Snag a great discount on a 256GB microSD card at Amazon UK!

Need more storage for your phone or tablet? How about this whopping 256GB Sandisk Ultra from Amazon UK that's available right now for just £111.99. That's a £57 saving over its regular retail price and gives an awful lot of storage for not a huge sum of money.

At 2.28 GB per £ it's still more than you'd pay for PC storage, but given the fact it's on a microSD card and will go inside your phone, it's actually pretty solid value. At this price, it offers a better GB/£ ratio than the smaller Sandisk 200GB microSD, which makes it even better.

There's no telling how long it'll be available at this price so if you're keen hit the link below and grab it while it's hot!

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  • Who needs that much storage in a phone 📱?
  • If you store FLAC audio on your phone it soon adds up. 
    I do this as I don't like to stream and it's useless when travelling.
  • 4K video soon takes up all of your internal storage. Just one example.
  • Me
  • Watch out for fakes on Amazon.
  • And on ebay lots of fakes. I'm a musician and like to have wave files. They add up quick and so can videos.
  • This one is sold directly by Amazon. I think it's fine.
  • I think that equates to 2.28GB per £, not £2.28 per GB. 😝
  • Shhhhhh Sunday mornings are hard OK! ;-) Thanks for the spot though. Next time I'll have morning coffee first!
  • £11.99 :-) good one for morning. Thanks! :-)
  • Do the math before saying things like it's better value than the 200GB. It's clearly paid advertisement..