Contest – Win a copy of Jack Lumber or Snuggle Truck!

Every now and then a new game developer joins the Windows Phone ecosystem and you just wonder how we ever lived without them. One such company is Owlchemy Labs, a small studio who recently published two stellar games: Snuggle Truck, a 2D driving/stunt game, and Jack Lumber, the best lumberjack game on the market.

Last week, our Jack Lumber review reminded some readers of Monty Python's Flying Circus. So "Hey," we thought. "Why not arrange a little Monty Python-themed contest and give away some Owlchemy prizes?" That's what we're doing this weekend. You guys can enter to win the Steam versions of Jack Lumber ($7.49 value) and Snuggle Truck ($4.99 value). Play a bit on your PC , Windows 8 device, or Mac and get an idea of what the Windows Phone games are like. And it's really easy to enter!

The games

Before we tell you how to enter, let's look at those prize games!

Jack Lumber

Jack Lumber plays a bit like a more methodical Fruit Ninja, as the titular lumberjack must slice through mass quantities of wood that fly on-screen with his trusty axe. The wood comes in all shapes and sizes and must be cleared in one long slice – no second chances. This game is much funnier than Fruit Ninja, with a silly story and lots of comical animals to rescue during the campaign.

Yes, Jack Lumber packs a lengthy campaign mode filled with distinct levels, missions, and goofy things to collect. Players get to deck out a cabin of their own with rescued animals and decorations, and even equip game-modifying beards to boost their scores. Complete enough levels in the campaign and you'll get an endless level that really boosts your scoring opportunities.

This lumberjack game is funny, easy on the eyes, and more fun than a bottle of syrup. Check out our full review for more details!

  • Jack Lumber – Windows Phone 8 – 26 MB – $1.99 – Store Link

QR: Jack Lumber

Snuggle Truck for Windows Phone

Snuggle Truck is a silly game in which players must deliver a load of stuffed animals to the zoo without dropping too many animals along the way. You drive like crazy over hills, ramps, and other obstacles, but your stuffed animals will fly out when the truck hits a bump. Players can try to catch the errant animal in order to avoid losing it, but any plushie that hits the grounds is lost. Lose them all and you fail the level.

Although the goal of each level is to reach the zoo at the end, levels also offer a bunch of fun side goals. Earn different medals for each level, depending on your score, how many animals you lost, and overall completion time. Unlock wacky skins for your truck. And even make your own levels with the robust level editor!

If you like your driving game with a dose of humor and creativity, don't miss Snuggle Truck. Our full review has more deets.

  • Snuggle Truck – Windows Phone 8 – 21 MB - $1.99 – Store Link

QR: Snuggle Truck

The contest

In case you're wondering, we're giving away Steam keys because Windows Phone doesn't allow developers to give out codes for their games. But hey, Steam games run on Windows 8 machines so most of our super cool readers should be able to play these.

Monty Python lumberjack stage

To enter, leave a comment on this article with all of the following:

  • Your Windows Phone Central forum username. This is how we'll deliver the Steam code to you, by forum PM.
  • Which game you want: either Snuggle Truck or Jack Lumber. Just one pick please!
  • A Monty Python quote! It can come from the show or movies. Pick whatever you want, but try to be different from everybody else.

That's it! Five codes for each game will be awarded, making for ten winners in all.

The contest ends at midnight CST on Sunday. Codes will go out Monday morning to the winners.


Check out the list of winners here.

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