Microsoft Rewards expands to all 7 continents with new streak restore and protection capabilities — Oh, you can learn a new language for free for using Bing on Edge, too

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is expanding its Microsoft Rewards program across 230+ regions and countries, including Morocco and Israel making it available in all 7 continents.
  • The platform is also gaining new streak restore and protection capabilities to improve the daily streak bonuses user experience.
  •  Users can now donate their Microsoft Reward points to over 200 markets.
  • Microsoft has partnered with Duolingo to provide Reward members with access to 3 months of Super Duolingo for free when they search the internet with Microsoft Bing on Edge for 3 days.

Microsoft runs a great program called Microsoft Rewards that allows enthusiasts to earn "loyalty points" for using its products and services, such as Bing, Microsoft Edge, and more. Users can redeem these points for shopping, etc. 

However, the program has undergone critical changes in the past few months, raising concern among its avid users. For instance, the company introduced a "cooldown period" to the program, which allows users to garner loyalty points for only 3 searches per 15 minutes. Microsoft indicated these changes are part of its routine updates designed to fine-tune how users redeem their reward points as part of its efforts to promote the growth and expansion of the program. 

In March, Microsoft confirmed it was discontinuing the Xbox Rewards app in April and replacing it with a simplified hub, ultimately killing the beloved weekly streaks. But as it happens, the Microsoft Rewards is about to get much better.

According to a post from Microsoft's official Bing Dev official Bing Dev account on X (formerly Twitter), the tech giant is expanding its Microsoft Rewards daily streak bonuses to more users. Daily streak bonuses will now be available across 230+ regions and countries, including Morocco and Israel.

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Additionally, Microsoft is shipping two neat features to the platform to improve users' interaction with daily streak bonuses. Right off the bat, users can restore their streak once every 60 days via the streak restore feature. Users with more than a 100-day streak can restore it once a month. 

Microsoft is also integrating a streak protection feature into the Rewards program. Once you enable the feature, it will protect your streak and prevent it from getting lost. Microsoft says users will get up to 14 days per calendar year of streak protection. 

Moreover, if you happen to complete your streak while the feature is enabled, "it will not count against your quota of days." Microsoft says this was an issue raised by concerned users, prompting the introduction of the feature that will allow users to maintain their streaks.

Learn a new language for using Bing on Microsoft Edge

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Finally, Microsoft has expanded the capability to donate Microsoft Reward points to over 200 markets. Right now, users can donate their reward points to over 1.8 million charities.

Microsoft is also partnering with Duolingo to provide Microsoft Reward members with access to 3 months of Super Duolingo for free when they search the internet with Microsoft Bing on Edge for 3 days. 

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  • John McIlhinney
    I've seen some slightly odd behaviour recently, and I'm not sure whether it's a glitch, some A/B testing or something logical that I just can't see the pattern in. It used to be that you could do all your daily searches one after the other, then they changed it so there had to be a short delay between them and you could not do more than four every 15 minutes. I'm still seeing the requirement for the delay all the time but sometimes I'm not restricted to four at a time. Sometimes I see that restriction applied for part of the day and not the rest. Sometimes I see it applied on mobile but not PC or vice versa. Not really sure what's going on.