Skype for Modern Windows gets updated to 2.6, now syncs faster and will be less annoying for calls

Skype has been on a roll lately with the service greatly improving, especially if you use it across many devices. Specifically, since the introduction of messaging syncing, the service has been much easier to use if you’re on it all day (like we are).

Today, the Skype team has announced that version 2.6 of the Modern app for your Windows 8 PC or Surface, is now live in the Store. It’s kind of a big update even though it only fixes one small thing: ringing.

If you’ve ever had Skype running on your PC only to have an incoming call come in, you may have heard a few of your devices ringing for that call. That’s all well and good as that is how the service should work, the problem was when you answered on one device, the other ones had a tendency to keep ringing, seemingly forever. Now with 2.6, that should be fixed:

  • Got that ring? When you pick up a call on any device and your modern Skype is on, the incoming ring will stop much faster. Whether you have Skype on a mobile, in your inbox, desktop, tablet or 2-in-1, Skype calls will sync up wherever you choose to take the call from.

Like we said, that’s an apparently small fix but it’s for something that was of great annoyance for many of us who use Skype all day for messaging and conversations. There’s of course still room for improvement with Skype, but these last few weeks it feels like the team has finally made a turn around, delivering the product we have all hoped for in 2014.

To get the update now, launch your Microsoft Store app on your PC or tablet, bring up the charms bar (Win + C, or swipe from the right edge) and select App Update. From there you can select ‘Check for updates’ and you can now force update Skype to version 2.6 to bring that new feature. Or head here for the Store link (opens in new tab).

Source: Skype blog (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Greaat!
  • Finally, a (better) reason to get into Skype . . .
  • Skype needs read reciepts, whether an option or built in, it'd be essential to check whether it's actually working
  • Indeed it does. Skype is in a perfect position to combat fb messenger and whatsapp because it has apps on phone, tablet and desktop. That's something that whastapp does not have, and that fb messenger isn't focusing on (they focus more on mobile)
  • And
  • Exactly why I don't understand how a small 55 person company can command a valuation of $19billion & none of those pesky analytists are questioning it..
  • I do not even for a second believe/trust in that kind of valuation for an app/software company (however successful their product might be). This deal is extremely (repeat 3-4 times) over-priced and I suspect something is going on inside. I hope we will soon find out the details. There is also a possibility we will never know its details.
  • Maybe now I'll finally start to use Modern Skype....
  • Good as ppl use Skype more on tablets and pcs. So updating them is imp first.
  • All this is good. But I still don't get notifications for new messeges from the Win8 app, so I still have to use the desktop app.
    Also the Windows Phone app notifications are still a bit late sometimes. They have to fix these things and still work on sync a bit more. It's not the app I used to love.
  • I just uninstalled Skype for Modern Windows for this very reason. I often don't receive notifications. Isn't this something that should work, without fail, every time, as this is an app for messaging and communication? Yet it doesn't, leaving me scratching my head. So I'm sticking with Skype for desktop.
  • Not sure about often, more like never. My surface 2 is on all day, yet never gets missed calls or messages. Message history across devices does not work, or has nit been implemented..
  • It seems faster!!
  • Steve Ballmer decision was good. We need unification of windows and windows phone.
  • Joining calls has improved UI, it now actually has a button "join call" instead of just using the regular call person button. Also the blue part in calls is darker shade now, helps figuring out which conversations have a call going.
  • Sams faster.
  • I wish they would introduce file sharing on Skype for WP 8
  • Good, I hope they keep working on making Skype less annoying.  The main annoyance I have with it at this point is that it doesn't sync read status of messages across any of my devices.  I have to constantly acknowledge messages it presents as new/unread on different devices even though I've already read them elsewhere.  It's especially annoying on the desktop where there's no "Mark all as read" option and it makes me open up the same contact multiple times and scroll through all the messages to get it to stop calling them new/unread.  This is necessary to get the tray icon back to its neutral form, without which I have no easy means of telling whether there really are any actual new messages...
  • +1
  • Adios Tony Bates. Also, please add Facebook messenger support.
  • I've never received a single notification in the Windows 8 Skype app. I'll see the notifications only when I use my phone.
  • Still no voicemail? How can premium subscribers move to metro when we cannot access our voicemail. Really how hard can this be?
  • I know, doesn't work on surface or windows phone. We're 2nd tier Skype users on Microsoft's own platform. Skype leadership needs to be sacked! Hope that was Tony Bates, things may start to get better. Needs to be quicker guys!
  • Sad thing we got premium subscription with surface 2, yet cannot use most premium features..
  • Its odd becaus ethe desktop app can access the VM so you would assume ( and I admit that is dangerous) that adding VM playback support should be easy. I dont need ot be able to change my vm settings etc just listen. Failing that, convert it to an mp3 and email it to me, heck I'd pay extra for that
  • That should just be an option. Especially if you are logged into devices that do not support it. Can you turn voice mail off? I keep getting them but cannot listen to them.
  • I NEED voicemail so wouldnt turn off but yes you can resirect to your cell phone etc but then you pay $$$s for cold callers etc. no thanks. On WP i often cannot answr it fast enough so it goes to VM and then I cant listen to the Vm and my clients think i am avoiding them. I went skype so that I could have my main number stay with me all the time. You know, like MS promised back when wp7 launched grrrr
  • Nextgen Reader is free today in Windows 8 store.
  • where can we suggest for skype improvements? at least they will have a stickers also same with other messengers...i hope so...