Skype launches call recording across desktop, iOS, and Android

Skype has been testing integrated call recording with preview users for some time, but it looks like the feature is now ready for primetime. <!--break-- The Skype team announced today that call recording is now rolling out across its Android, iOS, and desktop apps, allowing you to capture your calls with a tap.

"Call recording is completely cloud-based and is now available on the latest version of Skype and on most platforms, except Windows 10," Microsoft says. "Call recording is coming to Windows 10 with the latest version of Skype releasing in the coming weeks."

Getting started with call recording appears to be fairly simple. Once you've begun a call, you can press to "+" sign on desktop or mobile, then press "Start recording." Once the recording has started, a banner will pop up at the top of the call to alert the other participants that the call is being recorded.

After the call is over, the full recording is posted to your chat, where it will remain accessible for 30 days. If you want to hold on to it for longer, anyone involved in the recording can download it within that 30-day time period. Calls can also be forwarded to your other contacts.

Previously, you had to jump through some hoops to get Skype calls recorded, so it's good to see the feature is now integrated with the app itself. Note that this is only available with Skype version 8 and later; the classic Skype app for desktop (version 7) doesn't have native call recording capabilities. The Skype app for Windows 10 is also expected to pick up the feature "in the coming weeks."

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  • Huge feature. May get me to switch from using Google Hangouts on Air to Skype for podcast recordings since more guests are familiar with Skype. I'll probably wait for the Windows 10 version to try it, though. I still hate the idea of having multiple versions of Skype installed.
  • Same but 6 weeks is a considerable time to wait. If hangouts work, stick with that...otoh you could use those 6 weeks to prep the new workflow then delete it
  • You can actually try out the update now. By going to skype settings and in joining the skype app Preview.
  • Mikrosanft.. All platforms EXCEPT Windows 10. These guys genuinely, know how to get people to use their platform ./. I guess at this rate, it's a matter of time when the demise of Windows as an Operating System will be announced.
  • Always the same comment. But you know what, Windows always keeps growing nevertheless 😊
  • Interesting. How can Windows be growing g when it just deleted its mobile platform, isn’t gaining any market share on desktop (no where to go but down, there), doesn’t have any IoT presence (Band gone, no wearables), etc. Interesting definition of growing. It’s stagnant on the desktop and shrinking or being deleted elsewhere.
  • what else from an apple fan?
  • Nothing from iot? Have you heard of Azure? Do you know how many enterprise use it?y My God the ignorance... and of course there is nothing for Windows users to go down. They have the majority of users in their platform. They hit plateau a long time ago, there's nothing to go but down. Having said I don't see how that would happen unless Chrome OS gets good apps from the Linux world because Android world is not helping one bit, and if you think double booting to Windows is gonna help just LOL