Skype for Windows Phone is in testing, out soon

In an exclusive report (opens in new tab) this morning, The Verge is trumpeting that the elusive Skype for Windows Phone application is "currently [in] testing" and that "at least one source indicated that it could launch at Mobile World Congress later this month." (Emphasis ours.) Wait, didn't we already know all this? Answer: Yes.

Here's a compressed timeline:

  • April 2011: A Skype for Windows Phone app. was promised at Microsoft's MIX 2011 event.
  • October 2011: That release date started slipping.
  • January 2012: Mobile World Congress release date guess rumors started floating around; reasonable guess given new alignment.
  • February 2012: Microsoft reportedly expanded their testing to Microsoft employees.
  • February 2012: Windows Phone "Apollo" features leak, detailing Skype release in two forms (app first, integrated later).

We understand everyone is chomping at the bit for Skype. We'll let you know when we learn more and roll out a full review when it hits the Marketplace. Stay tuned.

Rafael Rivera
  • 1st Gen device =/
  • Skype could still be useful for calls even without the front facing camera.. I also wonder if the app is going to include messaging
  • honestly speaking... i use skype for voice only 90% of the time lol
    video kind of makes me scared too, if im doing something bad at the moment or just didn't brush my hair and all :P
  • I really know and agree with what you mean =P
  • It should work just like tango does on 1st generation WP phones..
  • ^I've ued the tango app on my first gen focus, it serves a function. "here mom, watch baby Sam crawling"
    I can see mom and what mom sees.
  • That actually does make sense. Instead of turning the phone around to point the FFC to what you want to show (and not being able to see the other party), you can continue the conversation and easily see what you want to show to the other party.
  • Its about time, hope its as seamless as all other apps on wp7 devices
  • I hope Skype includes messaging. Current integrated Live Messenger setup is not intuitive, because it requires "Messenger friending" on the Live web site.
  • or facebook... right?
  • Correct.
  • So to message someone using Messenger, you both need to have Messenger, right?
    Do both parties need to have Skype to complete a Skype call? I don't see why it should be any different.
  • I wonder if MS is going to cease this opportunity for marketing purposes and brag about WP with Skype. Although it would be a good chance I doubt they will jump on it. What do you guys think?
  • Every OS has Skype, webOS even has it build in, once WP7 has this they can advertise with it, but not yet.
  • I think you mean "seize this opportunity..." Not trying to be a di*k but if you use cease you are pretty much saying the opposite :-)
  • Yeah, I had to read that twice to be sure he didn't mean end the opportunity. Regardless, I agree they must take advantage of this ooportunity. MS can make up a lot of ground this year. I'm really pulling for all of the Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 updates to make a big positive spalsh in '12.
  • Damn I think I need to buy a phone with a front facing camera NOW!!
  • Ready to test this out on my Focus S!
  • I wish the Lumia 800 had a front facing camera.
  • LOL. Do you really use it like that. This was one of my hesitations when it came to buying the L800, then I realized that I've used video chat exactly twice since 2007. To me, it honestly doesn't matter.
  • I guess I am not the only one who waits for that app? :P
  • Is it a foregone conclusion that the Skype app for WP will include video?  I ask because the video is not included for the Skype app for Symbian devices, and only available for certain versions of iOS and Android.
    I hope video is included for WP, but if it isn't, that would be a disappointment, in my opinion especially given that Microsoft now owns Skype.
  • if they have taken alot of months and hiring people to port skype engine and that stuff... its probably it will include video. so its a 85% more possible to have it than not to have it. also there is skype premium so having an app may include group video call but who knows. i just think all the time they have taken and all, we will see an almost skype full featured app.
  • Agreed. MS owns skype so it would be foolish to not include video
  • Only people with new 2nd gen ffc phones will welcome this, and im not wasting money upgrading now, im waiting until the back end of 2012 for win8, my 1st gen HD7 will suffice until then
  • Like, I have an HD7 and waiting for WP8 for upgrade, except I'm stoked about this
  • I wish Skype could replace Google Voice for me.  Doesn't seem like apples to apples, though ...
  • This is great news sence I have to wait till around the time Apollo comes out to get a new phone. This will be great for WP just another cool feature for a cool phone.
  • I wonder if there waiting for the Lumia 900... Flagship phone and a much anticipated app.