Snag a spare Xbox One controller for just $29 at Amazon [Updated]

If you've been on the lookout for a solid deal on a spare Xbox One controller, Amazon currently has them on sale for just $29. (opens in new tab). That's a drop of $10 from the $39 that the controller usually fetches.

This discount only applies to the black version of the Xbox Wireless Controller, so you won't be able to get too fancy in terms of colors here. Still, that's incredibly cheap if you're okay with black. This is also the latest version of the Xbox Wireless Controller that features textured grips and Bluetooth connectivity so you can use it wirelessly with your PC out of the box.

Do note that the controller still appears as $39 on its Amazon listing, but the $10 discount will be applied at checkout. Simply add it to your cart and head to checkout to see the discount.

Updated August 3, 2017: Well, that was quick. The discount doesn't appear to be working anymore, and the black controller is once again priced at $39.

See at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • So like the Model T of yesteryear, it comes in any color you want so long as that its black.
  • Just like the batmobile :-)
  • I don't see it for $39.  Which seller should I be looking at?  I even added a couple to my cart for checkout and none of them get a discount.
  • Amazon Prime
  • I tried also. The price on the vendor that came up with the link was $43, no discount applied at check out. Is there a promo code?
  • That links to a used version only available from 3rd partiy sellers. Went all the way to the last click at checkout with no discount.
  • Same here, I guess the deal hasn't gone live or something.
  • Is it the 3rd version with Bluetooth? Or the 1st gen?
  • There is no $10, you guys need to edited this wrong info. Only used are $29 from 3rd party sellers, and they are not refurbished!
  • If anyone needs one I have a brand new (unopened box) white one for $30. PM for details.
  • Are you kidding? I'm trying to get rid of the need to have the controller that came with the Xbox.
  • Yeah, we all know about your narrow mind.
  • I think I found a kinect fanatic everybody.