?
  • Do unbranded Lumias "No carrier logo or software " get updates as soon as microsoft pushes them out?
  • Generally they get updates sooner than carrier branded ones because they still have to undergo in-house testing at the local subsidiary. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • This fiasco is why I will never be a Verizon customer! I still hate ATT, but slightly less now than the others.
  • HA the world wheres New Zealand ????  we have windows phones here too
  • -Icon -Verizon ***Raises fists***
  • Well you guys should have done this poll long ago . When I entered my NO and saw the % of yes I got pretty P##### and went to work installing the preview ! I had a couple of scary moments but in the end I an quite happy with 8.1 INSTALLED ! Who needs Verizon by the time they upgrade I will be ready to either switch or upgrade! I stll sat if Microsoft wants success they need to upgrade with no intervention form carrieres or like Apple does!
  • Been on 8.1 since April. Love it, but it needs Cyan still.... 928. They need to figure out a way to completely bypass the carriers.
  • This is sad news. All these different variants. Update should be for ALL.
  • Time for Instagram to get their act together and release their effing full app. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I haven't used that app in months!
  • Never thought I'd say this but got the update and Cyan on 925 via EE (UK) in July. Very fortunate!
  • Be nice if some of these features have some deep integration into the phone. For example, like the former fb messenger integrating in the messaging hub,, which ms stupidly took away.
  • My phone downloaded cyan, but then downloaded something else and now my phone no longer indicates it has cyan so I'm unsure. Lumia 920 from att but unlocked on T-Mobile.
  • Verizon and T-mobile ought to be ashamed of themselves when even 3rd world countries have had the update for months!!! I'm from Aussie and we usually get updates very quickly. I feel bad for US consumers especially considering they're supposed to be ahead of us technologically
  • Unless you have a Telstra branded phone. They love to take their time with "testing" too. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • All that's left is TMO and TMO. LOL. Son of a...
  • Today yes! L820
  • Poor things for those who are still waiting for the Cyan update. And poor me, I'm waiting for the Windows Phone 8.1 update 1. Forever MS is taking far too long.
  • Wow this is almost just in time for me, :D Orange was taking soo much time to realese Cyan for my model, now just cheked and looks like they finaly did it. YAY
  • Not I said the T-Mobile customer lol.
  • I got cyan few hours after I'd voted "no"... 520 Italy CV
  • Daniel, I have to agree but the trick will be separating the terminology used for a DP and consumer versions ( ie with fw) They are always a little skewed from the public release and get many little updates so not exactly the same. leaving them with a simple code name may be better. For those that participate in the DP its known but for the masses there is confusion ( ie searching for a problem/usage solution) whether people are talking about dev or consumer versions.  ( also a lot of news sites who really shouldnt comment.)
  • Im in US . im using lumia 820 . i was update on this morning . why i didnt see nothing :3  
  • Can't believe that I'm with a Lumia 920 is within the minority! Omg can't imagine what happen next year...
  • At this point, Verizon and T-Mobile should release Lumia Cyan and Denim in a combined update, IF they even care about their Windows Phone users...but that's a big "IF"
  • LUMIA 1520 updated to recent 8.1 preview for Developers and now my camera button doesn't work... Anybody else have this problem
  • Poll seems fine, was annoyed that my AT&T Lumia520 took so long to get the update, but I guess I should empathize with those who still have yet to get it... And so is it worth it!
  • They don't care about official users they release updates in pd regularly
  • I dont know when will i get my 8.1.1 update for L925 i am on 8.1 but my friend on dp is using 8.1.1 and microsoft is going to release new update this month..WTF
  • I got Lumia cyan update from preview for developers
  • I am in India.... using 520, checked for update today and.....hurray got the the update..... now runnig cyan and PD together...... Patience is definitely a virtue
  • Lumia 1520, Icon and 930 are the best WP but Verizon still does not release Cyan for Lumia Icon. This is last phone I use on Verizon
  • I was pleasantly surprised by Cyan for NZ carrier independent, waiting on my Lumia 920 this morning.
  • If Microsoft could learn lessons faster, like at least one division claimed was their goal, I could easily see them closing the gap and achieving 3rd player status As it stands now, Microsoft is doing a good job of providing value to new users, but a piss poor one comparative to their competitors in providing value to their existing ones, at least in the USA.
  • My treasure tag still don't work on cyan.What's up with that?
  • India rocks shop that Windows phone rocks because people here are always ready to try new things but with small price....hahhahaha..
  • Owesome...Kindly update cortana in Indian English.
  • Where's the Philippines?  
  • Hey TMo.. WAKE THE FUCK UP AND PUSH THE 8.1/CYAN UPDATE ON MY 925 YOU SORRY ASS POS!!!!........ this is ridiculous man......... #PatientWindingDown #SuperDisappointed
  • SOMEBODY SHOULD PLS RESPOND TO THIS. MY POSTS WERE NEVER RESPONDED TO Hello, I have an Unlocked L820 with a Preview for Developers on it. I have tried fruitlessly to download Cyan since it was released for Prev for Dev users. Each time I check for updates, it either gives me an error 80072ee2 or says my phone is up-to-date. When I check extras+info, I still see Lumia Black and the firmware version remains 3051.40000.1347.1002 instead of 3051.50009.1424.0002. Please suggest a solution for me
  • Well if AT&T is going to show Windows Phone users a lot of love while VZW and T-Mob are going to treat us like second class citizens to the iPhone, guess we should all pack up and head on over the AT&T!  AT&T has done a lot of work and continues to do so, to increase their network.  In fact, here in New Orleans, AT&T's signal strength has surpassed Verizon's and their LTE speed is faster than Verizon's XLTE.  I'm just waiting for a Windows Phone model with the same size and specs (or better) as the Icon to show up at AT&T and I'm leaving VZW.  VZW SUCKS when it comes to updates.  Had this same delayed update problem with Big Red when I had my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  It was supposed to be a "pure google Nexus device" and receive updates directly from Google, but Verizon renegged and we wound up waiting MONTHS for Jelly Bean!
  • 520 got it already and most of Vietnamese users updated. Nice.
  • I see a lot of improvement of preview of developer!
  • Daniel, any idea what happens to people moving between carriers during update windows? e.g. Tmobile 521 user unlocks phone and ports his service over to AT&T.  Will cyan update be available there or does this phone still have to wait for tmobile to release that update?  If the latter, will the 521 have to find a working sim in order to download the cyan update?  
  • I'm not able to open the extras + info section in my Lumia 925. Whenever i click on extra + info, the screen goes blank and comes back to the same menu again. Any idea what the problem seems to be??
  • Had my update about five weeks ago on EE and my phone is not responding as it did before. Start screen a lot of lag, Cortana just starts off by itself somtimes, takes longer to load most everything, and im pissed off. fix or Im off to join the android mob. Upgrade 1st December. So get a move on MS.
  • 39% is tmobile and verizon who doesnt have it.. might as well just buy new phones in november than to keep waiting.....
    carriers are not cool to be letting people wait that long for updates!!!
  • T-Mobile US......HURRY
  • I'm a Verizon 928 customer, still no Cyan update. I have been running the Dev Preview since it came out and love it! I just wish VZ would release Cyan so that my Fitbit could sync to my phone as well as all the other great things in it.