ChatGPT comes to Microsoft Word through Ghostwriter add-in

Ghostwriter ChatGPT add-in for Microsoft Word
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What you need to know

  • An add-in called Ghostwriter ChatGPT integrates ChatGPT into Microsoft Word.
  • The tool makes it easier to place text generated by the AI chatbot into documents.
  • A basic edition of the add-in is available for $10, while the fully featured version costs $25.

Microsoft plans to integrate AI into all of its products, according to company Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella, but you don't have to wait for the tech giant in order to use ChatGPT within Word. A new add-in called Ghostwriter ChatGPT allows you to use the AI chatbot directly within Microsoft Word.

ChatGPT is a powerful tool made by OpenAI. It can generate human-like text by responding to prompts. You can copy and paste text generated by the tool into any app, of course, but Ghostwriter ChatGPT smooths out the process. The add-in places ChatGPT within a panel inside of Word and places text in a document as the tool works.

The add-in, which is made by Creative Data Studios, also includes some handy features, such as the option to configure the length of responses if you pay for the Word Pro Edition. In order to use either version of the add-in, you'll need a free OpenAI key.

Here's what the Word Basic Edition ($10) gets you:

  • Windows,Mac,Web
  • Office 2019/2021/MSFT365
  • one model: ChatGPT
  • response: about 2 paragraphs
  • bug fixes for 1 year
  • single key, we're not netflix

The Word Pro Edition costs $25 and comes with the following:

  • All the Basic features and
  • All available OpenAI models
  • response length configurable
  • bug fixes and free updates!
  • single key, we're not netflix

To install Ghostwriter ChatGPT, search for it through the Office Add-in Store. Creative Data Studios outlines more information on its website.

Patrick Husting, the creator of Ghostwriter ChatGPT noted that the add-in may eventually be taken down when Microsoft rolls out its own implementation of ChatGPT within Word.

"They might kill it off in a year or two, when they add something to Office, and I’m cool with that, too," said Husting to GeekWire. "What I’m doing is available for everybody to use and take advantage of now, because why wouldn’t you?"

Creative Data Studio's website lists an Office Bundle as coming soon. Once released, that bundle will include a ChatGPT add-in for Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Word. Anyone who purchases the Word version of Ghostwriter ChatGPT now will receive a discount once the full bundle rolls out.

People should expect to see ChatGPT and AI make their way to more Microsoft products in the near future. The company just announced AI tools within Microsoft Teams Premium, including intelligent recap for meetings. It's also rumored that a new version of ChatGPT will be added to Bing in the coming weeks.

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