sky news

Sky News will offer a free app to download for owners of Microsoft's older Xbox 360 console for both UK and US residents on Tuesday, which will offer the latest news stories and video clips from the UK-based service.

While Sky News is a major media outlet in the UK, the launch of the Xbox 360 app in the US will likely be the first time many residents in that country will become acquainted with the service. The company says:

"Sky News is also tailoring its channel feed for the US, incorporating editorial segments produced specifically for this audience. The channel will also include news and analysis from Sky News' own US team based in bureaus in New York, Washington and LA."

There's no word if the app will also be released at some point for the new Xbox One console as well. What do you think about Sky News launching an Xbox 360 app for both UK and US audiences?

Source: Sky News via Neowin