Microsoft Teams Live Share will let you collaborate in real-time across apps

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft introduced Live Share for Teams at Build 2022.
  • The feature allows people to collaborate in real-time across applications.
  • Live Share is powered by Fluid Framework, which is a collection of open-source JavaScript libraries.

At Build 2022, Microsoft introduced Live Share, a new capability for Teams. The feature allows people to collaborate in real-time in meetings, such as co-editing a document or co-creating a 3-D model.

A new preview extension to the Teams Client SDK is available for developers to implement Live Share (not that the extension should go live at some point today). Devs can add the new functionality to existing Teams apps and create Live Share experiences within meetings.

Live Share is powered by Microsoft's Fluid Framework, with hosting and managing done on an Azure Fluid Relay service.

Microsoft Teams Live Share

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In the example above, Live Share was used to annotate and edit a 3-D model and simulations by a group of meeting attendees.

Microsoft worked with, Hexagon, Skillsoft, MakeCode, Accenture, Parabol, and Breakthru as early preview partners of Live Share.

A Build session titled "Make your meetings more interactive! Learn how to build engaging synchronous experiences your users will love" demonstrates Live Share in Teams. 

Microsoft's Fluid Framework is key to the new Live Share functionality. It's a collection of open-source client-side JavaScript libraries that make real-time collaboration possible. The Azure Fluid Relay service is also needed.

Fluid Framework, the Azure Fluid Relay service, and the Azure Fluid client-side SDK will all be available in summer 2022. You can watch the Build session titled "Building custom clients for virtual events & visit scenarios using Azure Communication Services, Microsoft Teams & Microsoft Graph" to find out more.

Live Share is only one of many announcements made about Teams, Windows 11, and Microsoft 365 at Build today. Make sure to check out our Build 2022 to see all the latest news from Microsoft's big developer conference.

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