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As part of Microsoft's recent Skype overhaul, it changed how the app handled the online status of users. Gone were manual presence controls for toggling from "Active" to "Do Not Disturb." In their place, Skype would simply show you as active to others while you were using the app. Like other parts of the overhaul, many were apparently not happy with this change, and now Microsoft is making some changes to address that feedback.

In a post on the Microsoft Answers forum, Skype Insider Program Manager detailed the following changes coming to presence controler:

You asked, we delivered

  • Let me change my status. You can now set your presence from your avatar.
  • I want to be invisible. Added more presence options.
  • Show me my status. You can now always see the status you are showing others.
  • I cannot see who is online, make the green dot bigger! Made the presence indicators on your contacts larger.

Skype Presence controls

Kilbourne says that these new presence options are rolling out now to Insiders on iOS, Android, Linux, Mac and Windows desktop with Skype version They'll also make their way to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Skype app "soon."

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