Adobe Express now has simple AI generation via text prompts

Adobe Express update
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What you need to know

  • Today is the first day of Adobe Summit EMEA 2023, a Digital Experience Conference held in London.
  • Adobe announced that Adobe Firefly Generative AI is getting integrated into Adobe Express. 
  • This will make it possible for Adobe Express users to create projects even faster and more easily than before.
  • PDF support has also been added to Adobe Express allowing users to import, edit, and make changes to these types of documents.

To start off the Adobe Summit 2023 Digital Experience Conference being held in London this week, Adobe announced that Adobe Firefly, its Generative AI program, is getting integrated directly into a beta version of Adobe Express. 

For those who might not know, Adobe Express, which used to be known as Adobe Spark, is a simplified all-in-one content creation tool that allows users to quickly create social media posts, logos, banners, and much more with its mixture of tools. It can handle simple photo and video editing as well as layout design as explained by Adobe's Digital Media Business president, David Wadhwani.

“The new release of Adobe Express brings together technology from Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Acrobat with our Firefly generative AI models into a fun and easy web application experience allowing everyone, from individuals to large organizations to create content that stands out,” Wadhwani stated. “Creators can now make stunning videos, designs and documents faster than ever before and our seamless workflows with our flagship applications give Creative Cloud subscribers even more control over the creative process.”

Now, this brand new Adobe Firefly integration into Express will make it possible for users to quickly add text effects by typing the text they want into a project and then describing what they want the text to look like in the Generate command box. Generative Fill, which can create any image based on a text prompt, is currently not available within Express, but it likely will come later.

It was also announced that PDF support has also been added to Adobe Express, making it easier for users to import, edit, and make changes to these documents. Since Express already integrates into Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager, this PDF support will make it even easier than before for real-time collaboration among teams regardless of what Adobe program they are using.

This news comes on the heels of Adobe announcing that it had partnered with Google Bard to bring Firefly and Express to Google's conversational AI service in the near future. It's clear that the company intends to bring its latest AI Generative technologies to as many of its programs as possible to increase their value and make the creation process even easier.

Adobe Express using Firefly AI text edits. (Image credit: Adobe)

Additional Innovations in Adobe Express

Here are the other changes that Adobe has officially stated will be coming to Adobe Express:

  • New all-in-one editor gives users the ability to make high-impact design elements, engaging video and images, stunning PDFs, animation, and standout content ready for Instagram, TikTok and all their favorite channels and platforms. 
  • Firefly integrated into Express makes it possible to generate custom images and text effects from just a description, using Text to Image and Text Effects features. 
  • New video, multiple page templates, and design elements bring even more inspiration to the largest collection of beautiful, high-quality content, now with nearly 200 million assets including video and design templates, royalty-free Adobe Stock images, video and audio assets, almost 22,000 fonts, plus more icons, backgrounds, and shapes. 
  • PDF support in the new all-in-one editor makes it even easier to import, edit and enhance documents to create visually stunning PDFs.  
  • More AI-power helps creators to take the guesswork out of design, and quickly find the perfect addition to content or get personalized template recommendations that fit unique styles, to create social media posts, videos, posters, flyers and more. 
  • Quick actions like remove background in images and videos, animate a character using just audio, convert to GIF, and edit PDFs, makes it even easier to create standout content quickly and simply. 
  • Integration with Experience Manager Assets streamlines content planning, creation, collaborative review, distribution, and analysis, ultimately accelerating content velocity across an organization. 
  • Real-time collaboration and seamless review and commenting capabilities add speed to the creation process. Easily access, edit, and work with creative assets from Photoshop and Illustrator directly within Express, or add linked files that always stay in sync across apps. 
  • Animations like Fade In, Pop, Flicker, Bungee bring text, photos, videos, and assets to life in a new way. With Animate from Audio, powered by Adobe Character Animator, watch characters come to life with lips and gestures syncing to recorded dialogue.
Adobe Express | See at Adobe

Adobe Express | See at Adobe

Adobe Express is a one-stop editing and project creation tool that's simple and easy to use. You can access it on your phone, tablet, or computer. It has the assets, design tools, and simple animation abilities to help you create a range of projects.

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